Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ebay sale (90s classics, Good Life and H8000)

In the three next weeks I will be selling a big part of my collection. Titles will include Good Life releases, H8000 gems and other 90's classics. This is the total list of what I will be selling:

Buy It Now’s (start today for 30 days)
Rise Above “Beat It” 7 inch -  Punk Etc. – Play It Again Sam mispress
Nations On Fire “Instrumental demo 1992” Cassette – Warehouse Records
Nations On Fire “Acenda A Chama” CD – Liberation Records
Shortsight “Why Spend Time Learning” 7 inch collection (5 records on 5 different colours)

Auctions Part One (start today for 7 days)
Catharsis “Samsara” LP – Good Life – clear vinyl VG/VG+
Culture “Born Of you” LP – Good Life – blue/clear/black
Integrity “In Contrast Of Sin” 7 inch – Victory Records – yellow vinyl
Kindred “File 01” LP – Good Life – white vinyl
Liar “Falls Of Torment” LP – Good Life – sheet insert (+promotional poster)
Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” LP -  Good Life – Grey vinyl
Culture / Kindred split LP -  Good Life – Test press, yellow vinyl

Auctions Part Two (start October 2 for 7 days)
18 Visions “Until The Ink Runs Out” LP – Good Life – pink marbled vinyl
Disciple AD “No Blood, No Altar Now” LP – Good Life – purple vinyl
Firestone “Element” LP – Sober Mind – flesh and beige colored vinyl (transitional)
Liar “Murder Manifesto” LP – Reality Records – last show sleeve
Nations On Fire “1991 demo” cassette – self produced - first press
shortsight “demo” cassette -  Warehouse Records – 8000 Crew sticker
Spineless “A Talk Between Me And The Stars” LP – Sober Mind – clear vinyl (+poster)
Undying “The Whispered Lies Of Angels” LP – Good Life – green vinyl, regular sleeve
Culture "Born Of You" - Good Life - clear vinyl with blue clouding
Arkangel "Dead Man Walking" - Good Life - white vinyl

Auctions Part Three
(start October 9 for 7 days)
Catharsis “Samsara” LP – Good Life – clear vinyl VG+/NM
Congress “The Other Cheek” LP – Good Life – orange vinyl
Length Of Time “Shame To This Weakness Modern World” LP – Good Life  - grey vinyl
Liar “Deathrow Earth” LP – Good Life – burgundy black marbled (signed)
Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” LP - Good Life – white vinyl
Morning Again “Martyr” LP – Good Life – green vinyl
Poison The Well “Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder” 10 Inch – Good Life – peach
Skycamefalling “To Forever Embrace The Sun” 10 Inch – clear smoke vinyl
Spirit Of Youth “Source” LP – Good Life – green vinyl
Zyklome A “Made In Belgium” LP – Punk Etc.

These are for sale because I don't feel like continuing my quest for a complete Good Life Recordings collection or a complete H8000 collection anymore. I've collected these over the last 10+ years and for me the fire still burns but no longer through collecting these records. Letting them go was a big decision given the rare character of the titles. But now time has come...

I will be selling these on eBay, check out the sale here:

Everything is sold as is and will ship internationally also.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" Record Release

Naysayer's record release show took place earlier this year. So it seems that I got quicker in getting the limited versions of Reaper Record's releases. Although I am in luck, as they have slowed down their pace of releasing records too. Previously it took me several years to acquire a limited version, then they stacked up one by one.
This is one of the bands the most loyal to the label. They already released two 7 inches (No Remorse and Down But Not Out) and an LP (Laid To Rest) on the label, starting in 2009. I liked the vibe on the LP.

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" record release (cover art by N. Miller)
Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" hand numbered out of 30 copies
with fold open insert in thick paper
As you can see, the designer(s) chose to depict a lot of live action in the layout. There are different shots on the insert, the b-side label and the back side of the cover. Overall good layout except for the a-side label in my opinion.
As you can derive from the record's title, the land they live in, isn't perceived positively. But as a nation full of greed. I think this flatters them, especially in the back ground of current elections and geopolitics. It's a rather socialist view upon the actuallity. Although I would not simply give up my welfare for others neither. As there are other ways of redividing welfare or creating welfare for the poorer countries.

Anyway, there are regular versions also, red and blue in the regular cover. Here they are:

red vinyl out of 800
blue vinyl out of 200

back side of cover

I have some other things ordered, so we'll keep this site up and running.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Turnstile Gold

Fifth press already for both Turnstile 7 inches. Needed something special for sure. So they pressed both titles again in gold glitter vinyl. The layout of both titles is uniform, except for the cover and the inserts. Labels are both front and back the same layout. Also the vinyl colors are identical. The gold vinyl only looks like gold in the right light reflection circumstances, so these were delicate to photograph.
The covers' color schemes haven't evolved further this time, they are the same as for the fourth pressings. The "Pressure To Succeed" has four cover-variants already, while the "Step 2 Rhythm" has got two.

Turnstile "Pressure To Succeed" fifth press gold glitter
Turnstile "Step 2 Rhythm" fifth press gold glitter

Pressure To Succeed gold vinyl close up

Step 2 Rhythm gold vinyl close up

There is also a new pressing of the "Nonstop Feeling" LP, in the same gold, but it seems that Roadrunner Records now has the legal rights on the LP, as they are selling them.

There was - in fine Reaper tradition style - another color pressed also. The other color was clear. Looks like a weakened out version of the gold vinyl, clear but with way less glitter. When compared to eachother there is a quite visible difference.

fifth pressings on clear

the gold versions compared to the clear versions

Great way to check out their music once again! As it slipped away from my attention recently.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Strife "One Truth" LP repress

Together with the previously discussed titles I also bought the Strife "One Truth" LP in the Victory Records order. Strife was a well-known Hardcore band back in the 90's. The record is entitled "One Truth" and dates from the year 1994. This white vinyl version is the most recent colored repress. It's a weird law but somehow the more popular bands back in the days get less recognition from collectors nowadays? Or am I wrong with this? Depends on to what one was listening of course.

Strife had this agony-filled delivery that is stereotypical of the 90's decade. The tempo swings and the multiple vocals create an ambiance that I like now and then.

Strife "One Truth" (front cover) 2016 repress

Strife "One Truth" (back over) 2016 repress

Strife "One Truth" white vinyl repress

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hatebreed 2016 Repress

We live in times of huge amounts of represses on almost every established label. But then what are the new bands delivering nowadays? There aren't so much any more. It seems that after New Age repressed some classics back in the beginning of the decade. And since all those Integrity reissues were done. And after Revelation Records pressed the two Youth Of Today LPs on color vinyl again, they haven't stopped repressing a part of their catalogue ever since. All hell breaks loose. Collectors see the availability of their rarities increasing again. But that doesn't necessarily mean the first or original presses loose their collectability. Labels do what they have to do if they want Hardcore to survive these times.

Also Victory Records is pressing some of their catalogue again. I already had the yellow vinyl reissue of the Hatebreed debut LP from 2009 in my possession. No way I would buy another color. But then I saw how good the colors of the vinyl matched the cover and how good the overall look of this thing was. Although I admittedly I am not the biggest fan of all those splattered, swirled, split, color in color and marbled color vinyl art. I do like color vinyl and was very intrigued by it when I saw colored vinyl for the first time. But I like it in one color, whether solid or transparent.

Anyway, look at this one and form your judgement:

I like it a lot, thanks to Tino from Hardcore/metal vinyl and LordxHumungus from Instagram for posting this one, I would have honestly never visited the Victory Records merch site anyway. I'm happy to have this one. And if the record wouldn't have sounded so great this would just be a useless piece of plastic...