Monday, November 28, 2016

VA H8000 Compilation Volume One LP

This is the coloured vinyl version of a legendary compilation. The first H8000 compilation made by Sober Mind Recordings and Genet Records in the year 1998. It features many bands that played at the moment in time. It starts of with a demo track of Spineless, that was previously unreleased. Is followed by Congress, Lifecycle, Vitality, ODK Crew, Liar, Sektor, Blindfold, Deformity, Spirit Of Youth, Instinct, Firestone, Fake, Hitch and Regression.

As you can see at the links above, I already featured many of these band here on this site. Maybe time to elaborate those other three bands who weren't already featured; Instinct, Fake and Regression in some future posts...

Various H8000 Hardcore "The Compilation volume one" 
coloured vinyl H8000 SOber Mind Genet Records
B-side of the LP cover with band listing

As you see, the compilation has a very beautiful layout. There is a mosh pit photo on the front cover and on the back cover as well. I already elaborated the artwork of the front cover in another post. There is an insert that has a foreword by Hans from Liar and Sober Mind. Telling us that the scene was big at the moment and that they could have only wished for that in the beginning of the 90's.

numbered limited mint green vinyl
mint green vinyl, stamp numbered out of 118

The vinyl is mint green coloured and has a stamp numbering on the A-side label, this copy is number 60. They are numbered out of 118 copies. Which makes them pretty rare. But so are almost all titles from the Belgian Hardcore scene. When you have a coloured version or otherwise limited record, you must really realize what you have and how rare these are.

The VA H8000 compilation volume 1 has been on my wants list for a long time. Can you believe that I've only had two opportunities to buy one since I started collecting music intensely? The first opportunity I had was a second chance offer on eBay. The seller had another copy but was in a lesser condition than the one sold, so I skipped it. This one fell in my lap more or less. It was someone contacting me to ask if I wanted it. So I needed to formulate an offer and it was accepted. Glad to own this baby!

There is currently a test pressing for sale on Discogs, time to wake up and take action!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Spirit Of Youth demo cassette

I never thought I would find another version of the Spirit Of Youth demo. But here it is. This copy is an original one sold by the band and not the remake on Warehouse Records. The difference is in the cassette itself. It says "Thanks to our bloodbrother Nick Royles" and there's no mentioning of a record label. See the photo's:

Nick Royles is person who was in a band called No Way Out in 1990, according to the Vortn Vis in the 90's blog. So this is the credit. Later on he played in Ironside, there was a show of Ironside with him during the first Ieperfest (organized by Edward Good Life). He continued forming bands like the Vegan Straight-Edge band Unborn and also Cracked Cop Skulls and Sore Throat (source: Edward Good Life).

The music of this demo was the blueprint for the Love, Truth & Honesty 7 inch. Although the last two songs ('Our Way' and 'From DC') weren't rerecorded for it and are only on this demo cassette.

Spirit Of Youth "demo" cassette 1992 from Records With History And Future on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hitch "Triggered Backwards" CD

Hitch was a band from the Lauwe area (a village near Kortrijk). They started out with a 7 inch on Machination Records. And also have a CD on both Good Life Recordings and Machination Records. That must have been released around 1997 (source: Must have been one of the final releases on Jeroen's Machination label. As I collected the vinyl records of Good Life, this CD stayed hidden from my radar. When I did discover it, bought it and heard it, I already knew three songs, as they are also on the 7 inch. As you might already know, there are many non-vinyl releases made during the the late 90's and after. I am not a vinyl purist so I buy those CD's also, for completion's sake. I collect music on all formats.

Hitch "Triggered Backwards" CD cover

The music is far more emotional than you would expect from the band related to the H8000 scene. Vocals aren't screaming and the instruments play softer rock. It's actually very surprising and hard to capture in written language. I would define it as post-H8000 Hardcore, although chronologically that is not correct. But there are elements such as certain riffs and gang vocals that remind me of Hardcore. The release was recorded at Midas, as many other H8000 bands of the moment also did. The songs "Too Much Pressure" has really agonizing screams in it, combined with the moaning guitars, it really gets to your inner self. Surprisingly there's only one lyrics text mentioned in the booklet.

The song "Mind Pollution" is featured on the H8000 compilation volume one CD/LP. They seem to have survived the test of time and kept playing under the name Hitch and recorded music up until 2009. There is also a split 7 inch with Ghent's  legends Amenra. Music did evolve quite a lot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Morning Again / 25 Ta Life split 7 inch

The Morning Again and 25 Ta Life split release is an awkward one. Besides the fact that in 1998 both bands were on Good Life Recordings and the fact that they are both American Hardcore bands, they have nothing in common. But because they were on tour together in 1998, this release does makes sense. Many kids saw the bands play in that year as Hardcore was at the peak of expansion (in Belgium) and they wanted to have a souvenir of the show, so this sold pretty good.

Morning Again / 25 Ta Life split 7 inch on white vinyl

Morning Again / 25 Ta Life split 7 inch on white vinyl

On this 45 rpm single, Morning Again brings us a song called "Dictation Of Beauty", not the version of the LP on Revelation Records but a version recorded in Belgium at Midas Studio. So it sounds different, less cleanly produced also.

insert Morning Again side

25 Ta Life played a very good show on this tour in 1998, I was there, action packed, people all over the stage. They bring on this 7 inch a previously unreleased track called "Where It Begins". It begins with friendship and other values like sincerity, trust, loyalty and commitment.

insert 25 Ta Life side
There seem to be different pressings also. The first press was blue with small centre hole and photo's on both sides of the label. There was also another pressing which was meant to have a large spindle hole and different artwork on the labels but obviously the pressing plant made a mistake and pressed them also with small spindle hole. That is why the blank dot in the middle is there.

Here is a collection of the three colours to end with:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" LP

Joy Division again, but this time their other LP, called "Unknown Pleasures". I told you I am on a Joy Division trip. I was actually buying these in reverse order, I mean, this one comes before "Closer". In the sound you can definitely hear that they evolved out of the Punk scene even more on this LP than the second. I don't know which one I like best, but to me the consolation of listening to the B-side "Closer", never fades. So with that being said the choice is made. Although "Unknown Pleasures" is more well known and has more classics. It's a close call.

The cover is made in textured cardboard, I didn't make a picture because I want to keep it in the shrink wrap and it's impossible to capture the relief with that shrink wrap. It comes in a white printed inner. The vinyl is also 180 grams and feels real good holding it in your hands.

Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" LP reissue

Joy Division "Unknown Pleasure" LP package
This record was originally recorded and released in 1979. Has a keyboard involved so this is Post-Punk and New Wave combined together to create an atmospheric sound with varying rhythm and Punk basslines.