Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Past Good Life Order Was AMENRA Related

Last week I placed a mega order at the Good Life webstore. I am a huge fanatic of their mailorder and distribution section. This is because they have all the new releases superfast, exactly on the street-date and because they have a lot of rarities and even oop stuff still available.
Also the service is high quality. This is because the GL office and my house are in the same country. This means also that the parcel is only a day in the mail and so not damaged in the mailing process. But even if you are on the other side of the globe I don't think your precious stuff will get damaged because everything is professionally packaged.

I'm not making this post because they asked me or something but rather because I want to share it with you and show some appreciation.

The first thing I got is this picture disc 10". I saw on the Belgian leading hardcore messageboard that the band Amenra had a new vinyl-record on their merch table at their shows. Because there were numerous people who suddenly had this. My conclusion was, I want this too. So I asked some people in American style if they wanted to sell this to me. But nobody wanted to do this.

amenra afterlife 10 inch picture disk disc original self produced band
A few days later when I got home to check the GL newsletter, I read that they had this in stock. So no thinking was necessary, I ordered it immediately.
But then I figured I needed the CD version also, because I wanted not to play this beautiful vinyl record.

The two same records in a different format came in. I saw that the CD has got a totally original package. It is a printed foldout cardboard sleeve, that isn't the same size of a regular CD case. And on top of that it was sealed. This seal was bumming out, because I had to break the seal in order to listen to this. But so I did and the new acoustic songs are totally cool.

The next new piece of music I got is this limited to 65 HIVE DESTRUCTION CD. It is another Amenra side-project together with Matthias from the H8000 band LIAR. Definitely amazing music but not easy to consume.

hive destruction cd first press

As an addition I'd like to say that their is another Amenra side-project existing. Namely the Belgian HOLY TERROR band BLIND TO FAITH. It is on Dwid Integ's label called Holy Terror Records. This amazing and fertile cooperation between AMENRA, RISE AND FALL and REPROACH members is definitely a must hear. It WAS also available on the Good Life distro and now totally sold out. Luckily I was present on the B9 board at the time they promoted this LP and made it available for pre-order. So I did and got limited clear vinyl with a bonus 7".

blind to faith lp clear the seven fat years are over holy terror records

Another item I scored in the RARE section of the webstore is this totally beautiful FIRESTONE One Of A Kind LP. The most beautiful thing I ever held in my hands. This because the vinyl colors are the same as the LP jacket. A perfect aesthetic harmony made in order of the label SOBER MIND RECORDS.

firestone lp element beige flesh color sober mind records transitional

FIRESTONE is actually also Amenra related, because the guitarist of this H8000 band, Lennart now plays in Amenra too.

The final thing I got is the RISE AND FALL new record on CD (the vinyl is on the way). I must say that R&F has perfectly adapted to the new trends of modern Hardcore while remaining a 100% their-selves. Still ominous and raging but yet a futuristic and modern sound.
Rise And Fall has become easily the flagship of Deathwish. This music is what the future will bring. In short, great record !

Also got some posters for free. I like collecting posters and always take care of them. If they are folded I keep them within the vinyl protective sleeve of the record they promote and if they are rolled up I put them in a tube.

So thanks again Good Life for the great order and quality service !!

fugazi post reissue dischord
maximum penalty poster reaper records
rise and fall our circle is vicious poster deathwish inc

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Records With History And Future In Numbers

This post is about numbers. Not numbers of records made but about visitor numbers. I already made a post about this when the '1000+ visitors of my blog' barrier was broken. But now it isn't to celebrate a certain number reached than rather to let you know that suddenly it has exploded.

When I interpret these numbers I can say that within a month the page views roughly doubled since last month. I was completely stunned by this and kinda nervous about it. But I can conclude that this is merely an increase of the responsibility that I need to have when making posts.

The graph tells me only the numbers of the last 7 months. This is because I don't pay for these statistics but use the free version of Sitemeter. So I have to add that this blog is going strong for a year now. And I couldn't be happier with this because the response I get from the readers and commenters is highly appreciated and welcome. The people who leave comments are sometimes more interesting than the blog author! So thanks....

People find this site through google, yes blogger is quite good in search-results. But my blog is also discovered by people who tell their friends about it. By the few adds I do on internet forums and through the mail out from Good Life Recordings, for which I'm very grateful. But also by Marcus from 'The Endless Quest' blog who added a link to my blog on his blog. So if you happen to read this Marcus, I'm very grateful.

I encourage readers to post not anonymous but under a nickname and to post or leave thoughts about the content of the posts. These constructive or instructive comments are highly appreciated.

In other news I'd like to say that I'm always open for offers on something of my recordlist that can be found here ! But respect the fact that not everything is for sale. I update this as soon as a new record comes in or goes out.

And last but not least, I will be making a post from the band Kindred. Also I will keep publishing my records as usual. And I am always open to suggestions.

Have a nice time and take care,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Records Mix

The first record to be discussed here is the JUDGE doLP discography from Revelation. It is now the second time that I bought this record. I bought it twice because I sacrificed one in a trade. I really needed this record from a fellow collector so with pain I parted with. Having this again is the proof that a little bit business can do no harm.
This record has special vinyl artwork as you can see and exist also in black from the second pressing. No need to say things about Judge here, doublecross is making posts about this hardest straight-edge band from NY. And I couldn't do it any better. Though it needs to be said that it features the entire discography of Judge even the Chung King sessions. And has a totally cool poster that came with it. This is a nice ersatz for the to expensive OG records!
But the most important thing is that I found it in a webstore from a friendly Belgian dude who is starting a label and distro. So I gave it a chance and I certainly do not regret it. He took the order really fast and even contacted me on a Sunday morning regarding the order. That is dedication I think. Also the delivery was super fast. I will surely be checking his store often in the future and in the meanwhile you try out his store also. Support the small labels!

The next thing I recently obtained was this totally quality split LP of two legendary vsxe bands from the nineties, namely CULTURE / KINDRED. It was on ebay and it went really cheap in my opinion. Don't kids or collectors respect this jewel no more? Or are they forgetting these band or just ignorant of the quality of this record?
Lets start with the packaging which is totally slick, it looks like metallic silver and has awesome band pictures on both sides of the LP jacket. I will be reviewing this split and the KINDRED full length soon in another post.

The next records were all from one German distro. It was really a revelation checking out the spawned webstore of them. So I dug deeper and found a wide variety of things I actually collect:

To start with the band you all know I collect music and merch from, BLINDFOLD. I saw it listed in this store and thought, yes, I need a 'Live At The Vortn' Vis' from Blindfold in better condition. So I didn't need to think twice and added it to my cart. But when the record came in this morning I noticed that the LP jacket had ripped edge probably due to shaking of the vinyl in the mailing process. And that's not all; it also had and bended corner. So my day was totally ruined. I thought that I was cursed for receiving damaged BLINDFOLD records. And even at a moment I thought that every BF record isn't taken care of, but I skipped that thought and figured it was not true.
What is left do to when you have every BF record but some aren't in a decent condition? Well this means that my quest isn't over yet. I need BF records in better condition and ultimately some day the test pressings of their records.

And yes, it is horrible to see this damaged BF LP jacket :((

The next record is one from a label from which I collect records. It is California's 1917 RECORDS. I never told you I have all their releases, except the CD only releases and one LP release and other colorways. This 7" here is the Eaten Alive "s/t". It is the second rarest color and is supposed to come on green A-side and black B-side vinyl. But this never works out completely because vinyl is liquid before it gets pressed. But as you can see, my copy is almost that way.
I also have the chance to buy all the missing colors of my 1917 records in one time. But I'm not sure whether I'll do this or not. Still pondering on it...

This one is also on 1917 RECORDS and is catalog #1. It is the Donnybrook "There's No Love For The Insincere". Which is a long but meaningful title. This was actually the last record of 1917 Records that I never heard. Now at this very moment I still haven't heard it because it is in Mint condition and I don't want to ruin this.

This is another version of the record, namely a tour version. With only 200 copies made it is the rarest one and also not available in a store until now. I took this picture of an information sticker I always put on every protective sleeve of all my records. I do this to get a help when if one day I want to sell it or make a post about it. I usually remember all this but after years you can forget this information.

It was quite a chance to buy all this records together from the same person, so I took it.

The last record I recently obtained is a colored War Hungry record on the totally under ground label BRAIN GRENADE of Richmond in the States. They don't even have a website. And this was released before 1917 Records took them on their roster. I like this record a lot and have it on black also, this black one is to listen to.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

B9 Testpress Auctions

Just a quick announcement to say that B9 has a load of records (including numerous testpressings of their releases) for sale on ebay.

I won't buy any of them but it can be kinda instructive to get a clue of what is paid for these records.

If I could I'd go for the Betrayed 'Addiction' testpressing or the Terror 'One With The Underdogs' testpressing. Haha

Monday, October 26, 2009

BLINDFOLD 'World Of Fools' Symboliek

Genoeg met dat testpress gedoe. Deze post is een zoveelste ode aan de (h)8000 groep BLINDFOLD. Ik doe hem in het Nederlands omdat het uit mijn hart komt en niet een 100% objectieve review is van de plaat. Het is de symboliek die telt hier.

Desondanks het feit dat het niet commercieel opgeklopt was of bedoeld was, heeft deze singel 'World Of Fools' een relevante historie. Zoals H8000Central al zei was het gewoon een waarderen van de bezoekers die de record release bijwoonden. Dit waarderen en niet munt slaan uit staat in fel contrast tegenover de hedendaagse hardcore.
In de Verenigde Staten daarentegen wordt vinyl op ontelbare kleuren geperst terwijl het eigenlijk gewoon gaat om dezelfde plaat met dezelfde boodschap en muziek.
In de tijden van deze singel ging het louter om een versie voor de gewone luisteraars en een versie voor de vinyl-liefhebbers die totaal weg waren van vinyl in een bepaalde kleur anders dan zwart.
Die waardering die de fans voor de bands hadden wordt tegenwoordig helemaal weggedrukt door een commercieel en soms onrespectvol gedoe. De organisators van het optreden willen een deel, de band wil geld, alsook de gewone luisteraar die eigenlijk niets heeft gedaan deelt tegenwoordig - als hij geluk heeft - in de 'prijzen'. Door het herverkopen op ebay bijvoorbeeld.
Toen was dat nagenoeg helemaal niet zo. Langs deze weg wil ik eens duidelijk maken dat het respect tegenwoordig helemaal weg is en dat het winstbejag de vaandel zwaait. Wij kunnen veel leren uit de scene van toen. Toen was er nog wederzijds respect en appreciatie. Het zijn zij die de verandering in hardcore grotendeels hebben doorstaan en desondanks dat onrespectvol gedoe er nog altijd in geloven en grote inspanningen ervoor leveren die deze plaat gefrabriceerd hebben.

Dit kleine plaatje symboliseerd dat voor mij; Wereld Der Dwazen !! Wereld waar luiheid en intellectuele of artistieke roof wordt beloond. Deze plaat is ook het bewijstuk dat onze voorgangers het heel anders deden en met veel meer respect en creativiteit.

Ik zal deze tekst ooit wel eens vertalen naar het Engels en er concrete voorbeelden aan toe voegen. Moesten jullie hem goed vinden of er hier en daar wat willen veranderd zien, laat mij dit dan weten.
Ik zou in de toekomst ook wel de groep Blindfold er buiten laten maar wel vertrekken vannuit hetzelfde standpunt... We zien wel.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

xBISHOPx TESTPRESS Riddles And Questions

The Straight-Edge band xBISHOPx is definitely different than the majority of American sxe bands. They play a harder and more metallic sound. That's why I actually like them. Because they are different.
But can anyone help me with this TESTPRESS here? I obtained this out of 5 testpress from xBISHOPx recently. I think it is 2Pac on the cover but I don't know why they used his picture. I have some speculations though:
  • Maybe they want to associate the death of Tupac with suicide?
  • Or maybe they are just fans of Tupac?

xbishopx bishop suicide party lp test press
Me having this is the consequence of the increased accessibility of rare records and testpresses in hardcore due to the internet and ebay in particular. No way I would have had this one like 10 years ago. Normally the testpresses belong to the bandmembers or the label and someone like me would have never had this kind of records. But now everything is for sale and I'm buying it...

In further investigation I figured also the tri-colored State Of Florida has a meaning. Because xBISHOPx had a (rare) colorway of the 'Bless The Dead' 7" also in these three colors.

So I had the idea of looking this up on the www. I found this funny site were you can search flags of all countries.

I kinda speculate now that Malawi is the country represented by xBISHOPx, since it is the only African country with these colors in the flag and in a horizontal pattern. And since there is an in memoriam picture of someone with African roots.

Anyone knows more about this or can confirm some speculations? Or even interested in buying or trading this TESTPRESS?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RISE ABOVE'S Founding Member On 'B Is For Boston'

This is to be the last Rise Above post! The record we'll be discussing here is also the final Rise Above record. It is called 'B Is For Boston' and is the OG pressing of this record on a French label called Stand As One Records. It is an extremely rare (350 made) and colored vinyl record. It has a nice picture of the bandmembers on the back and slick artwork on the front of the cover. I was totally unaware of the rich content behind this record. It was almost too much for me to take but I had the chance to communicate with the founding member of Rise Above. So I asked him some questions. These questions were answered in a good way, so you'll be reading some interesting and even funny stuff about this record.

First of all, is there a particular reason why so few of this record are made?
It is what the owner of the French label who released it, wanted. We were not for nor against it. He was a crazy collector so I think he wanted to create his own rare releases.
Is the small amount made the reason why a friend of the band made an official repress under the name 'B Is For Bootleg'?
Yeah, he had a small label and I guess he was looking for more releases. Again, we didn't really care, he asked, we said okay and that's it.
About the cover, it is inspired by the KISS II cover? Can you explain what attracted you in KISS?
Well, Hans was really into KISS, he totally turned me on to them, they made some great records back in the day ! Then because this was our second release, I had this vision of changing KISS ALIVE II into RISE ABOVE II, it made perfect sense to me and I still like the idea, I think the cover came out nicely.

The first song was to explain what you guys were militantly all about, namely sxe and vegetarianism. Is that why you adapted the SLAPSHOT slogan "Boston, where the meat is red". To make it recognizable and clear?
We just took a stand by saying we did not agree with them and used their slogan against those ideas. I think the lyrics for the Rise Above songs were already okay but we refined them later in the updated Nations On Fire version of the song.
This song was definitely something you were proud of? Because you remade for the band NATIONS ON FIRE. Is that correct?
Yes. It totally fits the set of values of Nations On Fire so that's why I thought it would be a good song to play and further spread the connection between the straight edge scene and the political punk scene ; it's the same reason why in our live shows we sometimes covered both a CRASS song AND a Chain of Strength song, you know… introduce CRASS to the edge kids and introduce CHAIN to the crusties… good times !
This record is definitely praising collecting and more in detail collecting records. You even made a song about it. You wanted to ventilate or something? Or just share your passion with the listeners, like I do also?
We were all into collecting records, even pretty heavily ! The fact that we sang about it is rather an expression of our humour I would think. We were all good friends that always had a ton of fun, that's why we did it all. Not for money or fame, but to have fun and spread a good message at the same time ! Sharing our passion is definitely always been the reason why I did bands, wrote songs, even doing Good Life Recordings.
The B-side opens with an all-American classic, called 'Jolly Old Saint Nicholas'. Why did you make your version of this song?
Well, there's a funny story behind this one… we didn't know this song until we heard SS DECONTROL cover it on the 'Boston Christmas' 12" EP, it's probably the rarest SSD song, but it's just a children's Christmas carol, so that's funny of course. I brought this 12" back from one of my many trips to Boston, a city I have become to love. Great music scene, real people, Boston has IT !
Additionally, the lyrics were not included with the record and in those pre-internet days it was just impossible to find the lyrics to songs anywhere if they were not included. So we made up about half of the lyrics and even threw in some words/lines in our dialect (South-West-Flemish), but I don't think anybody has noticed that, haha !
So you boys and girl were listening to SSD together on Christmas evening?
Yes. That was when we had that barbecue, remember ?
I like the last song where Hazel starts singing. What is this song all about?
It's a cover song from another OG Boston Crew band called DYS (Department of Youth Services). It's called 'no pain and no gain' and is a true hardcore classic. The vocalist in DYS was Dave Smalley, later also in bands like Dag Nasty, ALL, etc. This song is a song about self-empowerment and I found it appropriate for Hazel to sing it.
A female voice supported by male gang vocals. Amazing formula, are you aware of this?
Yes I am. I knew immediately that It would work out well and the result is still good after 20 years.
About the influences, what were the BOSTON bands you liked?
In general, we were all crazy about the bands that released music on Al Barile's (SSD) label XCLAIM Records. The bands were SSD, the F.U.'s, D.Y.S and JERRY's KIDS. Other Boston bands we knew and liked included Deathwish, Slapshot, Lemonheads, Bullet Lavolta, Big Dipper, Deep Wound, Wrecking Crew, Last Rites, Negative FX, Siege and tons more I forget now.
While in the first record the vocalist sings about Youth Of Today and Uniform choice. Now I see and hear Boston hardcore everywhere. Did you turn your back towards the bands mentioned in the first record throughout the years? Did you think they weren't a good enough reference anymore or did you just wanted something else?
Oh no, all of us still like Youth of Today, Uniform Choice, etc, it's just that this record kind of by accident became Boston-themed, we had so much fun recording it but I'm sure my affection for the city of Boston and it's people has something to do with it, along with everyone's love for Boston HC.
Is that also the reason why you made a band more of your own, called NATIONS ON FIRE. With a more political approach. And that the sole sxe thing faded away along with some members.
No, Nations On Fire was just a step away from the generic sXe youth crew scene, because, well in my opinion RISE ABOVE had done what it had set out to do, create a straight edge scene, mission accomplished, and time to move my focus in a more political direction. However, Nations On Fire have always been a 100% veggie/straight edge band. That's why were able to pull people from different scenes' attention and multiply our audience tenfold. Drug-free Resistance !

rise above b is for boston 7 inch belgium straight edge stand as one records

If you want to hear the music Rise Above was totally into, you can listen to some songs on the website of Al Barile of XClaim Records:

Probably there are readers who are unaware of Rise Above, therefore I'd like to stress that this is what preceded NATIONS ON FIRE and other early 8000 bands. This is the deepest you can dig into the rich history of Straight-Edge H8000 hardcore and European Straight-Edge. Together with Lärm, also one of the first Straight-Edge bands in Europe. If I said that this is to be the final Rise Above post, you can guess that there is more to find about this band on this blog. You are correct, there is more to find about this band. There is content about the first 7" including the limited edition of this one. Also content about the repress of 'B Is For Boston', a shirt that one of my colleague collectors has. Two interviews with members of this band and more! Just click the link beneath.

Last but not least a word of thanks to the members of Rise Above, I surely hope this post does justice to you all !!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stay Hungry 12" (Reflections Records)

I wanted to make this post because I'm very enthusiast about this release on Reflections Records. What we have here is a 9 song LP of straight-edge hardcore at it's best.
When I first heard this music I thought about various oldschool bands. I felt like this one takes all the best from the pioneering hardcore bands. And this is how it needs to be done in my opinion. Kids learning from the past bands and using the best elements out of it to create a better sound in a different world. This is how we build up Hardcore and make it better and better.

Although I'm not that knowledgeable about the old school I still want to draw some comparisons. I think about Side By Side, Anti-dote for the angry NY part and some early Dischord (DC) fast bands also.

Lyrically this is to the point and where it needs to be at. Straight in your face lyrics with a fuck off attitude and hatefull view upon some kinds of people. But also introspective lyrics about himself (Andy H8, the vocalist). With wise lessons learned.

I'd say well recognized talent by Johan Reflections and the best thing I heard in a long time coming from European soil.

This band is definitely ready to take the world of HxC by storm.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1917 Records #10: BRACEWAR "Juggernaut"

bracewar juggernaut lp red white clear 1917 records sound and fury cover
Finally in my hands; a complete Bracewar 'Juggernaut' collection. Clockwise you see, the CLEAR version; a version that everybody has... But then you have the WHITE which is a pre-order version and the RED is also a pre-order version but then for the faster people.

Ultimately we have the pre-press that was handmade by 1917 Records outside in the summer of 2007. Just a black cover with gold spray paint on it. The record is black vinyl with blank label and the dustsleeve is stamped with the Sound & Fury logo. A fine example of how less can be more.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

90's Vegan Straight-Edge Records Outtake (Part II)

Inspired by the ANIMAL TRUTH benefit sampler of Sober Mind Records I started searching after vinyl from the bands featured on this compilation. The list of records I will be showing and describing is not exhaustive. There are probably bands who only have CD releases, unfortunately.

animal truth benefit sampler cover cd vegan compilation sober mind records

But first of all I'd like to say something on this CD only compilation on it's own. When it came out it was an immediate hit. Because there were several songs on it who had been previously unreleased. Up to now there are still some songs that can only be found on this sampler. Also a hit because it had some legendary bands like Statement and Liar amongst others. I have already made a post more ethical oriented about this sampler. The post I made about it can be found here and was in contrary to this post more philosophical and focusing on the morals. You can look up this post here.

Vitality starts it of with the song 'Equal'. Very interesting point of view on the equality of animals and humans. This track was rerecorded for their last CD 'Crucial Wires'. To my knowledge the bandmembers have never been vegan but some are still vegetarian until this very moment. Their mcd on Sober Mind ('Bloodline')is still a classic to me and I will never sell it. They have never had songs on vinyl except for the the split between Sektor and Vitality, which is pictured here.

So this brings us to the band Sektor. A very dedicated band with a larger vinyl output. You can see all their releases in this picture. I think this song stayed exclusive to this sampler. All their releases were done by Sober Mind Records also. Just type in "Sektor" into the search box of this blog and you will find previous entry's on this band. And if you want pressing info or other facts, definitely check H8000 Central.

This is the Vessel Of Wrath 7" form Purification. It is on Italy's Surrounded Records. Also one of the most well-known Italian vsxe bands. I got this one on ebay US for a $11. Definitely a gem because it sounds not unlike Unbroken, and because this is the limited cover edition. And still in splendid condition.

statement prepare for battle cover 7 inch hardline vinylHoly grail! This is the Statement 'Prepare For Battle' 7" on Hardline Records. Hailing from the UK this is one of the first sxe bands of Europe. Add to this an uprising hardline veganism attitude around the year 1990 and you get one of the most influential bands in the vsxe scene. This together with Vegan Reich and Raid.
I have this record in mint condition, not so many are left over in this condition I guess.

statement dim mak split 7 inch cover split vinyl surrounded recordsAnother Statement record I have obtained on ebay US is the Statement / Dim-Mak split 7". Definitely an honor for Dim-Mak to split up with Statement. This 7" on Surrounded Records comes with a nice little booklet. This booklet has an extensive article about one Dim-Mak song called 'Disturbing Beauty'. The bassist, Jen, tells us a story about her pregnancy at the age of 18, and the reason why the band does not support abortion. Statement is definitely still the most militant band of this split.
There is also a note that I wrote on the plastic protection sleeve that says "EU-press, 1998". Not sure where I got that information from though, totally forgot.

dim mak 7 inch surrounded records vinylThis brings us to a full 7" of songs by Dim-Mak. Also on Italy's dedicated label Surrounded Records.
This is downtempo and harsh vegan sxe metal. And the lyrics again explicitly deal with the rights of the unborn and the mothers who carry the children inside of them. Two of the four bandmembers have children and this hasn't made them stop with the fight against the destruction of innocent life. Because they realize that more by actually having children.
I have never seen a band this focused on the problem around involuntary pregnancies and abortion. Definitely a unique seveninch we have here. But this band stands for the defense of all innocent life, which can be heard in the lyrics of the song on the Animal Truth compilation.

The band Kindred from Belgium is highly underrated by the out-crowd. I got this LP straight from Good Life mailorder way back in the late nineties. My friends and I used to philosophize on the lyrics of this band all the time. Also the music is very progressive; they control the metallic hardcore genre as no one else. Truly musical and lyrical geniuses of their time. They hail from Limburg, to be more precise. So they aren't a H8000 band. Although the music can be labeled as edge-metal, they do not have a H8000 sound. But a sound all of their own. Impossible to duplicate by others.
This LP I have is on black vinyl but also exists on white vinyl, very hard to find as every insider is aware of the genialness of this band and not willing to sell this. Add to this that there are only 500 on black and 100 on white and you realize that this one is impossible to find. This one is one my wantlist for sure. I recently obtained the long sold out CD version at Good Life. They had 1 back in stock. I never acted so fast in buying a CD. The CD comes with different cover art.

birthright out of darkness 7 inch cover good life Birthright is a band that I got to know by this compilation and by searching after the Culture 'Deforestation' 7". The first Deforestation 7" copy I found was on ebay and had been compared to Birthright by the seller. So I took notice of this and later found out that Good Life has released a 7" by the band. It was still available and so I picked it up.
Definitely Culture-alike hardcore, very culture-alike even. The lyrics on the GL 7" of Birthright are explained as well on the lyric-sheet. But I think they mustn't sound so much a Culture. Culture is indeed a good and legendary band but the listeners needs some originality also.

birthright catalyst 7 inch cover gold vinyl Later I also obtained this 7" by birthright which features on of their best songs 'Purge'. I scanned it but it looks like orange vinyl, while it is definitely gold vinyl. This seveninch is on Catalyst Records. The label that also released the above mentioned Culture 7". This must be a very rare release on gold vinyl and with a different cover. I also paid quiet a lot for it. This one came before the 'Out Of Darkness' 7". And has an interesting 7" size booklet with the lyrics and about how Kurt sees hardcore.

Last but not least is the classic H8000 band Liar, ofcourse they also contributed with a song on this compilation. Although I haven't started out with collecting Liar stuff by this compilation. But I still wanted to mention the band here. It is the band of the person who released this compilation, namely Hans Liar. He isn't the only person who made this possible, it were also Bruno and Kathy Genet who distributed this CD and ofcourse a lot more contributors.
The song they bring is 'Circle Of Blood' from their second full length INVICTUS. This is definitely fitting in the concept of this CD, even more, they STILL fit in the concept of this CD. They are true mainstays and persistent warriors of the animal liberation philosophy. Thanks for being there LIAR!!

liar falls of torment invictus deathrow earth lp covers vinyl

Next up will be a conversation between the founding member of Rise Above and myself, more in particular about the ultra limited second 7" called 'B Is For Boston' (you'll be amazed) and a post about the two Kindred LP's among other stuff.

That's all folks, I hope you all enjoyed part II of this 90's vegan straight-edge record outtake. And thanks for the massive response on part I.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Cult Of Collecting

I already told you about the second hand vinyl store here in Bruges just down the street. As I'm checking what they have in almost every week, I regularly find some good vinyl. The condition of the records they have in is mainly to be graded as VG to EX. But I tend to buy those who are in NM condition.

They really have all kinds of music on vinyl. Also books, cd's, DVD's, comics and cardboard mailers. Everything collectible actually. Also funny how they categorize the records. The Hardcore records are to be found in the Punk/Wave/Core racks, together with the Joy Division and The Cure records etc.

Being a vinyl collector requires patience and persistence. Or simply dedication and love for the records as a fuel. To find something quality can take a very long time and excessive searching and choosing. My weekly search in this store is an example of this. Very few records are actually fine enough to be bought. I don't care if I don't find records every week over there. But it is in physical circumstances and this is useful sometimes. Because you learn to interact with flesh and blood people. The internet is a far greater source for records, but buying them oldschool style in a real store is very sweet to do sometimes. You can also judge the condition and no surprises occur when opening the parcels.

Buying Hardcore and records have almost become totally digital. I guess there isn't an underground culture where buying slabs of vinyl is so internet minded. We, hardcore fanatics are in way very developed by doing all this stuff on-line and being so reliable for each other.

Due to the web it is also possible to buy across the planet and to get in touch with very different collectors. The only issue here I guess is that we have to pay the shipping institutions for obtaining the records. They are the link between us world-wide collectors.

There also isn't a culture that shows this much respect and dedication for records. We hardcore people actually pay very much for the records. Also collecting seems to be a driving force for many Hardcore kids and old guys.

Sweet Hardcore I'd say... The culture of the most dedicated collectors.

I like the fact that the store owner actually deals in Hardcore records. Altough he rather sees them as Punk records. I wondered how he got the knowledge of the prices from. The are in my opinion not always correct (too cheap or to high) but it is ok. He gets the prices from going to stock markets, I really should be doing this also.

While this is a cult oriented post I can as well post some cult records that I found in this store.

The first was a Japanese only release of the legendary Baltimore hardcore band NEXT STEP UP. This band started out in 1990 by the will of two people Mike Ayres and Aaron Martinek. In 1992 they recorded a full length called 'Heavy'. The piece of vinyl I have seems to be a later output. At least according to this source.
I didn't set out to find the rarest stuff but I surely wanted to hear this band once.

This seveninch has got 3000 copies made and mine is in solid red vinyl. It has 4 songs and 2 live tracks. Pretty interesting 7" to me, also because I discovered that the label Gain Ground (from Germany) also has got a Japan division. I already supposed this because I once saw a colored All Out War 'Truth In The Age Of Lies' LP on the bay and it was sold by a Japanese seller...

When the Japanese release something it must really be trademark hardcore. They tend to release the most genre defining bands. They are also a bit behind on the Western world mostly when it comes to hardcore.

The second 7" I bought is a colored compilation. It is on the underground music label Lost & Found and comes on solid yellow vinyl with some black and red in it. Again, I bought this one because it had some historical important cult bands. The line up on this one is totally making no sense except that it are again cult bands.
The first band I wanted to hear was SLAPSHOT from Boston. It also had Ryker's on it and I wanted to taste this band also. Another band, the one that I knew, is Backfire! from Holland. The other three bands I totally didn't know. It is Right Direction, Bitter and Damnation.

This label isn't a pure hardcore label, they also release hip hop, metal and alternative rock. This is a totally underground cult label, yes again cult...

The interesting thing about this compilation is that the order of the bands go from punk to more metal in a gentle way, almost impossible to notice. A smooth transition I'd say...
Don't know if this label mixed the songs in this way on purpose, but it definitely is a transition.

If somebody wants one or both and you live in Belgium; get in touch. To much cult for me to take!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

90's Vegan Straight-Edge Records Outtake (part I)

As a European collector I can't ignore this subculture of hardcore. And it also means a lot to me personally. That's why I make this post. Since this is a "record-site", I also want to put some records in this post. I'm not sure if these records have future but what I do know a 100% certain is that they have history and a very rich one.

There is a lot to say about vegan sxe bands especially about their convictions. But I won't dig deeper in these convictions as you all know what they stand for. And I also made a post about this already. The vegan sxe bands have strong morals and ethics. The hard music vegan sxe bands make isn't meant to be artistic. No, the music is made to make an undeniable statement for the out-crowd and also as an outlet for their own anger. Unknowing outsiders perceive their music and way of dancing as violent and threatening. But it is totally not supposed to be like that. Violent dancing and hard music is part of their culture and an outlet for their very sober lifestyle.

I respect and respected vegan sxe bands and kids a lot. They are very dedicated people and make an strong message. But unfortunately they are misunderstood by society and even by other hardcore circles.

Especially in the nineties they did a lot of work; like making zines and books, spreading flyer's, organizing shows, making merchandise with messages on it, doing benefit samplers. I for one was very into vegetarianism and sxe but I never was an active activist or something in this sense. I also didn't like their brainwashing attitude and fascism. What they put forward is good but one should become participant totally from within. Only this way it can stay. I mean, it should not be a trend or something that comes from the outside, like social pressure or doing as your friends do. If you become an activist in this way it will perish sooner or later. I guess this is a reason why it almost totally extinct nowadays.

Their hard line attitude often gets them into trouble also. The authorities see them as criminals but they are totally unaware about the ethics of the activists and the goals that they set. The direct actions are politically incorrect and there is a lot of money involved in the industries that they fight. It is very hard to live this way in society because you get repressed by elders and the unknowing. I guess this is also a reason why nowadays you almost hear nothing about the vegan sxe activists anymore.

Now about the records. For me it all started with the "Justice For The Enslaved" CD compilation. This is one of many benefit compilations that the world of vegan sxe has. It is a CD only release on Sure Hands Records from the UK. There are 7 bands on it with 2 songs each.

various artists justice for the enslaved cover cd

The bands are:
  • Clouded
  • Point Of No Return
  • Withdrawn
  • Shorebreak
  • Dehumanize
  • Shed
  • Reprisal

I like this compilation a lot and started searching after vinyl from the bands on it. Ofcourse I already knew Shorebreak since I am a Good Life fanatic and I already knew Clouded also from my youth.

clouded inheritance 7 inch clear smoke vinyl genet recordsClouded is a Belgian band that is very hard to find because they have only put out one midCD/7" and some songs on several compilations. Their 7" is called 'Inheritance' and is on Genet Records. I have it on clear but there are some black swirls in the clear, so it could be a one of a kind hinting the existence of black copies also. A fun fact is that the drummer of this band now plays in The Setup.
This band is for me the highlight of this compilation. Not because it is a Belgian band, but because they make a very unique but recognizable vegan sxe sound.

Shorebreak is from Spain and are definitely inspired by Morning Again. They had a LP on Good Life Recordings which is pressed on several colors. I have the brown one (out of 200) and the pink/cream colored one of a kind. This is one of the nicest looking vinyl artwork I've ever seen. Proud to have it. But it exist on blue and pink also. Their music has very catchy melodies besides the passionate vocals and heavy instrumental poundage. A true gem...

dehumanize restore the sacred order of nature 7 inch cover surrounded records vinylI found this Dehumanize 7" (to my great surprise) on ebay US. The title fully sounds "Restore The Sacred Order Of Nature". They are an Italian band on the very focused vegan sxe label Surrounded Records from Rome. Italy was and is still very vegan sxe minded. Absolute cult 7".

The fact that I didn't find it in Europe where the most probably are, but in the US is surprising but this collector really took care of it. It kinda did me pleasure seeing that also Americans dig this stuff from Europe, a minority probably...

The last but heaviest band on this compilation is Reprisal. Also from Italy, they left their mark on the scene with killing hard riffs and vocals. If I were a kid I would have demolished my room when hearing this. This is their first LP on Good Life Recordings and in my opinion their best. It comes on sea-blue vinyl with only 150 pieces made. A interesting side note is that they are still playing vegan sxe but now together with members of Sentence; the band is called Awaken Demons. And have just released their second record on TRUSTKILL fame!! It is available on three vinyl colors and ofcourse on CD also. Check where you can find everything Awaken Demons and even the vinyl of Reprisal and Shorebreak.