Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ewald's impressive Ceremony collection

I have just got these pictures form a Belgian dude called Ewald. I asked him for pictures of his "Violence Violence" collection, but obviously he kicked it even further by adding his "Ruined" and "Stil Nothing Moves You" collection also.
So I asked him if I could publish his collection on my blog, he agreed, so here it is...

ceremony ruined ep 7 inch collection colors red yellow black record release

ceremony violence violence lp test press

ceremony violence violence lp sound and fury white vinyl

ceremony violence violence lp collection first press second press

ceremony violence violence lp collection colors malfunction records

ceremony scared people bridge 9 collection ep 7 inch easter egg record release he god has favoured

ceremony still nothing moves you lp collection bridge 9

Stunning, isn't it! I posted the Ceremony releases in chronological order. And it even has test pressings for those who might overlooked it.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Warehouse Records & PMA Records Vintage Poster

I got it as a present from Ed Goodlife, it's truly amazing. Will do my best to elaborate it in the future.

Note that you can get a bigger view of it by clicking on the picture.

Actually I can say now that I didn't mention the "Sobermind Meditation" 7inch of Blindfold in the Belgian sXe HC history topic, that's because I don't have it. But I can give you a link for some information on it:

That's all I can do at the moment. But I invited Edward to collaborate on this blog. Hopefully he is ok with my proposal. He's the one who made many things happen back in the days...

Listen to the compilation Warehouse Records made here in this video I've made:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome Visitor To RWHAF

Welcome visitor,

This is a blog/database about music on vinyl and everything related. We focus on real Hardcore / Punk music from the late 70's through 80's and 90's up until now. And every genre that influences Hardcore, such as Punk, Trash, Metal, Grind, Beat Down music, etc.

You can find pictures of records too, discographies complete or incomplete. And numbers such as amount of a certain vinyl versions made, also called pressing info.

It's also the objective to make things not only interesting for us but for everybody reading and into collecting records. So we regularly give purchase guiding hints as to where to buy certain new records being released. Or making this effort interactive by allowing comments.
We also like to write and share what I think about certain music or lyrics, in the from of reviews.

It's a blog that you can follow post by post such as already plus minus 300 people do by liking us on Facebook .

In the meanwhile, check out the complete SITEMAP to find what you're looking for and get an idea of what this site is all about and the vast entire content.

I hope you enjoy the visit and will be checking back now and then.

- WillemRWHAF

Belgian sXe Hc History

From left to right on the above picture you see the following singles:

  • Wheel Of Progress "It's Alive"
  • Rise Above "Beat It"
  • Love, Truth & Honesty "The Impossible Dream"

Rise Above were Belgium's first straight-edge band. The Beat It single was recorded in November 1989. And later released by Punk etc. who also did Zyklome A's "Made In Belgium". Members include Hans Liar, Steve Slingeneyer (now in Soulwax) and Ed Goodlife. Musically they draw influences from DC bands around 1980, while creating an atmosphere of their own, especially in the song Beat It!

Love, truth & Honesty "The Impossble Dream" was released on Machination Records in 1992.

They were as a matter of fact pre- Spirit Of Youth. The band lasted no more than 6 months (from 02/92 till 08/92 to be more precise). Because later the brothers Dominiek and Frederik started under a different banner called Spirit Of Youth. The sound of L,T&H brings to mind Dag Nasty and 411 but also Minor Threat in the "Out of Step" period.

SOY were in the beginning 100% a pure oldschool band. You can't imagine how their sound evolved through the years. Especially under the influence of metal.

Wheel of Progress "It's Alive" was recorded in spring '93 and later released in the same year on a Canadian label called "rank & file". This an important and embryonic release because it hold the core of the Belgian (and European) hardcore to come.

The band members were Rob from Born From Pain, who has now a release on Reaper Records. They are labeled by the American Label as Europe's hardest.

Another notorious band member in Wheel Of Progress was Hans, who played and still plays in Liar. Together with Congress, Liar are the godfathers of the H8000 edgemetal sound.

Speaking of Congress; Josh the mastermind of Congress also played in this band. Josh also did his time as guitarist in Liar.

In 1993 the H8000 crew wasn't called that way, it was simply called 8000-crew. 8000 is the number of the regions in West-Flanders. Wheel of progress were based in Roeselare, this is a town of West-Flanders.

The first song of this 7" is called "Circle Of Blood", who was later rerecorded by Liar on their second release "Invictus".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ODK Crew (H8000)

My hometown favorites for sure, altough I haven't went to so much performances as their related band Vitality.

A few years ago, when the H8000 crew had one of the biggest & most influental scene in Europe, a few members of VITALITY & CONGRESS wanted to play something different then the typical H8000 sound, so they started a project called ODK CREW showing their love for old school hardcore. Main influences were JUDGE, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, INTEGRITY, O.L.C., SIDE BY SIDE, RISE ABOVE and other hardcore & punk pioneers. They played some great shows like H8000-fest and YPRES-fest and released a 7" called 'Old school vs new school' on UxJx label Frostbite Records. This last release is pictured above.

To be more precise in the line-up; the guitars and the bass are played by Bob and Marc from Vitality, the drums by the one and only drummer from Congress fame, Ilja and the vocals were in the beginning by Micha. Nowadays Vitality isn't around anymore but ODK-crew is still. They have now acquiered a new vocalist
Wayne, a local skateboard hero and ex-roadie of VITALITY.
In a way I have always looked up to those guys. Micha was in the same school as I and he was older, he played soccer on the schoolyard everyday. I wasn't that sportive but always respected people playing soccer with that much dedication. Also later on at a Vitality show only my friend and I were moshing and I kinda disliked that. So I was jumping against the crowd continously, one of the crowd was in a pissed of mood and kicked me in the belly. Micha (who was doing backing vocals) saw it and stood up for me, I will never forget that moment.

And then the guitarist Bob was the older brother of a girlfriend I had. I always looked up to him also. Especially because he always had shirts or sweaters that were so cool and were never seen before by me. He has a way with hardcore merch I guess. He is also now the vocalist of Forced Hate also!!

The drummer Ilja was a bit obscurer to me, but he was the drummer of the big Congress. So I respected him also. He was a contemporary legend in ODK.

But I have to be frank, I liked the old days of ODK-Crew more than now and will post here the lyric's of a song from that days:

Hardcore, my vitality

I'm asking myself, where has it gone?

The true hardcore spirit, the battle has begun
My anger is forced, when I watch today's scene
But we'll overcome, it's f&é#@$g payday!

Our Scene, our home, once full of loyalty

Now blinded by hate & intruding jealous.

Hardcore my vitality, I won't give in.

Those who forget it's real destiny has never fit in

Ablution, the scene must be desinfected
the real disciples selected.
We won't fall prey to this mainstream


Congress (H8000)

Two Brussels Hardcore Gems (Out For Blood & Arkangel)

Arkangel Prayers Upon Deaf Ears red vinyl Out For Blood demo 1996 red viny

Betrayed "Addiction" (1st press)

Missing every second and third presses


Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm missing the No One Gets Out Alive 7"

For stuff on Kickback from 1990 to 1996 check this:

Kickback discography:

late 1991: The Meaning of Pain (demo) - selfproduced

august 1992: No One Gets Out Alive (7") - Inner Rage

1993: untitled (demo) - selfproduced
1995: Cornered (LP/CD) - Hostile records
1997: Forever War (LP/CD) - Hostile / Kingfisher Records

Sektor (H8000)

Here you see three releases of the Edgemetal band SEKTOR. All these releases are on Sobermind Records.
  • The record in the middle came before the Sektor / Vitality split and the full length. It is their early work, called "Ultimate Treat" and I don't know if there is a colorversion.

  • Above you see the tourpress, with paper sleeve and A4 format insert. But also on a different color: Brown
  • Then after the tour with Vitalty came the split 7" with them. As you can see it exists on black and clear. It has one song that is exclusive for this release. As a matter of fact two in the time it came out but the song "In Crypts Of Darkness" was rereleased on the full lenght. The numbers are unknown.
  • Finally you see the "Human Spots Of Rust" full length. Mine is on black vinyl but there is also a colorversion: pink colored.
  • Important is that Sektor also recorded songs exclusive to some legendary compilations. I'm speaking of the "Animal Truth" benefit sampler and the "H8000 compilation vol. 1".
I used to own these compliation CD's also but I ebayed them. :((

I would like to shout out to Hans Liar to set free the Sobermind pressing info. This info seems to me like the best kept secret of the H8000 realm. And I have never found out the numbers. I can restore the disography and the release sequence through dates and interviews like I did in this post. But it is impossible to count them by collecting them all, haha!!

If you read this post Hans don't take my request badly please, it is just to now how rare they actually are and to stimulate the collectors worldwide to collect the H8000 gems.

Shai Hulud

25 Ta Life

25 ta Life collection vinyl Strenght Through Unity Skarhead

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Integrity "Walpurgisnacht" (not complete)

Integrity Walpurgisnacht first press vinyl red green trash purple gray grey

I'm lacking the white and the 2nd press.

The greenish one in the middle wasn't supposed to exist. A389 records ordered the grey and the red version from the pressing plant. But when the records arrived at their warehouse they found out that there were about 100 in this greenish color. So they decided to make of it a colorway on it's own called "greenish trash vinyl".
They were for sale at the end of the first press sale. Bummer for the ones who pre-ordered because this one is more rare than the red pre-order.

The white actually is the most rare edition, I have seen them on Ebay only. And they went for serious money. Dwid Hellion (the vocalist of Integrity) was selling them on ebay Belgium. The ones he was selling were wax stamp sealed and came with embroidered patches and stickers.

Now musically I find this Integrity release very refreshing. The songs have a new level of heaviness and a modern tinged brutality to them. Integrity has managed to mix their classic sound with the new sheerness of heavy modern hardcore.

Now over to the meaning of Walpurgisnacht:
Many of the Americans will not understand or know what "Walpurgisnacht" means. It is from a European origin. Walpurgisnacht is celebrated during the night from April 30 to the first of May. In Europe there is a huge cultural differentiation, so also this event has different meanings in different countries and cultures. But the origin goes back on the celebration of fertility and the thin line between life and death. And I think that's also what the lyrics on the song Walpurgisnacht of the 7inch are about. But they are very cryptic.

And for closers two fun facts:

*Heavy Metal pioneers Black Sabbath also had a song called "Walpurgisnacht" it was the original for the song "War Pigs".

*Adolf Hitler also commited suicide on that very night.

xBishopx "Bless The Dead"

Yes Florida still delivers good hardcore after Culture, Morning Again, early Poison The Well and early Shai Hulud. Not that the genre xBishopx plays can be compared to these bands though. It is better compared to bands like Terror and Buried Alive. But I'm not to good at drawing sound comparisons between bands.
This 7" is there blackest and most sinister output. It isn't called for nothing "Diary Of A Corpse Sessions". And what you wouldn't expect is that they actually do a Minor Treath cover. Listen to their myspace and then imagine that they play the song "Filler" with the same instrumental sound. Well they do and it doesn't sound bad, on the contrary.
The fact that they play this only proves their dedication to Straight Edge, wich is with this soundwall a rare combination nowadays.

Bracewar "s/t" (not complete)

Lacking tour editions

DTN / 50 Lions (not complete)

Lacking black rec release

Have Heart "The Things We Carry"

First press colors Have Heart The Things We Carry LP

Holy grail! These are the two Have Heart's from the first pressing. Limited to 260 for the blue with yellow and 640 for the brown with orange. Bridge Nine pressed this records three times!! So you know it has to be good.

HH are from Boston Massachusetts wich is now the cradle of the most influential hardcore. Lyrically and musically this is a milestone in hardcore's history. After hearing this record you will realize that nothing more needs to be proved from what I'm saying.

Altough there is on ebay a great desire for them and everything else Have Heart I won't list them. But you can make an offer on one of the two because I'm willing to part with one of them...

Damaged Goods "Fever"

You see here the 3 colorways of the Damaged Goods "Fever" LP. This record is laseretched on the B-side with a huge eyeball. The black and the fluoriscent green is from the first pressing and is respectively limited to 400 and 100. The fluoriscent pink is opaque and from the second pressing also only 400 are made.

What many people don't know about this record is that there was a misprint of the jacket. You can see it on the photo. It is the one on the left. You can notice that this LP-sleeve is not fluoriscent like the others.

Nothing more needs to be said about it, just listen to it because it has an eighties trash feel all the way...

"Cause there is something in my heart that puts me on the margins of things"

Violation "Devoured"