Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Info about the final INTERNAL AFFAIRS release

While browsing through the SFU webstore I noticed the final Internal Affairs release. It is called 'Evil Egyptians'. Well it is actually a reissue of a couple of months older -special coorperation between DÄLEK, TRIUMVIR and INTERNAL AFFAIRS- release.
The original release was a press of 500 in full copies on 4 colors in a 12inch format. Somehow when I saw this release on the Reflections webstore I knew I had to act quickly and order it. So I did and recieved the black version. This version is the regular press, the amount of copies is unknown (Can't find it anywhere).
Thinking quickly further I thought there must be a color version, I hadn't checked the sites about this release then. But suddenly I had the idea of visiting the Deathwish inc. webstore, and yes; they had the blue band pressing. So I ordered it and recieved it.

INFO: there are 4 colors of this one-sided 12" pressed. The white version is the Triumvir version, the green version is the Dälek and some copies are signed by him on the dustsleeve. The blue one is the bandpress, wich was (partly?) sold on the Deathwish e-store. And the black version was sold in distro's like RevHQ and ReflectionsHQ. Altough Revelation also had some colored copies. It was going so fast that Revelation limited it to one per customer after a short amount of days.

Ofcourse you want to see them, so here are my two versions...

I have only played the black one a few times. And the blue one is totally mint. You probably hear me coming... YES, they are for sale !!

Hit me up with an offer if you want one:

info @ flandersfury . net

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recordscore Of The Decade?

Sorry for my lack of updates. But I've been doing some serious collecting in the last month.

But OK, here goes the update:

I saw an anouncement on the B9 board about an ultra limited pressing of the Perspective e.p. posted by Peers of True Colors. I read it and I concluded "need this one". Peers said "it will be in the Powered webstore very soon". But unwilling to submit myself to the computer every day, I didn't check the Powered webstore everyday. But even if I would have done that, the chances to get this directly from Powered were very few. Because according to Filip of Powered records these babies were sold out in about 5 minutes. And they sold only one per customer.
Realizing I missed out on it was very frustrating, I realized I was going to have to pay big bucks for this one now and thought now one was willing to sell this record. But things turned out a lot brighter than I thought initially. I had to chance to buy it from a fellow Belgian collector who I met on the AsIce tradeboard. So here it is;

My will for security tells me; "buy another one to be safe or to sell in case if someone asks for it" but that's gonna be very hard I guess, there are only 30 made as you can seen in the last picture.

You can see that the sleeve is a Wide Awake rip-off cover and that the logo Powered records uses on this record is a Schism rip-off logo.

Conclusion: this record is really sick both vinyl, sleeve and circulation...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kevin Finn and his recordcollection outtake

Yep, that's right Kevin Finn -former rev employee and founder of the Revelation Records tradeboard- takes out his records from the box because someone asked him to do so. As we know kevin, he does this with style and knowledgeable words.
He is also the compiler of the hidden Revelation pressing info. And if you want a link to it, just send me an email and I will provide the link for you.

If you are an 80's Rev collector or like COS you will enjoy these for sure. You will see records that you will never see again. And most likely never hold in your hands.