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BLINDFOLD Discography and Record Pictures

I'm well on track in completing my BLINDFOLD collection. Because what you see here is every title with BF. Besides that there is a split with Encounter on Sober Mind Records and 6 different compilations were they appear on. After doing some research I have come to the following discography below:


Deprogrammers Do Not Exist (7", black /1000) PMA Records 1992

Sober Mind Meditation (7", Blue /1000) Warehouse Records 1993

Restrain The Thought (LP, Purple and Black) Conquer The World Records 1993

Split with Encounter (7", black) Sober Mind Records 1994

World Of Fools (7", Green and Black) Machination Records 1995

Asteroid 164* (LP, Black only /1000) Sober Mind Records 1996

Live At Vortn' Vis (LP, Orange #/88, Yellow #/140 and black) Sober Mind Records

Tracks Appear On:

Regress No Way (7", 2000 made) "Compare And Adjust" Warehouse Records

Land Of Greed... World Of Need (LP/CD) "I Wish I" Watermark, Trustkill Records 1994

H8000 Hardcore The Compilation Volume One (CD/LP) "Spiritual Suicide '97" Genet Records, Sober Mind Records 1998

Hardcore Knockout (CD, Comp) "Reccessal Hymn" Genet Records, Sober Mind Records 1998

Illiterate (LP) "Affection" Ebullition Records

The Good Life (LP black vinyl only, CD) "Hypostatized" Good Life Recordings

Sources are:

Ed Goodlife colorwax page
Jasper De Deyne

Luckily Edward gave me a quick made picture with the "World Of Fools" color edition 7" and the TESTPRESS of "Sobermind Meditation" 7" to add extra weight to this post.
It is a pitty the numbers are unknown, isn't it fellow collectors and readers of this blog??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KICKBACK 7" & One Of A Kind ARKANGEL 10"

This morning I was stoked to get out of bed early because I had to get to the post office to pick my parcel out of Germany. The first thing I noticed that 10" cardboard mailers exist, but that's was not so a big deal. When I opened this never before seen mailer there were in it an one of a kind 10" from the big Arkangel and a 7" from Kickback.

The witty readers of this blog don't need to think much further to realize it is the NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE 7", because Kickback has only put out one 7 inch. This Paris HC gem is also their debut release. It was the only thing I needed to complete my three piece Kickback collection. Yes, they only put out three titles on wax and those came on black only. The 7" is from the year 1992 and is one of the oldest OG records I have so far. And with that the most expensive one to.
Getting this 7" in my hands made my heart beat faster, I haven't come to play it yet but I'll probably never will. Because I want to keep it mint. Some thing made me believe that the record came without insert but it appears that it actually has an insert. Great to see the bandmembers in their younger years on a black and white band picture.
For more info on Kickback visit the Kickback discography post here on this blog, it also has a myspace link to where you can hear one song of the 7".

kickback no one gets out alive 7 inch inner rage
The second record is the debut release from Belgiums hardest vegans ARKANGEL. This is not just a color version of the record. It is a one of kind color or a transition color. The record is namely pressed on two colors black and red. When the pressing plant finishes pressing the black version and then starts to press the red version there might be some black wax left. That black wax then gets mixed with the red and what you get is a very rare colorway. That actually isn't suposed to be made.
In my humble opinion this is Arkangels best release, and I am glad to be the owner of this special record. I won't play this record and will store it carefully but I can't get enough of getting the vinyl out of the sleeve and behold the beauty of it. So I took a picture to share my joy with you.

arkangel prayers upon deaf ears 10 inch red black marbled lifeforce

Sunday, May 24, 2009

H8 Zine review (part II)

I have here the reviews of two interviews in H8Z #5, the first is with Hans LIAR and the second is with the band FAMILY OF DOG. The interview with Hans LIAR in H8Z is very in depth, he reveals his true self and also for what LIAR stands for. LIAR was and still is a hard statement against the current, both musically and lyrically. The interview with LIAR was taken by Tom FOD in the period between "Falls Of Torment" and their second full-length "Invictus". Altough Goodlife Recordings did their debut full length, Invictus is on another label, namely Genet Records. After Invictus came out LIAR went back to Goodlife to record their third Full Length "Deathrow Earth". The change of label isn't such a big deal, there was never trouble between Liar and Edward (Good Life), although some thought there was. Bruno Genet is like Edward GL a good friend of the band. So tells us the interview.
Family Of Dog is less to the point than Hans LIAR in these interviews. But then LIAR is more serious about the world problems than FOD. Both do a totally different approach so you can't actually compare these two.
Also in this post you will find pictures of the "Falls Of Torment" LP from LIAR (this is their debut LP on Good Life Recordings !!) and the CD of Family Of Dog (there doesn't exist a vinyl version of this one). Just in case you want to know/see what to/you search after…
LIAR interview
Hans Liar tells us that Liar isn't the first Edge-metal-sound band; Wheel Of Progress already installed the metal sound and aggression into the hardcore sound of the H8000 area. About this Hans clearly stated that to step back from the traditional hardcore sound was the intention. They wanted to do something more extreme and different.
Only minor differences exist between the old days and the day the interview was taken. Hans then observed more seriousness and commitment while now he observes more people who think HC is about wearing the right clothing and listening to the right bands. He swears on this fact but doesn't hate it. As a reaction he just tells us what he stands for; hardcore as a lifestyle and a commitment to this with whole heart and mind. And fighting for these believes and feelings.
While reading this interview think the aggressive and angry sound of LIAR is a reaction to the hectic nineties. In times where kids intoxicate their selves, were people abuse animals, create ecological problems LIAR is a counteraction of not only an aggressive sound but also a lifestyle with no drugs, a sober mind and a clear outlook on life.
Liars clear outlook on life is proven by their views upon politics. They are interested in politics but then more on the scale of the scene and the judges that are present in it. They claim that they are more political than most emo-flower-power bands who spread who spread the message of flowers and peace. According to LIAR this is just a dream; there are poisons that destroy humanity, religious groups that try to overpower, a natural circle that is broken and a will to gain dominion over every living creature. This left wing philosophy sprouts on the fact that LIAR face reality as it is. LIAR is your wake-up call.
Later in this interview Hans gives his opinion about homosexuality, cannabis, Edgemetal bands, fascists and MTV. I find that the points are very well-taken.
Although this sober, objective and critical view of Hans in the lyrics of "Falls Of Torment" he explains that the newer lyrics are more personal and sensitive. They deal with loss of a loved one in life, grief, respect and loyalty to those who deserve it.
With this said, he tells us that the H8000 scene saved him from daily evils, gave him strength, hope and inspiration. But he also tells us that competition sometimes kills friendships and scenes worldwide. This downfall is his biggest fear.

liar falls of torment lp good life recordings

FAMILY OF DOG interview

The band Family of Dog is not from the H8000 area. They are actually from Ghent in East-Flanders. You can best describe their music as metal fueled hardcore. Although they are often labeled as a deathcore band, their influences are Bad Brains, Prong, Suicidal Tendencies and Victims. So they say that they are more a punk band than a metal band. The name is taken from a classic Morbid Angel song 'Chapel Of Ghouls' and dog is God spelled Backwards.
As a response to the increasing amount of fights on the local HC-gigs, they say that it isn't the purpose of the bands to turn the scene in a 'New York Macho Circus'. Very true, there are a lot of clans, crews and posses in NY. Even the legendary NYHC band, Sick Of It All wouldn't play New York because of the gangs and the violence. And at a 25 Ta Life show a kid got stabbed with a knife. "There is a difference between dancing and ultimate fighting", they say.
Furthermore they also explain their outspoken opinion against Christianity and Catholicism. They say that they aren't obsessive Satan lovers, despite the 666 number on their T-shirts. They only put it on their merch because Satanism originated from the pagan rituals that Christianity tried to erase 2000 years ago, and it survived as a countermovement through constructive values like creative power, individual development, respect for the forces of nature and most important, individual moral judgment.
For closers I will quote here there opinion about metal and hardcore: "Metal bands like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel aim at the unconscious reptile part of the brain. While HC bands use the same musical techniques to fuel their message." Haha, very witty and funny.
family of dog cd satans pizze gent ghent Also with this zine comes an exclusive split 7" from the two interviewed bands. Be sure to get it because these are raw, rare and ultra moshy songs. This split 7" is on two labels who cooperate for this one. Liar appears from Genet Records and Family Of Dog appears from Frostbite Records. Liar brings militant and obscure Straight Edge lyrics, while FOD brings enormously moshy tunes, releasing the beast inside of them.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Ambitions collection (only missing the tests)

Ambitions was formed in 2005 with only a few goals in mind: to have fun and to create music that was a departure from the current music scene and to find a way to challenge the boundaries that separate hardcore and punk. The band features 3 core members from the widely known WITH HONOR (Victory Records) and later recruited -after a positive response to their 2005 demo "No Limits"- good friends Matt Fox and Matt Fletcher of Shai Hulud. With this solidification they toured with Modern Life Is War, Bane, Have Heart, Verse and Shipwreck. But This was only temporarily, by the time they made the record for Bridge Nine the two Matt's were already gone.

Lyrically and musically, Ambitions attempts to tackle themes of introspection and self-exploration, or "coming to terms with the disparity between our youthful aspirations and the reality of the world," according to vocalist Jay Aust. Ambitions strives to break through the genre barriers that plague the current hardcore/punk scene by playing honest music that they enjoy, without limiting themselves to any one scene's constraints. The three labels they were on have drawn comparisons to Ignite, H20, late era Bold, Shelter, Quicksand, Fugazi and Dag Nasty!

Now that I finished my collection of this band a sad feeling strikes me, there won't come anymore because the band called it quits. But there is hope because I actually haven't really all the records; the test pressings are missing. So now I'm considering if I will search them or not.

Here are all the records:

H8 zine review (part I)

Editors in chief: Borsalino, William Schieffer
Layout: Emerick Hoss
Contributors: Da Ringmaster, Vampirotti & Vincent Pit

This zine is in full A4 format and has about 20 pages. It is a very profound magazine, filled with polemics, intelligence and fun facts. Featuring in this zine are letters from readers, album and zine reviews, interviews with bands ( CATHARSIS, LIAR & FAMILY OF DOG ), tour reports, show reports. As if that is not enough, it also comes with an exclusive split 7" of LIAR and FAMILY OF DOG. Each band features two songs of very moshy hardcore. I will get back on this Genet Records release in another part of the review.

Reviewing this zine in a proper manner, that does justice to the zine itself, isn't exactly easy. It is a very polemic issue. Therefore I will be publishing this review in parts. This is because the post about the review would be firstly too long and secondly it would take too much time until something gets published. So here is the first part; the editors introduction, the sXe corner and the lettersection.


The guy who wrote the introduction has done a great job. He starts with pinpointing what this issue of the H8 zine is partly about; the problems that the West-Flemish hardcore scene are encountering. He is very honest about it. Because he believes there is still hope, he explains what H8000 truly stands for. This was necessary because the young kids who are fresh to the scene start to lose a decent view on this. I will quote here what he actually said:
"When we first used the name H8000 crew, it was mainly the intention to unite the local scene, to support all the bands, to arrange gigs weekly and to expand our combined talents to the outside HC movement."
Then he pinpoints the H8000 style trends, and yes, the world now speaks of a H8000 style. What he sees as a great achievement.

Straight-edge corner:

Of course there is on the second page a straight-edge corner. They give a good concept of what straight-edge is about. So since every editor of this zine supports the sXe way, they've done a good job in their urge to promote it. I like this part; "SXE is something that is about education, not just putting a fat X on your hand, it's not a certain style of music or dress-code. It's a life-style, it is not about being 'hard', but about facing a disrespectful crowd with your head up high, and taking 100% pride in your beliefs an feelings, it's about being a teacher for those who need your advice…"


Now right up to the letter section. In my opinion it flatters the editors that they published the most decent critical letters from the readers, despite the fact that they aren't always going along with the line the magazine editors are trying to set. Namely, gaining regard from the outside world.
There is for instance this very well-written letter from a 16 year old kid. In this letter he puts a true one-liner: "Meanwhile you are trying to save the H8000, we still have a world to save". He knows what he is speaking about because he brings up true facts like global warming and overpopulation. This sentence is also like the link between the two parts of his letter; the growing lack of unity and harmony in the scene and then the ideals that maybe have gone lost, by these troubles.
I fully back this kid, but he is like the editors answer says; having doomed visions for a 16 year old kid. He must indeed use his eloquence and IQ for better and more creative things in mind. So the Congress '97 quote from the song 'Escape the apocalypse' is very in place; "Don't be slave of your doomed sight, be the first to try another cast". And from my part; don't give up the scene too quickly!
The other two letters are also very interesting and critical; dealing with album reviews that sometimes fell wrongly for some readers and about the Krishna take-over in the scene. But also the fascist or militant SxE attitude and so on…
Last but not least is a letter from the guitarist of Family Of Dog, named Peter. Again a view upon hardcore is given. He tells us that carrying ideals, like anti-economical and racial discrimination or making this society more humane, isn't limited to people who wear baggy pants, piercings and tattoos while appearing on stage. He finds that as a matter of fact other musical genres, like Napalm Death, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Moby, Public Enemy and many others are as much hardcore than the next Good Life compilation (to use his words). This is because, according to him, they carry a equally valuable message. What he is willing to tell us with all this is that it makes no sense to make narrow minded distinctions between those who are hardcore and those who aren't. It is about the message and the fact that people care or not.

Feel free to start polemics about this zine and what is stated with comments. Up next I will publish part two of this extensive review, namely an interview with LIAR and one with FAMILY OF DOG. So stay tuned…

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How To use The Search Function For Records

Hi everyone,
I've just installed a search function for my record list. I've you are looking for a record just fill in the name of a band you are looking for in the search box. And you will see if I have it or not.

The search result page has a link to the page where my entire record list is published. Click on the url and just scroll down the page and you will see the entire record list.

This function might save you some time if you are looking for a particular record, especially when you don't feel like going through the entire list.

Use these symbols: "..." to narrow down your search. An example will set this clear:

If you are looking for a band name consisting out more than one word like No Turning Back, just type "no turning back" and you will have the results for the full name. I advise you also to give up the name of the record so that you find the right page.
In short just use this search box like you use a common search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Hope you all enjoy and use this new function...

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In The Mail; YODA a H8000 Fanzine !!

It is going to be another H8000 related post, but I live in the the mecca so I have access to the best of the records and the information through the friends / people of the scene. And I was drenched in it as a kid!

This week in my mailbox were something different than records, namely two fanzines reporting the then big and active scene here in the province of West-Flanders. I have taken the time to read the first zine and it was very entertaining and sometimes even interesting. The zine I'm talking about is issue #3 of the Yoda fanzine.

In this zine you have first of all an interview with Strain, a Canadian band that sprouted in the 90's. The interview was taken on their European tour in '97. Unlike any other band in the zine they are more critical. They deliver critics on the crowds from their live shows, with the accent of the fashion show attitude of the kids.

Another interview is with Deformity who actually play metal instead of hardcore. And to their opinion there isn't a single H8000 band that plays real hardcore. But this is in my opinion a bit exaggerated and wrong because I think that HC isn't all about the sound. But about the attitude and the way of life. Having principles about your consummation habits, about human and animal rights ethics, etc. is in my opinion more hardcore than playing a certain sound similar to the early 80's American hardcore punk sound. Another great and very important part of HC is the DIY behavior and the we-feeling from hanging out with and helping out friends. This isn't a definition but more like an approach to what is HC. No one has ever defined it but an insider can notice.

Okay, furthermore is an interview with Sektor. A true edgemetal band were all the members are sXe and that toured Europe alongside Vitality. Interesting about this interview is the technicality of their songwriting that they explain. Namely the two sides of riffing they had as a band and comparing these with each other, and so creating a more rich sound. And yes, it is confirmed that the band name came from the Mortal Combat character Sektor. Personally I always liked their fuck off attitude, with one-liners like "Walk if you wanna walk, but don't get in my way!" You can also see three of their releases here.

Speaking of Sektor's tour with ODK's Vitality; Yoda fanzine editors also interviewed these coast skaters for this issue. I come to the conclusion that the main driving force behind the band (and also the other ODK bands) was Bob. He was the manager of the band and probably was and still is the initiator. And of course there is a part humor in the interview, but that's always the case with Vitality; they are doing it for the money, haha!

Furthermore in this fanzine are some pictures of awesome skateboarding tricks, reviews of records, a vegan recipe, zines and even a girls section. They shoot at the girls with some questions and yes, they have other meaningful things to say. Yoda's conclusion: "Girls Kick Ass!!"

My thoughts upon collecting fanzines for the first time was; why spent dozens of euro's on records if the zines are way more than the short and little information you get on the insert of a record? Reading old zines is in a way more satisfying to me than reading the lyrics or the thanks lists of the inserts. And it is mega cult. And that's what I like sometimes.

I have to say thanks to the makers of this zine whoever you are!! Also to the German trader who sold me this zine. He has a small label called Stormstrike Records.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nations On Fire - A Discography (incomplete)

I noticed on AsIce a lot of interest in Nations On Fire. I have here the complete discography of the band, including coverpictures and pressing info! I have only found this out today also. And they released a lot more than I expected.

Just click on the photographs to get a larger view:

I have edited this post because there were some witty remarks from people who read this blog. When you read the comments you'll see it is definitely incomplete, because there was a band member here who said it was. I would like to apologize for this mistake !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Trade dudes List

I'm making this list not to get payback on anyone, because I never got ripped off until this very moment. I'm just advising you some good guys I traded with and some of them even became friends. Not that this list is subjective because I know you can't actually like everyone you trade with, sometimes it is just "business".

Good guys:

Ed Goodlife (Belgium)
Nicolas Kaczmarek (France)
Andreas Manasakis (Germany)
Jarrick Maathuis (Netherlands)
Ewald De Schryver (Belgium)
Rambeau - Mohawk Trail Records (US)
Michael Hack (Germany)
Jasper De Deyne (Belgium)
Maarten Hens (Belgium)

Bad guys:

None so far, hopefully none ever !