Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LIFECYCLE Album Review (rare H8000)

I got to know this band by the H8000 compilation and the talks between me and an old friend who saw the band once. What definitely differs this band from the rest are the clean metallic sound and the female melodic vocals. Besides this being hardcore music it is pure poetry and emotion also.
Describing sound in words isn't exactly my best skill, but will give it a try:
Firstly the music; this band has a metal tinged sound that makes the music clean with no frills or superfluous instrument sounds; it is just the essence to create an aggressive metalcore or edge-metallic sound. I love that cleanness and the less is more approach for sure as some of the readers already know.
Secondly the vocals; they are melodic yet very accurate to the moshy music and full of passion and a changing temperament lies within them. The melodic parts are totally a pleasure to hear but the screams are very remaining and terrifying. Make no illusions, when this girl sings it goes right through you.

lifecycle CD forever until h8000 front cover sober mind records
lifecycle CD forever until h8000 back cover sober mind records
That's it is definitely hardcore but also poetry and emotion will become clear when reading the following song descriptions:
A good starting song to set pieces of the chessboard in position. A common problem is discussed here; the machismo of the boys in the scene, Sofie tells us clearly that both sexes opinions and intellect are equal. And good statement to begin with, in my opinion.
"Can we make a change"
Is a protest song about child labor and when she starts to scream it goes right through you. The screams are supported by the guitars who go very angry and ominous, this is pure aggression, a reaction to societies abuse of children and people in general. Very remaining song.
Is a didgeridoo instrumental by Karel the guitarist. A good chill out song after the previous very true and pinpointing song "Can We Make A Change".
"Find my way"
Is about the existential quest of self-development and growing solely. Very good verbalization of the feelings that go along with it. Symbols of clouds and birds are used, those are metaphors for growing free. And again the screams and the music that display the fighting for freedom.
"Pervert Man"
A song for girls only to comprehend, about a character that does bad things to girls. Cool that the male band members support this song with moshy and again ominous riffage.
"Struggle For Life"
These lyrics are written by Vincent SPIRIT OF YOUTH and the backing vocals are by Paco BUILDING (now in True Colors) and Saskia Verbeke (who does the vocals in later SHORTSIGHT). The text is about the ideas, ethics and morals of the H8000 crew. The friendship and the togetherness as a force for obtaining freedom and rights. The core words are Vegetarian, poisonfree and Straight-edge. It comes from the heart… Paco screams in this song and that's something he doesn't often do, also yells youthcrew at the end of the song.
"Have to Forget"
This songs gives me shivers, it is pure musical and lyrical poetry. About a thing that affects us all, the loss of a loved one. Wether by death or a relation brake. Again the music is very accurate to the lyrics. With floaty parts and screams, feelings are displayed within the music.

Girl power for sure, with the returning constant of the symbols clouds and birds; flying as a metaphor for freedom and independence. This is the core of LIFECYCLE I think.
As a side note I would like to share an observation here. The use of uncommon instruments in punk or hardcore - here with lifecycle, the didgeridoo - is a trademark for the H8000 I think. They are often used: Blindfold - violin, Sektor – piano, Congress – Keyboard, … This only proves the musicianship of the band members!
And last but not least, I have edited the H8000 compilation vol. 3 post with some extra pictures of a rare cover and a one of a kind color version. Go check that out !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ARTWORK from the VA H8000 vol. 1

In respons to the H8000 CENTRAL blog authors view upon the cover from this compilation I would like to say that I think the cover isn't that ugly but that's obviously because there are two people that I recognize on the cover picture. Namely two VITALITY members, not on the stage but in the crowd moshing it up. I'm sure there are some other legendary H8000 crew'ers in this crowd and stagediving singer picture that's featured in the artwork. But maybe the colors are wrongly picked... To me it remains a classic, despite the not 100% cool artwork.

various h8000 hardcore cd cover sober mind genet records
You see in the front of the right side Vitality's lead guitarist Bob grabbing legs of the stagediving vocalist. And behind him is the drummer of Vitality, Simon. That's kinda cool for me to see because I always saw them on stage and never in the crowd.
I already told you about the TESTPRESSING of the vinyl version of this record. But to be complete I will give you the bands featuring on this release:


I also told you of the smaller bands that are on this comp. Well, I decided to start collecting music from them. I already got a LIFECYCLE CD and the INSTINCT 7". These are rare and fine H8000 products for sure boys and girls!! Will make a post of these in the future...

ANIMAL TRUTH, A CD only Release

I will tell you about a very interesting compilation and I will do it in an extensive way because I feel it is important. It is a CD only release but has a crucial value I think. I am talking about the Animal Rights benefit sampler, called ANIMAL TRUTH. Featuring are vegan, veggie straight-edge bands from all over the globe. Every song on this compilation is lyrically about live and let live and respect for all living beings. Also, the majority of the bands give an explanation about the lyrics, why they are vegans or vegetarians. Some interesting facts and views are given:

  • Like the fact that animal rights movements in punk music weren't a nineties thing but already existed in the early eighties. An influencial band was CRASS, says the band STATEMENT . Also facts about the resistance and oppression the animal rights movement had to face are discussed . Like being beat up by the police and then getting arrested.

  • The band PURIFICATION (IT) associates the 'Great Enoch' - this is the sledgehammer used by the workers during the English Luddite to destroy the machines that took away their work and soul - with the animal rights actions they do. According to them animal rights is a fight against the dominion of technology and mechanisation and the values of exploitation, consumption and emisseration that go along with it.

  • SLAVEARC (UK) says that when all peacefull attempts of animal liberation are exhausted the truth must be followed to its logical end and the final step must be taken...

  • xNATURAL ORDERx (BE) give an ecological view, being vegetarian or vegan is more than not eating meat products or animal products but it is also about taking care of nature in general, the environment. Saving mother earth is saving the animals, a total liberation.
  • ONExMORE (BE) say that eating animals and so listing them as inferior is an illogical and selfish way of thinking. And that a cruelty free life is not a far-fetched, naive or irrealistic choice but a change within and that this change will benifit for the capacities and power within yourself!

  • LIAR (BE) dream of the fact that one day all humans, animals and nature lives in harmony with eachother. But realize that this is gonna take a long crusade and that you should start with the face that you see in the mirror everyday. And that the scene still has people who are ignorant to the horrible facts of the meat industry. They say they want to start with the hardcore scene first, this by an educative way of acting.

  • CONTRITION (DE) go deeper on the fact that being vegetarian or vegan is breaking with society's rules and therefore you must justify yourself against everyone. Therefore they wrote this song called "Burst The Chains". To identify the listeners with this feelings and to keep them believing that there are other ways.

  • DRIVEN (NL) tells us that we are blind to consumation because we have grown accustomed to the animals being used and what they are used for. And that we must stay down to earth because these industries are highly profitable and that so government will do very little about it. To close with they pinpoint the fact that the power to make a change lies with YOU and that silence equals death.

You can see the cooperating bands in the above picture. This compilation is made by Sober Mind Records in the year 1998 and Hans gives us a good introduction on the first page of the CD booklet. And it is explicitly said that all profits of this CD are donated to various animal rights organizations. And also to people who are in prison for the direct actions they did... motivated by the in-justice.

Musically this CD features unreleased songs by several bands and it is ofcourse all in the line of the wellkown vegan sxe metalcore. The CD's artwork is meant to be shocking, all animal corpses and there is a cool outro from Master Yoda at the end of the CD.


Altough I am a vinyl collector, having this CD only release is definetly something to be proud of. Will keep it and it is not for sale or trade.

90's H8000 Hardcore Related Lot

I traded a 90's H8000 hardcore related lot for some gems I got in my collection. I had very much difficulties with this trade because I lost money with it in my opinion. And have very much dificulties with sharing this with you right now also. Let me explain why. The value of my objects I gave in return weren't of the same market value of the objects I got. The dude sent me a cool list with a stereotypical Belgian nineties collection. So I said what I wanted from this list but obviously he asked too much in return for this. So I cancelled the trade. But I got back on my steps because he had some H8000 rarities in his collection and I thought I would be plain interesting to have these. So I did something out of my mind and sent him a proposal. He agreed with it and sent me this lot.

I waited and was planning to send this bagger in return with the mail. But I couldn't resist to open the package. In the beginning I thought "If you try to rip me off, I rip you off twice as hard" or something like "Trade me bad, I trade you worse". But actually liked this stuff and decided he wasn't actually truying to rip me off and that this is, to me at least, NO BAGGER. And I so decided to make a dude happy with some records with history and future.

So, what's in it? Well, from the left to the right, beginning from above you see:

H8000 hardcore Vol. 1 compilation CD
ANIMAL TRUTH Benefit sampler CD
LIFECYCLE "Forever... Until..." CD
SHORTSIGHT "Why Spent Time Learning" 7" (EU-press)
A.W.O.L "Deep thought about the end" 7" (French HC from Paris)
INSTINCT "Friendship, a life time commitment" 7"
FABRIC 7" (on Machination Records)
SPINELESS "Painfields" on Grey
SEKTOR / VITALITY split (colored tourpress)

And I traded this for:

JUDGE "The Storm" standard press 7" (VG+ condition)
HAVE HEART "You Can't Go Home Again" 7" (yellow, mint condition)
BETRAYED "Substance" LP on white (2nd press)
BETRAYED "Addiction ep" 7" on white (very first pressing, 250 made)

Especially the last one was very hard for me to part with, so this one isn't for trade or for buying anymore, DEFINETLY !!!

And don't even think about me for being into collecting for profit. And tomorrow we'll have one happy Belgian collector I hope...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

H8000 Hardcore Compilation Volume 3

h8000 hardcore 7 inch october 6 2007

In addition to the H8000 compilation 1 & 2, I have here the recordpics of the H8000 compilation volume 3. Thanks to Jasper and Hans who confirmed me that this is certainly volume 3. To repeat Jaspers pressing info here, there are 2 colors pressed with a total amount of 300 made. The colorversion exists in some transition colored versions also (green / black), and as an addition to the colored vinyl there is an alternate cover (as you can see on the picture). The 7" was handed out at the same H8000 festival on oct6-2007. The remaining copies were sold at the Good Life webstore. And all records are handnumbered.

To make this post comlete, I have asked a friend for a scan of the transition colored vinyl, so here is the scan of a rare version of this already very rare record:

Scan by Jasper D.

What I didn't know is that there is a third sleeve in circulation, one with the classic H8000 logo on it and not numbered... You can see the sleeve here also thanks to Jasper.

H8000 hardcore 7 inch alternate cover october 6 2007
Scan by Jasper D.

Three bands on this record still play around and music from this bands shouldn't be so hard to find. I'd say try hardcore.gl to find some music. The H8000 bands featuring are Losing Streak, Your God Is Dead, Trenchfoot and Black Haven.

The Straight-Edge vegetarians Losing Streak made a 7" on Not Just Words with a limited Shark Attack rip-off cover.

I think Your God Is Dead doesn't play around anymore since LIAR has returned, so this is a RIP band. Very metal infused hardcore and technically the best.

Trenchfoot has got an amazing line-up; featuring members from Congress, Kingpin, Family Of Dog, Liar and Spineless and play insane crossover trash. Their LP "Turn On Tune In, Drop out" is one of my favourites...

And finally Black Haven, who appealed the most to me when I heard this 7" for the first time. They have two 7"es and are working on a LP right now. Their label is Holy Shit! Records from Ghent, East-Flanders. This band has a dark and gloomy NYHC edge I believe.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Represent Your City & Stay True To The Classics

As matter of a joke I picked up a cool T-shirt with a Hardcore feel about it. I picked it up in one of the many souvenir shops in Bruges Belgium. I had my eyes on it for a very long time now. And today I had some spare money so I bought it as a joke, but will surely be wearing it when I go to shows or abroad. It was also available on army green, but I chose the classy navy blue.

As you can see the letters are embroidered, and it has a cool lion with crown embroidered in gold on it.

Another thing I picked up is the limited digipack edition of the Hatebreed "For The Lions" CD. I was looking to buy this through mailorder but it is sunday today so all the mailorder shops don't operate. Buying it now in the free record shop made me have it immediately. So I tried a totally other cast with buying something in a real life store. They had some other goodies in there, but I'm saving money for my vinyl wantlist.

This CD has songs of SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, METALICA, MISFITS, MADBALL, BLACK FLAG, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, BAD BRAINS, NEGATIVE APPROACH, JUDGE,... covered by the influential Hatebreed. Jamie Jasta and other bandmembers explain why they picked those songs, what they mean to them. In contrary to the regular edition, this CD has bonus songs and videos.

Just a fun update, to say that you must stay true to your city and Hardcore roots and represent them !!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

NEW BLOG Reveals The Best Kept Secrets Of The H8000

H8000 Central is the name of a totally new blog with everything about H8000. Already up are some totally rare but classic shirts you probably never saw before, some 8000 crew history, the demo tape of CONGRESS and Sober Mind Records pressing info.

Yes, the SOBER MIND pressing info will be hitting the world wide web slowly but steadily for every collector that's interested in classic and important H8000 releases to feast on. All this comes with the release number, pictures and the amounts made.

With this blog a big hole in the market is filled and the urgent info's that are written there will be very well received if you ask me. The existence of this blog was already hinted in the Hans Liar interview, but finally it is there for everybody to check out and read.

Now surf your way in there and start collecting !!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three Records Arrived: H2O, TRUE COLORS and a special one

I've had a lesson in humility the past days. But that's not a bad thing because I actually did very well on the following record. I namely FINALLY obtained the debut 7" of True Colors. There are 4 versions of this record and I scored the second least limited one. But (and that's important) it is on color. This record shows the true colors of TRUE COLORS I think. I always had a thing for debut releases. Oh, by the way I scored it on the B9 tradeboard.

I won't duplicate the pressing info of this record, just check it here.

The second record I obtained is one you and we all definetely like. It is the teaser of the H2O full length that came out on Bridge Nine recently. And it is the most limited one (300 made). I won't talk any further, so here's the pic.

I am ambitious about the last record that I will show here. It is the CHAMPION / BETRAYDED split. This is the magic of the decade I suppose. The version I obtained is the pre-order version from the first pressing, there were four colors pressed. Check it here.

As a sidenote I would like to say that the CEO of this label (Rivalry Records) has an insane testpressings collection, I never saw that before. He is a power dealer for sure.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

H8000 Hardcore Compilation Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

various h8000 hardcore lp test press vinyl

Under your very nose here is the TESTPRESSING of the legendary H8000 hardcore complitation vol. 1. This baby has only 7 sisters and brothers. Yes, there are only 8 made of this highly sought after H8000 jewel. Even the regular vinyl version is very hard to find, since there are only 500 made, namely 400 on black and 100 only on sweet green wax. I have never seen it in tradelists before!
The labels who released this are SOBER MIND & GENET RECORDS (ofcourse?). This extensive compilation has all the well-known bands like CONGRESS, LIAR, BLINDFOLD and SEKTOR but also some smaller bands like LIFECYCLE, ODK-CREW and INSTINCT.
It is also released on CD, but this one recently sold out on Good Life. If you have this compilation you can praise yourself happy, as I am with this. It is a document of a very interesting and sprawling scene of the nineties.
A fun side note is that it was pressed on 07/03/1998 and that's my birthday.

The matrix of the record says "Hate towards a Back?ning society" on the A-side and "Another Fine H8000 product" and on the B-side. If someone also has this record, please let me know what the A-side of of the matrix is saying because I can't read it fully.

If there is a vol. 1, there must be a vol. 2 also. And yes, REALITY RECORDS AND PYRO RECORDS realized a volume 2 in the year 2003 with SOLID, EMPATHY, FORCED HATE and nobody less than RISE AND FALL. Indeed, the mighty R&F who is now on Deathwish inc! It is a four song 7inch, that you can see below.

various H8000 hardcore volume 2 dawn of the dead 7 inch

Both records are certainly not for sale. But if someone has stuff of Lifecycle; I'm down for trading, just check my list
I hope there comes a volume 3 also...

RTTM Last Press Sleeve Record !!!

I'm very excited with the receivement of this record. First of all, musically this is a masterpiece. I already got the colored version of it, but this one is even more rare. As you can see on the pic it is out of 50. And the most exciting about this one is that it is a handmade but still high quality Lp jacket. You can tell it is handmade because it just a blanc jacket with the lay-out photography glued on it. And it says on the sleeve "Jacket made in Belgium" ! Also the pic on the backside of the handmade jacket rules, these people seem very nice and cool people to me.
Another thing I've noticed is that POWERED RECORDS uses a never seen before logo.

My conclusion is: "LESS IS MORE" & to say it in Dutch "Eenvoud siert".

Totally stoked !

PS you can still order this one straight from the Powered store

TRUE COLORS Rush Of Hope pre-order arrived

Every vinyl collector knows about pre-ordering, well I'm not such a fanatic. This is because pre-order items are resold on ebay for big money. Pre-ordering is for many little fish in the great ocean of the worldwide HC biz a way to earn money of a record they didn't make theirself. It is in my opinion totally not DIY and making profit of others work. That's is why I don't support it that much.

But this time, a while after the TC rush of hope LP pre-orders were launched, POWERED RECORDS let slip that it came with a fanzine exclusively for that pre-order. And since it featured content of Belgiums greatest bands, TRUE COLORS and RISE AND FALL and other interesting stuff as they said I decided to pre-order this record. So here it is !

OG Rise Above Shirt Photos

My friend collector Jasper has done quiet a catch here. It is an original Rise Above T-shirt from somewhere around the year 1990. He wanted to share this joy with me and I wanted to share this pics he send me with you.
I personally like everything about this shirt, the colors, the design and the condition of this shirt considering it's age. The older readers of this blog have told me how much Rise Above ruled back in the days, well looking at this shirt I can completely imagine how much it must have ruled.
I think there is a pre-H8000 side to this shirt, I mean the person attacking the other person has a violent and aggressive edge. Oh well, just my random thoughts.
Note that you can click on the images to get a bigger view !!

Monday, June 1, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: No Comment Moderation Anymore

You can now leave comments without having them checked by me. The comment placement has gone through an evaluation period and I have come to the conclusion that people who visit this place and leave comments are behaving very well. They will now appear directly after you placed them. I can still delete them if they are not in place though.
I also ask to please post under a name wether nickname or real name, so that the visitors and me can at least know to whom we are talking.