Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st Length Of Time LP (BXL hardcore)

I know this release since the very beginning of its existence. I used to mosh on these songs as well at shows as at the tape that I had. This is in my eyes the ultimate mosh record. It has a NYHC body but then with a European metal and sick edge. Like most BXL (Brussels) bands actually.

The lyrics are metaphysical at times. But mainly dealing with sins and violent payback. It are introspective lyrics. The singer 'Rosse' feels the uncontrollable anger rise I his live. He becomes twisted by the things he witnesses and experiences. And therefore this is hard to analyze and comprehend totally. But pure aggression is always hard to understand fully. And I think the core emotion here is fear. The rest are side effects.
Lyrically this can perfectly fit in the school of Kickback. It is that modern metropolis culture that drives these guys insane.

Very glad to have this record in my collection now after then years. It is their first full length and they stayed on Good Life Recordings for quite a long time (3 full lengths). The second full length was called 'Shame To This Weakness Modern World' and the third was 'How Good This World Could Be'. These later releases are a bit slower which makes it more brutal but less energetic. I think this first full length is their best one.

length of time approach to the new world lp clear vinyl good life

Monday, July 27, 2009

RTTM Demo Tape

rhythm to the madness demo tape cassette powered recordsThis is the first demo tape I ever bought. I knew that there was a demo tape because POWERED RECORDS has made the songs of this tape available for free download. Normally I don't buy tapes but these song I heard were so good that I decided to search after this tape. I got it from a person who I consider a friend. So this tape is precious to me.
I also didn't know what to give for it. But I made up a price (€12), and it was accepted. Being accepted I still don't know if this is the right price lol.
Oh well, I like this tape a lot and it is from Powered Records as you can see on the insert above.
On ebay tapes don't go for that much, but I guess this because tapes are considered inferior to vinyl. Vinyl was and still is something fancy, you see. And a tape can easily be damaged, I mean the tape ribbon can easily come out of the case. As I experienced as a small kid, when I only had a tapedeck, CD decks didn't exist back then. Oh well, very fun to have and it has cool artwork (drawn with pencil and colored with watercolors), besides the good music that's on it. Super gimmick!!!

The Second RISE ABOVE 7"

Along with some other records, I received the second 7" of RISE ABOVE. Very cool to have. The sound has in my opinion quiet evolved compared to the first 7". Not in a bad way, because it is more daring. But also more conform to the hardcore of that time, I mean more recognizable. I guess because they weren't so much alone with their morals and believes anymore. They already warmed the fans up and themselves to I guess. But they are still making an uncompromisable message. The band was pretty go-ahead for Europe, with Hazel (the female bassplayer) singing a back off song. You can feel the anger from later H8000 projects already coming in this song. On the back off the insert there is a picture that was used for the limited first sevenich.

This 7" is actually an official bootleg. It was the 'B Is For Boston' that was repressed by a friend of the band and they called it 'B Is For Bootleg'. The label name they used was Warehouse Records. And the record has catalogue number House #01

My record has a dark orange sleeve, not sure if there are other sleeves in circulation though. Here's the picture of this release.

Check also this link if you are new to my blog, it will bring you to all the other posts I made of RISE ABOVE.

Book about the European SxE scene

Just a quick post to tell that I have now something very nice and more than worth the money. This is a LP + Book packaged in a totally beautiful gatefold jacket. The LP is from Birds Of A Feather and the LP size book deals with the European Straight-Edge scene over the past 25 years. Ed Goodlife told me long ago about the production of this book and I was immediately interested. And finally it is here in my hands, almost unbelievable. I really want to read this book but on the other hand I want to keep it safe, because I respect this package so much. So I gonna have to read it very carefully then.
I am not yet in a position to tell you about the highlights of the book or the LP. But I have made some nice pics because I enjoy looking at this so much, and maybe you too.

Double Cross webzine already made a post about this so check it out here:

Gatefold cover

The total package

The vinyl

The LP size book

The vinyl hold towards the light

I really lucked out on getting this and I consider it a great honour also. I really should start reading this instead of making a ridiculous post about it. So this post is just for those who are ignorant about it, many kids probably. I just tought they should know about this...

This is a lesson in humility: RESPECT to those featured in the book and to Poland's REFUSE RECORDS who made this. Probably many years in the making...


Friday, July 24, 2009

One Vertebra Missing Of My Powered Records Spinal Column

I like collecting records from Powered. And this morning two of the three missing releases came in. Namely PRo2 and PR03. So the spinal column of my Powered Records collection is only missing one vertebra. I won't collect all the versions of each release because that would be impossible altough I have thought about doing it.

loud and clear lp red vinyl powered records

lion of judah lp pre order version powered records

This post is actually an appeal for those who want to part with their PR01; the JUSTICE 7". If you want to part with one I'll send you an offer or let you choose something out of the big list. Just hook me up by replying to this post or sending me an email.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Surprise Parcel

I have had another lot in the mail. In it were a book, six 7"s and two shirts. It was actually a surprise parcel, because I didn't exactly know what was going to be in it. I have given something very nice to a friend and trusted him enough to know that what he was going to give back something very nice instead. And it was true...

I will start off with the seveninches:

The first one is actually totally new to me, to say I knew it existed and read some stuff about the band but never actually heard it. It is the IN MY EYES demo 7". What I do know about it is that it is a band from Boston MA and that they had a couple of records on Rev also. I guess a demo 7" is a good way of starting with a band. I'm always open to new music. And I like the the shiny ink used to make the sleeve. It is the European press on Grapes Of Wrath Records and out of 300 I believe. I also think there are 3 colors pressed in the EU-pressing and that this one is the second most limited one.

The one in the middle above is the SHAFT 7" on black. I know this band from a review I read in H8 zine issue #5. It was a very popular band in the H8000 area, because they played in the same style and recorded this in the H8000 mecca studio; Midas. Altough it was a German band.

The last one above is the UP FRONT / BUILDING split on Sober Mind Records. A nice one to add to my collection. This one is also sought after by American collectors, of course because Up Front is an American band but also because Building has Packo from True Colors on vocals. I already have it on black and also on clear purple. Looking at the clear purple one I think it is a transitional color. Not sure though, but if there is a clear version beside the solid purple version I think this might be the case. These colored version have different labels than the black one so I think this is a different pressing. I also had one internet source telling me that the black is out of 1000 made. Here's the link: The matrix also says that this one is Sobermind Records #1.

The first one below is an AGNOSTIC FRONT tour 7" it is numbered out of 3000 and pressed for their pacific tour. Cool to see Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret standing in their well-known formation in the coverpicture. Vinnie almost always stands behind Roger doing funny stuff while playing the heaviest riffs. I love em.

The second one below is the oldest, namely from the year 1990. And it is in superb condition, so I'm very glad. It is the STATEMENT 'Prepare For Battle 7' on HARDLINE RECORDS. This is a vegan band that has also done a split with DIMMAK. I already got to know these bands by the ANIMAL TRUTH compilation. And this split 7" is actually still in the mail. I got it on ebay along with 7"s of other hardline bands, like Purification and Dehumanize.

The last of is a funny one. It is on the label of Stephen Kickback. I looked it up and found something on another blog about it. So here is the link; The labels say that it is to be played on 45 rpm but then it sounds like some fast death metal act. Kinda cool because I played it on this rpm the first time and was surprised; I thought WTF??

Enough about the vinyl, there was also a book in the surprise parcel. I haven't come to read it yet. Must take some time to read it in the near future...

And last in the parcel were a shirt of Underdog and a mystery shirt.

The mystery shirt is a Morrissey parody shirt and Peachy is the singer of SIX FEET DITCH. That's all I know about it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EBAY sale: 30 LP's

Sunday evening was the start of my summer cleaning ebay sale. Every item has a different startingprice, these prices are guidelines and together with that the minimum I want to get for the item. The startingprices range from €2,99 to €24,99. There is something for everybody in the sale and they are all in Top condition (considering that I'm not a store owner or something like that and that they consequently are second hand), but some of them are unplayed. I'd say the majority is in NM- condition.
You have the time till Sunday 07/26 to buy one or more items. They end all in a time period of only five minutes. I couldn't plan them to end every 2 minutes
because I don't have a creditcard. That's the stupidest reason I ever heard by the way and totally don't understand that. Oh well, the ebay system has advantages also otherwise I wouldn't list them there.

I'm also selling some that weren't on my recordlist you can see here on my blog. They were secretive...

These are the links if you live in:




I'm not looking to make a killing on these... And the amount of exact 30 is incidentially.

I'm planning on keeping that money so that I can later use it to have a bigger turnover/cashflow. This bigger turnover would make the worlwide shipping more possible. As of now I only send to residents of Europe.

THANKS FOR READING and check that out!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

KICKBACK In Depth Analysis

The new KICKBACK 'NO SURRENDER' release has been filling my expectations completely and was the unknown thing I was looking for. I mean I buy and buy lots of stuff but not everything satisfies me, it's just approaching my needs to a certain degree. But when I heard this CD for the first time I realized that this was what I wanted. Because KICKBACK has done what needed to be done. And the adaption of a guitarist with a black / death metal background was the next logical step.

It is hard enough to be called hardcore, but it isn't hardcore that walks in line, no, this is pushing the boundaries of hardcore. Taking it to the next level, without doing it damage, on the contrary.

I know KICKBACK from the time that 'Cornered' came out and liked it a lot, only one of my friends also liked KICKBACK, but the majority didn't knew it. And when I let them hear this CD they didn't find it agreeable. They got a feeling of discomfort and blackness. When I read the comments on AsIce about this release it is still the same thing that occurs, they find it scary or creepy. But not me, Ican take this portion of negativity. I guess this is because I can absorb a lot of evil and filth. With me it is catalyzed into something positive. KICKBACK can't harm me because I don't go along with the dark message they spread, I just keep it off.

The new trademark for KICKBACK introduced on asice - want to see some violence, go see a kickback show - is actually a late pass. In the late 90's I went to see a KICKBACK show in Bissegem (somewhere in the neighborhood of K-Town) and there was then already violence at the show. That violence actually came from one person who was punching all the kids that stood in a circle around the pit. I was out to mosh to but I stepped back from that urge because the violence I witnessed wasn't something I agreed with. It wasn't friendly violence but this was actually (unconsciously) meant to hurt. Due to this show being in the H8000 area all the kids were shocked. Stephen of KICKBACK didn't say at thing about it and the result was that they just played their set and went home.

Oh well, somehow I feel connected with Stephen in his lyrics but realize that this is a dark side of my personality. Especially when I lost my girlfriend and some of my best friends, the lyrics from CORNERED were more than adjust. Somehow all of them fitted my emotions then.

They are about the consequences of feeling or being betrayed and reacting on this things in an incorrect way. After losing some things precious in your life you feel alone and left behind, the first feelings you get are aggression towards the people that left you behind. This aggression you feel is suppressed by your education and the love you still have for those people. This suppressed anger makes you go insane. You don't know what to do with it and it starts working in your unconsciousness. You get slightly paranoid and afraid of the own violence you consider. You get torn two and you have the feeling that you have to choose between some things but actually you just have to absorb the violent actions you created in your mind. You have indeed the feeling of being cornered by those betrayers. But that's only caused by your own wrong initial reaction.


I've turned my back
on the lies of my youth
I ' ve had enough
I couldn't go on like that
alone again
I thought you were my friend
I found a way to ascend
and left it all behind
count me out
all the foolish games you fuckin played
count me out
no fuckin' regrets

I won't be led blind
likeI was before
I won't give you my trust anymore
alone again
I thought you were my friend
you never gave a true fuck
you never cared


faces came and went but really few knew
what it really meant
they played the part oh so perfectly
but never were true
faces came and went but really few knew
what it really meant
I thought you'd be there
I thought that you cared
but realized you were fake

count me out -I thought you were my friend
count me out - you fuckin fake
count me out - no fuckin' regrets


If only I could break through this wall
This wall that surrouds me
I know I will be free
All alone in my hell... Where are you ?
Try to tempt me
I think I'm going insane
So many fuckin' path
Lead to hell

If I let down my guard
Who will save myself, I'm asking ?
Who will save me ?

Torn again
Between the wrong and the right
This never-ending fight
That drives my life

To feel again
When your will is broken
I must escape
Let me go


Temperature's rising
Demon awaken
No one is spared...


I've harden myself 'cause i won't get trapped
in this world of confusion
never give up and never give in
always just trying to stay alive
struggling to survive

thought i was broken but my will is strong
i won' t fuckin bend
i think for myself i think for the best
and seek the truth till the end


no matter what i do i can't seem to get ahead
there's always someone messing with my head
you think you know what life is really about
it's easy to see there's no way out

and when all the things you believe in
fall through...what are you gonna do?

cast aside i won't go out like that
all this pain it's tearing me apart
i'll never surrender i will fight back
seekin' the truth till the end

This inside struggle is described in many lyric's from the CORNERED album, all of them actually. I'm saying all this because the things described there are still present in Stephens life. And I believe that the new album is the consequence of all that struggling and inept way of handling with those feelings and thoughts.

As GSR says; NO SURRENDER takes off were FOREVER WAR ended indeed. Namely the consequences of this impossible to do struggle. And the vicious circle that flows out of it. I'm saying that you can't understand NO SURRENDER without knowing CORNERED.

It is kind of sick in a way though. I mean mental healthcare institutions would certainly try to extinguish or correct such a way of thinking and behaving.

The image of murder and death KICKBACK creates is something I don't understand though. Any thoughts on this? I think it is just a misplaced image they created.



BLINDFOLD Collection; Getting Closer To Complete

I never thought I would find this one, but some weeks ago I was able to add another BLINDFOLD record to my collection. I found it in a list on AsIce and immediately took action. My offer was accept from the first time and so I got this record in the mail two days ago. I bought it from a man who has an near complete REVELATION RECORDS collection.
The record I'm speaking of is Sober Mind Records number 2; the ENCOUNTER / BLINDFOLD split 7". Finding records of Sober Mind isn't exactly easy and finding them in top condition is another extra difficulty. But I did it and to my pleasant surprise this record can be graded as NM-, especially the vinyl.

You can find more info about this release on H8000 Central. Just click here.

I have already posted the picture of my BLINDFOLD collection, but I'm proud and will post it again:

TRUE COLORS s/t Release Show

I never thought I would ever get this record. But I have it now and are getting slowly but steadily closer to completing my collection of this historical important record of TRUE COLORS. Everybody knows that I'm a huge fan of this band and that I would do everything to obtain records of them. People have been asking me to buy records I have of TRUE COLORS but the answer was simply and absolutely "NO WAY!! ". And it will forever be that way. Because these records mean the most to me and are my favourite items to collect. This records is the first 7" of TRUE COLORS and if you are into the band you must certainly hear what preceeded the many Powered releases. This record is so honest and I guess that's why I like it that much. But no worries you don't have to spent that much money to hear the songs of this ep. Because it is featured on the FOCUS ON THE LIGHT CD from POWERED RECORDS. Also the Perspective ep is featured on a CD from TRUE COLORS, namely the new 'Rush Of Hope' CD also on POWERED RECORDS. Anyway, it was NOT JUST WORDS who discovered this band and made the seveninches. Look up the pressing info of this one here. And realize that I'm getting closer, because firstly it was the regular sleeve edition on white vinyl that I scored and now it is the release show sleeve edition that I got. I think that's the correct and most ideal way of collecting a record. I mean always getting one step closer to the most limited version. But the most limited version of this one has only 10 singles less. So I'm pretty close...


PS: don't ask me to get it from me because the answer will be a clear but polite "NO WAY!!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LIAR ‘Invictus’ (classical H8000)

Last week in the mail was a true H8000 classic. I'm speaking of the LIAR 'Invictus' LP on Genet Records. While this is LIAR's second full length, the first ('Falls Of Torment') and the third ('Deathrow Earth') were on Good Life Recordings. If you are a smart reader of my blog you already know some details of this label switch, because it was in the LIAR interview in H8 Zine issue 5 that I reviewed. I won't repeat myself, so look it up here or use the new search function on the right side of this page.

LIAR's 'Invictus' is so classic to the H8000 scene and beyond that it is hard to review this. I'm used to this so much that it's difficult to describe. So it took me a while to write this down and make a decent post of it. But here it goes:

The songs reflect the continued, blackened and empowered battle against the demons of our modern world. Every evil of youthful throughout adult life is argued in this release. And the lyrics are still meaningful and relevant to me and everyone from nowadays I think.
According to me, Hans and LIAR are and were out to drive the demons out of your daily live. With musical aggression, discipline and militancy they march forward to create the ultimate soundtrack for the H8000 scene. If I could choose a musical banner for H8000 hardcore it would certainly be this release. It was classic in the days and still is until this very day. And it will live on because this is a so powerful message.
Hans has through the years observed the hardcore scene as it is. And writes to the point lyrics about the social problems in the scene and the drug proliferation he witnesses. The band is definitely against the backbiting deeds, mainstream followers.

The cryptic lyrics are accompanied with explanations. And the music has something like; march along with us, the new born fire legions. Because instead of bringing forth doom like many other H8000 bands (which is probably just an expression of the feelings) LIAR brings forth disciplined and forward music. LIAR proves with this record that they sustain the evils of the 90's and have all the power to resist and fight against them. LIAR has risen above them and doesn't suffer from the sometimes frustrating battle they conduct. They bring the kids beacons in their search for justice toward every living being including theirself.

Regarding the song lyrics versus the explanations. Some of the lyrics that Hans wrote are rather a straight forward answer to the problems Hans describes in the explanations. So rather than describing complaints or problems Hans gives a self assured answer to it in the lyrics. The music is LIAR's way of dealing with the modern day social problems of envy, sloth, back-biting, betrayal, prejudice and ignorance; writing them down and screaming them out on metal infused militant battle hymns brings forth an empowered message that is a mean to be heard and to bring about a change. I can definetly understand how much these songs must have meant to the kids back in the days, but hey, they are still more than relevant.

As you can read, the majority of the songs deal with the hardcore scene and the people in it. Besides those rather cult songs, there are two songs that explicitly deal with Straight-edge and one song with veganism or vegetarianism. Although there are only a few songs about it, this remains the main message, since LIAR is a 100% straight-edge band.
The straight-edge lifestyle struggle is described in the song '2000 ad'. And in the song 'Invictus' Hans says that LIAR despite the difficulties will defend the straight-edge lifestyle until the very end. Also the cover of this record, the invincible fire, stand for LIAR's never ending passion for the X.
The song 'Circle Of Blood' -who was originally by WHEEL OF PROGRESS - deals with the compassion for living beings who can't fight back against the killing of their species. LIAR will never accept the bloody circle of killing in the meat industry and has to break it. Liar will do this by education and information.

2000 a.d.

mass addictions
low self respect
a modern disease
looking in the dark eyes of chaos
dimensions of weakness
and seas of blood
blinded by a painfull fear
the hard reality
this cold remorseless demon
tried to bite my soul
the strength of my discipline
crushed his bones
and destroyed his game
that holds its poisons ready to enslave
and hold me back from reality
man in fear, hold your tears
and fight back till the bitter end
reject the poisons forced into my body
no betrayal to the edge

Circle Of Blood

lies, daily force-fed this society
the smell of death
the man next door never knew
but what the fack have you got it to show for
there's no excuse, no argument, I won't accept
and never will
this bloody circle, a viscious design
we got to break it in time
this systems circle, more blood will flow
What the fuck have you got it to show for
there's no excuse, no argument, I won't accept
and never will
face the blood-stained walls of the living holocaust
the tears they make my heart bleed
the screams my anger they feed
you kill, you just kill, kill
they can't fight back, but I will instead
to end massacres in the camps of death

Another aspect of LIAR is the mythical or medieval realm feel. It was already introduced by LIAR into the scene by their first LP 'Falls Of Torment'.
The dark lyrical imagery Hans uses in 'Falls Of Torment' is continued in this release. This is copied by many smaller H8000 bands like LEGION for instance.

Also the record title is militant because 'Invictus' is Latin for unconquered. And the title is adjust because LIAR explicitly stand for a warfare against drugs, animal abuse and disrespect towards others in the scene. The back of the cover has a big picture saying; "Warfare against your drug generation".

As I said before this is LIAR's most cult album, it is consequently on the cult label GENET RECORDS. So this explains it well I guess. It is cult because every kid knows these songs by heart and because Hans wrote several lyrics about the hardcore / H8000 scene he has observed troughout the years. It was well-meant of Hans for sure but these songs became cult by the listeners and numerous LIAR fanatics.
LIAR was at the time of recording 'Invictus':
Guitars: Josh (songwriter)
Bass: UxJx
Drums: Bert
Vocals: Hans (lyric writer)

liar invictus lp blue and orange vinyl genet records

The above picture is the BLUE version of the vinyl edition. There are only 100 made!! Don't worry you can still buy this release in a CD + DVD format at I suggest you to do so, because you can't miss out on this one. The package contains the full 'Invictus' album + no less than 12 bonus tracks, from wich 3 studio tracks and 9 live tracks and 13 DVD live tracks on a separate disc. A cool thing about the DVD is that it has live songs shown on several locations but the song just continues. This package is how I got to discover this album. And although I never had it before in my collection the songs just aren't new to me. I have heard them in friends bedrooms or at shows and somehow they sticked with me until this very day. And this is only the beginning for me.

To be complete or to help those unfamiliar with this release I have the scan of the CD cover. This cover is different than the LP cover so that's why I mention it. According to Hans the LP cover has a deep meaning and the CD cover is just a little fantasy.

CONCLUSION: This record shaped the mid-nineties H8000 hardcore as it was. Every song is a true battle hymn for those who seek defense in their convictions and morals like SxE and veganism or vegetarianism. The songs being battle hymns is both by the confronting and self-assured lyrics by Hans and the forward raging songwriting of Josh. This synergy made LIAR big and one of the most influential bands.
If I compare the 'Falls Of Torment' with 'Invictus', I come to the conclusion that LIAR has analysed and described problems in the 'Falls Of Torment' period and has come to a more convinced, stronger message and answer to them. Namely never give in and fight forever, do this with strength and convincement. I could write a lot more about this release, but I mentioned the most important.

For closers I will give the lyrics of the song "Blade":


nameless, faceless
whispering lies
are staring at me with no eyes
wicked arms hold me in a grip
breaking my wrong
breaking my right
box your demons in my heart
lying, dying, crying
making me suffer means salvation
in your own created pain

Singalong and interpret these lyrics by yourself, because that's how Hans wanted it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spineless (H8000): Some Facts

Yesterday I got a mysterious Private Message from Lucas V. on the eastcoast forum. It was a very polite dude who had done an awesome record score. He asked me if I could do something with the pictures he made of the items. I said yes, because it fits in the concept of my blog. Namely pictures of collectible rare stuff and coöperating with others.

Lucas also explicitly said that all credits should go to Stefaan Buyse, because he kept safe this tape and record. Buyse was the drummer of Spineless.
While we are speaking of the bandmembers; two bandmembers of Spineless (at the time of the 'Painfields' release) went on to form and play in the already legendary band AMEN RA. It were Colin (Collio) and Kristof Mondy. Altough Mondy isn't in Amen Ra anymore. And Mondy also did the Yoda Fanzine. The guitarplayer Pedro (Fifi) played and plays in some other important H8000 bands; CONGRESS, KINGPIN and TRENCHFOOT. It was also he who wrote all the songs for SPINELESS.

So we'll start of with this tape. I noticed the 'CMD rec.' on it, this logo is also on the Spineless 'Painfields' 7". But don't ask me what this stands for. I only hope H8000 CENTRAL will give an answer on this (so here's my request).

spineless demo tape cassette h8000

Listen to the Spineless demo here:

Then we have the SPINELESS full length called 'A Talk Between Me And The Stars'. It is the most limited color, handstamped out of 35. Probably comparable to nowadays record release or friends press, I really don't know. Note that I've seen this record on ebay on clear also, it was from a Japanese seller. Those Japs really appreciate the H8000 and are willing to give good money for H8000 stuff.

spineless a talk between me and the stars lp purple vinyl sober mind records

I have spoken to the author of H8000 CENTRAL and he is planning on making a more in depth post about this. So, this is only a sneakpeak. And we will all together stay tuned for the H8000 Central update on this. And hope it will give us some answers. It will be there soon.

To make the view upon the production of Spineless more complete, I will give the picture of my 'Painfields' seveninches. Notice again the CMD logo on it.

CMD courtrycke mosh division logo h8000 kortrijk
spineless painfields 7 inch sober mind record grey black vinyl
You can still hear music from Spineless on myspace. So check this out immediately here.

[edit: H8000 Central has given the answer: read the comments]

Saturday, July 4, 2009

From 'The Most' To Record-accumulation

Because DOWN TO NOTHING is considered the best current Hardcore band of the world by many these records don't come by often. Considering the band as the best current hardcore band is risky to say and maybe argued. But in my opinion they have a winners edge when listening to their music. Never letting go of the old-school anger and sound they produce music that can be compared to Gorilla Biscuits, without flaws and pretention. It is definetly not GB alone because their metal tinged music gives a heaviness that can be compared to even Judge.
Comparing DTN to this bands can definetly be argued. But I do it because they have the same character and personality in their sound and lifestyle I think. You won't hear the similarities, but you will feel the same energy, vibe, attitude and playfullness.

'The Most' is a record that differs from the rest of DTN's work. Their earlier work 'Splitting Headache' and 'Save It For The Birds' has more of that old-school rock n roll and vibe I told you about earlier. But this record is just great in all it aspects, it's definetly the great American brother who is speaking daily wisdom in the lyrics. And the music is as swinging and angry at the same time.

I like these frank words of the vocalist David; "Hardcore, what have you worked for? Nothing!" This made me realize that building out the Hardcore scene (wether local or global) is more than just buying records and attending shows. It hit a sensitive snare of me and I decided to do a very small contribution to hardcore with this blog. Yes I like 'The Most' a lot, this collection can tell that. I have it just out of love for this record.

Besides that, I have the music of every DTN release. And have nearly completed my 'The Most' collection; I have every color but don't have the one with the record release sleeve. The only time I've seen it is in this lot on ebay US. I have the pictures to share with you.

A record-accumulating American, but I'm guilty of this also... For me it is just more fun than having several of the same color.

Making several colors of the same record with a different circulation makes of the rare colorways instant collectibles. Despite the fact that the record has the same music and same message, the low circulation ones are sold on ebay for more money than the high circulation ones. Just a common modern type of collecting. Feel free to take part in this or not. Because you can ofcourse have righteous objections towards this... and the labels who do this. Because they sell more copies of the same record.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Rise Of The Poisoned Youth TESTPRESS

I obtained a Terror TESTPRESS. No need to explain this, besides the fact that it is 20 made and that it has a handdrawn band picture on the xeroxed sleeve.
Yes, the label REAPER was so collector-friendly to make different sleeves for it... The record now rests in one of my seveninchboxes. The record is meticulous sealed in a glued polyethylene sleeve, that I will never open. And I have given it some extra strength by inserting cardboard in the second sleeve packaging. So that when I come by this record while flipping through my seveninches, the fragile paper sleeve doesn't get bended. Yes, I'm a condition freak!!

I was actually out to get the TRAPPED UNDER ICE 'Stay Cold' test, but then I changed my mind. Probably because I was too bummed out and because the fact that I scared out considering the price and the incredible honour to have it.
But this TERROR testpress is everything I dreamed it to be. To put it simply; TERROR may have a negative lyrical side but they never loose the positive delivery that is true hardcore. And even with this release things changed in my opinion. They don't say "better of without you" anymore like with their first release 'Lowest Of The Low' but things like "...I'll walk with you,you and me are never alone..."

Enough chit chat, owning this baby is a true honour !!

You probably wrongly disbelieve me on owning this one, so here are some scans of it:

And this is how I stored it:

You see the cardboard coming out, so I'll never touch the record itself when flipping through my seveninches. And the seveninchbox where it is stored in is full enough to prevent ringwear to the max possible. Just a heads up...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1000+ Visitors Barrier Broken

It has been one hell of a month, 15 posts, a lot of new features on my blog. But I make this post to announce that we crossed the 1000 visitors barrier last week. I thought it would take longer than 3 months to cross this line. But last week has been a top week, with more than 150 visitors, thus the barrier is broken.

What I find a little less encouraging is the average visit length of 3:26 minutes, I can't believe you read all this in such a small period?

As you can see, these numbers are only the visits from the main page, so actually there are 3000+ people who visited one or more pages of this blog!!

Also honoured and very glad to see that we have international visitors also, they are from all over the world: Japan, Korea, USA, Brazil, etc.

This information is not only for me to see, you and everybody have access to it by clicking on the 'sitemeter' button on the bottom of any page on the blog.