Friday, August 28, 2009

BLINDFOLD 1993 ‘Restrain The Thought’

The kind-hearted music BLINDFOLD plays, is generated by the raw but cozy bass parts and the rhythmic drums. The bass and percussion are definitely the instruments that make it punk. But Hans is the one who brings the aggression in this music with his guitar. This slight aggressive touch and stir is not pretentious because often it falls into the background adding nice deepness to the whole. But it is the necessary element of this hardcore record, because you can hear the urge to make it more heavier and vicious.

They (Blindfold) are not solely a pre- new school band due to this guitar work. No, they have a diverse and eclectic delivery that is unique in its genre. Also the use of violins in combination with amplified instruments is a piece of innovation, that doesn't harm the harmonic dance-able whole.
This music is fuel for the pure of heart. Wim, the vocalist has a meditating way of singing without following any religious or organized spirituality. He's lyrics are abstract and full of symbols taken out nothing less than nature itself. Symbols like wind, water, fire, ice and flowers. All in the great meaning of making an understandable and intelligent message. Despite the fact that the lyrics are cryptic they don't feel weird or incomprehensible to me. No, they are touching the very core of your existence and this in a gentle way.
"On The Base Of Who We Love
You Divide The World
Into Wrong And Allowed"

This music isn't what you can call heavy but it is certainly punishing for those who aren't sober minded. I can understand that drunk outsiders who hear this music at shows start getting into fights. They have the power to divide the crowd into haters and followers.
All this is the magic of Blindfold. Only BF can drive the listeners into two groups; the sober and true (straight-edge) ones and the unknowing, blind people, who aren't pure of heart. This magic BF creates with music is something I definitely appreciate and approve. This polarization is the result of the great message the band implicitly create with music and words.

The band has been labeled many times as emotional by the out crowd, but this is in my opinion a very wrong approach. The band's music and the crew culture it grafts on is there to touch your heart and soul for the better. And thus finding truth in your life:
"Truth It Will Be Found
When The Soul Gets Realized"

If you don't enjoy or agree with this you do not belong and better get out. This is the uncompromising stance of the band and the surrounding H8000 crew.
blindfold restrain the thought lp purple vinyl conquer the world
This first BLINDFOLD full-length exists logically on CD-format and on LP-format. There is purple and black vinyl pressed by Conquer The World Records. If you want to collect H8000, I suggest you get this one. Essential not only for H8000 friends or collectors but a necessary part of any hardcore punk collection. I think this one is also one of the first full lengths coming from a H8000 band.

Don't worry, this CD isn't so impossible to find. Try ebay Germany or even ebay US. The CD has got more songs than the vinyl version; 13 tracks in total.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finishing Up My TC s/t Collection

I have never before build up a collection in such a constructive way. I mean that I started with the least limited one and ended up with the most rare version. I think this is the most challenging way of collecting a certain record. Because when you start up with obtaining the rarest version, the most difficult part of your collecting is already accomplished. And then the rest feels like more of a drudge way of collecting.
The record that I recently obtained has already been mentioned here on this blog but then ofcourse in a different version. So now I close of this chapter with publishing the pre-order version of the TRUE COLORS s/t 7" on Not Just Words Records.

true colors st s/t 7 inch pre order cover

There were certain issues though with this record. The first issue was that I promised a certain amount of money for it to a dude I already traded several time with. But I ended up being seduced by the Bridge Nine webstore and ordered some seveninches there. The result was lacking a part of the money I promised the dude. So I told it to the dude in total confidence, and he was merciful enough to let the deal go on. So I'm very thankful to him for that, I will do something nice back for him...
The second issue I had was that the record came in slightly messed up. The right upper corner of the sleeve was namely a bit folded. I had something like; "damn, this record being so important, rare, not that old and damaged. What a shame!". But I picked up the spirit again and had the simple idea of putting the sleeve underneath a heavy book for a day. The result was terrific; the damage was reduced to being nearly invisible. So it is again in a condition that does the record justice.

This chapter isn't totally closed by the way because these records will stay in my seveninch box till I die.

RTTM "Faber Quisque Fortunae Suae"

rhythm to the madness uk united kingdom tour cover powered records 7 inch vinyl

Again another fine Powered product to add to my growing Powered Records collection. And this is a rare one; it is the UK tour edition of the great RTTM ep called 'Soul Doubt'. As is the case with most tour or record release editions from Powered the sleeve is a additional sleeve folded over the regular sleeve (as you can see on the picture above).
This sleeve is in my opinion very funny. And I will try to tell you why. The begin title 'Campaign On Britannia' is a starter. It sounds like an election round flyer or something. Also the use of the Roman figures and Latin gives it a ancient feel. I don't know how RTTM perceives Great Britain but it looks like they find it an old-fashioned or at least very traditional culture.
The five arrows are where the campaign on Britain will strike; 5 places as you can count. And this is from the tour with Cold World (US) and Dirty Money (UK)

Also the numbering of the record is in Roman figures. I won't tell which number my record is. Use your head instead and recall those exercises you had in school back when you were a kid. This way of numbering I have never seen before. It is funny but also very original from Powered.
I'm not a Latin expert but I know what this Latin expression is saying. It says "everybody is the maker of his own fortune". Very philosophical and wise words again coming from this totally awesome band and label.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ebay Suffering & Gorilla Biscuits

The trouble about ebay is that you can never be 100% sure that you will get an object that you see listed. Unless you have an unlimited amount of money. This is experienced by my critical side as a mindfuck but this time I didn't care because the winning bidder has to pay now a incredible amount of money for a record that isn't that old.

I was at the end of a bidding war when in the last seconds two other people showed up and made an offer almost as double as mine. It all happened so fast that I only saw the end price being 191$. But I looked at the bidding history (curious as I am) and saw me and my bidding opponent were totally outbid.

When I saw this my first reaction was hilarity. I laughed so much with this. Because I found the price being ridiculously high and also ridiculously cunning bid strategies of the two highest bidders. Another reaction at the same time was a feeling of gratitude to the winning bidder for taking this of my hands and end that bidding war with great financial power and absolution. He ended my suffering. I'm just glad the winning bid wasn't 1 or 2 dollar higher than my maximum bid. I hate it when that happens.
Oh well, my suffering wasn't in vein because I won another fine OG Revelation record, namely the 7" on banana yellow with red lettering from the same seller.

From what I believe this is the rarest second press version existing.

The record came to me sealed so I won't open it and what you see is the ebay picture of it. Although I have made a scan of the back:


Finally a record that is 100% certain a true collectors item. You are looking at the pre-order version of the TRAPPED UNDER ICE 'Stay Cold' ep. This version has a different cover and a different vinyl color also. There are only 227 made of this one.
I was drawn to this record for two reasons. The first reason is because it has a different artwork on the cover. I like this artwork because it is abstract and surreal. Very original in hardcore I guess. The cover art was painted by artistic luminary and musician Daniel Higgs.
The second reason is that I collect records from TUI because I feel this band makes a difference yet staying more than 100% hardcore. Their legacy to hardcore is still embryonic but surely this band will write history.

Within the record came also the unlettered artwork printed on very heavy paper:

The Baltimore urban environment where this music and lyrics originated from:

Friday, August 14, 2009

FF Blogspot Takes A Week Off

Surely hope that you all checked that inspiring interview. But I will take a small vacation now. And will in the future venture upon making a Blindfold 'Restrain The Thought' review. One thing is for sure this won't be easy. And secondly I'm making a post on some vegan straight-edge stuff. Also not that easy, since this stuff is nearly dead, but I enjoy waking the dead on this earth...

So stay tuned!!

Sincere Greetings

-Flanders Fury

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool interview with Kitzel from Reaper Records

You should really check this interview I discovered on through the B9 forum. It is with Patrick Kitzel from Reaper Records. Also Justice from Trapped Under Ice comes by...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colored DISCHORD Subsequent Presses

All these releases are from the Washington DC hardcore punk label DISCHORD. This label was started by the band members of TEEN IDLES and in particular IAN MCKAYE the bass player of Teen Idles and later the singer of MINOR THREAT. Initially to put out their own music. The label started out in 1980 and was influenced by the LA label DANGERHOUSE RECORDS who had put out a series of 7'es from LA punk bands. They wanted to do something similar on the East coast with their label Dischord. And so they did. The label managed to survive by putting out only bands from the DC area. An interesting side note is that this label never makes contacts with the bands. The bands are responsible for their own recordings and then they pressed the vinyl. Even in the very beginning the bands had to pay for the pressing of their own vinyl. Every money they made was used to put out the next release. And to make the money of the new releases wasn't that easy because of the crappy distribution back then. They sold their records at shows at by riding up and down the East coast to visit record stores and sell them by their selves. Every record store took about a 25, so you can imagine how dedicated they were to work themselves up. It was just the simple idea for a band to have their own record.

I kinda came to this colored Dischord presses collection incidentially. I mean I like hardcore and color vinyl but didn't set out to collect all these releases on color vinyl. I just wanted to hear them and learn about the earliest hardcore punk pioneers. It was a nice addition to have them on color vinyl, I admit.

flex your head lp cover blurred dischord vinyl yellow color

This is Dischord 007, a legendary compilation for DC and Hardcore in general. My copy comes on transparent yellow wax and has 11 bands with three songs each. Bands featuring are: Teen Idles, Untouchables, State Of Alert, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Youth Brigade, Red C, Void, Iron Cross, Artificial Peace & Deadline.

void the faith split lp color purple vinyl repress dischord

This is the VOID / THE FAITH split on purple wax. This is the first 12" Dischord did, the didn't pay the artists because the bands only wanted to have the label keep running. It is Dischord 008.

minor threat out of step lp white vinyl dischord

This is MINOR THREAT's first full length, an oh so influential record to later hardcore bands, also for European hardcore bands. This one comes in my personal top 3. Dischord 010.

minor threat filler in my eyes lp green dischord vinyl

This is it, the ultimate two seveninches to be recorded in hardcore history. With this release things for Dischord started rolling. This LP comes on herb green wax and has on it; Dischord 003 and 005. Respectively, the 'Filler' 7" and the 'In My Eyes' 7". This is my number one, although the LP came in heavily damaged (as you can see on the picture) it is my favorite. This release is officially called MINOR THREAT 'First two 7"s'.

the year in seveninches dischord lp clear teen idles government issue youth brigade soa state of alert

Then there came this various artists LP, dischord 014: 'The Year In 7"s'. It has on it the first two to be ever put out by Dischord, namely TEEN IDLES 'Minor Disturbance' and STATE OF ALERT 'No Policy'. These 7"s were pressed for the first time in about a 1000 and about a 4000 to 6000 in all the presses together for the SOA. SOA was also the band were HENRY ROLLINS did the vocals.
The other two bands on this release are GOVERNMENT ISSUE and YOUTH BRIGADE. The Government Issue 7" was called 'Legless Bull' and is Dischord 004. The Youth Brigade 7" was called 'Possible ep' and was Dischord 006.
This copy comes on coke bottle clear vinyl.

dag nasty can i say lp reissue blue vinyl dischord records

This is also an ultimate hardcore classic, it is DAG NASTY's 'Can I say' LP on blue wax. This one comes second in my top three of colored Dischord presses. I even think you can still buy this @, because I see nothing but my other buys in the "customers also bought" feature. Not sure though...
Also If you like the contemporary band AMBITIONS, you must hear this.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

True Colors Record Releases (Minus One)

true colors record release 7 inch vinyl white This is it, this is what started it all; the record release of the infamous first True Colors 7". I really needed this one. I've started out with the regular pressing of this and quickly realized that this was great in all it's aspects.
They started out as a band full of integrity and honesty and surely they deserved it to be released by Hollands Not Just Words Records. I find it weird though that this record release show was organized in the UK. They immediately stated the Straight-Edge as their main stance on this one.

Then there came 'Focus On the Light'. Definitely their most spontaneous release. Filled with daily wisdom and encouraging words this one is. It is their first full length and immediately hitting the bulls eye. I'm asking myself can it get better than this? This release certainly has a Youth Of Today feel, but with more ambiance and smoother. I mean more oiled. The old YOT sounds more harsh and has the magic in it. TC just adapted the magic and left out the harshness for a more oiled and smoother whole. A contemporary classic and this will live on, I'm sure of that. I mean it is even pressed in the states, not many bands realize being pressed on the two western continents with their first full length.

true colors perspective ep 7 inch record release kamagurka herzeeleDoing better than Focus On The Light isn't exactly easy. But I don't see why this is necessary, although it is the right attitude to have, improvement. This release has got even more magic. So solid in all it aspects, that I come to the conclusion that this one is less spontaneous but more worked out. This is not a bad thing because they had the goal of doing better.
I really took it upon me to collect all the versions of it. What you see here is the record release of this ep. It is handnumbered out of 100. And has a Herr Zeele comic on the sleeve. Herr Zeele is a comedian well known in Belgium with outstanding humour in my opinion. He comics in the well known magazine HUMO, with Cowboy Henk, I read them all the time when I see a HUMO laying somewhere. He also worked together with Kamagurka, another fine artist and comedian. But I'm drifting away from the core here.
I now have almost all the versions except the American tour stamp edition. But not really sure I want to have this. Because recently I lost my confidence in Americans.

true colors rush of hope lp record release vinylAnd last but not least is their newest output 'Rush Of Hope'. What you see here is also something only hundred people can behold. It is the record release version of the second full length. I haven't come so familiar with this one already, but at first hear it sounds tougher than the rest off their work and also less positive. I sense some harsh emotions here in the lyrics but the music is still solid and smooth as ever. Packo has become angry about some stuff and somehow lost the fun of it. But sometimes there is hope in the darkness, hence the title of the record.
This is a handmade cover. And on the back of the cover True Colors uses a new band logo, it is actually a Uniform Choice rip off logo. I have made a close up of it because it is so cool to see actually. Also the credits are on the picture.

True Colors is a fast evolving band and that is something you can definitely hear in their music. Still love em to death...

  • Note that these pictures are thumbnails, just click on them to get a bigger view.
  • And also note that the pictured Focus On The Light LP isn't the records release (I don't have it...)

THE SETUP 'Crawl & Reign' pre-order 7"

I have never looked into The Setup on my blog before. Actually I collect THE SETUP stuff, but it isn't that fancy to others in the world so I have never shared this secret with you.
Collecting stuff from this Belgian band is getting actually better and better because the band got better and better in time. The line-up almost completely changed and with that the music also kind-off. But it still remains 100% The Setup. With their rather technical and often psychedelic metallic riffs and intros. This flavor is also mixed with heavy NYHC alike guitar poundage.

So I like The Setup and found out they had a new output called Crawl & Reign, but when it came out I really wasn't in a CD buying mood. So I skipped this one. Later I found out that Germany's fast growing label DEMONS RUN AMOK was going to make a 7" of this. And so the problem was solved and the deal made. I waited until the pre-orders went up and made my move.
To my pleasant surprise this the records didn't came in damaged like my previous 50 Lions LP's I pre-ordered. I have become more cautious towards this because I had that phase when all my incoming international orders had damaged LP's. But it was a 7" now so I had no worries. Also to my surprise this one has got real cool vinyl. That marbled marine blue, I totally like it. I ordered two, and that's one for keepers and one for listening. The new vocalist Kris Deweerdt has got a very good voice in my opinion. And luckily the skillfull guitarists haven't been replaced in the band.
This record was packed in a thick, heavy and quality plastic sleeve, so I'm very thankfull to DRA for doing this, because I have never found such sleeves in a local store before. I like to protect my records to the max.

It is a pitty though that this release has got a major delay, I mean the CD came out months ago and this 7" was only past monday in my mailbox. But that probably a label issue were I have got no clue about.

Oh well, this can be considered as one of their best releases to me and I'm glad I ordered two. But no way you will get this pre-order version from me...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Recent Record Scores

This is a rare BUILDING 7". Building is the band were Packo from True Colors chanted in the nineties. It has a green sleeve and orange vinyl. There is stamped numbering on the vinyl label. Mine is copy 007/102. Glad to have a early number. The label is Sober Mind Records. The lyrics Packo has written are always from the heart. It is now in TC as it was then in Building. I have it on black with a blue sleeve also. I'm waiting for H8000 Central to make a post about this.

This LP is an extremely rare one (/146) from Germany. It is a band called 'Hand Der Vergeltung' that plays covers from all hardcore classics. The bands covered are:
JUDGE, EARTH CRISIS, LIAR, INTEGRITY, BATTERY, MADBALL, ALONE IN A CROWD and STRIFE. There is one more band covered but I can't figure out what band it is. Musically this is pure hardcore and lyrically this is unique because the band has transformed the original lyrics into their own message by adapting them here and there. The LP is called "Tote Erde" after the song they covered from our homegrown band LIAR. This is not just a silly cover LP it is really well played and comes straight from the heart. Handnumbered out of 146 and on beautifull deep black vinyl. I really would like to find out more about this band. I got on Always a good place to buy awesome records and merch.

This is my favourite record for the moment. Altough I only play the 4th regular pressing of it, I like this one a lot. This is the testpress of the CEREMONY Violence Violence LP. There is also a rejected testpressing of it, but this one is the accepted testpressing. The cover picture is taken by Many Mares who is an active B9 Board participant. This was from the time that Ceremony was on Malfunction records. Later this label merged with Deathwishinc. And also this is before they went on B9 and got an attitude. A very genious band with progressive music and several good lyrics. The Violence Violence LP also contains the Ruined ep at the end of the record. I like this so much that I traded some stuff to get this one. No ebay or something like that.

This is no small a thing. It is the tourpress of the already very rare SEKTOR / VITALITY split seveninch. I learned by reading the Sober Mind Records pressing info on H8000 Central that this is logically mostly to be found in collections in Germany because that's were the most shows of the tour happened. But now it is in my collection here in Belgium. Very proud to have this ofcourse. It can now be added to my growing H8000 collection that I love building up. I already have made a post about sektor here. But this record wasn't in my collection already when I made the picture. Very hard to come by, especially in this condition.

I haven't got a picture made of it, but I also found a Near Mint copy of the BLINDFOLD Asteroid 164* LP by Good Life and Sober Mind Records. Also a brandnew looking copy of the CD. The more I listen to this, the more I like it. Thanks to the person I bought these from for not that much money.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection

A good day to make a picture and publish my Have Heart "The Things We Carry" collection. There were 4 colors pressed in three pressings. Here you can see the 4 colors. Actually there are two more other versions of this record. Namely the record releases. These record releases have the regular gatefold sleeve but with letters and symbols sprayed on it in white spray. They were sold at the End Of Summer Jam in August 2006. I won't try to obtain the record releases because after having the 4 colors I see the chapter of collecting this record closed.

have heart the things we carry lp collection bridge 9
The Blue/Yellow is the most limited first pressing (/260) and the Brown/Orange is the second the second color of the first pressing (/640). The Yellow with Green splatter is the second pressing out of 1000. And the tri-color is the final pressing. The tricolor third pressing hasn't got a gatefold sleeve anymore and the colors of the print are slightly different than the gatefold ones.

You have to hand it to Bridge Nine Records; they surely have made the most beautiful LP's ever with this release.

A pitty though that there is a proliferation of these on ebay. Everything Have Heart is surely highly desired on that online market platform. And the prices swing out. Make no illusion I'm keeping these for the rest of my life !!

have heart the things we carry lp blue yellow first press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp brown orange first press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp yellow splatter second press bridge 9

have heart the things we carry lp tri color vinyl bridge 9