Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eaten Alive SHIRT

I recently have the shirt collecting vibe. I like 1917 records add to this the vibe and you can guess what happened: an awesome and rare Eaten Alive shirt recently dropped...

A graveyard zombie skater doing a handplant on a tombstone on the front and a spray-painted-like 1917 Records logo on the back.

If you haven't checked the post about the Eaten Alive s/t 7" on 1917 records, here is the link:

And another thing I'm happy with is that I just got positive feedback for my hundredth ebay-transaction !!

I can now be added to the more serious and experienced ebayers, without ever getting negative feedback. A pity but I had to leave two negative feedbacks in my ebay time so far...

Record Collection Outtake: RISE & FALL (Part 2)

Time to get serious now with some awesome records I just obtained. I want to thank the fellow hardcore lovers/participants/makers I got this records from. You know who you are, and many thanks for selling me these...

rise and fall into oblivion sleeve misprint reflections records vinylRecently I got the record I was dreaming of and very humble but persistent in my ambition to get it. I'm talking about the 'INTO OBLIVION' Lp with the misprinted sleeve. The hardcore label REFLECTIONS sold very few black Lp's with a sleeve misprint. According to some sources, they did that as a joke. But we collectors are eager to get rare and misprinted, mispressed sleeve and records. So the record below is actually very high in price considering that it is only 5 years old. And there also a huge price difference between the 'correct' versions and that misprint, as a consequence of the low availability and highly-sought-after-degree. The outcome of the gatefold sleeve in baby blue and baby pink insted of respectively black and silver is very nice I think. No need to ask, this record stays in my collection.

rise and fall demo cassette 2003 tape originalNow about the demo tape: I didn't know but there are more than one makings of the demo-tape. The one I got is the first press, with an awesome cover of the beast running through the streets of the city, demolishing everything on it's path. The tape is just a regular tape you can buy in your local store with the the company name on it etc.
Awesome tape, now I have 3 demo tapes, a small but good collection, with no bullshit in it. So proud on it, so do not ask me to get one. Search for the demo 7" on Control Records, from which I already made a post when it was still available.

The next thing I'm going to show you is a complete collection of the first full length called "Hellmouth". I had the honor to be contacted by Bjorn R&F himself. He wanted to sell some records. I immediately took the chance and formulated my offer on the records he was offering me. The offers were more or less what he had in mind, so they were accepted. And now they are here sitting proudly in my record collection. I will take care of them very much.

There are only two colors pressed of this very rare Rise And Fall Lp, namely Black:

Rise and fall hellmouth lp black vinyl anger management pressing 1st first

And the limited color-version is Clear:

rise and fall original 1st press first hellmouth CLEAR vinyl anger management

I assumed the following record to be 'out of my league'. But I made my best offer I could and I succeeded in being able to buy it. It is the testpressing of the 'Hellmouth' LP on Anger Management records.

rise and fall hellmouth lp first press test press anger management
As you can see, it is singed by Bjorn in the right lower corner. A proof that I got from him.

My conclusion is that I was able to buy these because I have the following moral: 'If someone deserves money for a record it are definitely the band-members themselves. This because they take the initiative to form a band and make the music, send in the demo's and play on the tours.' This is a moral full of respect and I mean not to be degrading of the label because they invest, let press the records, distribute and sell. This is some kind of symbiosis or synergy, but it still is the band who deserves the most... because they come first in the chain of the music business.

So this is it, my best deal ever done!!
Hope you had a nice read. And if you haven't checked out part I, you can do it now by clicking here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

a389 Records: Awesome Order (Clevo Related)

This post is dedicated to LordXDom of a389 Records. He did a splendid job in packaging my records and spoiling me in a certain way, haha! Here's how...

He sent me the RINGWORM reissue LP's sealed in a polyethylene sleeve. Which makes them look fancy, but they deserve it because the records have some neat vinyl-artwork and awesome gatefold sleeves. And the music and message is of classical proportions.

The first version I bought is the gold/red split vinyl that came with a LP-size booklet full of Ringworm related flyers, liveshots and letters to the bandmembers. This exact same color also comes in a deluxe edition that was part of the pre-order. But how the label made this extra-ordinary package even more deluxe, I don't know.

ringworm the promise reissue a389 records

I really aren't that familiar with Cleveland Hardcore, except for INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD and ONE LIFE CREW. But after hearing this record I came to the believe that the Clevo-style is a genre all of it's own, that as addition to this had a great impact on Hardcore later in the 90's.
When you hear this music, expect real clevo sound - but you must also place this record in its time-period! I mean, when you got this record back when it came out in 1993, it must have been quite a revelation! A new level of brutality and oral violence. In short: Innovative and defining; therefore classic! Copied by many, but hardly equaled.

There are two transitional colors of the mixed color vinyl, namely greenish marble and grayish marble, both limited to approximately 75. Since I'm always interested in rare colorways, I decided to choose one. So here it is, the green marble:

Looks very interesting to me, this one went after I sealed it again with the polyethylene back into my collection, to never leave again.

Since I already had three colors of the INTEGRITY "Walpurgisnacht" 7":

... I decided to buy the second pressings also, namely the Black and the Clear. A while ago I also obtained the rarest color (White (=1st pressing)) at the Holy Terror webstore, so I put it on the picture also:

And now what I thought wasn't possible, namely hearing the Ringworm demo from 1991. I discovered these were only part of the pre-order, which I missed out from. So I was kinda in the illusion I would never hear and have this. But luckily Dom shattered my illusion and made a small dream come true. Namely having this record...

ringworm demo 1992 7 inch a389 recordsThis demo was self released and later re-released by Overkill Records. Also Lost And Found made a "The Promise" + demo 1991 reissue release, but I do not know if that was official...(?)

So glad to have this! But as if that isn't enough I also got bonus/extra digital download cards. Another problem solved with this; I can hear the releases I was curious for. And now decide calm and informed whether I want these on vinyl or not.
As to giving a small heads up about these:
  • GLUTTONS is gangstyle hardcore, though and melodic at the same time, definitely a must here.
  • DAY OF MOURNING was the highlight; in your face metal, a long time I heard that kind of music and a nice change in my daily hardcore diet.
  • ROT IN HELL is Holy Terror style. You can find a post from a fellow collector about this here. Very 90's style hardcore with gang-vocals and metal parts. Very varying songs in vein of Integrity and Ringworm, UK becomes Clevo...
  • Also the new 7" from A389 Records, SERAPHIM "s/t" is something unique... down-tempo poundage with melodic interludes.
Thanks a lot LordXDom, I do not know how to thank you...! And to everyone who read this; get to the a389 Records webstore, you won't regret it... This post is the proof. And everything you see here is still available...

I recommend you Darkness !!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collection Pictures Update & Coming Up

In response to the poster Blackoffice here on my blog, I updated my collection-pictures of SEKTOR and CONGRESS records. You can check it here:



Coming up next is:
  • R&F collection outtake part II
  • Ringworm "The Promise" LP reissue and demo 7"
  • ...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MAXIMUM PENALTY LP Vinylartwork & Some Words

This is an update on the MAXIMUM PENALTY "Life & Times" LP. Not for a real review or something but just because I like the vinyl artwork, music and lyrics. And because I think this should be mentioned somewhere.

The Cream/Gold split vinyl looks amazing, and kinda tasty also.

But what took my attention is the Red with black haze in it. Namely the fact that the circle isn't complete, but rather looks like a glowing moon.
I think the pressing plant did a wonderful job on these. Anyone has the same unfinished circle haze in their red pre-order LP?

Check it here:

I don't want and can't take the place of DCXX, because the following band is featured on that blog. Look it up there:

Now regarding the content of the record itself; DCXX has actually done nothing, except that interview about their history that preceded this release (see link above) and some other posts.

So here's info text that came with the download of the new LP:
As part of the original Hardcore movement, Maximum Penalty has been and still is, one of the most original hybrids of the New York Hardcore sound. From the band’s inception, the founding members have fused different styles such as Hardcore, Metal, Hip-Hop and melody which put MP’s unique stamp on the scene. The band started out at the tail end of the first wave of the hardcore movement in the late 80's. They played the infamous hardcore matinee at the now deceased CBGB's with friends and family from the N.Y. scene. From that point the Crossover Metal scene exploded into the 90’s with MP's unique brand of Hardcore, along with their peers such as Sick of it all, Killing Time & Agnostic Front.

MP’s first release was their "Demo 89" along with the Blackout Records “Where The Wild Things Are” compilation. Soon after that they released the “East Side Story” e.p. and later the full lengths “Independent” and “Superlife”. In 2006 the band re-released their classic "Demo 89 / East Side Story e.p." on one disc, finally making the original demo available on CD in its entirety.

In 2008, MP went back into the studio with the intent to capture the original elements of the bands sound and identity. Produced by Dan Korneff, who has worked with artists like (Grammy Nominated) Paramore, Lamb Of God and Ill Nino, the 15 new tracks sound absolutely massive and bring the band to a whole new level.

October 6th, 2009 will see the fruits of MP's labor when Reaper Records unleashes, "Life & Times".
And here's in short what I would like to say about this:

This record is simply breathtaking, they have learned so much integrity during their life full of troubles and setbacks. (Prison-) life has Jim Williams shaped an wised up. MP has gained so much insight in the nature of people on the streets of the Lower East Side in NY. This is real street-wisdom to say at least. I think making music means everything to them, they get back in harmony and it is their outlet. But also believe in God gives them hope.

While the lyrics on the "Lower East Side Story" ep were more society related, the current lyrics are more personal related. Probably because in prison you do not get in touch with society, you only see it's ugly face and yourself withstanding it.

Maximum Penalty has some hip hop influences in the content of the lyrics but still remains a 100% hardcore band. They don't have to search for what is hardcore, they just are.

This is NYHC at it's best !

THIS ROUTINE IS HELL First Full Length Review

I went in on a friendly mail I got last week to review this release on SHIELD RECORDINGS. I immediately concurred with doing this because the first impression was right. And I had lots of fun making it while learning about hardcore. So this is a synergistic way of working and therefore I will also publish it on my blog!

This band from Utrecht in the Netherlands, started out in 2006 with a serious reason to play hardcore: to resist to the weight of the world and fight back. As the cover suggests you better push the giant rock on the mountain or you get crushed by it – this is their ethic. They manage to do this by a strong unity feel amongst the band members, sticking together and playing hardcore music.
They have transparently written lyrics with no bullshit or abundant imagery. Just plain feelings, morals and thoughts. You can see these kids being raised on the likes of modern hardcore but with a strong respect and knowledge of classic eighties bands. This respectful attitude also reflects in the integer place they take in the modern hardcore landscape.
They see themselves being influenced by MINOR THREAT, PAINT IT BLACK, PANIC and CEREMONY. I hear that too. Although the sound is pretty far from classic Minor Threat, they do have the attitude and mindset of the band in a more abstract approach. So not in terms of concrete SxE but in terms of integrity, sincerity and questioning. Back in the beginning of the eighties MT questioned and criticized punk. In the light of a more individualistic society, nowadays bands question and criticize themselves. This inner-orientated reflection is typical of modern hardcore. I mean the ethics have been transformed / modernized but have the same basic starting point, namely questioning or thinking and being out of step with the world. Seeking refuge in the underground hardcore / punk scene or making one.
Musically it is the cold, clean and ominous Ceremony hardcore (especially in the first songs). But they fittingly sew in Paint It Black and Panic melody. Which sound weird in words but works well in their sound. I'd add this formula to one of the band's merits. And I would definitely add TRASH TALK to their similar also. Because of the hardworking ethic and bleak, misanthropic view. They play modern Hardcore, with the old school ethics. And that's what I like a lot about this growing band.
Maybe it's useful to add a word of criticism. When I first heard their sound, I immediately thought of other bands. So they do not have a trademark sound our aren't pioneering a certain innovative genre. But this is probably too much asked of these youngsters. What I feel is that their attitude is correct; keep it sincere, work hard and love what you do. I'd also rather see a band evolving from a mediocre but very good position, than declining from an amazing start later on in their career. Just gain a little more confidence and self-esteem. You don't have to force success or appreciation off the world.

They have put their entire full length available for free DL:
Full Album Download:
Also check their site for the lyrics and other useful links:
Band's Website:

Band's Myspace:

The label is called SHIELD RECORDINGS:

And you can support the band and label by buying their LP:

1917 Records #06: EATEN ALIVE s/t

eaten alive collection colors 1917 records 7 inch vinyl
1917 Records succeeded again in releasing something different than the mainstream Hardcore. This is truly pissed and fast hitting punk and can surely be added to the skatecore genre. I'm not familiar with this style so I can't compare it to other bands. But it is also a tribute to the older punk and hardcore bands. If I really have to find similar, I'd say Negative Approach and some Infest influences.

This is actually the reason why I love 1917 releases. They all have something unique and all of there own in my opinion. And that's also why I collect them.

Not much other things are known from this band, besides that they are from Southern California. If somebody knows if they have more records, please drop me a line.

From above to below you see the Brown with black splatter which is out of 510. The total is actually 600 but this is because there are also 2 different sleeves that come with this color. Namely the record release sleeve (30) and the tourpress (60).
The other color is supposed to be Green A-side and black B-side, although this rarely works out a 100%. And finally you see the White, this is the most limited vinyl color.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Life Recordings: One Of A Kind Color LP's

I have come to the conclusion that Good Life Recordings is the label I have the most One Of A Kind color LP's from, exactly 3. This is not a stunning high number but if you realize how rare these are, you can understand it better I guess. So I thought it was time to show these on my blog now. Since these are unique in their being. And since these are the most desired copies of a certain record, I'm quite proud I have them.

The first record is the third LIAR full length called "Deathrow Earth". This isn't exactly a one of a kind but rather a transitional color between Burgundy and Black. But the result is actually a One Of Kind variation. I mean a pure One Of A Kind is as the name suggests a color from which there are only 1 made. At least that's what I thought but according to Ed Goodlife this is truly a One Of A Kind color.
That being argued between us, I'd like to say that the term 'Transitional' is actually better for this kind of record. Because if you use One there can only be one.

So this is the transitional color from the Black press and the Burgundy press. Nice and unique outcome:

This first full length of Poison The Well, originating from Florida, is called "The Opposite Of December", I like this release a lot. Very beautiful cover art IMO. This one is a Three Of A Kind LP, yes very rare colorway because it is not transitional since there were no yellow copies and this one is blue with yellow swirls.
If I remember right the first press was Navy Blue, so there exist also some one of a kind copies on Blue / Black. You can still buy the repress on black vinyl at the Good Life Webstore.

Enough said here is this out of three colorway:

poison the well december the opposite LP color blue yellow one of a kind good life recordings

The next record is one I can't have a complete collection from because there is a one of a kind from which there exists only one. Namely the CREAM colored one. I did not completely fail on this collection because I have a copie that is CREAM / PINK colored. So this record suggest the existence of a cream one. And since there are also 200 on PINK you can distract that this one is also transitional:

shorebreak lp beige pink one of a kind transitional good life recordings
Very beautiful result I may say. In the meanwhile I can show my incomplete collection of this one. Damn, I should have bought this CREAM version and the Pink because then I should have had a complete collection. Okay enough frustration; here is the collection:

shorebreak from the path of survival lp collection colors vinyl good life recordings

So you see the green, grey and brown. The numbers are easy to remember because they are all out of 200...

Friday, March 5, 2010

One Of My Best Deals Ever: Some Thoughts

These days must be my glory days of collecting. I started the year with some deals that I could only dream of years ago.
A German guy has been selling his entire (=3000+ records) collection the last year. He has many classics, rarities and hard to finds in his collection. All of them globally in NM- condition and no need to tell that he collected hardcore records for 15+ years. He is very calm to deal with and has a not to underestimating knowledge about the records. So I'd like to thank him for the several deals we made and for your contribution to hardcore collecting and I wish you good luck with your further life. Your presence will be missed!
But back to the deal, it went something like this:

HIM: Are you finished bidding?

ME: Yeah, I don't like bidding that much and aren't at home to do it.

HIM: You want my list of record that aren't on ebay perhaps?

ME: Yeah, surely want to check that out.

And five minutes later it came in on my mailbox, I checked it and found them for grabs right there, since I'm looking for these all the time, it didn't take long to formulate the offers. And the deal went on and on, with a smooth outcome.

So now on to what I got:

This record is one I know very well, but ironically that does not seem to help finding it in good condition and for the right price. I'm talking about MORNING AGAIN's third and final full length "As Tradition Dies Slowly" on Revelation.
If there is one band that said so much to me and made me change my ways for the better, it is Morning Again. Their lyrics are still very wise and eye-opening to me from the first day I read them until now. Whether it was Damien Moyal writing them or like this record John Wylie.
This record exists also on Blue, but don't criticize me on not having it, because there is something going on with Rev records and color vinyl. Black Rev records seem to be discriminated some how (that's what I notice). So despite the nowadays standards I'm very proud of having this record on vinyl even if it is black vinyl.

1917 records seem to be hard to find because very few collectors sublimate them and put them on tradelists. But I do sublimate them because they have an innovative feel to me. To me they have the same magic Kevin Finn speaks about on COS records. Probably because many 1917 bands haven't toured Europe and are very American in style.
On this split called "There Goes The Neighborhood" DONNYBROOK brings 2 songs featuring 2 vocalists and 2 guitars besides the bass.
PIECE BY PIECE is a truly pissed off band hailing from Los Angeles. Trashy anthems for sure. Just a while ago REAPER RECORDS released a 12" from this band. You can still buy it here.
Just for being complete, there are only 300 made in this color.

cold world ice grillz green 7 inch lockin out records vinylWith the following record I broke my organized collecting policy. Because this record actually belongs in no category I made up. I couldn't help but do it... Because it is a highly sought after record and because it is out merely 400 made. But my offer was accepted so the price must have been right. But definitely a milestone from the 2K hardcore decade. And on the totally underground Lockin' Out Records!

awol 7 inch braveheart records deep thoughts about the end A way of life kdsThe next record is almost totally infamous. 'Almost' because One Path blogspot made a 'release' of the A Way Of Life discography. You can look it up here. To my knowledge these are indeed the only A.W.O.L. tracks that were ever released on a music bearer.
What I like about the record I obtained is that it was my first 7" I owned. I was about 16 years old and got it at a show I don't remember the name of anymore. I just liked it because of the the huge cave on the cover and because it was recommended to me by a friend of the band. I liked it so much that I bought a girlie shirt of the band for my GF. Ah, pure nostalgia... And by the way KDS stands for Karate Dance Style. Just a hint what this music may cause...

The next one is the vinyl release of one of my first hardcore CD's, namely the "Heteronome" CD from xCULTUREx on Good Life Recordings. This record got me pretty much into Straight Edge. I even remember where I bought it; at the Pyrrhus record store in Ghent. A true jewel for me and for the nineties SxE scene in general. This is definitely a gem to keep.

congress euridium brown vinyl 7 inch warehouse recordsAnd then we get at it, the CONGRESS "Euridium" 7" on Warehouse records. I have never featured this on my blog but H8000 Central has done it several times:
U true gem for H8000 fanatics and hard to find in this condition. This is the first release of the band that together with Liar made 8000 hardcore great across our boundaries and beyond the great oceans.

liar invictus lp orange vinyl genet records As if this isn't enough I also obtained another color of the 'Invictus' LP from LIAR. I now have it on blue and orange. I reviewed this baby here.

integrity in contrast of sin 7 inch white dark empire recordsThe next one is a step further towards a complete "In Contrast Of Sin" collection. If I remember correctly this is a reissue of 1000 made in 1993 on Dark Empire Records. A pitty it has no insert, HC records should always have inserts with the lyrics!

This record I got is a picture disc reissue of SICK OF IT ALL's "Blood, Sweat and No Tears", which is a classic album. I just can't stop listening to this, despite the fact that this is out of 500. I'm kinda stuck between the 'keeping it' and 'playing it' desires...

So this was it, sure hope I can make other deals like that.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1917 Records #11: ATTITUDE "Turn Into Stone"

4 months in the pending phase, but finally a result is there. I'm talking about this deal I did with an American dude who had remarkably much and rare records from the label 1917 in his sell- list. Told you already that I confined myself more or less to organized collecting. And that records from 1917 are on my wantlist now. So you understand what happened.

The parcel was uniquely well packaged and they arrived all in splendid condition and unbelievably fast. This dude is now on my good traders list. And this is my way to thank him for his patience, quality and cares.

I will start immediately with a record that is quite catchy and mysterious, therefore interesting to me. It is the record "Turn Into Stone" from the band ATTITUDE (rip). The music on this 7" sounds kinda different than full length called "We All Go Down Together". They mix catchy popular rock sounds with the more heavy hardcore genre.

The first thing that struck me was that I thought I'd see the unknown rarest(?) colorway of this record. Let me explain. The pressing info on the 1917 discography page is this:

105 ----------
310 Confetti
620 ----------

I had obtained the /620 version of this record through mailorder from two different distro's. And this color seems like maroon to me, because it is the same color like the maroon version of the War Hungry "Return To Earth" 7".
I thought this was the most common version since it was through a distro and since I had two of these.

Then I saw in the sell-list of this collector that he had the Confetti and a Burgundy version. So I thought I filled in the two empty lines of the pressing info.

But to my surprise when the records came in yesterday I saw that I got the confetti indeed and that I got another maroon one, instead of Burgundy. BUT actually the dude is right since this maroon colorway is called Burgundy by 1917 Records. The proof of this is another story.

SO my quest for filling in the lines of the pressing info is not over yet, but I will keep on searching.

I tried to look for proof on the Wikipedia site and Burgundy is indeed another color but again the color called VIVID BURGUNDY is indeed much like the color the first record above.

I'm quite glad I have two different colors now...

In the future I will be publishing my 1917 records from time to time, so anyone interested look for post starting like this: '1917 Records #' or just pick 1917 releases from the 'label' list.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RISE & FALL demo 7inch

There is a new label around, called CONTROL RECORDS and they just released their first record. They kicked it off with releasing nothing less than the RISE & FALL demo 2003 on a 7" sized piece of vinyl.

They have a blog-like website that you can find here:

Because I like vinyl so much I show here the pictures of the record:

rise and fall demo 2003 red vinyl 7 inch control records

You can see that the red vinyl has a slight swirl of black in it, so you now the story; yes, there is also a black out there.

The music sounds straight forward and harsh, very interesting to hear. Already the trademark riffs of R&F shine through and there are also melodic guitars parts now and then, something they don't do that explicitly anymore.

As you will see on their new site, TRUE COLORS is also on their roster. Hell yeah, what can I say, this will become my favorite label.

Yes, these two great bands will play together in May in Belgium. And it also says that this is TRUE COLORS final show. Damn, I got to see this!!