Sunday, April 25, 2010

1917 Records #12: I RISE "Down"

I RISE is from Worcester Massachusetts USA and mix mid-90's sound with the sound of one of the greatest bands of the current decade; Have Heart. Also similarities to Soul Control can be found in the playfulness and finishing touch of the sound, certainly on the demo CD.

When I first heard this ep I thought about Morning Again. This due to the hard hitting mid-tempo riffs rather than the melody and in the urgency of their music, partly created by the spoken parts of the vocalist.

They aren't that famous but make an interesting mix of all the bands that had something to say, think about the bands I mentioned before (Morning Agian, 108, Have Heart) also the intelligent, critical lyrics are worthy of being compared to these bands. They broach topics like:
  • the western society's fear caused by terrorism
  • religious fanaticism causing genocide
  • nowadays rebellion or persistent resistance
  • surrounding social problems
They write about these charged topics with a non-cryptic, non-symbolic but clearly written, to the point approach, that's also what I liked about Morning Again back when I was a kid.

What you see are the three colors that exist:
  • 100 on the Vivid Burgundy
  • 200 on Moon Yellow
  • 715 on Gray/Red. 50 of these where used to create a Sound & Fury press.

Not highly desired on the market but for me definitely a gem...

And again a representative 1917 Records release: making a certain style variation that stand all on it own and separates itself from the pack, by doing a successful mix independent styles of hardcore. Even in their later work -the 'For Redemption' LP- they grow even more unique, so it takes a while to get used to this kind of hardcore. I will tell you about this release later on !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trapped Under Ice: 'Stay Cold' Pressing Details

The first pressing of the TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold ep consists out of an accepted testpressing and 3 variations of records:

First we have the testpressing wich is numbered out of 15 on the blank A-label and stamped on the B-side. And REAPER RECORDS made covers based on NY's Breakdown for the testpressings.

Then we have the record release, which I don't have but I know how it looks: it has the same artwork as the regular pressings of the ep but then printed in gray scale. The color of the vinyl is regular solid blue. 50 copies exist and are handnumbered.

The pre-order has special artwork and a special -unique to this version- vinyl color. You can see it in the middle of the picture below. This one consists out of 227 copies.

The first press ends with the regular version that was available in distro's. Standard cover and solid blue vinyl. Counts 750 records and were sealed. These copies were sold out before the release date of the record.

So immediately a second pressing was done, this time with standard cover and white vinyl consisting out of 1000 records that came sealed:

Then continuously came another pressing of unknown quantities on clear vinyl.

Up to the second pressing all the records had the same live show label on the B-side:

This changed with the this third pressing where the live shot label was replaced by the head:

Up to now the record is still in press and the latest pressing is the fourth pressing that features three variations:

The most limited is the left; clear light blue with white splatter and not sealed. Only 200 pieces exist, which makes it the rarest colorway. Not the rarest version because covers matter too in differing records.

Then we have the black vinyl with the black and white Dan Higgs cover. Which is a second sleeve over the standard sleeve. You can see it in the picture above in the middle. Only 350 exist.

Finally the most common one of the latest pressing, the clear light blue. Also not sealed (800 copies).

Although the sleeve with the Dan Higgs artwork differs this record from the other, there is another difference that isn't that noticeable. The cardboard of the standard sleeve is glossy while the two other versions (left and right) have mat cardboard. I pictured them in such a way that you can see this difference if you look closely.

Amazing how the label REAPER RECORDS always succeeds in making every pressing new and interesting. Thumbs up for REAPER.

PS: This post is based on the Reaper Records discography page and my own observations and experiences. And there is an inconsistency, namely that the fourth press is actually the fifth press there. While in the Reaper webstore it is called fourth press. And that I never saw record-variations besides these. So I think it could be a mistake.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why The Silence & Coming Up On This Blog

This month will have no posts because I'm busy training for my swimming tests and resuscitation exams. And because I'm taking quality time for my girlfriend and me. You now the drill...

But I will give you a hint of what's coming up later on on this blog:

  • Trapped Under Ice "Stay Cold" collection (photo's and explanation)
  • Spirit Of Youth evolution (from "Abyss" to "Colors That Bleed")
  • Strike Anywhere "Iron Front" review
  • update on True Colors
  • Vitality "Bloodline" & "Crucial Wires"
  • obscure AmenRa side projects
  • 1917 records: Guns Up! & I Rise
  • colored Revelation Classics
  • Supertouch 7" on Combined Effort
  • Collecting bands from legendary NYHC compilations (The Way It Is & Where The Wild Things Are)
  • The Icemen, 2 7" titles on colored vinyl
  • and maybe a review of the final H8 Zine