Sunday, June 27, 2010

CULTURE "Born Of You": 1st CTW pressing

culture born of you original conquer the world pressings red blue smoke vinyl morning again 90s
Just a small post to say that I have the two colors of the first pressing on CONQUER THE WORLD:
  • Blue (/200)
  • Red (/300).

This is also released in Europe by GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS:
  • Clear (/100)
  • Blue (/200)
Looking at the numbers it is easily understood that the Good Life pressing is much harder to find. Add to this that European collectors aren't eager to sell their records as much as in the USA...

Also need to say that for the pressing info I completely rely on the sellers of these two records. But I got the numbers independent of each other and the numbers seem kinda logical; 500 in total.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FLOORPUNCH Discography 2xLP

It is hard to describe FLOORPUNCH! But I figure I have to look at this in two ways; from the inside (like a fan) and from the outside (by doing a contextual reflection).

Inside of the lyric sheet you can find several approaches of FLOORPUNCH insiders and also a brief history / genesis of the band by Brett Beach who put out the “Division One Champs” 7” on his label called ‘In My Blood Records’. This label and the band are undividable connected to each other. I think that fans of the band really were bothered by the seriousness and movement character of hardcore in the nineties. They still listened to and loved the old school sound and ethics. FLOORPUNCH gave them what they needed in the 90's: a good, clean and fun message and fantastic live shows. They did approach hardcore in the true vein it is all about; friendship and criticism towards drugs and other styles of music. Logically by playing an energetic and 80’s NYHC sound. They did it respectfully and like the best of the decade.

When I look at this from the outside by comparing them to other influential and defining bands of the nineties, I come to the conclusion that FLOORPUNCH did a challenging and courageous move. They did a step back and militantly stressed the fact that hardcore changed and not always for the best, because it lost it’s humor and spontaneity. Playing good old youth crew was not a decision I think but a spontaneous urge, impossible to neglect.

About the record, this time no collecting mania for me; I have the most common version. When I saw the first copies of the tourpress appearing on the bay I quickly realized that this discography is a huge hype. I’ve seen pictures from three colors of this; tigerstripe, solid gold and clear. But there’s also a mystery fourth color.

I didn't even bother to order the record straight from SIX FEET UNDER records, because I have never got an LP that wasn't damaged from them!! So wisely I waited and ordered it from the Good Life webstore so that I was sure that it arrived in great shape.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Control Records EBAY Sale

Control Records is doing an ebay sale of all Powered and Control releases a collector dreams of.

Testpressings, transition colors, release show editions, tourpressings, etc.

Check it out:!

I would normally keep this silent, but it seems that everybody is finding his way to the sale. So I do another push in the right direction!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

True Colors: Get 'em demo 7 inch

This is the first TRUE COLORS record that I don't really like to have.

It started with receiving them and discovering the record doesn't come with a dustsleeve for the vinyl. When they are new that's no problem but after a few years they would have a lot of surface wear. But since it is a True Colors record I put them in some spares I had...

Secondly, I was exited to discover a text and thought I'd be learning something new about TC's early days, but when I read it I realized it actually says nothing but a few names.

Finally I don't like records apart from testpresses that have blank labels, makes them look like bootlegs.

true colors get em demo 7 inch versions blue black i drink milk records

This must be the first time I'm unexcited about a record I receive in the mail.

Project X: B9 reissues

Another great achievement and merit of Bridge 9 is the Project X reissue. The first press of this record was white and came with the Schism book, that compiles all three issues of Schism Fanzine. I wasn't already into collecting records from Bridge 9 when this was released. So the numbered out of 500 and white 7" came to me in a trade. I was lucky enough to still find the book on RevHQ several years ago. The other presses were simply bought by me on the B9 webstore.

project X reissues official bridge 9 white black clear
What I like about this 7" is that it is legit, I never buy bootlegs. Because that's not that challenging to get and certainly unfair. Another thing I like is that it is on colored wax and that there are several colors to collect.

If you want to find out more about the pressing info of this, visit the Bridge Nine discography page here. Very cool and well worked out page. Every label should do this!

For those who have been living on the moon or the younger hardcore kids:

This record was originally released by Alex Brown and Porcell of Schism Records and came with issue 7 of schism fanzine. Not that they made 7 issues, they just started their first zine with higher number. The record is highly collectible and has different versions also, although they are all on black wax the differences lay in the stamps on the labels and the fact that they came with the zine or were sold on a Bold show or separately.

From the Revelation secret pressing info page:
Of the 500 pressed, 300 came with Schism Fanzine #7. 100 with Project X stamp sold at a Bold show, the others sold separately. There have been a number of really good bootlegs for this so the easiest way to find an original would be to get the fanzine with it, although I've heard of a bootleg of that as well.
The record has the most renown line up ever, members of JUDGE, GORILLA BISCUITS, SIDE BY SIDE, YOUTH OF TODAY and others. The names of the members were pseudonyms. They had a militant way of playing music and the lyrics were tong in cheek and also militant. Only the song-titles like "Straight-edge Revenge", "Dance Floor Justice", "Cross Me" and "Shutdown" say enough. The 7" inch has 5 songs and two live songs at legendary clubs in NYC. And is probably the most bootlegged hardcore record ever.

So luckily Bridge 9 made this available again, for all ages to hear and collect!!

schism fanzine book compilation NYHC bridge 9 press
PS: I won't trade this, be aware of that please!!

UNDERDOG "Matchless" dLP

I'm so satisfied with my last Bridge 9 order. I got the UNDERDOG Discography called "MATCHLESS" on red vinyl. The records compiles the 2 demo-sessions from 1985 and 1988 along with their debut LP from 1989 called "The Vanishing Point".

underdog matchless double lp set bridge nine red vinyl
The dLP came in a gatefold cover and was accompanied with a poster and a small book compiled by Russ Iglay and Richie Birkenhead. It contains numerous photo's, letters, interviews and press releases of the band. And was edited by Chris Wrenn himself.

underdog nyhc discography book matchless 2LP red vinyl

Bridge 9 again did a tremendous job in releasing this UNDERDOG Discography, by capturing the true spirit of the band. This release is a good example of how collectors proof their worth in Hardcore. If there weren't any the older bands would be dead and gone. But by gathering and safekeeping the info (flyers, letters, photo's, ...) collectors are able to keep this alive.

The lesson also is that capturing hardcore history is more than just keeping records. You need to keep flyers, zines and photo's also in order to keep the spirit of a band or era alive, but most of you already know that. Another lesson is that you better cooperate with other collectors in order to publish something worthy and useful for the next generation.

I will not part with this, you can still order this in the B9 webstore:

Another thing I'd say is that Bridge 9 listens to you when ordering despite the vast amount of orders they process. Because they got the records out of the sleeve for shipping, as I asked. Really didn't want to get this in my hands damaged.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Trapped Under Ice: NICK FURY 7"

You all probably know Sammy and Justice from the popular hardcore band TRAPPED UNDER ICE. Well, earlier they played together in a hardcore band called NICK FURY. So this band can be labeled as pre-Trapped Under Ice.

A very small label released this 7". The label is based in Richmond Virginia (VA) and calls SIKE OUT! RECORDS.

nickxfury 7 inch pre trapped under ice sam trapkin justice pre order version Sike out records
The record you see here is obviously a pre-order version (see stamp) and according to the seller it is out of 50 made. But the main reason I bought it was to hear this project and dig further in the history of Trapped Under Ice.

You can check out some songs of this one here:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Records Are Keepers Of The Faith

The main symbolic wasn't mentioned in the poll; to start a band, write music you need faith and to cement all this by pressing records you need faith. That's why records are keepers of that faith.

I encounter a lot insults by people I know; they say I'm addicted or obsessed with buying on the internet. They say that I will go broke or am a complete fool by spending so much money on records. Some even want to stop me doing this. But I can go against this strong current. Because I'm a keeper of the faith. So this was the symbolic that had the greatest percentage in the poll. So I'm sure that those who voted are knowing me in the right way. And I'm grateful for that.

The other two symbolics were also true but in a less important level. To trade, sell and buy you also need faith, true!

And the need to keep records is also a reflection of a deeper faith, also true!

THANKS for voting and reading my blog!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Meanigfull Riddle for The Readers

This morning I got in the mail 2 very useful and sturdy LP storage boxes. Along with another order which contained two stickers of the upcoming TERROR album called KEEPERS OF THE FAITH. Somehow I really wanted to put these two stickers on the storage boxes I got.

I'm asking you this because I wish this is symbolic enough to know just what it symbolizes.

Can anyone give get the symbolic of this? If you read this blog carefully, you should know what it symbolizes.

Please answer in the poll at the right side of the page. And comment if you have something else for answer. You can vote for multiple answers.