Sunday, August 29, 2010


Bridge Nine Records is doing an amazing run of reissues lately. With the goal of educating and making available the most important NYHC classics, they recently reissued the VICTIM IN PAIN Lp from Agnostic Front. They also made an UNDERDOG discography also and a reissue of Underdog's first 7". On top of that, the ANTIDOTE "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7" that was released only a few days ago...

If that doesn't earn your respect,...

So what we have here is the testpressing of the one and only legal reissue of this hardcore-defining album. Very proud to have this. It was for sale from the B9 closet a couple of months ago. 

agnostic front victim in pain test press bridge nine reissue nyhc

The testpress I won, is number 19 out of 20. The band logo is stamped on the label along with the title. And both inks are in different color, so there were two stamps. 

On the B-side is stamped the logo of Bridge Nine.

As you can see it came in a plastic vinyl tote bag. The kind of bags they often use for picture discs also. Great idea if you want to deal in quality!!
But enough pressing details for now, lets give my interpretation of that defining record:

On the streets you constantly face an ugly side of this capitalistic society. Fights on the streets for freedom in a environment ruled by money and  fascists. Everyone deserves to be free. But what is freedom? According to Agnostic Front it isn't money as society suckers believe. Nor is it Nazi heroism, nor hiding inside by not expressing your true feelings. This is just hypocrite. You must be yourself and become the difference. Or strive for a personal liberation and supporting your fellows' personal liberation.

That society we live in isn't really what it seems like to the mainstream. If you realize or witness this and choose to react against it, you become part of the problem for the guardians of societies rules. But how can you bear and do this on your own? If alone with facing the hate, denial and ignorance of your truth you can easily become a victim in pain, that's why we need to stick together. Because with your friends and by building a united scene, you become strong and able to make that difference. Friendship and hardcore heal that pain!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Today the mailman delivered me my pre-order of the new repress of this landmark LP by HAVE HEART. I was browsing the B9 site and checking the store but nothing that I wanted was in it. But merely a minute later, while I was browsing, this RED repress appeared. I read the description and needed now further arguments to order this repress, in order to have all the colors existing.

have heart the things we carry LP red vinyl bridge 9 records
Have Heart "The Things We Carry" RED Repress
But it was announced that there would be a special surprise edition inserted randomly into pre-orders. So I ordered two right away. When I realized I did this, playing on the lottery as I called, I was really pissed that I took my chance. But later I consoled myself by saying that an extra red copy would do no harm. But somewhere deep inside I still hoped that I would get the surprise edition.
As time passed on I forgot about the whole scene I went through after ordering this, but then I took notice of the fact that the package arrived. And then the whole scene started over again, just until I opened it and saw that I got this out of 100 copies made HH TTWC LP:

have heart black vinyl gatefold cover version bridge 9 records 100 copies only
Have Heart "The Things We Carry" BLACK w/ Gatefold Cover

Have Heart "The Things We Carry" with lyrics on inside of sleeve and extra lyricsheet

have heart the things we carry LP gatefold black vinyl pressing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bracewar & War Hungry 7"s (BRAIN GRENADE records)

Don't ask me why, but I'm really fascinated by this Richmond VA based label called BRAIN GRENADE Records. The Internet doesn't provide many info on that label, so I'm collecting blind and do not really know their discography. But the bands they launched are really worth having records from and they got fairly well-know by now. So that's how I got into this label, by searching after other releases of these bands.

bracewar st brain grenade record release cover tarrot card
The first record I will show you is quite rare (/65) and is the record release version of BRACEWAR's first record. Very hard to find considering the numbers made. Bracewar is actually quite essential if you want to have a good collection of the decade 2001-2010. Because they play a new breed of hardcore and have a total different set of ethics than in the eighties and nineties. Straight-Edge is totally forgotten (they make shirts that say "Bracewar F*cks On The First Date") and have a totally other believe system. Like Trapped Under Ice they have a rather esoteric mindset. Check the Tarot Card that comes with this 7".
I still haven't completed this collection, although I have 5 different versions of this record. But I take it easy, no need to stress this, since they are relatively new. There are these regular versions of the record:

bracewar st version pressing info brain grenade records red yellow black white cover colored coversSo a black (/700), Yellow (/200) and Red (/100) copy of the first press, recognizable with the colored sleeve. And then comes the second press with a black sleeve and 'Bracewar' printed above the original artwork and also on black vinyl.
But this regular version on yellow also has some copies that have black speckles. I saw that on ebay but couldn't buy it at that moment. So this is a quite interesting slab of vinyl.
I'm also missing some Tour versions of this record.

The next record I show is the WAR HUNGRY Devine / Demonic 7". Also very interesting and impossible to complete especially when you live in Europe, so I like this one too.

The one beneath is the Saint-Patrick's day show version out of 100. It comes with a totally cool flyer from a show I wished I was on. Also a lyric sheet is included.

war hungry devine demonic saint patty record release version cover brain grenade records vinyl
I really like the artwork of this version, especially compared to the Canadian Weekend version. Because this artwork looks like a nineties vegan sxe record inspired on biblical scenes and doesn't fit with the music or time era. Not that I dislike the 90's of course but still...

war hungry devine demonic canadian weekend tour cover brain grenade version
To show which record I'm talking about, I made a picture of the regular cover. The regular version also has two color-variants; Orange (/200) and Purple (/100). Also very hard to find.

war hungry devine demonic color vinyl orange limited brain grenade

war hungry devine demonic colored vinyl solid purple limited brain grenade pressing info

They also released an 80's hardcore inspired band IRON BOOTS. But these record are for a next post.

One last thing, I also found a safer method to store records. Like you see on the picture left I separate the sleeve and the record by putting cardboard between them. This way you can prevent ringwear totally and another advantage is that you can safely flip through your records because you only touch the cardboard and do not bend the sleeve by touching it while flipping. I figured these Bracewar and War Hungry 7"s needed that way of storage since they have a long way to go and have very vulnerable and thin paper sleeves. As for now I do this with every thin paper cover I have. Just a heads up for those who aren't familiar with this storage method already.

Another thing is that SIX FEET UNDER is working on new Bracewar and War Hungry releases. Keep your eyes peeled.

CEREMONY Ruined ep: Why The Hell Collect The Most Limited Color?

I recently parted with my red version of this ep, but I got really interested in collecting the yellow version of this record, despite the fact that it is less limited than the red. Why? Because I received a second yellow copy of this ep and it isn't really a double. Actually it is one of the three variations of the yellow first pressing of this ep.

Yes, you read it well. There are three kinds of yellow in circulation. The one you see beneath is clear orange-yellow:

The other yellow that's in my collection is called "Banana" because it really looks like that fruit-color. So here are these two to compare to each other:

So I said there are three, despite the fact that I haven't got the third color. But I rely on two very good collectors to confirm this information, namely Ewald and Kyle Whitlow.
I contacted Ewald yesterday and he has got many of these eps, and confirmed to me that as far as he knows there are indeed three kinds of yellow in circulation. Check his collection here and come to the conclusion that he knows what he is talking about.
Another collector, but then American, has the three color-variations in his collection and made a good description of the three colors. But before you think it isn't true, you can check his collection on HYE and believe him right away.
So there you can read the well defined three color-variations:
  1. Banana yellow
  2. Clear orange-yellow
  3. Pale lime-yellow
Although I really can rely on these dudes, I still need the third color (pale lemon yellow) to be completely at ease in what I'm saying. That's the kind of evidence freak I am. So if you got it and can part with it, be sure to hook me up and receive a good offer... Thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I never thought I would find a TRUE COLORS demo tape, but in the last few weeks I stumbled upon two of them. Rare and hard to find as they are I took the chance and bought all two. Even more lucky as I was, I found two different versions.

The first version I found has a yellow cover with a white insert. The tape used to record these songs is just a regular tape that is found in stores. The kind of tape with the brand and the duration on, amongst other things like the A-B-side.

EDIT: The first press seems to be the blank tape with the white cover and green insert. Thanks Timmy! (read comments)

The other tape is blank with nothing on it. And has a white cover and green insert. So I took a picture of both of them, so that you can compare these two:

I'm very glad that I have these in my collection now! I don't have that many tapes in my collection but I think it is a good collection considering quantity versus quality.

These are the ones I have:

Bracewar (demo 2005) - Void rip-off cover
Common Cause demotape
Keep It Clear (demo 2007)
Rhythm To The Madness (demo) - Powered Records
Rise & Fall (demo) - self-produced, 1st press
True Colors "Get 'em" demotape (white cover)
True Colors "Get 'em" demotape (yellow cover)

bracewar demotape true colors demotape rise and fall rhythm to the madness common cause demo cassettes

Monday, August 9, 2010

NATIONS ON FIRE: Research Excerpts (8000 crew)

Nations On Fire probably has one of the most complex discography's of all 8000 crew bands. I found an incomplete one here, but it is a good starting point. In this post I will share what I know about three crucial releases so far. Do not expect a complete final word but rather a foundation.

Of course the demo is very important and cool to hear, it shows the band in it most primitive stadium and reveals the primal influences and statements of a band. So I see the demo 7" of NATIONS ON FIRE as a crucial release. Also because it shows how Rise Above evolved to NOF.

nations on fire the demo days 7 inch stand as one records france ed good life
This record has three songs of the earliest recordings of the band. The songs were also on the demo cassette out of 200 made. The 7" was released by the French label 'Stand As One Records'. This is the same label that released the magical second Rise Above 7" 'B Is For Boston'. This label released it for Europe in 1991 and there was another label that (should have?) released it for the USA some years later. But I'm not sure it this was ever realized. It was kinda logical that it would have been two labels on each continent, because of the shitty distribution back then. The American label was 1124 Records.

Four persons participated in making these songs; Hazel from Rise Above did guitar and vocals, Edward from Rise Above did guitar and vocals also (he is 'Judge No One'), Jaak on drums and David on vocals. As you can see, the line-up is 50% the one from Rise Above but it was a different band with other perspectives; adding the politics to the straight-edge. A new start and not a step back as Edward explained in this interview.

It has three songs:
  1. The "Meat Song" was actually a rewritten version of the Rise Above song "Where The Meat Is Red". And is of course pro-vegetarian song that is all sarcastic.
  2. "Iron will" is a key-song about the will that motivates us and keeps us going. To wisely learn from the past and a denial of other convictions that aren't right. This song is later adapted on the first full-length 'Strike The Match'.
  3. "New Hope" is about the scene of the band, mainly evolving around the Vortn' Vis. About Brother- and Sisterhood of course. Also adapted in the first LP.

So this brings us to this first full-length of the band; STRIKE THE MATCH. Released in 1991 by Strive Records, originally comes on a black LP. It was also released in Spanish; 'Enciende La Mecha'. Never saw that one before...

The one you see beneath was a dozen years later repress on Yellow vinyl, also by Strive Music and is hand-numbered out of 500. And has the same cover and printed dust-sleeve as the original pressing.

nations on fire strike the match LP yellow vinyl x mist records strive music numbered repress
This was also released on cassette, check it here.

And a year later (1992) there came a CD version as a split release with The Scraps.

Crucial because this is THE classic of the band. I will give a review of it in a future post. Stay tuned.

Not mentioned in the NOF discography on Discogs is this important record. I'm talking about the live 7" that was recorded at a show in the center-point of the scene, namely at Vortn' Vis in Ieper. This was a 1000 pressed 7" by PMA / Warehouse records. You can find all the info straight from the man who released this one here on H8000 Central.

Unfortunately my copy hasn't got an insert anymore. But it is has a weird stamp on the cover. I thought it was very disrespectful to put a stamp on this sleeve, but when I look closer it is actually a stamp by Hans who released this. Very weird!

You can see how the 2nd press cover looks like on this picture.

Also note the standard or trademark cover-art for all these 3 releases. So NOF between the two bars above and the name of the release between the same two bars beneath... And this despite the fact that they are on different labels.

So this sums it up for now:

1991 Strike the match LP
  • on black = original 1991
  • Also in Spanish: Enciende La Mecha = Spanish release (approx same release date)
  • Yellow #/500 (limited edition) = re-release (ca. 10 years later)
  • Also released in Poland on Cassette
1991 the demo days
  • STAND AS ONE RECORDS = French Press
  • 1124 Records = US Press (does this exist?)
1992 Live @ vortn vis
  • PMA Records 1st press 1000 blue cover
  • PMA Records repress 500 red cover (couple of years later)

Listen to the first full-length here on this YouTube video I've made:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Record Outtake: Earth Crisis "All Out War"

Long time I did a feature on Vegan Straight-edge. Well, with this post I'm aiming at the bullseye. I recently obtained the original debut 7" of vegan-straight-edge kick-starters Earth Crisis. This record came out on Conviction Records in 1992 and was a huge influence for all later vegan bands to come. Although I believe their second, called "Firestorm" was even of greater influence.
The frontman you all know, Karl Buechner, declares in the Burning Fight interview that he wanted to form the best vsxe band ever. And I believe that with this life-span, continents played, endurance and popularity amongst the vegan straight-edge hardcore kids they succeeded and still succeed.
So what we have here is their very first record "All Out War", with a thin bottom fold-out paper cover, very vulnerable and the lyrics on the back. It comes with two inserts that have the mission statement of the band and additional information about the lyrics.
Musically this was very different, metal infused hardcore that wasn't played a lot at the time. Just fittingly because Karl was really fed up with animals being abused, this record was their declaration of war to those disrespectful of animal life.

There are also colored copies of the Conviction press, I've seen a green and a blue, both very limited, no more that 500 made. No need to get these immediately but I will one day in the life that's ahead of me.

Later Victory Records reissued this release with a colored cover and two-colored insert. Mine comes on Green wax. I'm not sure if there are any other colors around. Hook us up in the comments if you'd like to share...

Those who are familiar with the science-fiction movies of George Lucas, can see how the title track's case is inspired by the logo of this movie. Very cool detail, if you ask me. Also the back of the cover has 'GO VEGAN!' real great on the back.

I'm glad ExC is still around, because by sticking to your morals for the rest of your life you do the best statement you can deliver to the outside world.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Visiting the HOVERBOARD of Limited Pressing is really very interesting from the viewpoint of a collector, quite a revelation. Amongst all the things I discovered there are two feeds on the Hoverboard that really deserve your attention. Also my attention goes to these two connected blogs quite a lot.
This because the blogs show you an intelligent and experienced selection of what ebay has to offer in vinyl-records and T-shirts. The dudes behind these blog surf ebay a lot and then blog about their finds, so that you can pick them up. They have a good taste for real hardcore and punk stuff and you will see that they are in the branch for a very long time now, so they are really experienced in collecting vinyl-records and T-shirts.
They do a very valuable job and every post is worth reading, so that's why I wanted to share and introduce these here on my blog.

The first blog, called VINYLNOIZE, is about music in all formats, but mainly our favorite format; vinyl.

This is their about section:
We surf ebay. A lot. We’re always looking for great deals, and the best vinyl out there. As long as we’re not actively trying to track down an item, you can be sure we’ll be posting the best stuff we can find. From punk and hardcore to old hip hop and jazz, we’ve got all those vinyl gems you are looking for. Come back, and come back often.

And this is the link to it:

The second blog, called TEETILLDEATH is about merch.

This is their about section:

Do you find yourself spending hours surfing eBay for treasures, for that misspelled gem? We do. And here’s where we’ll share those gems and discuss the little things that go into our favorite shirts, as viewed through the lens of hardcore and eBay. Expect amusing stories and breaking news on cheap shirts.

Note: Most images in our posts are links to eBay. Click those pics and bid to your hearts content. The items listed on these pages DO NOT belong to the staff at TTD. We cannot sell them to you. You would have to buy them from the eBay sellers. Also, all links are affiliate links. These affiliate links help keep this site alive and keep us blogging. Thanks for the support.

And this is the link to it:

Go check them out, but know that these blogs are visited a lot and so do the auctions featured on these blogs and that by this the prices are bumped also! Plain logic, but still very worth checking out for the descriptions they give along with the pictures of the items, that are actually the links to ebay...