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GOLDEN BULLET Full Length Review

I really like the rational and ethical approach of Golden Bullet to the world. They have witnessed betrayal, loss of morals, violations of trust and truth. It has made them to what they are and what they do. Although they still care and haven't forgot the foundation respectful living, something that typifies the h8000 scene. Musically they have a rather BxL violent side while not reacting foolishly or sickly aggressive to certain facts. This comes clear when you read the lyrics. They are very interesting, I wanted to go in depth on them. So the majority of review is the lyrics. But I really like the music too, so I won't neglect that. The review goes from the first too the last song in the order they are set on the CD, here goes:

Golden Bullet realizes that people surrounding you in life aren't always what they seem to be especially in times of separation when growing up. Times like these really get you on the verge of tolerance and patience with these people. When friendship sprouts betrayal that can't be ethically justified, separation reigns.
Agonizing as this is, people carry that burden, by which they are put on the test. Aggression seems the reaction but pure reflection about all this seems to be the strongest power. These realizations at a young age really differs Golden Bullet from the mainstream. In the song "Faster Than The World" they make a musically very strong image of their power of reflection. The main element is a steady and aggressive hard hitting pace that diverges slowly in a surreal chaotic sound. By this the personal tragedy seems eased. They have grown out of it with power of mind.

Another salvation is the element of time by which they learned and selected what is still ethically relevant and what makes a person strong. Times change and they feel they need to also but why let the good elements aside if they are still in you, they say fuck off to those that seems to loose the good things in the flow of time. That's what I like about this band!

"Medicine Turns Into Disease" is a title I do not really get, although I fully get the lyrics. This train is not on track, they say. Another critic they deliver on this world and a good one, one full of skepticism and hard realism. A realization that really pisses them of when you hear the music...

A song that is emotionally charged follows, "Coldness" it is called. The world as it should be according to them is pretty far from that perfect picture inside their head. The air of the world they breath is death, this world doesn't bring life, it smashes them in the face instead. This existential realization gives them fear, this world is in it's deepest shade of black.

As I mentioned before, reflection seem to be the defense in this modern way of life. They also realize this and approve it; "Storms Of Enlightenment" is about that gift. Storms of  enlightenment bring keys to locked doors... Make your own creation, you got hands to shape!

The title-track "Downfall Of Humanity" seems to reveal what they see as downfall; greed, ignorance, hate, perversity and immorality. They hint that nowadays apocalypse in man-made, because of all this. Very to the point song...

Even memories that are good fade to a shade of grey. Foundations are cracked by living in war with the world. They really aren't living in symbiosis with this world, this is what they say in the song "Grey". They feel like misfits amongst the crowds, the only way is to carve their own path and walk their own way. This song really has a strong tendency towards the old h8000 philosophy. They stayed true...

The next song "Theory Of The Fearless" is about suicide. The darkness that sometimes indulgences people can lead to failure but that same darkness is not feared by Golden Bullet, they rise out the shadows of that same darkness. And aren't influenced by the chains of that fear, reflection has made them stronger instead... again.

The next song "My Blood Burns" is a realization of the darkness inside them. Life that flows through their veins burns those same veins. They become their own enemy. Although this is merely an impression to my opinion. Beaten by all the sadness this world brings, witnessing all this, it enters your mind. It crawls slowly inside of you but is not a part of inner-self I think, rather a passenger existing out of thought.
It is a nice phrase, that same life that flows through one's vein can burn them also. It's a dark mindset though...

The "Gold.Betray.Bullets" song is a painful one. Somehow trust in somebody or even more people, can be violated. This is also for me a very delicate subject. In your youth and even adult life you look up to some people, they promise you gold and you get bullets in the back, as they phrase it very well. Lessons learned, building bridges over the endless looking abyss can only be done by yourself. So there can't be no more betrayal! Another aspect is this; submission. You must never take someone's hand blindly and let them build your bridges.

The last song is about when reason doesn't always prevail. Sometimes you just want to settle the score. Especially when they rudely harm the truth and disrespected the ideals. It really pisses one off. Stir found in the Length Of Time -esque riff really gives you the exact same feeling. It's a natural way of life; violence brings violence and can't always be absorbed...

CONCLUSION: Great nowadays H8000 metalcore, with a strong message and music! They learned from the past and it hasn't brought them down, on the contrary. They have build a strong ethical mind. I'm loving it!
While it was a long time ago that I felt like moshing when hearing the music that is for fans of LENGTH OF TIME, ALL OUT WAR and even CONGRESS !!

PS: A note that I got from Ed goodlife needs to be mentioned here, the artwork used for the cover and the layout is from the French artist Gustave Doré. Wiki it here!

You can buy it in a special deal; price of a midCD while it is a full length + free poster:

 @ http// 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Old Dutch Mc Murder Flyer

While moving the rest of my stuff out of my parents house I found this flyer:

I do not remember from whom I got this flyer, but if I remember correctly I got several copies from several people. What I do know for sure is that it was made in the late 90's. The reason I still have this is plain and simple; I used it for a paper I needed to write for school. And I always kept this paper for some reasons.

Finding this brings back sweet memories, so I think I will keep it for yet another decade, haha!

The Hardline Legacy

Everybody familiar with 90's vegan straight-edge music and probably a whole lot of people into hardcore/punk in general know that there was a movement with a set of principles and belief-systems that called themselves HARDLINE. I, as a collector of hardcore music and 90's in particular, am also aware of the influence it had on that entire decade, if not to say it kickstarted it all. That's why I make this post, not because I am hardline but because I'm digging into the entire history of punk and hardcore and feel it's relevance to a huge part of the scene I'm partaking with.

Back in the primary stadium of the 90's a movement grew out of the hardcore and hardcore punk scene and was taking the most radical stance ever. This stance or ideology was formulated by Sean Muttaqi of the band VEGAN REICH. A record was made on the label that was also called hardline. You can understand that by means of making Hardcore music, adding the militant lyrics, distributing the record worldwide and especially convincing people or educating the fans a movement gets bigger. I believe expanding the believe system and bio-centric ethics was a goal as they were very militant and wanted a global change that started with the local scene. 

This edification and militant will to convince is proven by finding all these inserts along with the Vegan Reich 7":

The Hardline Manifesto

Truths For Edification

Meat / Dairy / Egg Industry Front

Meat / Dairy / Egg Industry Back

As I listen to the three records put out on Hardline Recordings, I come to the believe that band VEGAN REICH laid the foundations and made the concept of the hardline movement. That being done other bands followed but weren't so defining the hardline theory, rather making things concrete.

The second release is the STATEMENT "Prepare For Battle" 7inch. With this the music gets better. And brings a less defining message and a less diplomatic approach than Vegan Reich. The main stance is that pacifism views no longer suit.

Then the third record; RAID "Words Of War". This is the most Hardcore sounding release.

The matrix etchings are tongue in cheek:

A: You believe in violence, well I do to
B: Your's against animals, mine's against you

The music of these records seems inferior to the message they want to bring. And that's in my opinion one of the critics you can formulate against the Hardline movement. Another thing I want to say is that in my opinion the movement was too extreme, BUT maybe they needed to take an extreme stance if they wanted to make a change . They haven't succeeded in convincing everybody in the hardcore scene but they did manage to give a swing to it. The entire decade that followed people took over elements of the hardline ethics and acted to them. I mean in Europe and in the States vegan bands arose, bands that got into veganism also and represented it and took actions (direct actions, zines, manifestations, etc). So their theory didn't unify the scene but did leave a huge mark. 

Another criticism is from Ian Mackaye found on Wikipedia

The hardliners' elitist, strict, ascetic, often violent and controlling stance has often put them at odds with hardcore's "think for yourself, do what you choose" attitude. Ian MacKaye, in the second recording of ''Out Of Step'' by Minor Threat, stressed that straight edge "is not a set of rules". Hardliners have been harshly criticized for their stance on sexuality, i.e. their belief that homosexuality and bisexualty (and even masturbation, according to some hardline literature) are unnatural and therefore wrong, and their opposition to abortion.

Another thing that puzzles me is the following question: "what has music on itself  to do with veganism and hardline?" Maybe the question is solved by defining hardcore and hardcore punk as natural aggressive music. In the sense that hardliners were pretty pissed off, and that the music was an outlet for that anger. A sort of channelization of anger, hedonistic compensation for the sober life-style and maybe even a natural defense-mechanism by making loud and hard music...

Any other thoughts about this? Feel free to leave a comment.

Lastly a cult note that I found in the Vegan Reich 7":

PS: click on the pictures to make them appear bigger in your screen

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colored TESTPRESS from the Good Life Catalogue

I already mentioned that Good Life Recordings once did an exceptional run of Colored Testpresses. The amazing thing about this is not that it is a colored TESTPRESS, although colored testpresses are pretty rare and exceptional, but there were actually THREE colors of the same testpressing! I have never known a recording that has three colorvariations for the same testpress. So I'm stunned. 

Not that this is the only reason why I desired this record so much, because the record is a split between two of my favorite 90's bands. I'm talking about the CULTURE / KINDRED split LP. The music is seriously the most quality stuff ever recorded in the 90's. 

Considering all this, you can really understand why this is on my want list for a very long time.

Yellow with brown marbled vinyl

Numbered out of 24
Kindred Side
Culture Side
As you can see, the testpress comes with a regular sleeve and the only difference is the sticker, with the numbering and the GL logo on it. Also note that it says " Xgoodlife recordingsX ", suggesting that it was a straight-edge label back then.

As cool to have this is as frustrating to know that I need the other colors also and that they are even more limited that this one...

Monday, October 18, 2010

H8000 Tapes

While I made a post about the h8000 related vinyl I bought with short descriptions added, I also scored some tapes. This is because I sought for all formats, knowing there are many DIY tapes out there.
But to my happy surprise I had the chance to buy a lot of them. So here 's a nice chunk of those very nice tapes out there:

The funny thing is that I do not have a tape-deck but the day I find one that works, I will let you know everything about them.

But I can tell you which ones I obtained in a nutshell now:

ROW ABOVE (from left to right):
  1. Blindfold Live Tape from the year 1993 + their first recordings
  2. Blindfold "Asteroid 164*" (from Poland)
  3. Instinct promo tape
  4. 187 (recorded 1998)
  5. 187 (recorded 1999)
ROW UNDER (from left to right):
  1. Family Of Dog 5 song promo tape (1996)
  2. xNatural Orderx SxE militia (everything hand drawn and written, recorded 1997)
  3. Firestone / Spineless (1997)
  4. Spineless Demo tape (1996)
  5. D.S.A. (recorded @ Vortn' Vis)

Pretty sweet and mega cult to have these. Will tell you more later!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Strongarm "Atonement" LP

strongarm atonement LP green vinyl blood and ink records
I have never made a post or review of a Florida hardcore band. Well that's weird because I was really into Culture and Morning Again. It were some of the first bands I got to know from a friend.
I was really influenced by the intelligent lyrics of these bands and really tried to understand them fully. I pondered upon them all the time, wrote excerpts  on my school books and maps and discussed them with friends. But now I just have sweet memories of this, although the some parts of the lyrics still motivate me or explain things to me.
I'm telling you this because this is what Florida hardcore can do. The intelligence of the lyrics and the "psychological" and "sociological" reflective nature of them played a role in making me what I am today. A person  who thinks about interpersonal relations and influences between persons. But also purification and introspection.
Later in my life I had this phase that I could really relate to earlier Shai Hulud songs, but that was a darker and more struggling period and was just a passing phase.
Now that I have discovered this record of STRONGARM, also hailing from Florida, I can really say that this record is one of the greater records coming from the area. So heart-felt, delicate and strong at the same time, intelligent and critical, etc. I really like it a lot.
When you wouldn't know that it is Florida Hardcore at first hear, you would surely come to the conclusion that it is in the line of Poison The Well and Shai Hulud musically. Strongarm has a very Florida-representative sound.
The funny thing is that the record was recorded in 1994 and that it only now was made available on vinyl. Before that it existed only on CD and cassette by TOOTH AND NAIL records. I don't mind only getting into this now, because I can truly appreciate this and it is not to late, it is still relevant to this day. 

It is actually a christian hardcore band but I still like it even if christianity is horrifying to me. Surely those lyrics aren't preachy or catholicly inspired. The lyrics have an ethical and integer edge that's all. Which I like and have that same introspective and ethical reflection towards others that many other 90's Florida bands had...
Would be wrong of me to neglect this record despite the fact that I liked it when I first heard it and only found out later that it was a christian hardcore band. That would be narrowed minded and judgmental of me... right?

ANGST 7" mini-Review

Doing a store on LIMITED PRESSING has advantages, surely on the field of expanding your connections. I was contacted by Joe who thought I was doing a distro. He had just made a record and was eager to distribute the 7" on a larger scale. But I told him that I did not ran a distro but are a collector. And that I therefore couldn't buy this one in a wholesale.

But I did tell him I could do a small review of the new ANGST 7", because I heard it on the player in the limited pressing store and liked it. I also was surprised by his motivation in releasing records and it was the first time that I actually was contacted for a wholesale, and it opened a whole new view on being active in Hardcore for me. I mean to release record you definitely need a lot of money and the question is how to build up a reserve of money large enough to fund new releases. So he ran a distro. I also ask him to tell something about it and that's what he had to say:
I started a distro in 2008 when I was 16 purely just because I loved collecting records and loved hardcore music. It didn't take long for me to decide to start a label as there aren't really any small DIY labels doing that kinda thing in Essex (where I'm from). 
I was 17 and jobless so I started off just doing tapes because it was cheap. Buying blank tapes, copying them all in my room, photocopying the artwork and selling them. Eventually got round to putting out a CD at the end of 2009 (Unloved - Fuck This Life EP) which I was stoked to be releasing. 
Things with the label sort of had to slow down as soon as they started to speed up though as I was diagnosed with Leukemia which sort of put a hold on things. I've managed to put out my first vinyl release this year though with the help of another UK label (Purgatory Records) which was awesome and I now have another vinyl release coming in October 2010 which is split with another label called Fist In The Air records. So overall 2010 wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be for my label but things will definitely speed up again in 2011 for sure. 
I can really respect those people, who are totally DIY and truly believe in hardcore and are active in the field of hardcore.

So this is a post for Joe from Worthless Nights Records. You can read the earlier releases of the label in the Limited Pressing store, by clicking here.

But let's focus now on the release he sent me for free to review on this blog. ANGST is a band that is eclectic and inspired by nowadays American hardcore. The main influence I think is Trapped Under Ice, hearing the breakdowns the heavy slower parts and the sound of the guitars. But there are also other influences to be heard, especially when I here the metallic "melody", I think about Pulling Teeth. Really a nice addition to the sound. The vocals are pissed of and remind me of Bracewar. But what's is really remarkable is that they play also instrumental interludes.

I cant' say anything about the themes they sing about, because there isn't an insert that came with the 7". And that's a pitty, because it is than rather abstract for listeners to know what goes on in the mind of the band or vocalist. Or what message they want to bring.

Anyway the record is on colored vinyl and has a live-shot as cover:

Listen to this entirely here:
And you can buy it here:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LINK "Chapter I" LP: Neat Package

I really need to share my admiration for the packaging of this 5 song one-sided 12". The record comes with gold screened artwork on a thick black paper fold out cover. Well, see the picture to make it clear to yourself that this is awesome:

Front cover

Opened cover with lyrics printed inside of the fold-out sleeve

Back cover
Here I need to stand still by the number of organizations involved with this release. Check them out by clicking on the picture. Maybe someone needs to clarify this in a comment?

The screened B-side
Stunning isn't it. Beholding all this, I was in doubt whether to play this or not, considering all it's beauty. But I cut the rope and put on my record-player without any remorse. The music sounds well also, doomy and gloomy modern crust with melodic parts woven into it and evil female vocals. These kids really need to look out though, because such a packaging creates high expectations, but in my eyes they succeeded the test very well. Time to put this precious in my storage boxes, way to beautiful to take the risk of damaging...

Such packages have really become the trademark of the contemporary Belgian scene. Where are the times that there wasn't enough money and know-how to create these things...

I ordered this at Good Life but I know Chaos Is Ours is the label that released this. They have it on gold vinyl also. 


Black 400
Gold 100

Golden Bullet CD: 90's Metalcore In The Year 2010

I never saw Golden Bullet live and did not even know this band existed. But a few days ago I was informed by the Good Life newsletter about the existence of this. I read that these blokes came from the H8000 area and that is listening to this brought a reminder of All Out War, Congress and Length Of Time. Since I was very into this stuff in the 90's (and still actually) I needed no further push to order this.

The artwork is in the very same style of the first LOT lp. I suppose they used the same book as source or something. I totally like that kind of artwork. The style of the cover and booklet only (biblical imagery all over), hint the kind of music.
So I put it in my compact disc player and was surprised again. This music is in the very fine tradition of the late 90's metalcore sound and they play it well and restrained also with a clean recording sound.

Surprised to hear that people still make this kind of music! And that they actually know these 90's bands and that they are inspired by these. I do not know how old these people are, but who cares, I'm really inspired by their music. Listening to this creates space in my head and purifies. Brought back some mosh pit memories from when I saw Length Of Time and All Out War live also!

Is surprisingly on a label of the Netherlands, namely Crossfirecult Records.

It is still available everywhere, so if you are new to the genre and don't feel like paying to much to hear this kinda of music by buying OG stuff, I certainly recommend you this. But also if you are a fanatic of late nineties violent, dark themes and groovy, enticing metalcore riffs, you won't be let down.

Check this if you are in Belgium or in another part of the world and you want this in a special deal and for the price of a midCD:

Be quick, because it's is for a limited time only...

PS: I might go in depth for this release, but only if some people ask for it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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  3. My store on limited pressing: please read the about-section, very important!
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INTEGRITY Humanity Is The Devil 10" PINK wax

I knew Integrity from my teenage years but didn't actually own records of them. When I started collecting I mainly ordered from RevHQ and the Good Life Webstore, these were my two main sources for records. And in that period -years ago- I bought the black version of the HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL 10" at RevHQ. I really liked the cover art and it was the only vinyl record of Integrity they had in stock. So I just bought it because of that.
But I remember being disappointed when I opened the parcel, because the cover was monochrome, while the picture in the store was full color. And it didn't have an insert.  But when I played it I felt ok again. Because the music was very good to my opinion.
I also noticed the pressing info on the sleeve. It was very surprising for me because the numbers of the colors were very low. It said:

I was baffled! Because I was new to collecting and never heard of such low numbers or even pressing numbers at all. Although I also found at that moment that this turnover on a global scale was rather absurd. Later I totally forgot about this record and never played it again. Although somehow it stuck in my head because of the music (especially the vocal test) and because of that numbers.

Years later when INTEGRITY revived, I came to the conclusion that I needed a rarer color of this. I saw several copies on ebay but I never came to buying it. I was infected with the INTEGRITY collecting virus because of Marcus' posts about INTEGRITY on his blog also I guess.

So on one day I just typed in "integrity" in the ebay search bar. And all of a sudden I saw the pink waxed 10" appearing. And the price at the moment was very low, surely because Ebay Belgium is ignored by the rest of the world. So I thought that this was my chance. I made a bid, but was outbid because the auction ended at 9AM and I'm at my work then and I didn't want to make a high bid a day before the auction's end. 

But then, the seller contacted me and he said he had another copy, even more that he on one moment in his life owned four copies of this pink waxed 10". So I was very impressed and made him an offer.

A few days later, it was here:

integrity humanity is the devil 10 inch pink vinyl holy terror booklet victory records

But I really am still happy with this record, it must still be very rare. Both the drawing and the color-scheme are very beautiful.

Also the back of the cover rules:

When you read my story about that record. It is obvious that INTEGRITY always leaves a mark on me. It always touches my soul in one way or another, for good or for bad. I can't comprehend how and why they have that effect on me. I'm not a Integrity connoisseur but I know that they have an impressive route behind them and that they still have the power to touch my soul.

[edit] From what I can gather there are two presses of this:

1st press with the colored sleeve: (some of these came with a booklet, mentioning Holy Terror)
  • PINK 
  • RED 
  • BLACK 
Later press with the monochrome sleeve (as you can see on the first picture in this post)
  • Also PINK, 
  • RED
  • and BLACK

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Collecting Solely H8000 Music: VINYL

On a day, not so long ago, I decided somehow and somewhere to solely collect H8000 records. That being thought I called a lot of people who are online in Europe to sell or trade me their H8000 music on all formats by putting an add on various message-boards. This was a surprisingly cool thing to do. And the reactions I got were numerous. So here's the scoop of the vinyl I got to take in my grave:


spirit of youth 7 inch blue vinyl st abyss crucial response second press record vinyl h8000

Definitely a record with a lot of myth around it. This is actually the first vinyl release of SPIRIT OF YOUTH. And this BLUE vinyl is out of 200 and is from the second pressing. 

liar family of dog split 7 incg limited cover numbered genet records h8000

Believe it or not, but there's actually also an ultra-limited version of this record that came with this H8Zine. I didn't know that, so I was ultra grateful to the guy who sold it to me. A very cool guy who was kind enough to meet me at the railway station in Bruges. This is stamp-numbered out of 34. And as you can see, fully DIY  and probably xeroxed.

nations of fire burn again colored numbered pressing strive music red blue double 7 inch

I have this record already a longer time, but I haven't come by to post it here. Also on STRIVE MUSIC, as are the regular versions of the "Strike The Match" LP. Cool records, cold (BLUE) and warm (RED), numbered. I have never seen another version of this one. 

This is also a NATIONS ON FIRE Record. And has a very funny sleeve. It is a real envelope, that has glue on it, so that you can seal it forever, which I will not do. I saw it in a tradelist under the name "Non Smokers". So I immediately jumped on this one because I never heard of it before and since I want to know everything about NOF I bought it. 
When I opened it I realized that the release isn't totally new for me, I already had the same record but then with another cover, that was printed for a show in K-Town (at the PITS to be more precise). You can buy the one with that different and more limited cover here @ !

inside front compilation good life regression shrotsight liar congress a side 7 inch

inside front compilation good life regression shrotsight liar congress b side 7 inch

The V/A Inside Front 7" from Good Life Recordings. It features H8000 bands that were on the label in the year 1996, namely REGRESSION, SHORTSIGHT, CONGRESS and LIAR.
A record I didn't know the existence of. I learned it came with a zine. But the seller didn't want to part with it, and I respected that. On the end of the negotiations, the record came with a hateful email as a bonus. haha!

rise above st 7 inch limited cover numbered 100 copies beat it the real deal H8000 straight edge Belgium

Last but certainly not least, the LIMITED version of the first RISE ABOVE 7". Cover made by Hans, as the early readers of my blog already know. Very honored and glad to have this first SxE record of Belgium. To read everything about RISE ABOVE, just click here. This is the real magic!


spirit of youth source LP green grey gray black vinyl colors Sober Mind Records H8000 Belgium straight edge

All colors of the SPIRIT OF YOUTH Lp on SOBER MIND Records. Pretty sweet to have these. You can read further about this record here on H8000 Central. And there will come interviews with the band, whether on this blog or for the H8000 Book. I'd rather do it for the book actually...

spirit of youth one king down lp test press good life recordings 1998

Another SOY record. Actually a testpress, that you can snatch on CD also here... A very inspiring split between two influential labels from the nineties; GOOD LIFE and EQUAL VISION. Two bands from different continents united for one time only.
This testpress is numbered, and is very cool to have, it is my first and only TESTPRESS I own from Good Life Recordings.

nations on fire death of the pro lifer LP genet records belgium H8000

Then comes another NATIONS ON FIRE record, from an antipode straight to my collection. I already got the CD as a gift from Edward but I figured I needed the vinyl version also and I'm glad I did, because there is, as on the CD, a discography of NOF on it. And it almost compliments the discography on the CD. I mean  there are other records mentioned on it.
That aside, a delicate matter is discussed on this record, which is also the fare-well release of the band. The vinyl version is on GENET RECORDS and the CD version on CONQUER THE WORLD.

spineless a talk LP purple vinyl limited sober mind records

Holy Grail! The most limited version of the SPINELESS full length. The copy I have is warped, but they weren't made to play, so I can live with it. I see there's also some other wax in it. And I have a great assumption that the transitional copies of this baby must be very, very beautiful. I reviewed this one here.

Liar deathrow earth LP limited Thor cover Good Life recordings

Another Holy Grail. But this time not made by SMR but by Ed Good Life. This is the limited THOR COVER edition of LIAR's most dark output, DEATHROW EARTH. As with other records, I never thought I'd find this one. I paid a lot for this baby but don't regret a penny... Read here on H8000 Central.

congress angry with the sun LP pink vinyl good life h8000

Another limited version of a record. This is the PINK waxed "Angry With The Sun" LP on GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS. I really like the coverart of this one. Still available straight from the label as a picture disc also... just go here.

congress ressurection LP clear vinyl eye spy records good life license

And then a one of a kind version of the final CONGRESS LP, "Resurrection". Not on Good Life anymore, but on Eye Spy Records.

Numbered on the vinyl label!

This is it for the vinyl, will post the CD's, DVD and TAPES I got also. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NATIONS ON FIRE's first LP: Pressing Details

This post is created for showing the differences between the Regular and the Spanish version of the first Nations On Fire LP. The English one, called "STRIKE THE MATCH" and the Spanish version called "ENCIENDE LA MECHA". Although it is called the Spanish version, it is actually the BILINGUAL version. Because only the language of the cover is Spanish, the rest (insert and back cover are English and Spanish).
To my surprise the vinyl-labels of the LP's aren't the same, neither are the record-companies who are mentioned on the back-cover. In words a bit abstract so I got these babies out of the collection and sealed vinyl sleeves to take some pictures off all this:

nations on fire enciende la mecha LP resistencia sin drogas spanish pressing
Fobia Records Label and the Spanish translation of "Drug Free Resistance"

A-side label of the black pressing

Colored press A-side Label

So you can conclude that only the Spanish version has a different label, and that despite the different presses of the regular black and the limited colored repress, the labels are identical.

But also the B-side vinyl labels are different; so here's another scoop:

Almost the same as the Other side, but then in English and with  Warehouse Records instead of cooperating Spanish label.

A picture of a soundguy called Donnell

The same picture of the soundguy appears on the limited edition also
So far for the vinyl-labels. Let's head over to the back of the LP jacket:

(Please click on the picture to make it bigger) You clearly see the difference between the Bilingual and the Strive Music press. The appearance of the Spanish song titles and the English titles in a smaller case.

here's zoom in on the recordcompanies taking care of the record. X-mist probably did the distribution and the labels who made the records were the one in the middle; FOBIA RECORDS and the right; WAREHOUSE RECORDS. 

And to be complete, the both covers:

nations on fire enciende la mecha LP spanish press cover

Note that the black Strive Music press, hasn't got a sticker on the cover

There's also a small text on the Spanish version that isn't on the "Regular" version:

The insert is also Bilingual:

English Lyrics, but the rest in Spanish

Spanish Lyrics
I had to check the matrixes of both Strive Music presses, in order to control Discogs if they are right or not about the assertion that the Limited Edition is a different press than the black. But both matrix etchings are completely the same:

STR-02-A  G.P.
So since everything; the vinyl-labels, the printed dustsleeve, the covers (except for the limited edition sticker) and the matrix etchings are the same, I come to the conclusion that Discogs is wrong! Unless someone out there gives me counter-arguments!

So there are only two pressings of this: STRIVE MUSIC pressing and FOBIA/WAREHOUSE pressing!