Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AmenRa Prayers 09 - 10 LP

One day I received a phone-call from a fellow collector with whom I traded several times and met in person also. He knew that I was looking for the vinyl version of the AmenRa Prayers 09 -10 LP. He was kind enough to let me know that all of a sudden the label was taking pre-orders for legendary and highly sought after LP again. So I realized I needed to act. But at the time of receiving the phone-call my internet connection was down. I called him back to ask if he could contact the label with the question of putting one aside for me, because the label limited the purchases of one per customer. And so it happened.

The new pre-orders of the record had multiple versions and were sold out within a day or so. I didn't get the chance to buy the most limited version but still this is one of the most interesting DIY made LP's I've ever seen. And the record has the most beautiful AmenRa songs I've heard so far. So I'm very glad to have it.

On the B-side of the record there is screenprinted a beast. The funny thing about that is; the screenprint is done on a side of the record that WAS actually able to be played. As you can notice from the grooves.

Print on grooved vinyl

The pressing info is actually very complex. The first press of the record has a CLEAR version also.

I THINK the label had some LP's left and suddenly decided to make another run of versions. I don't think they let repress the vinyl because the turnover was to small.

Well, who knows and who will let know??? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CONGRESS Collection Update


congress discography collection blackened persistance the other cheek ressurection stake through the heart LP CD 7 inch Euridium colored vinyl

Will be making a discography soon! Compilations will be included !

Coming next is SEKTOR and NATIONS ON FIRE Collections !

BLINDFOLD Collection Update


blindfold discography photo collection restrain the thought vortn vis asteroid world of fools sober mind meditation LP CD 7 inch

Check out the popular Discography post also here !

RAID "Above The Law" LP

I noticed the huge interest in my hardline legacy post on a Portuguese messageboard, well I like their legacy too and also think it is very inspiring. So that’s why I make this post.

Let’s start with the find; I saw this LP on ebay and it was  the first time I got a hint of its existence and I even thought I had every hardline records release. Well the contrary was true, so I really wanted it because I find this very intriguing. But It wasn’t a good time to buy it, but I know a good guy who had it and made him an offer. So here it is, RAID “Above The Law” LP:

raid above the law LP vinyl hardline records vegan straight edge

The LP is actually a compilation LP from several recording sessions over a time-span of 3 years, starting in 1989. This LP also has a CD version as I recently discovered.

The music is for it’s time very hard, if not to say it is the hardest stuff coming from the early nineties. I like the music a lot as I said before in the first hardline post. Raid don’t sound old as Vegan Reich and Statement might do. 

As I told you before there is a necessary trend in hardcore to make music harder and harder. Well, these guys were ahead of their game. And many bands followed. Hearing this makes many pieces of the puzzle come together. The music is raw and energetic and is the closest to hardcore as I knew it in the late nineties. . If you want to understand 90’s hardcore you really need this. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

But a sidenote I really need to say that this originated in the USA and that European bands only followed . Many things originate in the States and it has always been like this in modern times, but it is mainly Europe who is associated with vegan staright-edge. Well, probably because it lasted longer over here.

But I’m drifting away from the review. The lyrics are really clear and to the point. Let’s run them over in chronological order:


The song "liberation" is probably the most foundational song. And hits the core of what they are trying to achieve. Liberation of the mind through self discipline and edification as the answer. 
But I doubt these two elements; first of all, liberty is a state of mind. Whether you are a working class person, you can feel free but another person would not feel free in the same situation. So liberty is a personal thing. They somehow connect self discipline to liberty. This is because of their vision that needs a lot of self discipline. They have challenged themselves with their goals and do everything within possibility to reach those goals of an animal free diet and drug free living.
Secondly, edification always brings answers therefore it is education. If it wouldn't then why would you read or learn and study? So this is rather a cliché. 
But what I do justify is the denial of pleasing the senses to become prosperous. But they do make hardcore music which is to an extent a pleasing of the aural senses. I said it before, their music is a compensation for the sober lifestyle.

The second earlier song is called "Overcome". This is kinda the most sensitive song. They realize that they got dictated by wrong, treated as fools. The wrong told them what's right. They got influenced and they regret it, but they will overcome. I will overcome, we will overcome! Again they feel chained by things not pure of heart and not strong of soul. They will break free. They speak words of hope to the listeners of their songs. This sensitive song is the last one on the LP.


And then a song about abortion. They are against it; they find it too convenient to do. Therefore the title "Convenience".

Also the songs "A Craving", "Cultured Sadism", "Unleashed" and "Words Of War" are from the 1990 recording session. Songs about eating animals, mankind as the most sadistic species on earth and the fact the are unleashed.

The least interesting session in my opinion. Because the lyrics aren't rational enough but rather factual. 

As you will read, the last recording session (1991) is the most rational approach to their ethics. They got more abstract because they needed to I think. They are also the more mature songs, but probably also their final songs. Anyway, this is how I interpret them:


In the first song “Blood Green” they make a switch, they turn around things a 180 degrees. Nature is considered the thing to tame and control, well they say that it is humanity who needs to be controlled instead. To use more difficult words, we must go from anthropocentricity to eco-centricity. Because mankind is the cancer of the planet.

The next three songs seems to contain a existential process:

The title-track is called "
Above The Law". This new set of ethics and struggle for protection of innocent life is really typifies the movement. They aren’t considered above the law by the settled institutions but in the local circles they are, because of the new set of ethics. This ethical superiority sets them above the law. And they try to start with the local scene as a cornerstone for their movement. But do have the ambition to conquer the world.

Well, in the following song “
Curse Of Empathy” they realize that their compassion and empathy for innocent life puts them in a martyr position that’s very similar to stories the majority of western civilization is nurtured with. This mechanism of violate what’s different or what changes the ethics is really embedded in western society. As already happened with the Martyr, you all know.  This is the curse as they call it. They say that in modern society after the hippies and the world wars they have rights, such as freedom of expression but also the right to change the ethics. But somehow this is and has always been violated by the masses in the beginning.

And they respond to this with aggression, they want to revenge those who violate another beings rights by giving the same in return. “Under the axe” is the song that expresses that aggression. ‘Eye for an eye’ ethics is what is defended here.

Get the logic?

Another aspect is of course the drugs that are used. “
Your warning” is pinpointing the confining freedom when you use drugs. You think you are free but it’s actually the drugs who are free within you. The take over your actions, thoughts and behavior.

CONCLUSION: Hearing and reading this, really made me understand 90's hardcore better. Even h8000 hardcore to an extent. I think this was really influential for bands like ExC, Congress, Liar, Morning Again etc. Not that I unify those bands but I think they knew and heard this too. 
I dare even say that modern European hardcore, like Nasty is rooted is this hard mindset. Like I mentioned before in the Aggression album review. Also the new level of hardness that is reached reminds me of this album. These are the repercussions of that movement in an abstract way and approximately 20 years later with a different set of ethics. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Your Opinion Matters: 2 POLLS

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The questions say it all... Let's go !


More 'One Of A Kind' Good Life LP's

I check the rare section of the GOOD LIFE Webstore regularly in order to read the object descriptions and to check if there's anything new. Well, the following LP's have been a tease for a very long time. So I decided to finally buy them and add them to my other uniquely colored GL-releases. I already shared my first one of a kind LP's from the label in a previous post.

The first one I bought is the one of a kind result of the transition between clear wax and red wax:

broken promises LP clear red vinyl good life recordings one of a kind transitional

It came out very nice vinyl-wise in my opinion. This one is indisputably a ONE OF A KIND. As isn't the case with the following LP. This pressing of the STATECRAFT Lp on green has more copies on green, don't know exactly how many, BUT there is indeed some BLUE in it, also slight YELLOW streaks. Check for yourself:

statecraft to celebrate the forlorn seasons LP green vinyl good life recordings

If you look at it from a detailed point of view, this is indeed a unique copy but it isn't that outspoken enough I think. There are sources that say that in order to speak of a One Of A Kind, it needs to be at least 50% different in wax proportions than the other copies. 

But anyway glad to add this to my other Good Life releases in my growing collection of them. If you want to check those other One Of A Kinds, just go here...

And a merry Christmas to everybody who reads my blog, your readership is much appreciated and I hope my effort I put in this too!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Records, Money and Ethics !

I think collecting nowadays seems to be confused with making easy money. Some people aren't real and see collecting as a way of making that easy money. Take HAVE HEART for example. What a hype the new live LP was, everybody wanted to have it. As is the case with their debut LP "The Things We Carry". Luckily Bridge Nine keeps pressing these because the prices of this one got sky-high in just a few years. Makes people believe that they really need this record because they think that prices will stay increasing in the same trend, I think.

That's just a shame because TTWC really is a very good record that seems to get confused with a good investment. Anyway I look at this different, because even if you have a CHUNG KING in your possession what the hell can you do with it outside the world of punk. At it's highest you can live two months without having to work, but after that you are a dead man, to scratch a living of streets.

I believe there's a thin line between doing something for hardcore and making money. That line is very very thin and many people can't deal with that vagueness. Or they got ripped off and decide to do exactly the same to another person that has nothing to do with that other deal they got ripped off on.

I think collecting is all about communication. If you got ripped off, you really need to address the one that's ripping you off and not absorb it to later shake it off your back by by ripping someone else off. And the one that fails to keep the trust in trading really needs to think twice, because it's very selfish to do so. At least have the heart to make a difference and to keep the trust in selling, trading and collecting. And work like you don't need the money.

If you decide to rip me off, well fine. You'll get it back twice as hard whether by me or by someone else...

At least I keep the faith!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: SEKTOR Human Spots Of Rust LP (H8000)

Glad to be making another H8000 post! Today's entry is about one LP I got. Namely SEKTOR "Human Spots Of Rust" on PINK, with this addition I've completed my Sektor collection.

sektor human spots of rust LP pink vinyl numbered sober mind records

As witty readers can see, the sleeve of this record has the same picture as the OUTSPOKEN Lp on New Age Records. Just more zoomed out. I would like to know why they did this. Anyone?

The record is numbered out of 95 on the dustsleeve, while mostly Hans numbered his records on the vinyl-label.

It's also a one of kind item to an extent, because there's black in it. Seeing this makes me believe there are copies with more black in it.

SOBER MIND Records usually had two different covers for the LP vs CD version. As is the case for this one. 

sektor human spots of rust cover cd version sober mind records
CD artwork

Sektor is one of the darkest and purest H8000 bands. The music hits you hard. And takes you on a journey through the deepest and darkest corners of mind and soul. The beating drums woven with metallic riffs go right through you. When you listen to this you want to escape the morbid sound and you never forget the feel of being on the thin line between life and death.  

You feel your heartbeat yet slow death is immanent. You can trust no one is this darkness that surrounds you every day. Moral, ecological and sociological decay is observed, they say fuck off by this to everyone. They observe death as they go through life, nothing but death. The only thing that's constant and the only thing you can rely on is your heartbeat, it is the only thing that keeps you alive. 

Because your world and the actions you take are transitory and brings nothing but death, SEKTOR really wants to stay pure and away from all that filth that's found inside humanity. Filth (or rust upon humanity), such as betrayal, superficial love, money, greed and of course drugs and meat are rejected. They keep it at bay and just observe the rest and seek refuge in their own place with their own rules, symbolized as their church or chapel. Realizing every action will be be in vein and the only thing you can save, believe in and trust in is yourself.

The music they make is of course a mirror for the death humanity brings to nature and themselves. And the realization of all this. These insights aren't that fun to have and drive you in isolation. But they started with themselves and purified their souls and actions towards other living beings and had created their own circles to live in. And stay pure by their fuck off attitude towards the rest, being vegan and being straight-edge!

CONCLUSION: These ethics of absolute inner purification and the feel of death around them have shaped SEKTOR to what they are and to what music they make. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Powered Records Collection Is Growing

Recently I picked up the rarest version of the LOUD AND CLEAR Lp on Powered Records:

loud and clear LP limited cover blue lettering powered records

This one has an alternate sleeve with the band name in BLUE instead of RED. And is printed on thick foldout paper. Also numbered out of 45 and has a stamp on the dust-sleeve:

loud and clear LP limited final pressing cover powered records

I really like those little details that Powered Records has an eye for.

Another version is also cool to have; the LIGHT THE FUSE fest version. Powered ordered an exclusive color from the pressing plant to sell on that fest, namely CLEAR!

loud and clear LP clear vinyl light the fuse festival pressing

They also put a stamp on the dust-sleeve like they regularly do. But this time the stamp looks boring but is informative though:

Bandname, edition name, numbering and web address

I do not know why POWERED RECORDS seems defunct now, I regret it though.

Another sweet thing is that these records are mint, because I got them from the label and from a friend of the band. Will store them safely. Which isn't easy, because the final press sleeve is as I told thick paper, but could easily be caught up with ringwear after a few years. That why I came up with a solution:

  1. Separate the vinyl with dust-sleeve from the record sleeve
  2. Put the vinyl with dust-sleeve in a empty leftover LP jacket 
  3. Put the record sleeve and now full LP jacket in a plastic protective sleeve
  4. Put the whole in a sealed plastic LP box
I guess it can't rest more safely than that...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REAPER RECORDS Random Recent Record Scores

I recently gladly updated my Reaper Records collection. I'm always down to buy records from REAPER RECORDS but they are hard to find and are growing rare quite fast, add to this that I'm in Europe so you get the picture. A thing I like about Reaper Records, besides the real hardcore level, is that the prices aren't pumped up on ebay.

I think some American labels and bands are financially over-rated and responded to subjectively on ebay. Take Converge and Ceremony vinyl for instance; when a record of these bands gets released on put on ebay people jumped all over it and prices are pumped up. I don't get excited by all this in contrast too many other collectors. But then I do get excited over REAPER RECORDS releases and jump all over them. I'm lucky I get excited over these, because it's a minority and prices stay objective... and that's why I win them. Get what I mean?

Over to the TRAPPED UNDER ICE "Stay Cold" first press rarities:

trapped unde ice stay cold blue vinyl record release version 7 inch

Believe it or not, there are only 50 of these made for the release show.

Numbered on the back

Another one I already had but sold it because the condition could be better.

This is the pre-order version:

trapped under ice stay cold dan higgs cover pre order color vinyl 7 inch

I really like the artwork from Dan Higgs. This one is more common; 227 made.

As a sidenote, I'm missing two other versions that were sold on SOUND & FURY and another festival in the USA. Very rare one, not more than 25 made each... Not mentioned on the pressing info page.

Next up are these two rarer version of the FORFEIT "Visions" 7 inch. I have never featured this one on my blog, but I did the LP. The weird thing about this one is that I somehow predicted after hearing this that they wouldn't last long. Well, I thought I was wrong but because they released an LP. But a short while after that release, they actually did break up,...

Here's what I got:

forfeit visions record release version reaper records vinyl 7 inch
See the flyer that came with the record on the right side.

forfeit visions 7 inch pre order version numbered reaper records vinyl 7 inch

The last time I saw this was short after the release on ebay. But recently I had the chance to buy them both at once, so I did!
An interesting fact is that there also a tourpress that isn't on the pressing info page from REAPER RECORDS.

And many thanks to the seller who waited more than three weeks, and had faith in me when I said I would pay for them... We both kept faith !!!


CRO-MAGS Age Of Quarrel LP Reissue! Pre-Order

After all these years of being out of press on vinyl, MIGHTIER THAN SWORD will be making the debut album reissue of the NYHC initiators CRO-MAGS!

Yes, I'm talking about the AGE OF QUARREL Lp from 1986. There will be three colors available, 1000 copies in total. The jacket will be gatefold and the vinyl 180 grams!

Read more here:

Mightier Than Sword has also made the wise decision to use Limited Pressing as the framework for their store. And will be exceptionally shipping these to the whole world, instead of US and Canada only.

Pre-orders will launch December 10th, 12 pm noon EST. If I'm correct, this is 6 hours later in Central European Time (GMT +1).

Go to the store and be quick:

If you need to know what the will cost you; it will be $20 each LP.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's totally cool when you think you got all colors of an LP and then you find out that there are more colors out there. As is the case with the LIAR 'Invictus' LP on Genet Records.

But what you could know when you hear that there are transitional colors of this record, keeping in mind that there is a blue and a yellow orangish version, the transitional color must be green! That's basic color-wheel knowledge.

liar invictus LP genet records green vinyl color transitional H8000

So I needed no further arguments to believe the seller in which he said that this is a transitional, while not having it heard confirmed by Hans Liar or Genet Records.

I needed this record to keep my collection up to date, but I can't complete it because someone, that I won't name, has a multi-color copy of the Invictus LP that is out of 1!

Because the wax colors weren't completely mixed together, you can see the remains of the blue and the dark yellow / orange in the wax! Pretty neat if you ask me... Keeps things interesting !

I already reviewed this record, looking back on it I realize this review wasn't such a great one, but well, nobody's perfect! I also added pictures of the other colors to the review! Check here.

Nations On Fire & Congress Demo tapes (OG H8000)

In the world of collecting H8000 music and related stuff - which is mainly territorially limited to Belgian people - there is a lot of myth surrounding the financial worth of the CD's, LP's and especially the demo tapes. So what do you need to offer for those tapes was the question in the process of obtaining these.

Another fact is that the H8000 stuff owners aren't eager to sell their babies, whether it is a vinyl or a tape release, they don't really care that much about selling. The result is that this stuff really doesn't pop up that much even if you live in the H8000 area. 

But anyways it took a whole lot of effort to obtain the demo tapes I mentioned in the title of the post. Anyway here they are, safely in my bedroom stored and loved:

It took a three days of negotiating to get something done and agreed!

Please be aware of the fact that within the circles of H8000 collectors these tapes are more desired than the vinyl. Those tapes are not more worth in cash but are actually the real deal in these circles. I can understand that and think that a band in it's most primary, angry, generative state is indeed well worth of checking having and that that these tapes are very, very rare!

That Congress demo tape you see is the first press out of 50, I'm told. From that Nations On Fire demo tape, I'm not aware of how rare it is. 

What I was thinking is that by not selling H8000 stuff, people tend to give up on wanting H8000 stuff. But a logical consequence is that it can sink into oblivion by that attitude. So I thought I'd ebay some of my CD's and vinyl doubles but in the process of selling these, really in the last efforts, I gave up on it. I put a lot of effort in describing, listing and putting these alphabetically and with time-intervals online at the ebay site. But then after a few days of auctioning I decided to keep the music CD's because I'm really attached to them. I just couldn't do it. 

Another reason why I had the intention to sell these CD's and vinyl doubles was that I actually went totally broke this month, I experienced such financial hardship due to troubles with my employment as swimming pool lifeguard - technician. Totally unexpected as that was I didn't get my money as embodied in a paycheck so that I couldn't pay for the things I won on ebay. Dependent as that made me from the mercy of the seller, I did got grace and he waited almost 4 weeks to get paid for his auctions. Now I'm partly recovered from the financial setback, that's why I sold records in my store and somewhere else also.

So the people who bought my records kept me alive, thanks, I'm grateful! I did learn a very great lesson though, I really need to rethink my collecting habits and maybe going to shows now and then to get the feel of a band... And then maybe I can more say good bye to certain records by selling them!