Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weird HAVE HEART 10.17.09 LP !

Question! Is this *SOILD* wax or is this CLEAR wax. According to the Bridge Nine discography the red version is solid. Check for yourself here.

BUT considering there is a clear version also, this could be a TRANSITIONAL version right?

Somebody release me from my suffering and tell me how your red version looks like...


My 200th post is about a recent discovery I did. Namely the assumption that the PROJECT X 7" on BRIDGE NINE has transitional copies in the first pressing

The reasoning is as follows: there is first of all the WHITE that came numbered with the book. And the other copies are black. This is in short the first press.

Well recently I ordered a gray copy and I got a black which I considered a first press, because there is no 2 mentioned with the catalogue number. Happy as that made me because I was actually only lacking this version.

But then I realized that it was actually white AND black in the first press, so that this actually is TRANSITIONAL copy or a rare pressing error of the latest (4th) gray pressing.

If you do not believe me here is the proof in the vinyl scans:

Very good to know isn't it? 

Check this: http://www.bridge9.com/disco/46

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

H8000 Book needs your kind help !

Join Hans in his blackened persistence to reveal and capture the true spirit of the H8000 Crew and it's rich history, by submitting your experiences and informations on FACEBOOK:


Your help is much appreciated !

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congress Discography

As I am humble in my ambition, I do not claim this is the one and only truth. But I think it comes pretty close to that.


The discography sprouts from the knowledge found on these sites:


Also from the Good Life pressing info sheets:

Good Life Pressing Info Sheets #1, #2, #3, #4

But also from my own knowledge I obtained while collecting CONGRESS Records!

Flanders Fury

So the discography is an aggregator of above mentioned sites! I figured this needed to be bundled all in one page!

If you have something to add or correct please contact me here.


   •Format : Tape
      • Pressing info :
         o 1st press (50 made)
         o 2nd press (+ live performance, 100 made by band)
   • Tracks appear on “The Other Cheek” LP / CD also


Euridium (Warehouse Records)
   • Format 7” (3 songs)
      o 1st press
          Record release (different cover: #’d out of 125)
          Regular pressing: black vinyl 980 made
          Limited color: RED, 20 made
      o 2nd press: PURPLE 1000 made
      o 3rd press: BROWN 1000 made

   • Format CD (mini) (4 songs)
     o 1st press: cardboard cover
     o later presses: jewel case



Blackened Persistence (Good Life Recordings)

   • LP version

      o Black (standard press, 950 made)
      o Green (+/- 100made)
      o Blue (+/- 50made)

   • CD version
      o 1st press 4000 made

      o 2nd press (with bonus video’s) 1997



The Other Cheek (with demo tracks) (Good Life Recordings)

   • LP version:
      o Black (standard press)
      o Orange (100 - 300 made)

   • CD version


V/A The Good Life vol. 01

LP / CD (1000 made on each format)





split with DEFORMITY (Good Life Recordings)

   • 7” only:

CLEAR wax (??? made)
BLUE wax (??? made)
RED wax (??? made)


Angry With The Sun (Good Life Recordings)
   • LP version
      o Picture Disc: 900 - 1000 made
      o Colored vinyl:
          Pink 500 made (known as “red”)
   • CD:
      o Jewel case version 2000 made
      o Limited digipack version 1000 made


V/A H8000 Hardcore Vol. 01 

   • Labels: Genet ad Sober Mind Records

   • LP: 100 green (#'d) , 400 black

   • CD: 1000 made

   • song: "Mouthafter"

V/A Good Life vol. 02
   • CD
   • TAPE



Split with MINDSNARE

CD only (Trial And Error Records, Australia)

V/A Eulogy & Good Life Recordings sampler



Stake Through The Heart (Good Life Recordings)

   • LP version
      o Black regular pressing
      o White vinyl (limited 100 to 200 made)
   • CD version

V/A Good Life vol. 04

   • LP version:

      o RED (200 made)
      o Yellow (??? made)
      o Black (??? made)

   • CD version


split with LIAR: (Pyro Records)

   7” only: 500 made (9 testpressings)


   • LP version (Eyespy Records)
      o Black 400
      o Clear ( #’d / 137)

• CD version (different cover!) (Good Life Recordings)


V/A Good Life Vol. 05
CD Only

The Legacy (Good Life Recordings)
   • CD only



V/A We Shall Fight In The Streets

   • 7" only (Area 51 Records)

      • song "Acoustic Life" ( so somewhere around 1997)
      • other bands: INTEGRITY / CATHARSIS / BACKLASH

V/A Vortn Vis Hardcore Festival 1998

Format: CD only
Label: Genet Records
Release year: +/- 2000
Song: "Stompbox"

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Upcoming (H)8000 Content

Soon I will be making a post about two zines I got from someone I traded with as a gift. I almost finished reading them and it are really interesting and enjoyable zines.

In this way I also want to say thanks to the person I traded with for keeping them in such good shape and for giving them to me! Thanks a lot.

The first zine called SUPERFLUOUS is the oldest and is from the pre-h8000 time, when they labelled themselves as 8000 crew and is MADE BY HAZEL of RISE ABOVE. Very cool and interesting zine done in November 1993.
Features a report of the famous 1993 summer tour of Blindfold and Shortsight. But also a European tour report of Nations On Fire.
And a short section about the new formed 8000 crew band Congress!

Another zine I got is one that I'd like to have all issues of, namely the famous H8Zine. This issue the third one and has interview with RINGWORM, H8000 show reviews, dance pit moves, interview with RANCOR & an interview with NY's Merauder.

Another thing I'd like to say about this is that all the H8Zines will be compiled in a nice book. You can read further about this on H8000 Central. I'm very glad they took the initiative to republish all zines because they original ones have gotten mega rare and hard to find. Believe me they are !!!

The zine compilation will be normally be available at the Ieper Winterfest.

If you want to read about the final H8Zine that came with the split 7" of LIAR and Family of Dog, you can do it here, because I already did a post on this a year and a half ago.

H8 Zine #5 Part 1

H8 Zine #5 Part 2

Another thing that I'm planning to do is write something about these 8000 band demo's on Warehouse Records:

So subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss out!