Friday, February 25, 2011

Other version of the CRO-MAGS reissue LP

In addition to my previous post about the same record, I'd like to say that I received my other version of the record. This one is limited out of 400 and has a totally cool look when held towards the light:

When you look at the record laying on the dustsleeve it looks like a black copy:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Help me out With AmenRa MASS II Pressing info

I really want to build up a decent post with the pressing info of the AMENRA Prayers 09-10 LP. But since the label doesn't want to cooperate, I do it this way. My question now is if you have any information about this release on GRAVE ESCAPE Records or even pictures please hit me up here in the comments or my email.

So far me and a fellow collector have this information available:

We think that the record was pressed only once on CLEAR and on BLACK vinyl by the pressing plant. BUT that the label, who screenprinted the record, did it in several release rounds. These release rounds differ from each other because of the dates and places where the record was released. AND also because of the several art-prints and sleeves.

2004: 1st release round

  • CLEAR vinyl

+ unique BLACK screenprint: namely Bird-beast with RA logo underneath 

Bird with RA logo screen print
The sleeve is also unique and was numbered out of 100

Sleeve for CLEAR vinyl version: Band logo + graveyard print

  • BLACK vinyl
    • Cross screenprint in RED (TOURPRESS, 100 made and numbered)
    • Regular black copies with NO screenprint but same sleeve and not numbered

2010: final release round

  • Restpressing: no sceenprint, just blank labels (like a testpress)
    • Vinyl:
    • Sleeve: unknown
  • Red Cross (like tourpress copies)
    • vinyl:
RED cross print cfr. tourpress

    • Sleeve: unknown
  • Black beast (similar to clear wax version, but no "RA" logo underneath this time)
    • Vinyl:
    Bird-beast but no RA logo
    • Sleeve: new artwork (combination of toursleeve "bird on cross" and "graveyard" sleeve from the first release round)
Graveyard + bird on cross sleeve

This is what I think it is for now, if you have pictures of your record or sleeves that aren't mentioned here, hit me up by email. Or even exact pressing info,it would be very much appreciated!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Cool Parcel Straight From Japan (Stormcore - KDS crew Content)

Today the mailman woke me up for delivering a nice parcel straight from the land of the Rising Sun, JAPAN! I scored some records I was searching for a long time.

The first one is the very, very rare color version of the first STORMCORE 7" called In For The Kill.

stormcore in for the kill 7 inch color blue black splatter vinyl Mad Mob records kds france
Color version out of 50 only !
stormcore in for the kill 7 inch color green brown split vinyl Mad Mob records kds france
Probably even more rare color

As you know, classic European hardcore records aren't that easy to find, because kids or older collectors aren't eager to sell their stuff and even less eager to put them on ebay. So I never thought I'd find the color version of this release that I knew to be out of 50 copies only. Check this page to view the pressing info of this 7" on Mad Mob Records. One record erased from my want-list!

And then another release of STORMCORE, their second 7" RENNES IN BLOOD! This isn't a typical hardcore record though. They bring an ultra brutal cover of SLAYER's Rain In Blood, for which they altered the title; RENNES IN BLOOD. Besides that the hard songs flow over in an ambient atmospheric sound. Weird but very cool to hear.

Not from the parcel but from from my first records is this one:

Stormcore / Krutch split 7"

What you've seen here is there total vinyl output. Nothing more than two seveninches! I was looking a long time for this 7" also, from right when I started collecting. I really wanted this because back in the late nineties I used to mosh hard in my sisters bedroom on the music of this release. I got it from a friend but had to give it back ofcourse. I used to mosh in my sisters bedroom because she had a pick-up, but I didn't. Sweet memories for sure when I hear this again!

Anyway other record that was on my wantlist was this split LP between SPIRIT OF YOUTH and ONE KING DOWN on Good Life Recordings. Since I collect Good Life releases from the 90's I needed this one. The most nice thing about it is the condition, easily graded as perfect, Mint condition. Just like the records I got from Edward (CEO of Good Life), in perfect shape. Sweet!!

spirit of youth one king down LP clear vinyl nyhc h8000
CLEAR Wax out of 300 made
The final record is the CIV full length, I got it for a bargain price from the same seller. Not on BLUE wax, but who cares; I'm currently not that much of a Revelation collector. So this is a copy to listen to, since the seam is split.

Another sweet detail is that the seller loves everything H8000 and Kindred. Look what he wrote in the box:

Anyway, parcel with records sweet enough to make this post about it!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TAKE OFFENSE "Tables Will Turn" LP

Reaper Records newest release is one that sticks to the roots of hardcore. TAKE OFFENSE is a refreshing breeze in the field of ever changing and mutating hardcore. Not by changing along I think but by playing it still raw, urgent and hard. You may say that all this is passé but not when you hear this new album. They stay original while staying true.
You might think that it will bore you these classic hardcore ingredients and that you've had enough of this, but this band still manages to intrigue me when I hear this again and again. The question now is; why or how? Well, I think this raw and minimalist approach to sound along with the heartfelt vocals that remind me of Supertouch sometimes and the melodic guitar parts and heaviness that reminds me of Judge still does it in my opinion. I might seem traditionalist but this is really energetic and pur sang, that's why I still like it!

Lyrically this band realizes that there are many paths you might take in life, many decisions need to be taken. This realization makes you powerful but can also make you doubt your potential. But they do it with self-reflection and criticism towards others, these two inner-constitutions seem to pave their path. Not that it leeds to complete freedom, another utopia that no one can linger in or realize to the fullest.

take offense tables will turn LP yellow vinyl reaper records
Yellow with red and white marbled vinyl

take offense tables will turn LP purple vinyl chula vista hardcore reaper records
Black with red and white marbled vinyl

While the label decided not to tell the colors before they got sold and that both colors are out of 200 copies only. Makes things less exiting, although it is good that the pre-sale color is equally limited as the regular color for once. But this makes me wonder if there is another color out of 100 (just to be out of 500 in total)?

Anyway I think the vinyl colors worked out very fine and that it provides me hope when I hear this band, real hardcore still exists and truly lives!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Official CRO-MAGS Reissue LP

It's finally here and it's everything I expected it to be. This records has been getting the treatment it deserves finally. After all those crappy bootlegs out there or damaged OG's I've seen around, I'm quite happy that Mightier Than Sword Records has taken it's responsibility.

CRO-MAGS "Age Of Quarrel" Reissue
The record also comes on black vinyl and red with black swirl vinyl. And it's heavy 180 grams vinyl pressed in Belgium.

Lyrics printed inside Gatefold cover
Yeah that's right finally not having to browse the web for the lyrics, because they now come on the inside of the gatefold sleeve.

With printed inner sleeve

Anyway, you can still order this record straight from the label:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trapped Under Ice STAY COLD: another rare version!

Time again for a record coming from the REAPER! In this post I will show and comment a rarer version of a less recent Reaper Records release. The THIS IS HARDCORE 2010 edition of the STAY COLD 7" from Trapped Under Ice.

So here's the front cover of the THIS IS HARDCORE festival edition of the Trapped Under Ice "Stay Cold" 7". The cover is totally inspired on or ripped from the official BALTIMORE Maryland flag, as you can see the proof of here on Wikipedia. Yep, Baltimore is the city where Trapped Under Ice hail from.

trapped under ice 7 inch this is hardcore 2010 edition version stay cold reaper records

Just when I thought the pressing of the STAY COLD 7" is finished they bring out another version. Luckily for  some (like me who have it) but unluckily for others this one is very limited. The number pressed is not known, so I will ask Patrick from REAPER RECORDS to set loose this info. Although people tell me it's out of 50, I will have to have a confirmation of this...

And this is what's surprisingly on the back of the cover. While it is a clean picture it is full of suggestion though! haha! If I think further about this I wonder why "This Is Hardcore" is written on that picture? Would people be into hardcore for the girls? Or is this just a coincidence?

Well anyway, the record comes on colored vinyl (the light blue from the fourth pressing) also and has the regular cover beneath the festival cover. It also has a stamp in red ink and KOTF sticker on the inside.

So I'm only missing the SOUND AND FURY 2010 (that is the festival on the other side of the country). What I do know is that these pressings are full of humor and that the S&F version is even funny.

But what I do hope is that they stop pressing this record now, because I'm becoming saturated with it. But I already got a hint of that...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Record Collection Outtake: RISE AND FALL (Part 3)

I like Rise And Fall "Into Oblivion" way too much. So I bought this display straight from Reflections Records in Holland. REFLECTIONS Records is the label that released the 1st press or the EU press. In this way I can admire all versions of that press all day long when I am at home.

The next record is the is the record release of the OUR CIRCLE IS VICIOUS LP. Which I just got in the mail today:

rise and fall our cricle is vicious LP tour press record release white bronze splatter vinyl
Rise And Fall "Our Circle Is Vicious"

This version is not mentioned on the PRESSING INFO page from DEATHWISH INC.

Another fine piece though for my RISE AND FALL collection. Believe it or not, there are only 50 in existence!

Stamped, numbered and dated 28/11/09

WHITE with BRONZE Splatter Vinyl

Thursday, February 3, 2011

European Hardcore from the early 90's

A post with a mixture of records but all connected with each other through a few guys in particular. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, continue reading this post. I stress READING because the vinyl picture won't make you drool that much this time.

It all started with the CONGRESS interview I did with Josh. He spoke about FEEDING THE FIRE as a band he knew through another guy called Rob. Rob was the vocalist for Feeding The Fire. But as you might know Rob also played together with Josh and Hans in WHEEL OF PROGRESS. A band that needs no introduction if you have read the interviews with Hans and Josh.

Well that being told, the Feeding The Fire music came on my wantlist. But since I was unsure about the existence of records from the band, I was collecting in a heavy fog. But all of a sudden I saw that feeding the fire actually had a 7" because a guy that I traded with had it on his sell-list. Since he had a lot of nineties stuff and was befriended back in the days with the above mentioned Belgians I figured this needed to be the one I was looking for.

So here we have the 7" with ROB Born From Pain on vocals. The lyrics deal with subjects like resistance, fighting for personal liberation or liberation of oppressed people. But also about the energetic spirit that hardcore music delivers when listening to it. The FIRE within that awakens when you are true...

Besides that, the record has a huge foldout poster insert with the most awesome text:

Eternal Spirit 
Exhaustless Energy 
Feeding The Fire
Deep Inside Of Me

And this is the other side which also has a beautiful lay-out:

And also a cute girl played in that band:

Ok that being said and shown you already get that this is fundamental stuff for the EUROPEAN hardcore scene from the 90's.

But then we come to a second record of the band that I didn't even suspect the existence of; the split with another influential European hardcore band: SPAWN ! Spawn was actually the first SXE European Hardcore band that toured the USA ! And here's he split between them:

Spawn / Feeding The Fire SPLIT 7"

Then I even found a colored record of them way back when I started collecting and just bought it because the ebay seller mentioned that it was the first EU band that toured the USA:

See the black swirls, so I suspect there's a black version out there also.

Enough (for now) about these records. I told this post would be about several guys from the early nineties Euro scene, so we miss one name and that's P. Kitzel from Reaper Records! Well he actually played in SPAWN and now runs IMHO the best Hardcore label in current era of hardcore.

Maybe you can now also understand how BORN FROM PAIN (which Rob's current band) is on Reaper Records and actually has a record called "Warfare" on the label.

Born From Pain "Warfare" CAMO Green wax

And Reaper Records first release (RR01) called ANOTHER WAY OF LIVING should be posted here also as a tribute to the now very important hardcore label:

Reaper Records #01

CONCLUSION: very interesting and essential records if you ask me. Certainly if you want to know and understand early 90's European hardcore and who was involved! And how everything was connected, despite the fact that Feeding The Fire was from the Netherlands, Wheel of Progress from Belgium and Spawn from Germany ! There was unity !

If you have any other information about this, please let me know by email or post a comment on this post! Thanks !

[edit] Thanks to the comment from ROGER I now know that FTF has an OFFICIAL page, actually a myspace with music etc. You can find it here: 

Also SPAWN has a myspace: