Sunday, March 6, 2011

Announcement About This Blog

I'm currently moving my activities and efforts to cooperate for the H8000 BOOK. That means that my activity here will lessen, but since I've put my heart and soul in this blog it will stay online in the meanwhile.

It's also a question of time and money, cliché as this sounds it is a hard truth. I putted everything online for free and this took very much of my time and efforts but I got almost nothing back for it. People steal my pictures or my info's without saying a word and I'm getting sick of this internet bullshit. So that's why I decided to no longer put that much effort in it.

This is not my end but it's a new start for me and I'm quite excited about it. Things needed to change and have for the better! Also I've liked making H8000 posts the most, but it will now all be for the H8000 book, as I said before!

Anyway I've learned a lot by doing this blog, got to meet many people online. So I don't regret I did it, on the contrary. I repeat it will stay online so you can look everything up, there's enough content!

All The Best

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