Friday, March 25, 2011

H8000 Family Massacre SHIRT

Records can make music if combined with a player. Well, shirts can speak encyclopedia's. That's why I also like them. So here's the scoop of what I'm thinking. 

In Europe we have this at the moment:



While thirty years back in the USA we had this:

Get what I mean?

If not please read my initial thoughts:

Black Flag was a band that is seen by many as the most influential punkrock band right on the edge of punkrock evolving into hardcore as we know it. Black Flag's "My War" album had that tip of aggression and psycho insanity edge that is defining Hardcore.
Well, now in Europe there is a band called Six Feet Ditch. They also play a style and have that kind of impact that is uncompromising and challenging to say at least. When listening to this beatdown influenced murdercore you quickly realize that this makes hardcore tremble on it foundations. And pushing it forward whether you like it or not.
If I talk about "aggression" you might also stretch this to it's ultimate form, murder. I believe they wouldn't actually take lives literally, but they do have the edge-spirit of murder. That means you get driven by something - in this case the music and smashing vocals of Peachy - and you take a direction you have no control over. Like some state of psychosis but then without the deeds in effect.
Anyway, SFD is not alone, many bands are with them. Bands like Nasty, Golden Bullet, No Second Chance, etc. Europe is now making hardcore harder and perfecting the sound of it and making that uncompromisable attitude sonic!


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