Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Past, The Present: B.O.A.F. LP + BOOK (complete collection)

Maybe this could be an idea for the H8000 Book? Hans? But anyway they beat us first with an amazing package and mega cult book. That I have to admit I jealous of that I didn't make it, hehe. But have to go easy on myself because I'm only 29 years old and -compared to them- shortly into collecting.

But anyway I can't complain because I got something limited and complete, the COLLECTORS BOX. And aren't the words "limited" and "complete", the two most cherished words by us collectors! 

Anyway since this is totally limited, so it's not available for everyone, so I took the effort to photograph it all in this very hot weather. So here goes the photo shoot (models appear in chronological order, hehe):

#08/14 Screened Mailer Box

Sell History (not huge at the moment)


DJ Sleeve with artwork above

Pre-order out of 100

Blank stamped label + numbering

2 printed label versions:
BROWN out of 289
ORANGE out of 131

2 CD's on different labels:
SOUTH AMERICA Press: Seven Eight Life Records

Limited Collectors Box edt. "Chapter 5" 7"

Entire "Chapter 5" Collectors Box edt. 7" package
And that's it. But I wasn't complete without the mini tour edition. And I was advised to buy it also. Why not it also comes with the book and is out of 25 copies only.

DJ sleeve, with separate insert and BROWN vinyl

Details: sticker with numbering and red ink stamp on vinyl label
But later I figured being so far I needed the second pressings also:

2nd press: ORANGE /37

2nd press: BROWN /109

Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Old & New Gems found!

Sweet One Of A Kind EURIDIUM 7" find here:

congress euridium 7 inch transitional purple vinyl warehouse records H8000

Another thing I purchased is this new REAPER RECORDS compilation 7" that was done for the United Blood fest. The label sold the remaining copies in their DIY store just recently!

reaper records united blood 2011 compliation

The cool thing is that the cover is actually a booklet. With a page for every band:


The line-up is: TERROR, NAYSAYER, DEATH THREAT, NO VALUES, DOWN TO NOTHING, TAKE OFFENSE, FIRE & ICE and MAXIMUM PENALTY! No need to tell you that this is a gem!

Next and last one is the demo 7" of Have Heart on Bottled Up Records, the label from a famous collector:

have heart demo posi numbers 2005 edition clear vinyl bottled up records stamp
Posi Numbers fest 2005 edition

If there's one demo or even release that has the most complex pressing info it is this one, various covers, colors, combinations of both, etc. Well anyway I am glad to have one of the haul here!

Anyway besides my sale on the blog which is going well, I want to tell I'm also ebaying some records:

Anyway still going and many records have already been sold, should reach my goal I hope!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

As Pearls Before Swine: UK Holy Terror

Thanks to a digital download from the Hallways Of The Always LP I got for free from Dom of a389 Records, I got into ROT IN HELL. I usually don't buy records from Deathwish Inc. but this time I made an exception and ordered the record when I came available in stores.

You know that when you buy in distro's you usually don't get limited or exclusive version but I was very happy having this because it is just a very, very good record. You can easily say that this is prototype nowadays Holy Terror Hardcore. When I should introduce someone to recent Holy Terror sound, I'd let the person hear this record. This UK band makes representative music for the Holy Terror phenomena.

So I figured I needed the limited version that is out of 300 only for the first pressing. But when I got to order it straight from Deathwish, it was already sold out. But at that moment I was still happy to have the Beer Vinyl version though. But someday not so long ago the record release version appeared on ebay, where else?

I totally went for it and won it from a UK dude. Couldn't be more happy with the outcome of the quest of having a limited version of this record. Because it's the most limited version that is available to the public:

Record Release cover

DJ sleeve as dustsleeve

Orange / Gold swirl wax

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Introduction to DAG NASTY

I really don't know that much about Dag Nasty although I have 3 full lengths of the band in my possession. Is that enough to conclude that I actually know something worthy about the band. I guess it does. Maybe I should read more of Double Cross content because that's the only free source I got. Anyway, Dag Nasty is a band that speaks to me! And would like to introduce them to those who never heard about them or haven't taken the time to check them out in this post.

Thanks to the label that released their first record (Dischord Records) there is now finally a legal and beautifully made LP on the market that has the first recordings for "CAN I SAY" with another vocalist than Dave Smalley, namely Shawn Brown. Therefore the release is called "Dag With Shawn".

Anyway if you never heard about this, read the following explanation on the backside of the jacket:

Click on the picture to read

Right now there's a poll on Double Cross on which I voted -like the majority- on Dave Smalley as favorite vocalist for the band. This record is with Dave Smalley:

Another record is "Wig Out At Denko's", it has Peter Cortner on vocals:

As that isn't enough being on Dischord Records, they also released a record on Revelation Records and it's a real good one I think. It is the result of a reunion with Dave Smalley in 2002:

Red vinyl out of 264

Orange out of 300

Anyway here the scoop on Wikipedia about Dag Nasty:

PS: I have two downloads cards that I don't need or used. Contact me if you are interested and I will email you a scan of them! One of the DAG WITH SHAWN and one of WIG OUT AT DENKO'S. First one gets!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


With the following 7" I've nearly completed my all versions collection of the STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ep. Many bands play Youth Crew but few manage to create the pure magic of it in their sound. This has the real well-dosed anger, urgency and  positive powerful message that youth crew needs to bring to all ages.

Statement Of Purpose ep: European Tour 2007 cover (100 made)
And while we are at it, here's the near-complete collection. No Testpress indeed, but have my entire life to find one, so why bother?

common cause statement of purpose collection powered records colors covers
100 regular sleeve/pre-order stamp/numbered/grey vinyl
100 tour 2006 sleeve / numbered / grey wax
300 regular sleeve / blue wax
400 regular sleeve / black wax
100 european tour 2007 sleeve / black wax
*MISSING* 20 regular sleeve / grey wax

The next records are different versions of the full length they recorded later on:

CLEAR WAX, pre-order stamp: #'d out of 180
And an even interesting one is the European Tour version. This is a version where the creators have put a lot of effort in I guess. Because it has blank labels that have drawings on it in permanent marker. So I guess they are all unique and since there are quite a few in existence this was a hard work! But that's how we knew Filip and Geert of Powered Records were...

common cause LP tour press handwritten labels powered records
Hand drawn artwork on blank labels

The entire package out of 250 made

That was our COMMON CAUSE! What's equally important is finding RHYTHM TO THE MADNESS. I completed the collection of the 7". Look at it here:

rhythm to the madness 7 inch collection covers colors powered records
150 regular sleeve / pre-order stamp / numbered / red wax + promo picture
250 regular sleeve / red wax
425 regular sleeve / black wax
100 UK tour sleeve / numbered / black wax
75 break the chain fest sleeve / numbered / black wax

Then over to the full length. A really strong but underrated record in my opinion! No complete collection yet but here's the record release:

rhythm to the madness record release LP weltschmerz powered records
Sticker with numbering on inside of Gatefold sleeve

A bit low on inspiration and maybe budget-friendly version, but I needed it to continue completion of the collection.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Terror "Keepers Of The Faith" TESTPRESS

I'm way behind on publishing my finds, scores, buys or whatever you like to call them. But that's usually a sign that I'm busy with collecting. The fire inside never fades out... I'm doing this in every spare time I have and put my passionate energy within it all the time.
So let start off with a record that suits with that attitude:

terror keepers of the faith LP testpress reaper records

I've had a lot off stress in obtaining this one. Somehow the seller needed to send me this record two times. But I only got one in my P.O. Box. The first one was probably held back by Belgian customs. Whatever they did with it, I really don't know. But it could be the reason because with all the 'TERROR' threats in this world and because terrorists are now using postal services to send bombs too.

The funny part is that you could interpret this record in it's entirety as a manifesto for terrorists. Starting with the name "Terror" and then the first song "Your enemies are mine" while terrorists also are to some extent "Keepers Of The Faith" in bringing down western society, while they need to "Stick Tight" also. Fighting western society is indeed a struggle if not "The Struggle". Every action they do is to "Stay Free" of western habits, culture and religion also. And ofcourse we Western people are "Dead Wrong" too! And they are constantly searching for "The New Blood" and this records might be the way to recruit these disciples, is it not? And ultimately they want to bring all off this down, and "Only Death" is the mean of fighting western civilization, isn't it?

Anyway it sounds stupid and hilarious, I know! But it was kinda the explanation of the postal services employee and it is the government. So I thought I'd leave him positive feedback on ebay for this explanation only! LOL!