Friday, April 1, 2011

Terror "Keepers Of The Faith" TESTPRESS

I'm way behind on publishing my finds, scores, buys or whatever you like to call them. But that's usually a sign that I'm busy with collecting. The fire inside never fades out... I'm doing this in every spare time I have and put my passionate energy within it all the time.
So let start off with a record that suits with that attitude:

terror keepers of the faith LP testpress reaper records

I've had a lot off stress in obtaining this one. Somehow the seller needed to send me this record two times. But I only got one in my P.O. Box. The first one was probably held back by Belgian customs. Whatever they did with it, I really don't know. But it could be the reason because with all the 'TERROR' threats in this world and because terrorists are now using postal services to send bombs too.

The funny part is that you could interpret this record in it's entirety as a manifesto for terrorists. Starting with the name "Terror" and then the first song "Your enemies are mine" while terrorists also are to some extent "Keepers Of The Faith" in bringing down western society, while they need to "Stick Tight" also. Fighting western society is indeed a struggle if not "The Struggle". Every action they do is to "Stay Free" of western habits, culture and religion also. And ofcourse we Western people are "Dead Wrong" too! And they are constantly searching for "The New Blood" and this records might be the way to recruit these disciples, is it not? And ultimately they want to bring all off this down, and "Only Death" is the mean of fighting western civilization, isn't it?

Anyway it sounds stupid and hilarious, I know! But it was kinda the explanation of the postal services employee and it is the government. So I thought I'd leave him positive feedback on ebay for this explanation only! LOL!

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