Sunday, July 17, 2011

Records With History And Future Goes PRIVATE Soon!

I decided to set my blog on private. So if you want to keep following, you need to ask me for an invitation. Simple as that. Reasons for this are various. First of all, I don't feel the need to grow anymore, I have followers and readers enough and getting bigger scares me off because the personal level of my posts. Also feel no need to publish and make posts for people for free anymore.

The second reason is more complicated. It has to do with the internet and blogger in general. Music blogs are very popular these times. But that mainly because most authors do downloads. So everybody and whoever can get the music for free, it's simple to be appreciated or found interesting that way. But I won't take part in that game or naive way of making yourself popular on the internet. As I operate on the same field that's called, people often think that I'm like that too or even force that downloading bullshit upon me. I had to make myself interesting during the years without those easy but crappy and fake downloading-construct!

After these years I've come to the conclusion that people only want to take and give nothing in return. That may be caused by context or by the contemporary nature of the internet.

If you do not understand, back off and don't ask me for an invitation.

You have 5 days before I go private and to send the request! Then I will select and send them to you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

This Box Rocks! (NYHC)

About 4 years ago, if I remember correctly I contacted a German infamous label called DEAD SERIOUS. They had reissues of the BREAKDOWN '87 demo and the RAW DEAL demo which I wanted to check out. But they weren't longer in stock. Which I experienced as a setback but the girl who worked there was friendly enough to tell me that they had some copies left of a limited collector box that contained these demo's.

hall of fame NYHC boxset dead serious records raw deal outburst breakdown 7 inch

So it happened and I also got the MILES TO GO 7" from OUTBURST. Pretty sweet thing if you ask me. And it's actually quite rare, no more than 200 copies exist. Also never seen it on ebay or in a tradelist, which is logical because this box rocks and it's definitely a keeper.

I'm not completely over the moon about it, because the vinyl labels of this reissue box are quite boring and cheap and all the same. Makes it look serial. But it's on colored vinyl nonetheless. Also only the art of the covers are like the originals, there are also nice live-pictures on the inserts!

No need to say that this REAL non-Revelation NYHC. And that the BREAKDOWN demo is the best in my opinion! And that as I said I really should have posted this earlier, but actually forgot all about it given the endless stream of records coming in my mailbox the past 4 years!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

FLOORPUNCH From eBay Belgium

In this post I will give you a hint that's useful for your wallets! But first of all I want to tell that eBay is a total screw up for the traditional way of collecting. Earlier when there was no Internet record were pretty hard to find. Collectors needed to do everything by post or by telephone and fax! Back then a physical tradelist on paper was the only source or the good old record stores or on shows from distro's.
But then came the internet and changed everything. Records were/are all of sudden pretty much more accessible. Especially now with eBay everything is up for grabs! But prices have climbed with this evolution also. It is no longer a matter of finding a record but no it's a matter of being able to pay the crazy price for records. To say it in a catchphrase, it's the money that's hard to find nowadays!  

But there are also exceptions and that's ebay Belgium. Not many record pop up on that site. This has various reasons that aren't all know by me. But an important one I do know, that's because Belgium is a small country so also a small amount of collectors, thus a small demand. A small demand means lower prices. Lower prices mean that people aren't eager to sell also. So we get a vicious circle.

But when records do pop up on eBay Belgium they almost always go for lower prices than average, so if you are smart you buy over there! And that's why I'm saying this; collectors worldwide please do yourself a favor and search on ebay Belgium and get great deals.

The following record is a good example of the situation on eBay Belgium. I got this for almost halve of the regular price. And considering that it's a f*cking FLOORPUNCH record, which are very popular at the moment it's not difficult to prove what I'm saying!

Quite stoked on having this and never thought I would! I have no ambition of having a complete collection of this, although I think it's a sweet record and crucial to say at least.

Check Doug's blog if you want to behold the completeness of the different pressings!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SPORTSWEAR LPs (90's Norwegian sXe)

Sportswear LP's on PURPLE and YELLOW! I like the fact that GOOD LIFE still has it in stock after more than 10 years! So I was able to buy the black for a very good price! And the colors I got separately from private collectors.

As you can see I also got a poster of the release, this makes it more alive. Normally promotional posters sell out or aren't available anymore with the label because they all hanged them at shows or wherever back then!

I like the purple version, because you can see the mix of RED and BLUE wax still very good, so that's why I made this close-up:

Anyway as it should, like many good REVELATION sxe bands this was recorded at DON FURY's in NYC! Although it was many years later (90's) and EUROPEAN SXE hardcore. Nice nod or tribute to the pioneers!

Anyway as a free commercial for GOOD LIFE (hehe) you can still buy the most rare version here!

BUT what strikes me the most about this record is that TRUE COLORS sound A LOT like this band, TC can easily be the SPORTSWEAR of 00's! Go check that oddity out for 9 euro yourself here!

PS: Free commercial because the GL Webstore is the best of the planet and they  never ever let me down before! THANKS Dudes!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Collection course change

Remember when I decided to narrow down my search in collecting? I confined myself to only collect H8000, REAPER records, VEGAN STRAIGHT-EDGE, NYHC, POWERED RECORDS, 1917 records and a few more... Well recently I decided to confine myself even more and the goal is a complete REAPER RECORDS collection, starting with everything except testpresses. I have a few test but will keep those.

So here is the list I made of what I'm missing:

o Zombie Cover, BLUE Vinyl (/120) + yellow poster (/33) + orange poster (/15)
o Locals only cover /55

o standard cover BLACK 1st press /1050 + blank B-side copy (/1)
o standard cover RED /525
o standard cover YELLOW /158
o posi-numbers cover, CLEAR /367
o black and white cover; baby blue
o standard cover WHITE /370
o zero tolerance cover WHITE /250

o Standard cover GOLD (/210) and BLACK (/700)
o Halloween cover (#/100)
o GATEFOLD (1st press): WHITE (/30), CLEAR wRED splatter (/100), GREY (/100)

o pre-order GOLD/SILVER split (/100)

o BLACK pre-order (/100)

o Pre-order cover SOLID GOLD wax (/300)
o United Blood 2011 cover (/20)

BLACK VINYL for S&F 2010
o Jared cover (/19)
o Justice cover (/19)
o Sam (/19)
o Brad (/19)
o Brandon (/19)
LIGHT BLUE stamped standard cover (/20) for UNITED BLOOD

o YELLOW/CLEAR with yellow insert (/150) (bandcopies)

CLEAR second press: UNITED BLOOD stamped cover (/20)
o pre-order GREY (/200)
o Second press UNITED BLOOD cover stamp (/20) with GREY first press vinyl

• First press BLACK /370
First press GREY /250
European tour BLACK alternate cover /130
• Second press BLACK /600

• RECORD RELEASE cover (/168)
• Second press SPIDER WEB stamp (/40)

• FIRST press BLACK (/510)
with UNITED BLOOD stamp (/20)

• GREEN (/500)
• UNITED BOOD stamp (/20)
• UNITED BLOOD stamp CLEAR (/20)
• /200 BLACK
• /300 RED

BLUE & BLACK (both /400)
BLACK w/BLUE (United Blood stamp /20)


• RED Record release cover (with moose) /unknown

RED united blood cover /20


Single page cover (cover=insert): /50


BLACK Second press

DCXX #/50
Vinylnoize #/50
United blood stamp /20
regular second press BLACK /880




BLUE w/U.B. stamp /20
WHITE UB 2011 VCU cover /50


PRE-order COVER + CLEAR wax /217


GOLD/BLACK mix /450
CLEAR /1000

Will sell a huge part of the collection, in order to reach my goal! So you can conclude there won't be any Reaper stuff to sell. Also the H8000 collection stays with me.

Expect a sale soon on ebay or in my Limited pressing store !

Friday, July 8, 2011


Here they are all three in my possession, it was a fun hunt buying them all. But without facebook I'd probably never got them or even knew the existence.

I already made a post about the first one in the series here! And it is unfortunate BLIND TO FAITH isn't on one of them. But OATHBREAKER is very well too. Especially now that the band is on Deathwish inc. and that they made a astonishing debut full-length. Although I never heard it fully but I read several reviews on the web, that were pretty complimenting about the record.

As you can read on the sticker, the OATHBREAKER song on the 7" is from the 2011 recording sessions with Lander Cluyse, where the full-length was recorded. So I'm happy to have this split 7". And are thinking about buying the full-length now!

Anyway, what I'd like to say to is that they should use a small 7" cardbox instead of sending a LP-mailer with three loose 7" records. Would save me on shipping and would be better packaged in my humble opinion!

Belgian post packages cost a lot more (5,70€) than a 7"mailer with three 7"s that can be shipped as a letter for 1,83€

7" mailers are also cheaper and exactly fit for those three 7"s
Just saying ...

Poll Results for H8000 Downloads

The results were pretty obvious, people want H8000 downloads! But first of all; I won't deliver them. Now I need to do an explanation as to why not. There are various reasons. I truly think the poll really says that people are looking for H8000 stuff and really want to hear it, but also want the entire package. So not the download. There isn't one reason I can think of why people would prefer the download above finding and having the real deal in their hands and on their record player. So the only thing I can do is ask the labels (mainly GOOD LIFE and SOBER MIND records) that they take note of the poll results. And I believe they will because they read this blog and I also talked with them about the matter!

I'm truly sorry for those who wanted downloads and hoped for finding them here on this blog in the future. I have to let you down. It was a hard decision for me to make and I choose the difficult way out. And expect you to not follow the easy way out of ripping, downloading on all these rip-off sites like mediafire, rapidshare, etc. Don't pay those sites but pay for the real thing. Look for them on messageboards, eBay and other private selling sites. Or convince the labels to repress them by showing them real support by searching hard.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

TERROR One With The Underdogs LPs

Time for another random recent record score post. The first one is one I was willing to buy a long time but never really came to. That was just until I saw SIX FEET UNDER's auctions of all versions of this classic (at least to me) and they were unplayed and listed all together. So after waiting it finally paid off because I won all three auctions. Enough said, here's the true hardcore spirit materialized by BRIDGE 9 Records in a one time pressing of 1000 copies on vinyl:

terror one with the underdogs LP white gold green vinyl bridge nine records
WHITE /150
GOLD /150
GREEN /700

In my humble opinion the hardest TERROR record and one of the few actually hard BRIDGE 9 releases. Lyrically this is what I'm thinking all the time, musically this is what I think it should be also. Terror is on the forefront of the contemporary hardcore scene, they represent what Hardcore is. And they do it in a splendid way, paving the path for the global scene. Another thing is that TERROR is the living proof of the healing-power of hardcore music and way of life...