Monday, August 22, 2011

Speaking Without Words

Kinda cool how BRIDGE 9 Records managed the colorways of this record. Can't be a coincidence that the UNDERDOG reissue has the RED - YELLOW - GREEN colors? I'm not an expert on the field of the Rastafarian but I know these are the colors they always use together.

All three existing colors
Anyway check this and you know why they used these colors for the UNDERDOG s/t 7".

While I bring BAD BRAINS at word, can't stop listening to this LP lately, soooooo good! Except for the reggae songs. Can't listen to it too much because I'd get a Hardcore overdose then.

No need to say that the original color version of this classic NYHC record is BLUE because of the song TRUE BLUE that's on the 7".

More label owners should speak with wax-colors, just like with this record!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Condition Upgrade

H8000 records are pretty hard to find, as I said numerous times before, let stand finding copies that are in decent condition. Recently I found on ebay some copies that were strictly graded (probably according to the goldmine standards) VG. Well since these records are hard to find I bought them and the price was also very reasonable, I saw no reasons to hesitate.

Well a few days later, in less than a week the records arrived. And it was to my pleasant surprise a giant condition update. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Same counts for the SHORTSIGHT "Why Spend Time Learning" EU-press on Machination:

Quite a difference isn't it? Very much more fun too have them now. I also got a few other jewels from the same seller:

The ENCOUNTER / BLINDFOLD is also a double but not a condition upgrade as I hoped. Still some ringwear:

But also a WORLD OF FOOLS 7" with a stamp color I've never seen before (fluorescent pink):