Saturday, September 24, 2011


Bridge 9 did it again, but sadly for the last time, they pressed an awesome CEREMONY Record! As I heard in a video interview, Ceremony wants to lessen their live show delivery and start to make music more fit for people to listen to in their bedrooms or at home in general! Probably the main reason why they aren't no longer on BRIDGE 9 Records!

Anyway again a totally beautiful package and the best of songs on their farewell release of Bridge 9. I ordered two of those packages with RED silkscreened vinyl and a really huge poster! Here's some pictures that don't do right to having those objects in your hands for real or seeing the poster hanging on your wall for real:

I think I just received a well deserved package after doing that hard eBay sale! I'm happy and can make you happy too because I have a double that I might trade for something small. Just contact me if you want it and know that I collect H8000 and REAPER RECORDS stuff!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Not Surprised About Some Crucial Changes

Somehow I knew what was going to happen to the early 2000's represses of REVELATION CLASSICS on color. And know there are three facts that confirmed my speculation. Yes, I'm talking about the GORILLA BISCUITS Start Today on RED and the JUDGE Bringin' It Down on ORANGE and the whole other slew that was repressed in 2001.

What happened is this: prices doubled over the year, given that these are in better condition mainly and that they are way more rare than the Old Guys. And given that condition and turnover (amount pressed) are the two factors of pricemaking on eBay, you can understand what happened here.

Check out these auctions and my auction of those colored Revelation classics:
Records aren't hard to come by nowadays, but are hard to get because of the prices! That's the result of ebay and internet in general. Crucial change if you ask me...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early BLINDFOLD Live Recordings TAPES

Obviously there are two versions of the BLINDFOLD Live In Simple Beauty TAPE. This tape was released by REFUSE Records from Poland. And has the first 2 seveninches from Blindfold, as you already know, the DEPROGRAMMERS DON'T EXIST 7" and the SOBERMIND MEDITATION 7" but also the song from the legendary V/A Regress No Way on Warehouse Records. All these songs are on one side and the other side has a live performance with song introductions from Wim, the vocalist!

blindfold live in a simple beauty cassette tape versions refuse records poland

Don't ask me which one is the more limited version, I have no idea!

It's a really well made tape that has a fold out thick paper insert with live pictures and a text written by Wim and also the lyrics to the live performance and the translation to Polish of these lyrics. Essential tape as this is probably the only live recording of BLINDFOLD from that period.

Also know that I'm still missing the yellow version of their last LP, also a live recording but then years later in the Vort'n Vis.

Listen to the live-side here on this video I've made:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nations On Fire Collection Is Growing!

Sunday evening while selling records, I also took the time and energy to bid on some sweet NATIONS ON FIRE records. A strong German seller sold perfect condition NATIONS ON FIRE records, so I needed those to keep and upgrade the ever-growing collection, he also had a version of the BURN AGAIN 2x7" that I missed but did know the existence about.

I think it's a different pressing because the colors of the sleeves aren't exactly the same. Same color-scheme but slightly different ink. It's also a glossier sleeve for the limited colored version. Also the color of the vinyl-labels are slightly different. Will try to show it in pictures:

Mate sleeve for the Black (left)
Glossy sleeve for the colored (right)

Limited edition, numbered on plastic sleeve out of 410

A bit warmer colors for the black version

The matrix etchings are the same, but so is it for the 2 STRIVE MUSIC LPs. So they used the same testpressing!

The other one I one that I posted last week but then in much better condition AND complete with inserts and label promises. I mean info about the records they were planning on releasing but the in earlier stage of the production proces, so different than the actual result. Interesting to say at least!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ebay Sale Continued!

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who has participated in the auctions, you guys made it my best eBay sale ever. Please leave feedback on my account when you got the package, so that I know how it's received.

Because it went so well I continued the sales, there are 7 auctions still running:





Or get the whole picture here:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1917 Records #9: Cold World "No Omega"

While waiting for my auctions to end, I write you up a post. I like selling on ebay, it gives me a unity feel and a warm togetherness of collectors meeting each other on the world wide web. Auctions are like a moshpit, find your way through out the crowd, move to another place and find another place/want if it gets to rough!

Makes me think about the band COLD WORLD. Although I truly feel that it's only a cold world outside of Hardcore. So it's kinda vice versa for the HARDCORE world to me! Also the live picture is perfectly fit for the moshpit that is bidding on ebay...

cold world no omega LP 1917 records original press yellow clear black vinyl

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Good Life HQ Find (H8000)

As posted by Edward on facebook I visited the Good Life Office for the first time in my life a few days ago. The contact with the guys working there went surprisingly well, it was like we knew each other for years. Though we actually do know each other for years but then only from the Internet and from the Good Life fame in the 90's. But yeah, seeing Edward in real life was great, we talked about Hardcore and nothing else but that. To be more precise the Bridge 9 Ceremony and Have Heart records, from which I knew the pressing info out of the top of my head. But also the more recent beatdown style, which Good Life is releasing nowadays. And about many other things also. It was fantastic to see the pioneer in person.

Anyway we also did a trade, traded the a Ceremony LP for two great 7"s I never saw before. The first one is another SEKTOR / VITALITY split version I didn't knew the existence of. It's a black version with a YELLOW cover and first press insert. Given the size of that insert I think this Black version with yellow cover is a first press. Here's the photo:

Sektor / Vitality split 7"
I think I have the collection complete now, although since I never knew or even suspected the existence of the above I can't be sure but this is what I have so far:

Yellow cover, black vinyl
Orange cover, Brown vinyl
Blue cover, Clear vinyl
Blue cover, black vinyl

Time to make a Sektor complete collection picture, with the LP's and the CD's and the other 7" also!! So that's coming up!

The other record is a compilation with metal music but also NATIONS ON FIRE is on the comp. The reason why I chose this one is because it's on MACHINATION records and it's a funny 7":


Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Dawn Of H8000?

Reason enough to put the blog back on public, that means for everybody to read! I've been busy trading, selling and buying lately, what else do you expect? And to start over with some real original 8000 to H8000 goodies.

Here's a shirt that's almost 20 years old, probably a question of months to the 20th anniversary of the first BLINDFOLD 7" called "Deprogrammers Do Not Exist", something you really need in your collection. This is the longsleeve shirt:



Another BLINDFOLD shirt from which I don't know the time-period, I can only speculate mid 90's because of the DRAGON design on the back.

Another thing I was looking for a long time is this record on PMA Records: NATIONS ON FIRE Live At Vortn' Vis in Ieper. I already had the more common first pressing out of 1000. But this is the rarer out 500 copies second press:

Here are both of them, only difference is the Blue on the front and back cover that became Red!

ALSO very important and the main reason why I make this post is that the legendary and most interesting Zine made by H8000 alumni is finally released by Tom from REALITY RECORDS. It's his first book and what a book!! So it's available from his webstore or at shows in the local area. But also Good Life is distributing it.

It is selling quite quick and is in limited turnover, just saying so you don't miss out!

Also RISE AND FALL have recorded songs with Josh Congress and Hans Liar for a seveninch called "Deceiver" that will be released by Deathwish inc. Also RISE AND FALL's debut LP "Hellmouth" will be re-issued by that label! Many good things from Deathwish come from Europe!! Read everything here!