Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Happened To The Reason For Releasing?

I receive a lot of mail but one little parcel coming from the UK and bought in a store on the Limited Pressing platform stood out for me! It came from Endless Quest Records! Yes, what's that some say? But luckily there are also people who do know what I'm talking about!

This record is a crystal clear example of why people make records. Not to make money but to document what is happening at a certain moment of time in music history! Well to come to the point, msc the founder of ENDLESS QUEST RECORDS made a record to release the music of a fellow user who is in a band!

HOPE DEFEATED is the name of that band! I listened to the music because i was curious about it. And need to say that it doesn't defeat hope but that it brings hope in my head! A true treat for everyone involved! The band is happy with having the record, mcs does what he likes (creating and being busy with records) and also a treat for me because msc sent me the RED version which he calls "The Blog Nerd Pressing". I comment on his blog and have a blog myself so I guess I can have this one without shame!

The packaging is quality (what else would you expect of mcs?), here's how it looks:

As you see this packaging has everything and is well-treated! Extra cover based on the UK Pressing of the CHAIN OF STRENGTH What Holds Us Apart 7". Red paper dustsleeve, red vinyl with stamps on both sides and a little paper with msc's story! On top of that a digital download, so you don't have to play it and can take it on your portable music player!

Also mentioned what it is, a blog nerd pressing! AND numbered on the dustsleeve (#48 / 60).

The B-side has a stamp also, a stamp of DOUG's blog: WE WILL BURY YOU ! Awesome!

I also bought every color and by that I entered the testpress contest. Exciting!

The music is very energetic and melodic! The lyrics are hard and insightful, the thinking as power to survive!

Europe killing it on Deathwish lately

I'm really convinced the best current Deathwishinc. releases are from European bands. Recently they released the AS PEARLS BEFORE SWINE Lp from the UK Holy Terror band ROT IN HELL which is now up to it's 2nd pressing. Also released by Deathwishinc. is the debut Lp of Belgium's OATHBREAKER. So I couldn't miss out on these releases despite the fact that's it isn't Reaper or H8000.

I truly feel the first one; RIH has made a majestic release, with an unequaled Holy Terror level. So I needed the limited to 300 first pressing.

rot in hell LP color vinyl deathwish inc

The second release by OATHBREAKER is great too so I snatched the WHITE out of 300 off eBay to add to my collection:

I'm not going to review these any deeper because many people already did that, and because I'm not in a mindset currently to review such things, I busy with more important things to me, so I only did what was necessary getting to own these before they are gone!

I'm also excited to hear the new RISE AND FALL Deceiver 7" also released by Deathwishinc. but that's another chapter! And hope to buy it soon...

Friday, October 28, 2011

What can be seen in one single record...

No longer gatefold it seems for the repress of the SECRETS OF THE WORLD Lp from TRAPPED UNDER ICE. This is the 3rd pressing and it's looks quite beautiful according to my aesthetics. Also the color of the lettering changes from Red to Green. And the lyrics now logically have to come on a sheet instead of being printed on inside of the sleeve. Anyway look at these pictures and judge for yourself:

What's also remarkable is that there are two kinds of splatter on one piece of vinyl. Namely "spot-splatter" and "line-splatter". The B-side spot-splatter can be seen on the above picture and A-side line splatter in the first picture!

While I'm writing of the REAPER collection, I also traded with Wade from don't collect records because I missed out on the pre-order from TURNSTILE. Nothing much more to say than that this version looks cheaper that the regular version but I needed it for my completion tendencies. Anyway here's how it looks:

CLEAR vinyl

Friday, October 14, 2011

BEATDOWN Bastards ARTWORK analysis

First of all, the artwork is iconic to say at least! The black/white stripes on the suicidal man forms the core of the mentality and mindset of beat down. Let me explain why. In current society humans tend to only think black and white. A polarization of thought about and judgment towards others. Whether people are driven in categoric thinking by fear or not, the 'why' question is not important. What is important is that the modern hardcore pioneers also get a label or are put in a category. People think they have to react on this movement with aggression, mostly verbal aggression phrased as "those beat down pioneers are bastards!"
They are the bad guys they need to sanitize or reeducate. How funny is that, because the beat down movement know what people feel about them. Better than anyone else!
And maybe the guy on the cover wants to get rid of that black sheep label they put upon them. And maybe that's why he points that gun towards himself? Or he points that gun towards himself because he wants to exterminate that dual categoric thinking that is reflected by the color pattern on his face, while shooting himself along.
Is Beatdown the cause or the effect of modern society's aggression? Beatdown stands for strength in a weakness, cowardice and sinful modern world! Is that so bad?
I think this artwork is very adjust on a V/A who wants to document the movement for the above reasons. Also a compilation is bought by a diverse public so it should speak (or this is at least the intent) to as many people as possible and that's why it needs to bring the message in it's most naked essence. No frills, to the point and therefore minimalistic also.
To put it in one phrase, interpersonal geniality in it most manifest and effective from ever on a record cover!!

Buy that CD and be the best collector!


Music review will be up next!!! Stay tuned for my blog!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Recently REAPER RECORDS released a haul of records that already existed but but later got an asset that makes them more special! They stamped about 12 of the recent releases with a UNITED BLOOD stamp to sell at the festival in case!

That's interesting but the cruel thing is that they are all out of 20 only and that they weren't sold outside of that festival! That means I have to collect them all from people who went to UNITED BLOOD in 2011! As you know that's an American festival so I need to trade with people from the USA to get them! Plain logic....

Anyway I managed to get one already, I traded it for the Control Records pre-order version of the "No More Games" from STICK TOGETHER with of course as logic tells an American!

terror keepers of the faith 7 inch united blood stamp limited reaper records
United Blood STAMP /20

It was a small trade but a very cool American university student who sent it to me!

Another REAPER Records find is one that I'm looking for a long time already, not that the price held me from buying it, it was rather the fact that it's hard to find. I'm glad to have the pre-order version of the meaningful RHYTHM AMONGST THE CHAOS 7". Hardcore is nothing but that; rhythm amongst the chaos!

terror rhythm amonst the chaos 7 inch gold vinyl pre -order reaper records
Metallic Gold vinyl with a special sleeve
I now have three version of this record and I'm loving it!

Play It Again Sam (RISE ABOVE)

I was honored to be able to sell a huge part of my POWERED Records collection to one magnificent guy. Also the majority of my TRUE COLORS collection on ebay went to him. It was a Belgian who collects nothing but Belgian Hardcore! That's a focus upon collecting you don't see that often and it's a useful focus also. Belgium really has some great bands that are mostly underrated and left aside by other collectors. There's also a lot of ignorance about the great scene then and now here in Belgium. Can you imagine that many Americans don't know that TRUE COLORS or RISE AND FALL are from here. A little patriotism is never wrong!

So he received a lot of records that are now his and I don't feel competition or regret that he has them now, on the contrary I'm glad he has them. Also from his part I feel he appreciates my effort because he explicitly said that I deserved a certain record. And this record is what this post is about.

I posted two BLINDFOLD shirts on facebook. And he knew some cool stories about those old H8000 shirts. But there was one fact in particular that got my attention. He spoke about a RISE ABOVE P.I.A.S. pressing. Just like the majority of you I didn't know what the hell he was talking about. Although I do know the band RISE ABOVE and I assume you know something about them also if you read my blog... I surely hope so.

To get back on track; the P.I.A.S. pressing is a totally rare version of the first RISE ABOVE 7". So rare that I thought it was impossible to get and that's what I said to Lode also on facebook. He replied to me that if one day he'd find a double of this gem he'd trade me one. Skeptic as I am, I didn't believe him. But he replied in a mysterious way saying that he loves happy endings.

A few weeks later he gets back to me saying he well on track in finding another one of the Play It Again Sam pressing, yes that what P.I.A.S. stands for. So it happened, it arrived in my mailbox and this is how it looks like:

The record is out of the 10 copies existing range. And maybe you say, that's a record I have also but this isn't exactly true. Look at this:

rise above punk etc 7 inch play it again sam records vinyl label mispress

And then look at this:

That all about this one for now! Will make a post with the entire pressing story soon, will be asking those who know about it. To do a feature on my blog!! Stay tuned....

Also listen to the entire ep in this video I've made about it:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Akward TERROR Demo Version Found!!

The first TERROR demo has a quite divers pressing history. And I'm trying to complete it. Thanks to REAPER RECORDS it's pretty clear to collect because they update their discography regularly. That's one thing I like about collecting their releases.

Posi-Numbers COVER, CLEAR Vinyl, stamped dustsleeve

Regular Cover, RED vinyl

Zero Tolerance Cover, WHITE vinyl, 250

Standard cover, WHITE vinyl

Standard Cover BLUE / WHITE Mix vinyl

Recently though I discovered a weird record. It's one that isn't mentioned on the pressing info page. Namely a POSI NUMBERS cover with GOLD vinyl! Since I never saw this one before it might be a mixed up version because their were leftover POSI NUMBERS Sleeves or a shortage of clear vinyl. The seller said he either got it at POSI NUMBERS or got it straight from REAPER RECORDS.

Ofcourse I asked REAPER RECORDS CEO if he knew about this version or not. But haven't got answer yet. I'll keep you posted on this one. Because it's the collectors word versus the word of the label owner!

So I'm not sure whether this is a pressing error or a cheap buyers sleeve switch!


The Great Ceremony ep's COMMERCIAL

After doing sports in this beautiful weather I got ambitious and decided to do the impossible; review the RUINED ep of CEREMONY! But after trying hard I came to the conclusion that I can't! So this post turned out in a commercial! hehe!!

Many fellow bloggers have posted this on their blog but there's only one that did something informative and that's Doug from We Will Bury You did the most informative post about it because he told us the pressing info, look it up here.

I sold, traded and gave 3 copies in total of the yellow to other collectors, but since that I now know that I really need a copy in my personal collection! And that this one's perfectly fit for doing that! Also thanks to TRE from Deathwish Inc. for selling it!

Another record I have is the most recent pressing of the SCARED PEOPLE ep. Ceremony at their most angry yet genius state of mind, think angriness of RUINED and abstract geniality of VIOLENCE VIOLENCE!

Order this before it's gone or collect the earlier pressings somewhere else!