Monday, December 26, 2011

ZYKLOME A Made In Belgium LP

Somebody gave me the chance to own the earliest hardcore punk album coming out of Belgium, the 1984 album of ZYKLOME A called "Made In Belgium". But since I'm not able to lay connections with the band members or label I'm obliged to interpret it on my own! I could write a book about this, but chose to pull the history-writing off with a short piece from my interpretation of this landmark record:

zyklome a lp belgium vinyl punk ect original pressings

zyklome a LP punk etc vinyl label A

Lyrically this album's way ahead of it's time. The first song starts with a description of this country and it's still actual until now. This broader sight or contextual sight they had about Belgium or the way they introduce it to the world is brief but to the point. It's like they feel they have to introduce Belgium to an international public.
The second song starts with a fast riffing as if the music wants to empower the message that you have to change your life fast, isn't this what's youth all about? Fast and ominous looking changes?
Third song is a little merrier but the lyrics too; it's about the fact that he hates this world but loves his own life. That's an I-theist way of thinking and again the beginning of a more individualistic modern society in which hardcore punk is embedded!
The "Last War" song is a black and apocalyptic one but that's a mindset a lot of Belgian Hardcore bands have!
"Atomic Power" is simply a criticism on atomic energy production and I feel that way too about atomic energy! It's not ecologically responsible and safe to make energy that way.
The following song is about the paper filled and 'fueled' administration system of the government. If there's something Punk doesn't like it's the government and so Hardcore punk that came out of that movement also doesn't like it...
The dutch song "De Bommen Vallen" I have some questions about and would really like to interview or ask the band. It's like the lyric writer was a veteran of war. The conclusion of the carnage of war is that all his friends are dead and that he thinks he was better of death also.

zyklome A punk etc vinyl LP label side b

Over the the b-side of the record. The first b-side song "Computerized World" is really looking into the future and says a lot about the way we live nowadays and it's only getting bigger and bigger the impact of computers on our lives. I'm surprised it was written in 1984 actually! Because if I remember it well computers were only in the beginning phase... So how could he already make such a great criticism about it?
How we are perceived by the masses is what the next songs about. But hardcore people also perceive the masses back with criticism, we might confuse them by our own way of life. And that's something the masses or people get angry about. We face the angry faces and are called fools, wanted to be nailed in the hands and not wanted to be understood. I really think this is a great perception and is capturing the whole social status of hardcore punk people again in short but powerful words.
"Abort All Wars" is about the two world wars Belgium has been in the middle of. The lyric writer tries to understand and and make a war-analysis from a social point of view. People are infected by war and in particular the crowds have to fight and not the bourgeoisie, although it's them who choose the enemy. Then he makes a weird twist saying that it'll never happen to him. His stance is peace. Thinking about this twice, I believe he says he won't go out and fight if there's a war and that he won't fall victim to the system and war machine of the government!
And then again a Dutch song. Lyrically still rooted in punk a lot. It's about the reactions he gets from people regarding his looks and lifestyle. He counter-reacts by saying it's their hate and that they are deaf to his words.... And that he lets those people nag about it and doesn't care a lot about those reactions.
"Different Kind Of People" is a trashy fast, pissed and energetic song musically. They judge the rich and realize they didn't make their riches by being good. They even get angry and generalize it to all people. Which may seem a bit sick but he just says; don't let them step over you and be ready for every kind of person who wants to take control over you.
I disagree on the following song, school's a good thing and luckily they did more than learning us to read and write. It might be correct that sometimes it's indoctrination but you can always let go of that indoctrinated stuff later when you realize it wrong. But in a way I understand him too when he says that school is more than knowledge. They also prepare you for society and make you a system puppet, that is true but on the pure knowledge-side, school's good I think...
"In The Night I Feel Free" start in a funny way and kinda reflects the feeling of the night to him in music! But then the punky guitars comes back in with a devastating pace, he still is a punk and anarchistic you see.
The final song is called "The End". It's a threat to close with.

So now comes my conclusion of this all. Getting this record only confirmed my theories about the (Belgian) Hardcore mentality. As I studied H8000 Hardcore (which is also very big beacon for Belgian Hardcore) I am already familiar with the ideas, characteristics and mentality but by listening to this, the foundations only solidified. As if the truth shined through already and this is proofing it. I could have also started with this record in constituting my opinion about hardcore in Belgium and realize the rest or later bands only followed and grafted upon this.

But now enough of that theoretic approach and time to get concrete in my vision of the Belgian scene (if there's something national like that). In Belgium it's not easy to live the Hardcore Punk life, never was and never will be. Because you have to realize the Belgian mainstream in the 80's is for example very religiously inspired and that's something Hardcore Punk denies. Another example of the conflict is that in Belgium mainstream people are still very closed and suspicious about different things or people. No need to tell the conclusion of how the conflict of the mainstream and punk arises! Yet another aspect is that -like Zyklome A says- Hardcore Punk is an American originated culture and that here society ain't so free as over there. So people aren't so free to be either. And here you really have to fight for your own cultural freedom. It's not so easy and that lays a great shadow upon Hardcore over here...
A totally different aspect is that it's hard to get on the map of Hardcore over here. A very small country that hasn't got the strength of numbers! It's like it's very easy to sink into oblivion on a global scale!
But what's a consequence of high standards we have in the school-system is intelligence and that's in my opinion something that also typifies the Belgian scene and Hardcore. Kids are truly great critics and very enriching to talk too for instance.

So all prejudice aside, being into hardcore in Belgium and everywhere else in Europe and the rest of the Eastern hemisphere might be harder than in the States! Then why call us not HARDcore and blame us?

If you want to check this masterpiece out, don't have to pay more than 250 old Belgian Francs like I did because the entire album is on the NOISE AND DISTORTION compilation CD that you can buy in several webstores. I bought this CD here and it went super fast and correctly:

The CD has also the 1983 split 7" with MORAL DEMOLITION and a bunch of live tracks, but also every compilation song out there I think! It is a complete discography I think....

Too close with I'd like to describe as to why I feel this is the first Hardcore record from Belgian soil. There thin line between in the punk / thrash and hardcore triangle here. But it's definitely originating Hardcore. Hardcore has always tried to make a message and ZYKLOME A does extensively with this album by means of the lyrics (look at the description of them above in this post). Musically it's punk and sometimes fast trashy music but the hardcore somehow shines through musically too. Very hard to describe this so you'll have to forgive me in not being able to... And buy this CD! Essential for anyone reading this!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Length Of Time / Santa Carla Split Mysteries

Subliminally or coincidently THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT again in the mail! And with a band that's long forgotten at least on vinyl. Length Of Time is the Brussels band we all know at least most of the readers here and they are back with a good looking record again from this newish label.

fold out sleeve

colorvinyl close-up

other side of the vinyl and inside of the sleeve
Don't know many things about this exactly but is this the record many peeps were rumored to be ripped of with? Is this telling us L.O.T. is a HOLY TERROR band now? Is this a very rare record of the label, since it isn't in their store ? Etc.

Many questions rise by receiving this and that's how I like it! Can anyone fill me in...?

[EDIT] by Dan Music With A Meaning:
Santa Karla / Length Of Time - Split [Black, /100, Thirty Days Of Night]
Santa Karla / Length Of Time - Split [Brown/Yellow mix /200, Thirty Days Of Night]
Santa Karla / Length Of Time - Split [Lemon /200, Thirty Days Of Night]
Santa Karla / Length Of Time - Split [Test press /15, Thirty Days Of Night]
There is also a Halloween Cover out of 31

Friday, December 16, 2011

LIAR Murder Manifesto LP's

I really started to appreciate the final LIAR album, MURDER MANIFESTO. I think it's not given to many bands to end with making their best album ever. At least that's how I feel about this record and Liar's output. For sure INVICTUS is the cult classic and their debut very crucial and influential to the H8000 scene and it's perception on a global scale but this one truly has it all.

It's the most clear album concerning message because somehow I think the ethics needed time to be pronounced properly. Musically this is a masterpiece of metalcore or we easily said; metal. The precise and smooth succession of riffs and sounds elements of metal but with the hard hitting and heavy effect of hardcore this is a glorious way to solidify and keep alive the H8000 metal in the 00's. Not to speak of a glorious ending for a band!

Anyway I needed not much time to order this one from when it got listed for a bargain price of 15 euro! Incredibly low price for such a good record! A while ago I was discussing this album with Josh Fury of Congress while doing the interview and we agreed unanimously about it!

This is probably the rarest version:

muder manifesto LP LIAR left hand path sleeve vinyl h8000
Left Hand Path Sleeve /20
Now I have a cool little mini collection of this underrated record:

LIAR murder manifesto LP colors reality records vinyl

Someone hit me up with the FINAL SHOW sleeve please!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello Dwid!

I ordered something from HOLY TERROR Records because it seemed like a meaningful collaboration of two bands. There are a few logical splits in existence like the INTEGRITY / HATEBREED split 7" and the LIAR / CONGRESS split 7" and here's another logical split if you are aware of HOLY TERROR. I'm talking about this one that's already posted by a fellow blogger Gavin! But is not the same version. I think Gavin's must have been a pre-order version and mine seems a band- or Dwid-version!

I realize I'm excessively introduced to those bands by MCS from Endless Quest Records / Blogspot. So nothing totally new here but in a way still new because I have never had something in the line of what MCS posted so excessively about in my hands for real.

It's kinda cool to receive something from Dwid himself for real too, because I was willing to do so for quite a long time now. And I didn't do this on purpose because my previous order from the HOLY TERROR webshop was coming from the USA. But this one's national post! And also signed by Dwid himself! What a surprise and reason to say "Hello" back to a fellow Belgian inhabitant!

No more pictures because that would spoil the purpose and surprise of this musical and graphical expressive object!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Become Friends On FACEBOOK

As you can see, I'm trying something new. I made a facebook page and added a social plug in on the right column of this blog. My goal is to get in touch with people who read Flandersfury Blogspot and also the followers of this blog to get in contact with each other. But also allow people to recommend something to their friends or discuss something about what I say with their friends! Most of the people who read this are music fanatics or even music collectors so maybe this Facebook page allow them to do trades or recommend something record oriented theirselves on my page instead of me only!

The rules are simple!
  • If you have something interesting to say and think it will be in other's interest too then post it. Don't post it if you wouldn't like to have it on your wall yourself! A little bit of that social internet feeling is requiered!
  • The goal is constructiveness, helping eachother out or improve eachother. Or simply talking and having good clean fun on the web.
  • It's far from my intention to let everything evolve around me, I'd even hate it if it becomes like that!
I will remove everything or even the person who gets arrogant or annoying for others in the community! As I do and already did for years on this blog!

Go like RECORD WITH HISTORY AND FUTURE on Facebook here . OR just click LIKE in the right Column of this site!


If you want some sweet, hot and totally rare records while supporting and saying thanks to the label all at once; then go to Geert CONTROL RECORDS' eBay auctions with nothing but one of a kind's, testpresses, fest/tour sleeves, pre-orders, etc. to add to you precious collection...!/m.html?!/m.html?!/m.html?

Also numerous coverages from the USA's most interesting Blogs around, TEETILLDEATH and certainly Dave SFU of VINYLNOIZE!!

Some Additions To The REAPER Collection

Recently almost every USA label did a BLACK FRIDAY sale. I was lucky enough to have the label I collect doing the biggest discount! REAPER RECORDS had a 30% discount on everything in their DIY store! So I expanded my collection and supported the label by ordering....

Here's a few noteworthy things that were in the parcel:

Yes, a supposed to be totally sold out very early Reaper Records release, the third to be precise! The first releases are totally impossible to find so was very happy to be able to buy now style.... It comes with a big poster insert:

Poster Insert
Looking at the poster artwork, we can see where Reaper Record started out. Documenting the local SYRACUSE (NY) hardcore scene! And I bought a double to listen too also. Talking about the aural healing power of Hardcore when listening to it! Cool comp to say at least, with A.W.O.L., Black Sheep Squadron, Attitude, No Idols and two I can't remember immediately.

The next things I picked up were two shirts, I thought looking aesthetic enough to wear:

This design is awesome to say at least. Just a one-color shirt and simple photo/bandname print but very cool indeed. Less is more again and despite the minimalistic approach not boring!

Also a super shirt, I think the REAPER designer are talented to say at least! My second KOTF shirt and with the Scott Vogel live picture this shirt is exactly where it's at! Notice also the TERROR logo on the sleeve...

Also the most recent pressing of this still selling and still in print record of TRAPPED UNDER ICE called STAY COLD. Amazing fact that this one's up to it's 5th pressing! Leaves me missing a few rare versions! Although I have quiet a few of all the versions.

Friday, December 2, 2011

An Ebay Story

A little behind on arrival and posting about it but I scored two classics for cheap. If you are experienced with eBay by self study or by listening and learning from what vinylnoize has to say you can get some good deals besides the more common expensive deals. The seller had for these record I'm posting about real short and insufficient item descriptions made and a lack of tagging so these went under the radar of many collectors. But I knew more about them just by looking at it and from past experiences....

Anyway, the description for this one was "Side By Side vinyl". Not a mention about what pressing it was, what was the condition, label or whatever.... So I figured since I had none of every pressing and since it was mega cheap I decided to bid on it and won the auction easily. So here is the score ($31):

second press, silver label and bottom fold out sleeve
The next went even cheaper than this one ($26) and it the original Conviction Records pressing of the first Earth Crisis 7".

As that isn't enough luck I also scored the best condition copies of the Euridium 7" by Congress so far from the same seller. It's the brown 3rd pressing and can easily be graded and Near Mint and the purple second pressing!

As you can see collecting doesn't always have to make a hole in your budget... And that with a little experience and luck eBay can be a good place to buy... Luck because vinylnoize later did coverage of this seller with the same critics...!