Friday, December 28, 2012

SUPERTOUCH Record Store Day 2012

Let's start this one of with a picture. Because this one is one you probably have never seen before. It was never for sale online, since the entire stock of the record went to GENERATION RECORDS STORE in NYC...

supertouch lost my way generation records rsd record store day vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Limited edition cover with black vinyl

It's a limited edition out of 70 copies only and is numbered on the back of the sleeve.

Back of the cover, made blue for this edition.

All the info is mentioned along on the sleeve. Hand numbered
So obviously I wasn't on vacation in NYC on Record Store Day. I traded to get it... And it came in the mail just today.

The person I got it from though, was in NYC when it was for sale at Generation Records on RSD 2012 and Supertouch was playing a free show in the basement of the building.

Wish I was there...

PS: Would be much cooler if the vinyl was the first press aqua blue with this cover. Would have fitted so perfectly!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

GRIM Band Q&A about the Demo 2012

The band GRIM is a four-piece that spawned from the melodic hardcore band REBUILD and the groove-oriented old-school band GET WISE. Three of them come out of the East of Belgium, Limburg, while the vocalist hails from the province Antwerp.

Listen to their 2012 demo on bandcamp:

A few Q&A’s to get to know this band better:
You guys only have a demo, when did you start jamming together and decided to record a demo?

In the momentary line-up we are rehearsing since April. If memory serves the first show we did was in May. We decided to record a demo in July, while it was put online in September and later on released by LIVE AND LEARN Records in November as cassette. The band copies are already sold out and the label has a few left.

Do you want to share any more details on how you got together and form band?

I met Gijs in de 4-day tour he did with his band Rebuild together with Conviction. We started talking and and discovered that we both wanted to start a heavier hardcore band. That’s when and where the idea sprouted. It didn’t take long to start jamming together, after I asked Stef form Get Wise and Trapped Inside to drum in heavier band also. There-after we found a bass-player after searching a while.  It was Dirk and with his joining we started writing the Demo.

Cool! To which bands do you guys look up to? And what do you consider to be influential on the sound you deliver?

I think it’s safe to say that FOUNDATION’s very important especially to Gijs. But also the more recent bands like EXPIRE and SOUL SEARCH are inspiring to what we did in the beginning. Later on we wanted to add more metal to the sound and bands like SEPULTURA, OBITUARY and LEEWAY gained more influence. 

That’s a very clear view upon your creation! With a lot of self-knowledge too. But now on to the lyrical part. Very dark lyrics. Is it to write down what you think and to get it of your back?

I write down what darkness I feel and this is fitted with the music we make.

I also feel the harsh character and self-punishing way of your thoughts. Especially in the songs “(I Have A) Deathwish”. But also a lot on the suicidal trip in the song “Catharsis” and in the artwork, the noose and all.

The majority of the lyrics deal with the search for happiness and the fact that it’s not able to be found. I feel the urge to seek appreciation with other fueled by self-hate and that seems to scare people away. The feeling of giving for others and not being cared for in return, although not with the same intensity.

Personally I totally dig this band, I can relate to the lyrics a lot. And the music is a very good delivery of well-placed breakdowns here and there and ideal-paced pounding of drums and riffs. That's why I posted this here.

Note: The questions were asked by FF by email and answered by Kristof the vocalist!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

RISE AND FALL Discography Project

Some people ask me to write down my knowledge concerning the RISE AND FALL discography. Well here they have it. Also for others accessible if interested. 

Again I repeat, this is not the completest nor is it the truest discography online. But it's what I know and are certain about it solely. 

If you have proof it's wrong you can also contact me and I'll correct or adjust it.

Demotape 2003

first press (blank tape)
second press (company tape)

Demo 7inch (pressed 2010)

Control Records
/16 black wax / white labels / numbered / testpressing.
/100 red wax / numbered / mailorder.
/400 black wax
/1 red-black split wax
/3 red-black swirl wax

Hellmouth LP

Anger Management Pressing (2004)

Deathwish Pressing (2011 Reissue)
Solid Orange /756
Clear Gold /330

Into Oblivion LP

Reflections Records (2005)
Red with Black Splatter
Sleeve Misprint (rarest version)

Deathwish Inc. (2010 Reissue)
/309 White with Silver Splatter
/719 White with Silver swirl

Clawing 7inch

Deathwish Inc. (2007)
0 Testpresses
/30 Vellum Cover, pink vinyl (sold on mini-tour in USA)
/300 Blue / Pink 
/850 Blue
/820 Pink

Our Circle Is Viscious LP

Deathwish Inc.

  • FIRST PRESS (2009)

/50 Record Release (Handnumbered on dustsleeve; vinyl is White with Bronze Splatter)
/50 Tour press (dustsleeve is DJ sleeve, made for US tour, came with stickers and vinyl is White with Bronze Splatter)
/50 White with Bronze Splatter
/300 White/Bronze Mix
/700 Yellow/Bronze Mix
/1000 Black/Bronze Mix

  • SECOND PRESS (2010)

/1029 Bronze 

Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin 7inch

Deathwish Inc. (2011)
/330 Clear
/770 Grey
/1100 White

Faith LP

Deathwish Inc. (2012)
/750 Water
/750 Air
/750 Fire
/750 Earth
/80 Record Release Show edition, handnumbered and came with Where It Ends Zine

Friday, December 21, 2012

LENGTH OF TIME - Let The World With The Sun Go Down

If you are reading this today and the world is still spinning then those Mayans had it wrong with their calendar, but no worries since many more foresee the end of the world soon. LENGTH OF TIME is one of  those bands that will greet the end of the world with open arms.
Brussels finest advocates of the Process church return with a new release. Let The World With The Sun Go Down is their latest album that was recently released through GSR music. After a long time of inactivity Kirby and his crew of unholy warriors return with a brand new album. The last thing we heard from LENGTH OF TIME was in 2010 when they released a few songs on the split with SANTA KARLA on Thirty Days Of Night Records. Both of those tracks appear on this new album so this actually is a new album with only four new tracks on it. For having to wait almost ten years on new work from LENGTH OF TIME, four new tracks is a bit of a dissapointment then.

length of time let the world with the sun go down lp vinyl gsr records
Robert DeGrimston is ready for December 21st. 

It took a long time to get LENGTH OF TIME back together to record this album since vocalist Ross spend most of his time traveling between Belgium and Brazil so pinning him down to record or even perform live was one hell of a task while guitarplayer and creative mastermind behing the band Kirby was occupied with numerous other projects such as GOATCLOAKS, BROKEN CLOWN, ARKANGEL and his own record store in Belgium's capital city. Luckily for all their fans they decided to show the world how it needs to be done so the return of LOT was imminent.

Basic artwork for the back of the album sleeve
The new album was released through their cooperation with the GSR music record label and was released in a CD version and an LP. Since we at RWHAF are vinylfreaks it's time to take a closer look at the vinyl release of Let The World With The Sun Go Down. This time Theo GSR and LOT went for a picture disc with the new album and for me personal i find this a bit of a dissapointing choice. Sure the provided artwork comes out very nice with this kind of release but the choice for picture disc does mean a lower quality of sound in the end. And taking into consideration they could have put more effort into the artwork overall cause now the focus lays on the picture disc on it's own while the albumsleeve is left with a more or less minimalistic design. The front of the albumsleeve depicts Robert DeGrimston, cult leader of the Process Church, the much admired prophet of doom that gets idolised by Kirby and the band. The influence of this Process Church is allover nowadays with LOT, recently the band gave a live show for the release of the album at the Brussels venue Magasin 4 where the whole stage setup was heavily influenced and decorated with Process symbols, excerpts from DeGrimston's wrtitings and much more of those influences seem to have inspired this album than ever before. The back of the albumsleeve is pretty basic and just holds the necesarry info regarding the albumtracks, composition of the band and the label, all in a gothic font. A bit of a downside is the fact that this all you get, no extra's included such as a lyricsheet or other info on the band or even some pictures.

Dark and demonic as usual with LENGTH OF TIME
The record itself consists of two completely different albums, the A side is the new album Let The World With The Sun Go Down while the B side is a reissue of the 1997 demo We Choose The Violent Way. These demo tracks are a nice added value to this vinylrelease but the overall impression of this album is that you get two completely different sides of LOT with this release. While the new songs that appear on Let The World With The Sun Go Down have more of a metal ring to them, closer to Slayer than to a hardcore band,  a road that Kirby and fellow bandmembers have been following for quite a while now with their other projects, then the contrast with those demo recordings on We Choose The Violent Way make a huge difference. There we get to hear the LOT as we all got to know them in the '90's, a more hardcore oriented sound with metal influences.

Roman warriors overseeing the killing field
As said before the two sides of this release are very different and given the fact that this is a picture disc the sound quality is below par. Added to that quality loss you also get the demo tracks that were recorded on a tape recorder in the summer of 1997 that don't really help the overall quality here. The new tracks have been produced and mixed by their new bassplayer Jeremy Bezier of ENTHRONED fame, it still remains a bit messy in the end to my ears, combined with the picture disc sound quality this release won't be gift to audiophiles allover. Still after all those years it's great to hear the return of LENGTH OF TIME to the scene again in an era where hardcore and metal based music has become so uncreative and dull and more of a look than truly an attitude.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wir Sind Kampfbereit

I must admit I just bought this record because of the labels  involved. First off all Reaper is selling this album in their webstore on both colors as they did the vinylversion. The other label involved, GSR Music did the CD version and probably also the merchandise. GSR went strong this year with several good releases. So I gave it a chance and bought it.

I didn't even wanted to open it to hear or use the record. I thought it to be a bad choice in buying. But then I wanted to verify the color. And it seems to be sweet green vinyl. And the best thing was that there was a download coupon. So I downloaded that music and was able to save the vinyl from being played. And was very surprised because it actually is a very surprising and progressive record.

born from pain the new future lp vinyl gsr reaper records green

They actually used a keyboard to make the music in some songs, mixed with the usual instruments of Hardcore bands (electric guitars, drums, bass guitar). Might seems weird or experimental but the result is pretty awesome. I truly think it's their best record to date. The two bonus songs on it are hardcore power combined with the funkiness on Dubstep. Coolest result I've heard in a while...

But before these progressive songs with keyboard and mixing come a couple of pure hardcore songs on the tracklist. Also these are pretty solid hardcore. A bit 'modal' hardcore but I like that ofcourse. But then the electronic music infused song start of to give an atmospheric result.

Definitely worth to buy and ultra limited. Only 100 on black and 400 copies only on color. And comes with a beautiful lay-outed gatefold cover.

If this is the new musical future, count me in for it!

Friday, December 7, 2012

CRAWLSPACE Enter The Realm Of Chaos LP

I'm back again with more Belgian Hardcore pride. We hadn't have the opportunity to review the CRAWLSPACE LP yet. And with the new release on Good Life Recordings in the background, it's time to do that.

 "Enter The Realm Of Chaos" is one of those nasty releases on FINAL BEATDOWN Recordings, a sub-label of Good Life Recordings. This sub-label sprouted from Ed's visionary view way back in time. Amongst releases from E-Town Concrete, Breakdown, Trapped In Life and Stigmata we find this jewel of Crawlspace. As if Good Life felt the rise of beat-down influenced hardcore coming. And there's no denial that his vision has become reality now...

It's a fine tradition that the vinyl-pressing machines aren't cleaned out when switching colors at Good Life. So it seems that also for Final Beatdown this is the case. There are to my knowledge a Black and a White version. The common sense tells us there must be some  white / grey mix copies to. Well there are, here you see the proof of the GREY MARBLED transitional copies' existence.

crawlspace enter the realm of chaos lp final beatdown good life recordings
Grey marbled vinyl: transitional copy between Black and plain White
The artwork can be classified in the genre of death-metal and is done by the collectible artist Kris Verwimp who also did the artwork for Liar's first release. Looking at his delivery, a gifted artist.

Front Cover by Kris Verwimp

Back Cover also by Kris Verwimp
Listen to a couple of songs here, the first song "New Breed" is from the new album called 'Carved Into Flesh'. The others are from this release, from the split release with Full Court Press, and from their Mid-CD on Released Power Productions...

As the straight from hell scenery on the cover might suggest, this music is no traditional hardcore. Down beated parts are varied with fast death metal parts. Brutal vocals carve their way through this album. If you listen to the contemporary fully established beatdown bands you will realize that this was way ahead of it's time, pioneered their sound in the late nineties already...

Critically we must also add on a sidenote that the Hip Hop influence in contemporary beatdown, is nowhere to be found in this release though. But more the extremer metal, like grindcore and deathcore are used as influence on their sound...

So far the retro-review of this Limburg band. Hope you enjoyed it...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Finally acquired another one of the last missing pieces of the Blindfold collection. I say 'one of the' because one never knows when a collection is complete. Although I already knew about the existence thanks to a mention of a fellow collector. I also mentioned it way back on the discography post of Blindfold.

In my long quest of getting to see and know out of how much this records is, I've only had tow chances of buying this beauty. The first time it wasn't in decent condition. And the second time (this time) I almost passed it by because it was damn expensive. I found the sellers price to be high because I had found the rarer orange version for cheaper and already three times. But I finally did buy it because it has the coolest number of all numbers; 001 / 140.

At first I doubted if this number was cool enough to justify the higher than usual price, but then given the rarity of this record and the dead mint condition, I decided to go for it nonetheless. So here it is:

blindfold live at vortn vis vinyl lp yellow sober mind records h8000
BLINDFOLD Live At Vortn Vis LP Yellow vinyl 

Numbered 001 out of 140 !
Hell yeah, I'll be safekeeping this and be looking at these pictures now and then to rejoice myself. Instead of getting it out of the boxes. The sleeve is namely very sensitive of carrying fingerprints, or I should wear gloves to handle this baby. 

Anyway, thanks to the seller for his great job and effort...

setlist of the performance and some re-styled shots of the action
If anyone is interested in an ORANGE copy out of 88, I have three. And are willing to work out something for an interested person.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Good things come to those who patiently wait. That has been the case with two of my longtime wants. The first object I desired and needed was the BEIGE colored LP of Firestone. So I happily found it a few weeks ago. The seller claimed it was Mint and hell yes, this record is dead mint to say at least. Looks like fresh from the pressing plant.

firestone element lp beige vinyl sober mind records h8000
Firestone "Element" BEIGE colored LP 
Centerlabels, hand stamped with the usual Sober Mind Records stamp
The record is stamp numbered out of 110 copies only, mine is 81. One of the best looking records I've seen but still stay true to my statement that the one of a kind is the best looking record.

Look up a one of a kind version and also the review that Ezekiel made about it.

Lyrics, bandpictures, credits and thanks on sleeve
This record plays loudly on 45 rpm and is one of the better records of the late nineties, 1998 to be precise. It's not a classic, like "Strike The Match" , "Blackened Persistence" or "Invictus" to the bigger world. But still a true underground H8000 jewel that's needed in a good H8000 collection.

I for one am truly happy to have this in the collection, one want erased, one step closer to insanity!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOOD LIFE FEST 10/27/2012

Ezekiel02:24:81 is back, you may have noticed my absence, or not, from Records With History And Future the previous weeks/months. But now i return with some more hardcore madness brought to you from the infamous H8000 area.
A lot has changed for me personally since i got married in august, took a honeymoon and just days ago moved into my own house near Kortrijk, epicenter of the mighty H8000. That all explaining my absence from RWHAF.

And this time it's not vinyl that i want to share with you but a show that recently happened in Kortrijk city, home of H8000. And this show was the resurrection of the once legendary GOODLIFE FEST.
Edward ( owner and creator ) of GOODLIFE RECORDINGS decided it was time to show modern day hardcore kids what's it all about. So GOODLIFE FEST 2012 was held on october 27 in Kortrijk at a local youth centre in Kortrijk. This time showing a display of the present bands signed under the GOODLIFE label and to back that up also the comeback of the mighty H8000 warriors CONGRESS.

Scan of flyer and (unused) ticket (Scan by Willem T.)

This event had a bit of a low profile and many may have not been aware of this gathering since most of the publicity happened through social media sites.
With a capacity of 500 persons for this particular venue it was for the best that they went for the low profile approach.

20:30 Congress

19:40 Six Ft Ditch

18:50 Crawlspace

17:10 Balboa

15:30 Headshot

14:45 xViciousx

First bands in the afternoon were  xViciousx and Headshot, Belgium's next generation. Which David didn't see because he was still in the way to the fest and apologizes for that. (FF)

headshot band live good life fest
Headshot (Photo by Vincent K.)

When arriving at the venue UK's finest NO SECOND CHANCE were playing their set of brutal UKHC. These young bloods have the fire within and deliver a nifty set of beatdown hardcore that already got some local moshers to rule the pit at this early hour.

Following that, we got the pleasure to witness BALBOA, these crazy Belgians hail from the same area as NASTY and also play a hefty style of beatdown hardcore influenced by metal and sometimes taking a sidestep to grindcore. The audience loved it and these guys have a bright future ahead.

balboa live at good life fest band
Balboa (Photo by Vincent K.)

Next in line were the French madmen of ALEA JACTA EST. Well executed hardcore with metal influences that take you back to that legendary H8000 sound. Balanced songs with lots of tempo changes and a great vocalist make this band a pleasure to watch. If i may give one tip of the many bands that played the fest than i would recommend these guys. The dice has been thrown!

CRAWLSPACE were up next and these Belgians sure play a hard set of hardcore. Metal influenced hardcore with heavy guitar licks filled the room and forced the kids to move their arms and legs everywhere.
Their new album Carved Into Flesh only appeared a week earlier on GOODLIFE RECORDINGS so this was sort of a release show for them. Check them out and support the Limburg hardcore scene.

crawlspace live at good life fest band
Crawlspace (Photo by Vincent K.)

Before all hell breaks loose with Congress the UK based band SIX FT DITCH display their raw talent. Ofcourse with vocalist Peachey screaming his lungs out on their last euro tour. The crowd devoured their murder core and some crazy ass moves were executed on the dancefloor.

Six Feet Ditch (Photo by Vincent K.)
six foot ditch band live photo
Six Feet Ditch (Photo by Vincent K.)
But the reason that almost 500 people gathered in this venue, some taking hour-long rides from as far as US, Australia, Germany, Spain, UK,... was and is CONGRESS. With the original line-up on stage -minus vocalist Pierre who cancelled last minute- it was imminent that hell was about to break loose.
At first the idea of CONGRESS without the throat of Pierre scared me but a decent replacement was found in Jeroen from former H8000 band SEKTOR. And a decent replacement indeed. Pierre was forgotten very soon when Jeroen took the mike. CONGRESS came, took and destroyed the place. With classic tracks as Blackened Persistance and Lifting The Ban Jeroen, UJ, Josh and Michael proved that the H8000 still has a heartbeat. With tracks from albums such as Euridium, The Other Cheek and Resurrection the band took the audience back to those wild H8000 days. Even some of the original crew members came to witness this madness so former members of H8000 bands such as LIAR, VITALITY and SEKTOR were spotted in the crowd.

congress band photo reunion h8000
Congress (Photo by Vincent K.)

GOODLIFE fest 2012 was a blast and a great way to show the current roster of GOODLIFE RECORDINGS.
A new edition in 2013 is almost sure to happen and rumors are running wild that maybe even LIAR may come back to show their demonic powers once more. Keep an eye out on Edward and his label cause the shit is about to hit the fan. And you better be there when it does hit.
Also i want to give a big shootout for all the hard work performed by Edward for putting up this show and the help of the bar staff ( Kortrijk's very own Pit's crew, the place for a nice hardcore show in Kortrijk) and the delicious veggie/vegan catering by the Ferm 'n Fameus crew ( Ieperfest's official catering team). A job well done and hope to see you all next year at GOODLIFE FEST 2013.

Ezekiel02:24:81 (words)
Flanders Fury (layout and editing)
Vincent K. (photos)

Monday, October 29, 2012

RECORD Tables Will Turn this RELEASE

A quick post to let know or show that there is a record release version of the TAKE OFFENSE Tables Will Turn LP. It's a band-made version that uses the Yellow vinyl. The sleeve is a DIY made blank jacket with the black/white artwork glued upon it. Anyway, have a look yourself:

take offense tables will turn record release reaper records vinyl lp
Record release artwork made by the band themselves

Solid yellow vinyl
The aesthetics of the record seem pretty boring to me, but the fact that it exists and is pretty rare (do not know the exact number, since this one is also not mentioned on the Reaper discography page and there's no numbering on my copy) and the fact that I have it, is exciting enough to make a post about it...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unmentioned NAYSAYER 7 Inch Discovery PART 2

After making the previous post about an unmentioned cover of the NAYSAYER No Remorse 7inch, I realized I had another cover that isn't mentioned yet on the REAPER RECORDS discography page.

I'm talking about another festival pressing, this time for UNITED BLOOD 2009:

naysayer no remorse united blood fest 2009 vinyl 7 inch limited cover

The record is numbered out of 75 and has a extra cover above the regular cardboard cover:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unmentioned NAYSAYER 7 Inch Discovery

Today's entry is about a rare version of the NO REMORSE 7 inch of NAYSAYER that goes pretty much under the radar. It goes under the radar because it isn't mentioned on the REAPER RECORDS Discography Page.

It is the THIS IS HARDCORE Festival pressing from the year 2009. A festival in Philadelphia USA.

naysayer no remorse this is hardcore limited cover reaper records vinyl 7 inch
This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover

This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover CLOSE-UP
Numbered 37/50
So the conclusion is that there are 930 Red vinyl with the regular sleeve instead of 980 because 50 copies have these TIH 2009 covers...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

INTEGRITY "In Contrast Of Sin" OG 7"

I think ORGANIZED CRIME Records does a splendid job on reissuing the INTEGRITY releases. But nothing feels better than having an original in your hands. Such is the case with this YELLOW vinyl "In Contrast Of Sin" 7 inch.

integrity in contrast of sin vinyl 7 inch gold yellow victory records pressing
Yellow Vinyl out of 1000 copies

One Life - Drug Free

If you want to learn the differences between the reissue and the original, visit MCS' post about it on Endless Quest blogspot. What many people are unaware of is the fact that there's is another color from the first pressing on Victory Records, namely RED vinyl. This red vinyl version seems - according to the Official Victory Pressing Info Page - out of 200 copies only....

And on top of that, if you really like INTEGRITY and have sufficient money, you can go for the 'Joker' Sleeve version also. Look here to get an idea of how this record looks.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


This was the last missing piece of the SPIRIT OF YOUTH puzzle I needed for the collection and for the reconstruction of their history. It's the infamous ENGINE / DARKROOM cassette. And I will give in this post a short perspective on this cassette single. That is based on the interview I did with guitarist Dominique.

After you will hear this you will realize that the band was already in a transition phase to slower and heavier music under influence of groovier metal. Yes, the songs had already more groove in them than on the "Abyss" 7inch on Crucial Response and the demo cassette on Warehouse.

spirit of youth sot cassette tape cassingle engine darkroom sober mind records

So at that moment - when Hans of Blindfold was back in the band - he released those songs on tape on his own new label called Sober Mind Records in the year 1993. This tape was also made for the first European tour of Spirit Of Youth.

Later on when the new material for the "Source" LP was ready, they presented the songs again to Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response but he didn't want to release them because of the same groovier character that started with this release. And he found that the songs weren't fast enough to be representative Straight-Edge hardcore. So they were buried for a while...

This baby seems to have become impossible to find, I think of the few made not many are left.

Listen to it here on a video I've made:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

The pressing history of this records seems - according to the CRUCIAL RESPONSE pressing info page - quite disastrous. Seems that the vinyl labels were inverted, did not know if they meant the colors or the side the labels are on. But also the sleeves were reprinted after being rejected.

This post is about a copy that still has that blueish sleeve that was rejected. As you can see from the picture beneath there's quite a difference especially when holding them next to each other:

spawn feeding the fire cover difference vinyl 7 inch
the accepted black versus the rejected blueish sleeve
I got this record for a true bargain price on eBay. Seems like nobody was interested in this meaningful record. At least I'm truly happy with it. It's also on clear vinyl, and that's the only color existing.

spawn feeding the fire clear vinyl 7 inch

And after I played both copies I found out that 'reverse' meant the labels on the wrong side! So this clear copy is one of the very first sold copies in 1993. From which the majority were sent back to the pressing plant!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Time to have a look at an EP by MINOR THREAT that is a must have classic for all you hardcore aficionados out there. Salad Days.

Salad Days by MINOR THREAT takes us back to the year 1983 when these songs have first been transferred to that weird medium kids under 20 don't even know the existence about, tape. 1983 is also
the year that MINOR THREAT disappeared form the scene. Only a couple years after their formation in 1981, arisen from the ashes of former project TEEN IDLES. But in those couple of years the band released
a full length and a handful of EP's that would shake the hardcore world upside down and lead to the birth of
an entire scene named after one song by this influential band. Straight Edge.

Dischord House front porch
Salad Days is probably one of their last EP's ever made and features three classic tracks by DC's finest.
Salad Days, Stumped and ( sometimes) Good Guys ( don't wear white). No explanation needed with these
tracks. If you haven't heard them before then it's time to do so. Cause the influence this band has had on hardcore in the early '80's is beyond comprehension.

Dischord Fifteen
This is a repressing of the classic 1985 release of Salad Days and this should be a staple record in your collection.
Ian screaming, Brian playing and Jeff doing arts and crafts
This release came out on Ian MacKaye's very own Dischord label, run out of the MINOR THREAT and DC scene's headquarter, the Dischord house. The cover art is therefore a picture of the 1983 line-up in front of the Dischord house porch.  Ian MacKaye as charismatic front man up front backed up by fellow band members Jeff Nelson, Lyle Preslar and the glasses wearing Brian Baker.

Lyle Preslar jamming along

The insert holds some old pictures from those 'salad days', Ian interacting with the crowd, Brian and Lyle playing their axes and creative mastermind Jeff pasting the album art of Out Of Step like back in kindergarten.
DIY rules supreme in their book for sure.

Three tracks on 45 rpm speed, now that is an EP
MINOR THREAT has left a huge mark on hardcore and is a force that can not be forgotten. Even during their short existence they have created a scene within the '80's hardcore scene that was so different and has left his marks until today. After the breaking up of MINOR THREAT some members started their own projects and one that needs to get credit too is FUGAZI.

All these days, just Salad Days
Go check out these bands, they might be old news and for some they might sound 'stale' but still their influence is enormous on so many levels. And there's no future without knowing your history.


Friday, September 21, 2012

L.O.T. "Shame To This Weakness...." LP Impressions (Part I)

I'm going to post impressions about this record now and then. Because it's so damn inspiring and uncompromising that it really stimulates me to do so when I listen to it.  Listening to it drives me forward. And the lyrical content (which is not what this post is about) is so broad and philosophical that I can keep on writing about it.

The first impression, what I will be writing about here, is the record title:

How appropriate can a record title coming from out of a hardcore community be? SHAME TO THIS WEAKNESS MODERN WORLD... I couldn't agree more. I mean, hardcore looks and searches for societies weaknesses. And tells them what they are. The ability to do this is a strength...

A weakness that can be found in following the mainstream society. A weakness of outing your anger at the wrong persons. A weakness of not knowing what makes you angry. A weakness of being dependent of consuming to have a nice time. A weakness of having fear. A weakness of paying respect through fear. A weakness of not daring to ask the right questions. A weakness of creating something that destroys. A weakness of following a leader. A weakness of being dependent of others. A weakness of not being able to hold on or to let go...

Hell yeah, weakness is everywhere. And we are here to search you for these weaknesses and tell you what they are. Does that make us the devil in a modern world...?

length of time shame to this weakness modern world grey gray vinyl lp good life recordings
LENGTH OF TIME "Shame To This Weakness Modern World" LP on GRAY vinyl

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold Collection Shot

This is the long awaited complete TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold collection shot. At least it's complete at this date.

Trapped Under Ice Stay Cold collection complete
Complete STAY COLD Collection 09/2012
Feel free to share this picture around. It includes the testpress and even a special version of the second press, the Speckled Egg version...