Friday, January 27, 2012

RISE AND FALL Hellmouth And Punkmetal

About the RISE AND FALL "Hellmouth" reissue! Their debut LP, "Hellmouth" has been repressed by their trusted label Deathwish Inc. So for most Belgians and H8000 fanatics nothing new here... But much changed since the original 2004 release of "Hellmouth" on Join The Team Player Records. They grew and have explored their musical capabilities and styles, toured, etc.

Their label, Deathwish Inc. refers to this album as the blueprint for punkmetal. But that's incorrect as you might expect me saying; earlier bands like early LIAR, entire CONGRESS, later SHORTSIGHT, etc. actually laid that blueprint in my opinion. Not to speak of the embryonic WHEEL OF PROGRESS! But there's many ignorance and misunderstanding about these bands and the 90's scene they hail from, so I'm not blaming anybody for this misinformation!

Personally, I as a kid, always described Hardcore as a mixture of punk and metal to people who were unknowing about it! Me being the teenager kid was ofcourse also wrong because hardcore ain't per definition a mixture of metal and punk... but looking at the scene I was in and the bands I was exposed to I didn't know better. So I've always described it as some kind of punkmetal, way before RISE AND FALL and other punkmetal bands like OATHBREAKER existed. What RISE AND FALL does do, is introducing it to the world and a larger crowd of new kids!

I'm not trying to minimize the band's delivery I still think it's the best contemporary band! A band that has the same magic as the early Revelation bands, like Chain Of Strength, while not copycatting it, but playing something totally different!

rise and fall hellmouth LP deathwish 2012 reissue gold vinyl
Transparent GOLD vinyl: 330 copies
rise and fall hellmouth LP deathwish 2012 reissue orange vinyl
Solid ORANGE vinyl: 756 copies

As you can see, the CD artwork has been used! Which looks much more colorful than the OG vinyl pressing on ANGER MANAGEMENT Records:

rise and fall hellmouth LP black vinyl anger management
OG Vinyl pressing: Standard BLACK
rise and fall hellmouth color clear LP anger management records vinyl
CLEAR Vinyl: OG Colorpressing

Also, as we are used of DWinc; heavy sleeves and quality vinyl! Overall much more quality than the the Original pressing! Which makes me like it more! But that clear vinyl still's the rarest version out there! And is highly desired by now....

As far as the comparison goes, also a few bonus tracks on the reissue!

Anyway, always judge for yourself by buying it straight from the band:

Also looking out for the release of the H8000 BOOK; that should take away all the misunderstanding about the scene R&F members grew up in!

Friday, January 20, 2012

KICKBACK And European Hardcore

Showing the kids the reality is what European Hardcore and Beatdown is at nowadays! And this reality comes to the kids uncensored and blatantly. Only for the strong and smart kids I think. Because you really need to anticipate on what is thrown at you musically and not be wrongly influenced by it. And definitely not playing the copycat!

It's easy to judge or think that this music is bad, but it's all in the eyes of the beholder! That "in-the-face-reality" seems to be taken away from people and definitely in mainstream music, where everything needs to be merry, happy and pretty. It's not only in mankind's nature to be polar and to have two sides of reality, so why take this away from people's perception of the surrounding world and humanity!

The tidings do not lie! Perversion is a growing facet of mankind, mass-murder is omni-present! Aggression proliferates! Some people would argue saying that this is the media focusing more and more on it, so why can't this music do the same?

What I'm trying to say is that making reality come conscious and that showing the (dark side of) reality can only have positive effects on kids. That is if you are strong enough to handle it and are independent enough to make your own opinion about it! Testing peoples ethical strengths is what they do, they train it! Preparing kids for all hostility and negativity to come... And become independent ethical minds.

Anyway, KICKBACK seem to still be the leaders of that style! I've said it before Kickback; is on the forefront of the European scene and seems to have the biggest influence on it.

Recently GSR Music released their two latest releases on vinyl and those objects embody everything I've said in this post:


On TDON Packaging

Very enthusiast on my discovery of THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT Records because it's very good I think. And I got a free 7" with my order from the label which I post about now as a mean of saying thank you for that. Let's have a look at the packaging, layout and artwork in this split release:

Pale Creation Side
Band-logo above artwork in varnish
Abraxis Side
Band-logo in varnish above the artwork
Shield also in varnish above the artwork

All the drawings on itself are very good and awesome. But also the use of varnish is really special and modern. The color-scheme is great as well. Also the vinyl looks good, really color-full contrast with the mono-chrome sleeve and insert! Nothing but praises for how this record looks!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


When I go to work at 5am, I ride my car and listen to a fair amount of Hardcore. Therefore I need Cd's and one I listen to a lot is the CEREMONY "Rohnert Park" album. So diverse and unpredictable that I never get tired of listening to it! Also the "Covers" Cd -that is from the same recording session- on full rotation early in the morning and in the evening on the way home.

But since I'm a passionate vinyl collector I needed the LP to. I saw several going on eBay but never got to score any of them. But recently I saw one coming out of Australia so being at the antipode side of the globe I needed to stand up also early in the morning to make my bid, which took a fair amount of passion and dedication to do so! I won the auction and to my pleasant surprise the guy who did the auction; Tim, also does a blog on vinyl collecting and also uses So a fellow collector in my eyes. His blog is called 'Vinyl Abuse' and can be found here.

ceremony rohnert park LP red vinyl pre-order bridge 9 nine records

The simplicity but effectiveness of the cover is enormous on this release from Bridge 9! A simple layout that can only work with a very good and awesome photo. So here's the regular house in Rohnert Park with a Skateboarder wearing a MINOR THREAT logo-sweater and ofcourse the American flag. In other words the picture captures a lot of what CEREMONY is and in an aesthetic way also.

The auction I won and was very enthusiast about and still are, was also with a WHITE copy of the teaser ep called "Sick" and needed this one also so I was quite certain about having to win this particular auction!

ceremony sick ep white vinyl bridge 9 nine records

But that's not every reason why to let this come out of Australia! Up for auction was actually the pre-order package as it was exactly like from the B9 Store, on which I missed out. So, as you might remember, it has a book written by Ross Farrar plus a poster also. Again a cool thing look at and certainly to read. It also has a photo on it, that again captures a lot of the current American hardcore culture in one single shot:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Since the release of their full-length on Deathwish Inc., OATHBREAKER began to reign the world of Hardcore at a pretty fast pace. Numerous reviews appeared on record collecting blogs, news blogs, etc. I can only celebrate this because the band is indisputably rooted in H8000 metalcore bands like Liar and that's something I hear.

Nothing but positivity on their debut full-length, surprisingly well-received worldwide! So the label pressed another 1022 copies which is more than I expected! It's also colored vinyl, that you can pick up here.

While we are at it, I have the two first pressings:

oathbreaker maelstrom LP bronze vinyl deathwish inc
Brown Vinyl (out of 700 pressed)

bone vinyl white oathbreaker maelstrom LP vinyl deathwish inc
White Vinyl (out of 300 pressed)

But less known is their debut ep that was now pressed by THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT Records from the UK. And its MEGA-limited, so far as I know there are 2 colors and 1 black version, all out of approximately 70 copies only! 

Blue / Purple wax

oathbreaker colored vinyl tdon thirty days of night 7 inch record vinyl

You can still order this limited 7" here straight from the label!

Monday, January 9, 2012

BLACK FLAG color 7"s

Time for something totally different but totally cool and essential; BLACK FLAG colors. I have my eyes on getting colored represses of classical Hardcore releases, as you already know. But not only DISCHORD releases are on my radar, also BLACK FLAG releases. I share this interest with my a fellow blogger MCS. So reading his posts stimulated me or kick started the vibe again. So here's what I got:

black flag nervous breakdown SST records 7 inch vinyl blue
Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown" BLUE vinyl

black flag six pack 7 inch clear milk SST records vinyl color
Black Flag "Six Pack" milky CLEAR vinyl

black flag TV party 7 inch orange vinyl SST records
Black Flag "TV Party" Solid ORANGE

Definitely only a needle in the haystack of all the colored BLACK FLAG releases out there... There's something irrationally desirable about these, prices increase pretty fast and I really don't get why, they aren't so hard to find, but sell out quickly though. Are they historically significant? That's subject to argument for sure!

We are in a welfare society, hardcore and punk rock are products of western welfare societies! And BLACK FLAG somehow exaggerates/magnifies that sometimes useless consumerism in our western societies. And these records somehow embody that.... Both the satyriasis of TV watching of drinking beer in the lyrics and on the covers.

That's one of the things I learned from these records... Does that make them relevant? I think so...  

Another thing that I got from these is the fundamental entertainment properties of music that is also a part of hardcore. But also the insanity and irrationality that make the genre strong somehow. But I really need to elaborate that another time.


Dedication in Hardcore definitely pays off to an extent. I for one check the worldwide web everyday and so also on holidays. Being the pseudo-professional marketplace that is eBay, on holidays lesser people seem to participate in bidding on records. That's fine because I don't care about being it a holiday and bid away on holidays too. So items that end on holidays tend to go a lot cheaper than usual! A nice holiday-treat if you ask me!

It's been a long time since I posted a vintage GOOD LIFE classic:

culture born of you LP good life recordings blue color vinyl
GL-pressing on BLUE
You have to admit that this pressing looks much more pretty than the CONQUER THE WORLD pressings. Be your own judge:

culture born of you LP blue color vinyl conquer the world press
CTW-pressing on BLUE

Although that's what I feel. A live-picture always does it on a Hardcore record. And that man with the camouflage bandanna in the background looks like a stereo-typical 90's vsxe militant!

This one was on my want-list for a very long time, but not completely erased because there's an even more rare CLEAR version out there too.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Discovery Of Unknown Records Confirmed

I received a record straight from the REAPER Records DIY store that isn't on the pressing info list! Which is pretty exciting for two reasons:

  1. It is a version that is never seen before and not supposed to exist. So very rare. But also definitely legit because it comes from the one and only instance that has the right to make it, the label!
  2. After applying logic on two unknown recordversions, it confirms my theory that Reaper Records sometimes makes records that aren't listed by using another sleeve instead of the listed sleeve. Or otherwise put makes "switch-versions" !
    This theory came to being by getting this record in the mail. BUT this record came from a person who has nothing to do with the label, so I couldn't unanimously say it is legit... AND now that the same thing ("switching" of two versions) happens with another record that now IS coming from the label, we can be sure and confirm the theory!

When you look at the pressing info page, you can see that it isn't listed:

Any logic-experts that can deny this theory???

I guess not, because it's like this formally:

A exists

B = A

=> B exists
In which:

A is the STANDARD A.W.O.L. cover with BLUE vinyl SWITCH

B is the POSI TERROR demo cover with GOLD vinyl SWITCH

An Update On The REAPER Collection

Who would have thought that I actually would buy a new MADBALL record, let stand wanting to build up a collection, go on eBay to get them and eventually even make a collection-picture! Well definitely nobody would do that, except maybe for the BALL OF DESTRUCTION 7", they'd give money but not for the recent records.

But since I collect REAPER RECORDS it happened to me:

madball real american hardcore 7 inch vinyl collection reaper records
the 4 colors of the R.A.H.C. 7"

I'm doing quite well on my REAPER RECORDS collection by the way, I even found another of those UNITED BLOOD 2011 Stamped 7" releases that are all out of 20 copies only, that make two in my collection already:

various mercy for none compilation reaper records red vinyl united blood stamp

Friday, January 6, 2012

Two AMENRA Represses

Recently Vincent from the best hardcore band in the world; RISE AND FALL started running a Ghent based distro. It's called SOUL SLAYER. I hope you visit this store once because there is a bunch of good stuff in there, nothing but good stuff actually! So before showing some of that stuff in order to convince you I need to say that there aren't a lot of bands in the store, I guess it's out there to distribute the Ghent scene. But don't worry, they ship worldwide too and bands include; AmenRa, Rise And Fall, Oathbreaker, Blind To Faith,...

Ok, the first things that came to my mind in ordering were the represses of the highly desired and insanely expensive original MASS pressings. I'm not going to pay beyond 100€ to to score them on eBay and are very happy and satisfied with the represses! Although me and a fellow collector needed to criticize that they are rather ERSATZ pressings for the OG's. Let me explain why; most of those represses have more or less the same sleeves and also the same vinyl colors! And that's a setback for those who paid the eBay bill for the OG's.

But besides that little lack of creativity in making different pressings they still look and are great anyway. The first one is the MASS II repress:

amenra mass 2 prayer 9 10 clear vinyl reissue
CLEAR 180grams VINYL

And surprisingly printed almost invisible on the inside of the sleeve to:

The other one I wanted the color-version of but found the OG too expensive and that was the MASS II and III gatefold 2xLP:

GREEN vinyl black swirl and a Screened Cover

Screened on the front cover and inside of the gatefold. Also the 'Amitica-stamp' on the inside make this complete and desirable!

In case you don't know, the original is on UK's SOUND DEVASTATION Records and exists on black and GREEN and the Green is screened on the D-side!

Sweetness as you can witness here and also nice that the Belgian scene has learned and evolved to make the packages very good looking and high quality.

A last thing I need to say is that I already made a post about the other MASS II versions and that any pressing info is welcome.

Ofcourse you need the link to that store:

And check out this if you don't believe me on the prices the originals are going for:

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I really love this record. So I quickly ordered every color out there. So became a  collection without testpresses. After doing some research there seem to be two testpress-versions known already. The first version sold by THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT has a patch as cover and is out of five copies. But mcs posted the other version with a hand drawn cover by Dwid himself. Of which we don't know how many there are.

So this is what we have so far:

[Edit] By Dicko (read the comments)

INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL "Black Heksen Rise" - Testpress - Patch Cover - ?
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL "Black Heksen Rise" - Testpress - hand drawn Cover - ?
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL "Black Heksen Rise" - Black - 120
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL "Black Heksen Rise" - White - 100
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL "Black Heksen Rise" - Blue/Green - 680

integrity rot in hell split 7 inch color white black green blue limited tdon press thirthy days of night

Seems to be sold-out already at TDON Records, HOLY TERROR and Deathwish Inc. so I'm already glad with my achievement even  though I haven't got a testpress!

I also got this from Dwid for free; has a very interesting interview with him at the end of the CD:

This is still available everywhere and is recommended.