Thursday, March 29, 2012


VVEGAS, safehaven of thee omniscient T, a band of brothers in arms amidst the chaos, based in Germany, Australia, Northern America and Asia, a world dominating force ready to unleash their fury upon thee. Clouded in secrecy they spread their message through sonic annihilation. This time the arcane crew of madmen teamed up with Virginia based band MOUTHEATER for the release of this EP.
With combined forces they created this masterpiece in 2008, accompanied by DWID HELLION who delivered the artwork, a ferocious  four track 7" for us all to devour and cherish, brought to us by the Nashville homegrown label THRASHED RECORDS, the label that MOUTHEATER released their debut 7" 'LOT LIZARD' with.
As you might of guessed by now VVEGAS are kindred souls to the HOLY TERROR spirit so we already sense where this EP is going for. Embrace the darkness of life brought to you on a silver plate or 'plaat'. MOUTHEATER lends them a helping hand in spreading their message across. If you're not up for it then now is your chance to get out. This is not your jolly jump-around type of hardcore, metal, punk,.... whatever, music that you get yours kick off to. Reality is hard and it will slap you in the face, are you aware enough to witness it? 

vegas moutheather 7 inch cover
Thee ART
The artwork has been created by DWID HELLION and i must say that he has outdone himself. I already fell for the more creepy, crawly inspired army of creatures that DWID normally draws. But this albumcover is of a different dimension and grabs your attention. At first sight it looks like a sort of chaotic, apocalyptic painting with different colors, shades and compositions, even some characters can be spotted. A closer look at it only makes you go deeper into the artwork and makes you see more than the eye can behold. 
I'm still trying to figure out what this image is made of and what techniques were used. It looks like many different shards of other images that have been scrambled into a new composition. Painted, cut and paste or digitally enhanced or some of the thoughts that come to my mind. A display of creation through destruction. 

THRASHED THR-11 catalogue nr. and the MANSONFISH showing DWID's collaboration
The back cover is an extension of the front cover artwork and beholds the tracklisting. 
Two tracks by each entity spread across the A and B side of the 7" vinyl. 
VVEGAS pleases us with  their gifts starting of with Becoming The Night, a sort of soundscape consisting of acoustic guitar that swells as droning ambient sounds rise up, German spoken whispers guide you through, while a mantra repeats itself in the background. Even the sound of reversed recordings come in. All this  in accordance to the sound brought by one of T's other projects and object of my fandom, ROSES NEVER FADE. 
MMVII or 2008 for all you non Romans kicks in after the epic Becoming The Night and it goes hard. Beatdown style meets Clevo hardcore topped off with vicious vocals. Can you dig it! These two tracks
make my anxious for the new release coming soon of VVEGAS and ABRAXIS. 

VVegas is Hippies

MOUTHEATER for one have a different distinct ring to them, one that fits them well and i can see and hear the connection between the two featured bands. Lyrically there are ties that bind them, sonically it leads to a slower and bass driven sound. Still brutal and in your face enough to withstand the final Judgment day, were these guys will be playing mainstage with VVEGAS. 
Misperceptions is the first track on the B side and shows us how these Virginians do it over there. 
Sludgy guitars guide second track Ulcer through, slowly erupting into the end of this record.
Moutheater , a band to keep an eye on

And now the hard facts, the record discussed is one out of 300 copies on various mixed swirls, most of them black and grey. 100 yellow ( pre-order) and 100 red copies sums up to 500 of these little buggers going around. I've got mine and it's a keeper. Now i want all you fans to witness it too. 

Swirls like a dancing dervish 
Both bands have enjoyed me and many others with the release of this EP. I for one i'm looking forward to 
upcoming releases by both projects involved. The artwork being done by DWID adds that extra touch to it.
These guys know what us vinyljunkies like and they always try to make every release unique in it's own way. 

Click play


Sunday, March 25, 2012


Got this a while ago but never came to share it. It's the ORIGINAL release show poster for nothing less than the BLACKENED PERSISTENCE album of CONGRESS! With MARILYN MONROE on it.

congress blackened persistance release show poster H8000 nations on fire Izegem
CONGRESS Blackened Persistence release show poster OG

Shows us many things:
  1. The exact date of the release of that album: 26 November
  2. The other band: NATIONS ON FIRE
  3. Also the fact that in 1995 N.O.F. hadn't played with the original line-up in 3 years
  4. The place: IZEGEM (h8000 area ofcourse)

What you may find odd is the fact that MARILYN MONROE is on it, I have some speculations but nothing for sure. Maybe Edward can fill me in on this? But I'm not that surprised because in the September 2010 CONGRESS interview with JOSH, Marilyn was mentioned as being the subject of UxJx's rambling:

UXJ seemed the weirdo of the bunch: wearing unreadable metal logo-shirts, rambling on about Marilyn Monroe and how he liked satanic stuff. No crew was formed as far as I know, although most records that came out were ...
Some close-up pictures to visualize what's on it:

Any memories and/or anecdotes about this? Feel free to share...

Two Critics On Reaper Records

I'm not the only one in having a critic on the new TAKE OFFENSE 12" ep from REAPER RECORDS. They actually pressed a 12" for four songs. This means it's a one-sided 12" with only the big half grooved. Read this to witness the complaint.

TAKE OFFENSE Under The Same Shadow GOLD vinyl
Obviously the songs could have fit on a 7" I suppose, but the quality of the sound wouldn't be so great as it is now. Another thing is that a 10" isn't a handy format, so eventually I don't feel cheated.

Another thing I forgot to mention about REAPER RECORDS in yesterday's post is that they make the testpresses widely available for everybody to grab. I have double feelings about this. The positive thing is that they are totally cool, mostly numbered and with different covers and that they are unlike revelation testpresses not totally impossible to get. Putting them on the market is probably just a consequence of the collector's demand to Kitzel. But they are made sleeves for them just so that they become more attractive on the other side.
Also the quickness on which they are sold and listed on eBay bothers me, sure thing is that the label can surely use the money to make new releases. But the myth and mystery around them fades and they become just rarest versions of certain releases...

Any thoughts about this?

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Collecting REAPER RECORDS doesn't let me down, always surprising and interesting! Lots of good records coming out and sweetly marketed by pressing multiple versions, colors and sleeves. Also great and very good looking artwork on the sleeves.

What doesn't surprise is that records from REAPER RECORDS are getting more and more expensive on eBay, this means the demand for them is growing. Especially for the versions that were only available at shows, not from the distro's. Are people finally realizing that Reaper Records is the only label that holds true to the traditional hardcore. Unlike Bridge Nine who turns more and more poppy or Good Life that brings you more and more beatdown oriented stuff. Those evolutions question or test the hotness of real hardcore, is it still alive? Well Reaper Records proof it is.

In my point of view all of this doesn't matter, I like it and don't care if anyone else does or not. But if you need to get them in auctions I do care because prices increased and that does affect me and especially my wallet!

Anyway, a fine example is TAKE OFFENSE. They hold on to and make people warm for real hardcore and do it very well. When I listen to this band it heals me from all negativity and pointless aggression caused by listening to beatdown for example, this kind of hardcore I can listen to every day at every moment. While the band doesn't fall into easy-listening like the poppy Bridge Nine bands.

Enough said about that, except for the fact that I'm really grateful of such band for their balance and healing power. Now over to the wax-objects; I recently scored the testpressing of TO's first LP called 'Tables Will Turn' and I must say the packaging is awesome and high quality. Let's look at some photo's covering that:

take offense tables will turn LP testpress cover reaper records
Front Cover
Back Cover, numbering, tracklisting and mentioning of TESTPRESS on it
The cover is actually a extra cover folded over the thicker DJ-sleeve
Printed labels, with writing on the A-side
REAPER logo stamp in black ink on DJ-sleeve
And while we are at it I took a collection picture photo also, it is a nice little mini-collection:

Friday, March 23, 2012

BROKEN CLOWN Songs For Lonely Teardrops MCD

For this post we're taking a little detour away from our beloved vinyl addiction.
This review is about a MCD, yes, those little shiny silver colored coasters that most of you vinyl-junkies
despise. And i agree with you, Cd's are ugly and are not made to withstand the end of times.
easily scratched and ruined, broken trays and those annoying booklets that just don't fit into that front-panel. That is the legacy of this glorious 80's invention, soon to be forgotten thanks to the digital revolution that serves us even poorer sound quality.
The artwork never really comes to full effect on these little buggers. In the end the best purpose for Cd's is
for delivering you your daily dose of noise while driving your car, cause a record-player in a car just doesn't cut it due to the instability of record-players and ( in my case Belgian) rocky roads.
But i really feel the need to discuss this great release by BROKEN CLOWN, and since this was a CD only release ( how stupid is that? ) it's the only way to review this one here.

broken clown songs for lonely teardrops CD
Songs for Lonely Teardrops
BROKEN CLOWN is a BRUSSELS ( BE)  based band featuring members of ARKANGEL / LENGTH OF TIME and BACKSTABBERS. Their first and only release up until now 'SONGS FOR LONELY TEARDROPS' dates from 2005.
A little side project for KIRBY, MOULES, MEHDI and DAVID to show their love and appreciation for the bands that inspired this release. Released through ARKANGEL's very own label PRIVATE HELL RECORDS ( sub-label to GSR MUSIC ).

broken clown private hell records CD

As said before this is a mini CD which features 6 songs by BROKEN CLOWN and the first one is a short intro, so let's narrow it down to 5 real songs. Short but powerful they deliver a sound that brings back memories to influential bands from the past who played a more down tempo kind of hardcore and/or metal.
As if LIFE OF AGONY, SHEER TERROR and TYPE O NEGATIVE decided on a dark desolate day to
donate some semen to the local sperm-bank, all mixed up together and nine months later it sprouted into BROKEN CLOWN.
If you'd like to hear the songs by this gang of deviant BXL hardcore legends then Click Here.

Crucified skeleton in contrast to all the white used for the artwork
A clown holding a child on his lap greets us on the front-cover of this MCD, this is the main image used in this release. That and the horrified face staring at us on the back of the MCD. The booklet with lyrics contains a few more pictures of the bandmembers, all shot in a way that no faces behind the music can be witnessed.
The CD itself is again white with a crucified skeleton printed on it.

Mysterious bandpictures
The songs deal with topics such as love and the suffering that sometimes accompanies love. These aren't
happy themed songs but rather dark thoughts and reflections on love in general. With titles as MY PRECIOUS and MURDERED BY LOVE they bring their own blend of slow heavy riff based music joined by agonizing vocals in the same key that KEITH CAPUTO or PETER STEELE used to sing away their blues.

I really enjoy these songs by the BXL boys and it gives us a glimpse at the talent of these musicians showing that they are capable of more than what we known of them with their well known projects such as ARKANGEL and BACKSTABBERS.

Here's a little clip of what i prefer as the best BROKEN CLOWN song so far ( not on this MCD),
this is TIRED, demonstrating what the band is all about.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

INTEGRITY Kingdom Of Heaven Test Press

One year into collecting has had his effect on my bank account and my relation.
Both suffered from the many hours spent on browsing, buying and discussing my latest purchases.
Hours spend behind turntables and computers have left me with an ever growing lump on my back,
damaged hearing and virtually no social life anymore. 
But a while ago it actually all fell into place. As i opened my mailbox i witnessed a square piece of
brown cardboard. One that could fit a 7". Maybe it could be the one that i ordered two weeks prior?
I opened it up and their was my long awaited INTEGRITY test press EP, namely THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN - THE ARACA SESSIONS. I was greeted by the custom artwork made by DWID HELLION  for this Test Press record of one of my all-time favorite bands ever. Throughout my whole time being into Hardcore and Punk music, i've always was in awe of the sheer power and energy of INTEGRITY. Ever since i heard of them during the H8000 era in the early nineties, they struck me down with their brutal reality balled into songs that want to make you take over the pit and leave nothing but ear tunnels and shards of tattooed skin on the floor, leaving no one behind and moshing them all into a bloody piece of pulp. INTEGRITY has always been on my path and record-player, their songs calm me down when i feel my anger rising. Nothing beats putting on a INTEGRITY record to get you going when this gray world creeps you down.

DWID's creature of the night 
As stoked as i was to have this in my possession, i was once again greeted with another astonishment.
The cover of the Test Press, once a blank white sleeve was transformed into an original DWID HELLION creation. A picture of some sort of demonic vampire with crosses carved in his forehead stared at me. Fangs out, looking ferociously. I fell in love instantly, and we all know that Love is the only weapon.

integrity kingdom of heaven 7 inch dwid hellion drawing cover test press vinyl

You can see the stripes of the marker used and it even comes through the other side of the paper. Different materials and techniques were used for this picture and it really comes all together in this image. A dark creature with gray surroundings ready to creep into the night, what could make a better match with the inside of this cover; a 7" of mind twitching 'Apocalyptic' screams accompanied by unleashed guitars and bestial beats. To top it all of it's signed at the bottom by DWID himself : 'ALL THE BEAST, DWID HELLION'

Beastial greats 
The first press of this album is released through A389 RECORDINGS and still available in black vinyl and a few red copies ( band color?)  popped up one day on a certain HOLY TERROR related website, but already sold out by now.  A fellow collector has a nice blog  about the white version (visit A Money Pit) , i believe this is the A389 Records pre-order version.

But enough BS about the artwork, what's really the reason for this purchase is the music by 'THE BEAST'.
This is not really a new release, since it contains three 'old' songs. Nothing new there you would say, but
these three songs just happen to be three of the best Integrity songs ever made. Dating over 20 years back, so we're talking 1992, the magical time were i was immersed into Hardcore and hailing from the H8000
you could not deny the legacy Integrity had on that scene now and then, even globally.
These songs have been recorded with former drummer David Nicholi Araca ( RIP 1994) before his departure from this hellhole, and can be found on 'Den of Inquity (1993).
The three 'classics' on this 7" are 'Kingdom of Heaven', 'Rebirth' and ' Eighteen'.
Demonstrating that even a more Hardcore than Metal inspired song by INTEGRITY can be more wicked and aggressive than any "church burning" black metal band.
This album is a perfect hit of art in this 'gray' existence of ours.
The HOLY TERROR cult has spread out and many bands follow in the footsteps of DWID, some even with the approval of the BEAST himself and with the seal of approval of the 'PROCESS' 4P logo on their albums and merch. No one can beat the originators though (some do come really close to reach the same level as the mighty INTEGRITY), even though the message brought by these bands serves the same goal as the masters themselves. THE HOLY TERROR CHURCH OF FINAL JUDGMENT is taking the world by storm nowadays, so the end must be nigh. Time to repent all you sinners, i'm going down with this 7" blasting waiting for the final WAR.

URP Test Press side B 

As it is, So it be.

Eternal thanks to Jack Abernathy for this gift of Art.

Edit : Dicko said...

You should also mention that 2 of the tracks on this 7" 1st appeared on the infamous Integrity/Mayday split.


Monday, March 19, 2012


CLEVO HARDCORE, home of the violence!
As proclaimed by Jack Abernathy on Palm Sunday.
CLEVO, home of the mighty RINGWORM.

RINGWORM has always been one of the flag bearers of violent hardcore in the 90's, together with other CLEVELAND originals such as INTEGRITY and ONE LIFE CREW. In the early 90's they set the tone ( along others) for many bands and local scenes by introducing a metal influenced infusion into hardcore. Alongside the darker sound and aesthetics followed an even more violent following in the moshpit turning shows into battles for survival. Shocking to some, good clean fun to others. Certain crews could get a bit ecstatic in the pit (remember the KDS crew) but all turned out well and nothing some muscle ointment couldn't fix happened. If you can't handle the heat then it's better to stay out. There's plenty a room on the sideline if you don't wanna get physical with these creatures from the underground unleashing their demonic powers on the stage and dance-floor.
No one can not deny that RINGWORM, along others, had a great influence on scenes such as the H8000 back in the early nineties. The impact of early releases in their careers, such as THE PROMISE can be heard in several H8000 and other productions during the 90's. In the expression through music of one's anger and  inner demons channeled through distorted guitars and horrifying screams. Or even in the apocalyptic imagery and aggressive lyrics. Many have followed in the path of  RINGWORM, in the same vein a whole movement even arose that has a certain affection for dark, occult and mysterious themes and aesthetics,  sonically translated in a brutal noise for all of us to enjoy and to get physical on.

ringworm scars LP cover
Front Cover
Being a fan of this particular band since hearing THE PROMISE i didn't hesitate to pick me up a copy of their latest album SCARS (2011) last year. It's been a while since i picked up a good VICTORY band in my vinyl collection, so RINGWORM has joined the ranks on my record-shelfs.

Back Cover
With titles as VOLUNTARY HUMAN EXTINCTION and HELLBOUND you already know this isn't gonna be no happy sing along and let's all be friends album, I'm talking Death, Chaos and Disorder riding in on pale horses. Overall the main message here is : Humanity is doomed. They challenge you to take a closer look at our modern world and all of it's atrocities.
Don't take this too literally but rather look at it as a form of self expression where certain imagery and ideas are used to make a certain statement. Too some this may be shocking or offensive but in the end it's only a way of portraying their ideas.
Blood runs through the hands of the person hiding his hands on the album cover, a feeling you might experience listening to this album, grasping for air after screaming of the tops of your lungs with HUMAN FURNACE alongside guiding you straight to hell. The artwork is mostly composed of bloody red and other macabre colors, setting the image for a dark mysterious journey into the netherworld, a display of ancient wisdom and believes to be spread by these CLEVO legends. The vinyl itself is of a nice color of red.

Blood red vinyl
RINGWORM created another masterpiece with hard hitting songs full of rage, anger and frustration.
All served into a nice concept package, to instill fear into those who don't get it and love for those who acknowledge it and might even find this record a display of beauty and art.
If you'd like to endure this yourself and make up our own twisted mind on this matter then Click Here.
RWHAF is not responsible for any damages caused by listening to this music, so if you do decide to thrash your home by windmilling your way through while listening, don't come crying to us. Pictures and videos of the actions made and eventual caused damage are always welcome.

'The Eye In Hand' artwork

The album SCARS will leave scars on the eardrums of all those that witness this brutality pressed onto wax.
CLEVELAND once again prove that they truly are the home of violent hardcore.
Over 20 years of releasing their demons upon mankind haven't calmed these guys down for a second. The end is near. And they'll make sure you know it firsthand.

Don't take the violence part too serious, i'm talking about brutal, aggressive music and aesthetics through sound and ideas displayed. These guys have certain views on our world and society and in no way promote violence against others.
They challenge you to think about what they say and to decide for yourself  if you agree or not. If you don't agree with their style of negative hardcore then you still have a whole range of other bands that you might enjoy.

For those who want to hear other projects with HUMAN FURNACE (vocals) involved, then check out GLUTTONS (Click Here) and HOLYGHOST(Click Here).


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fuel The Likes

Obviously I missed out on the great release show from Rise And Fall last night! While we are at it I see the four colorways from the album FAITH are still available at RevHQ... There was also a limited release version of that album available at the show...
I wouldn't be aware of all this without Facebook, so I invite everyone to 'like' RWHAF and stay up to date with auctions and pre-orders we like or as a mean to get notice of every post on the blog and to interact with us socially. Here's the place where things are happening. We need those likes by the way...

I just discovered the page from THE ESSENCE, they seem to have a good select view upon hardcore and it's history and bring to the point pictures and video's from what they feel is essential! Check it out here.

I'm a bit late on posting this but there's a Reaper Records and The Essence collaboration 7" out there. I bought the very last copy from the Control Records store:

Different sleeve than the RR version. Plus promo pictures.
Numbered out of 100

There has been no updates last week, that doesn't mean we are sleeping, Ezekiel has some posts ready, they are going to be published next week!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

REGRESS NO WAY Compilation (Belgium 1992)

Speaking of "bars and stars" from the DC-flag as mentioned in the previous post by my man Ezekiel. Here's another later record that was inspired by that artwork. But that's far from the core of this write-up! What I'm trying to say is that this record was never discussed on H8000 Central and never here, that's a shame... But never too late to pay homage to the bands and their songs and lyrics! The quartet of bands on this compilation is SPIRIT OF YOUTH, BLINDFOLD, SHORTSIGHT and ofcourse NATIONS ON FIRE! This record has it all, a 8-page booklet insert with an awesome live-picture on the front-page and a small Warehouse Records (which is the label who brought this out, pre- Good Life Recordings) catalog!

various 8000 crew hardcore spirit of youth blindfold nations on fire shortsight 7 inch
REGRESS NO WAY Compilation 7"
Inside the booklet each band have the lyrics and band info, very clear layout! in the middle of that booklet you see then still very young band members! Dominiek and Frederiek still kids at the time. And centrally the "three-P" slogan: "Positive Political Powerful" amongst the DRUG-FREE resistance message.

Please don't ask me to tell what's my favorite band, every band has it's strengths and facets that are great! For instance Edward playing in Nations and doing vocals in SOY, Hans singing for SHORTSIGHT and doing guitars for BLINDFOLD! They were active in each other's band. There also isn't a mentioning of who's doing what on the insert...

Another thing I'd like to say is the music of the SOY track, it goes right through me, gives me shivers to my spinal! So maybe I'd vote this a favorite...

Also on the NATIONS ON FIRE page, their's a flyer for a show with Born Against in Germany Switzerland. And it's the same background used for the Antidote "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7". Again inspired and learning from the pioneers in the USA, but trying to make a scene on it's own, with totally different characteristics and music-lyric delivery!
To me this record is declared holy and if you aren't able to find it, contact me, I have a spare copy...

Contact me through here.

warehouse records promotional label poster spirit of youth shortsight blindfold nations on fire

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The FLEX YOUR HEAD compilation 12" is a classic album  that every hardcore fan/collector should own.
It holds the history of the 1980's DC scene and features some of the best DISCHORD bands from the beginning  of American Hardcore Punk. An era where 'Ronnie Reagan' was public enemy nr. 1 and the great British Punk invasion all turned down to be a big swindle.
During a recent visit to Amsterdam browsing through some local record store bins, my eye caught the attention of this classic gem. The albumcover features the DC flag stars and bars ( with the well known straight edge XXX's incorporated). To me a sign to buy this in Amsterdam, where XXX is all over the the city in tourist stores, streetsigns, bridges,...
DC flag stars and bars
This album features a nice collection of songs, giving us a sample of the 1980's DISCHORD bands, including tracks by TEEN IDLES, YOUTH BRIGADE, VOID, SOA (with Henry Garfield on vocals before he became Henry Rollins)  and MINOR THREAT amidst others. With 11 bands, each playing 2 to 3 songs, on this compilation you get a nice representation of what the DISCHORD / DC scene was all about.
DISCHORD and IAN MACKAYE translated an idea through his music that influenced many people for over thirty years now, many bands, scenes have sprung up, trying to follow in the footsteps of these legends.
I won't get into detail about all the songs and bands since they're too many to discuss this time, i'm gonna leave that up to you dear readers. All i can say is you probably all know what to expect from the DISCHORD label and it's bands, ideas and style. A legacy that led to influential bands and genres that provided inspiration to many.

The artwork is based on one of the previous releases, namely the 1982 release featuring the XXX DC flag stars and bars, only this time they opted for red and white as main colors instead of black and white.
According to the red and white cover, the vinyl-color is of a transparent red blending in perfect with the album cover.

various artists flex your head dischord red vinyl LP
Clear red vinyl 
Amidst the songs we find classics such as 12XU, Click here, by MINOR THREAT. A cultclassic covered on many occasions by a diverse range of bands/projects/artists.

As discussed earlier, many different versions of this album are in the running . The first pressings were in 1982 and that year a second an third pressing were released. each with different covers, being the VIOLINS version (/4000), the WHEAT FIELD version (/3000) and the DC FLAG stars and bars (/2000). In 1985 another re-release came with the BLURRY photo as album cover. This version has been repressed once more in 2008. And now they've decided to press up another batch for all those newcomers/nostalgics  to own their copy and discover a piece of the birth of American Hardcore. For more details and numbers about the pressings Click here.
In the bottom right corner we find some pressing info about previous releases 
A nice anecdote about the background of the VIOLINS and WHEAT FIELD covers was once told to me by fellow collector and H8000 legend EDWARD GOOD LIFE during a visit to GOOD LIFE HQ in Kortrijk. The pictures used for the album cover happen to be standard covers or "stock-covers" provided by the pressing plant. Like buying a photo frame and keeping the picture it came with. So this artwork may be appearing on many different releases during that era. They did this to lower the costs...

Insert featuring the bands and lyrics

This is a classic album that every hardcore punk aficionado should hear/know/own, it displays a huge part of the roots of the music we are all so passionate about. Hardcore and punk have evolved a lot since then, sometimes good, sometimes badly, but these songs still remain a strong base for many to look at and find inspiration in. Be it in creating music, art or any other creative outlet to vent your demons too. As the title of the albums says they dare you to FLEX YOUR HEAD.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Reaper Records Pays Homage To 3 Websites

One fine day, Reaper Records decided to pay homage to three famous websites in the field of hardcore! Actually to three blogs whom I read almost daily. And what's a better way than pressing a record and a T-shirt dedicated to those websites and all this in a perfect limited edition turnover! Labels take note and learn from what you see...

First package was a T-shirt + 7" package dedicated to DOUBLE CROSS webzine:


DCXX LOGO "Dedicated To Hardcore"

Telephone cell cover, numbered #39/50 and stamped dustsleeve in silver ink

Back of the cover with DCXX logo and numbering again

2 inserts from which one exclusively by DCXX for this record

The second homage was to TEETILLDEATH and VINYLNOIZE blogs, also a T-shirt and Record package:


Teetilldeath LOGO / Reaper LOGO


RED ink stamp, numbered on dustsleeve

New York street Picture as cover

Vinylnoize LOGO + numbering #39/50