Saturday, June 30, 2012

Original RINGWORM The Promise

While last post was about the footprint of H8000 on a global scale this post is about the footprint from RINGWORM on H8000. Undeniable if you want to collect and understand your precious Belgian edge-metal, but also the more recent kings RISE AND FALL, you need to listen to and own this record.
I already had this kickstarter from the Cleveland area reviewed when I got the recent reissue from A389 Records.

No need to say that when I obtained this original pressing I'm even more taken back to that time when RINGWORM changed the face of many peoples definition of hardcore. Let me try to capture in words why that is.

Easy and concrete common sense lyrics got more of that dark demonic imagery in them. Also the mainly positive mindset of the hardcore bands and kids got darkened. The hardcore societies violent and aggressive nature was made aural and captured with musical instrument in the delivery of the new sound. I'm not a metal expert but I think RINGWORM got these influences from outside of hardcore as it was back then. And they  certainly listened to SLAYER and related bands...

The outcome of this adaptation from new elements outside of the "true" hardcore or the old school hardcore is fine in my opinion. And can be seen in light of natural flow of evolution and being open to other musical cultures and styles...

Anyway the color-version of the original LP looks good and getting this felt like a great achievement to me, so I made some pictures:

The classical cover art and the Marbled ORANGE record

ringworm the promise incision records orange vinyl LP clevo
Vinyl Close-up

Tracklist, line-up and label INCISION RECORDS
Also not necessary to search after this one, unless you are a record-collector, because DEATHWISH INC has this available on CD and as I said and repeat, A389 RECORDS made a gatefold vinyl reissue, but I think colored copies are sold by now. Check out an earlier post I made here...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Indonesian Hardcore: HANDS UPON SALVATION

The global footprint that the 90's metallic hardcore had on the globe is still visible when you hear his this Indonesian Metalcore band. HAND UPON SALVATION is the living proof that 90's bands from all over our Western society had created something new and something that will stay. Belgian bands like LIAR, CONGRESS seem to have pulled a part of the hardcore community over to a new metal-infused style. Which was later spread and accentuated by Italian Metalcore outfits like Reprisal, Purification, Dehumanize, etc. I use these countries and bands in the equation because they seem to be most manifest in the sound HANDS UPON SALVATION play.

A while ago that Indonesian band contacted me with the question to listen to their new digital stuff and with mp3's of their demo. They play forward metallic hardcore with a nod to that Belgian and Italian metalcore which threw me back in time. I liked the trip back in time and decided to read the lyrics. I felt the dark imagery go right through me and I liked it again.

With this background and because they have a sense of humor too, I'm posting this on the blog. Where it will certainly not be out of step, but will fit perfectly among the H8000 and the vegan straight-edge content here...

Hands Upon Salvation - Envision The Forsaken
Framed by the mistaken axiom
Betrayed by the unseen fragments
I’ll stand at the forefront of deliverance
Armless hands nearby frozen tyranny
I evoke my theory and I'll have my rhapsody
I won’t drown for mercy
And i won’t drown for resignation
And i won’t drown to treachery
I’ll awake to forever never surrender
I’ll be release ‘till the end i will prevail
This is your hostility faced against my will
I won’t drown for mercy
And i won’t drown for resignation
And i won’t drown to treachery
I’ll awake to forever never surrender
I’ll hold the torches higher and forever never surrender
I’ll hold the torches higher and forever never surrender
I’ll hold the torches higher and forever never surrender
I’ll hold the torches higher and forever never surrender
I’ll hold the torches higher and forever never surrender
My fire
This is my fire
My fire
This is my fire
The epic of this theory
The rhymes of this history
Will be written
I will have my consequences
I will have my rhapsody
In the way of defying your knowledge
I’ll have my hands upon animosity
In the way of defying your knowledge
I’ll have my hands upon salvation
Framed by the mistaken axiom
Betrayed by the unseen fragments
I’ll fight

Check out how they sound here:
See their discography on bandcamp:
Or get in touch with them here:

  • Facebook: Hands Upon Salvation
  • Twitter: @huslegions

Thursday, June 28, 2012

GEHENNA / VVEGAS split 2 x 7"

VEDAVU RECORDS delivers once again an eyesmashing release with the second edition of the unholy alliance between the mighty GEHENNA and the mysterious VVEGAS. Since the first edition had been sold out for a while now and talk of repressing this release rumored early on. Finally we got another chance to experience the VEDAVU approach.

Whispers concerning this release reached my ears somewhere mid june, the order was placed instantly after witnessing the presentation of this all and the guarantee of pure horror delivered by GEHENNA and VVEGAS. A few days later i already received a shipping notice and today it all fell together. Jeremy at VEDAVU has put much effort into this second edition and it came out amazing.

Even accompanied by a slick white card showcasing all the latest releases by these swell Californians from Long Beach. Hook, line and sinker for this fool.

Wrapped in an black silk screened paper obi we are greeted by Baphomet and other creatures of the dark side printed onto the suede like paper obi. Once unraveled a splintered eye ,held into a birds claw, between glass sharves stares at you and dares you to open those gates of hell. 

Two lyrics sheets holding each band's tale form a bigger artwork when the opposite sides are put together. And to top that of there's the essence of this whole release, two 7"s holding the songs by both contributors.

Each one song on one side of the record, the other blank side being screenprinted with matching artwork.
Stamped sleeves finish of this masterpiece. A total experience indeed. from pre order to shipment to delivery, no details have been overseen. Everything was just perfect and smooth, a collectors dream.

GEHENNA has the honour to kick this one off with their apocalyptic prophecy fueled by alcohol and drugs, the chosen verse for this ritual is the mindblowing track Within The Peyote Cult, brutal from the beginning notes and only to end into a repeating, hypnotic riff that fades away into silence. The same riff that swells on in I'll Always Say Forever, a track released on the split 7" released for the 7.17 show, Click here for 7.17 review. 

Join the Peyote Cult and take this trip into madness with Mike Apocalypse to ancient vvisdom regarding the mighty Peyote and the surrounding cult of this powerfull plant. 

The doors of perception are apparently open to the members of the royal and majestic bloodline who no longer trample this earth beside 

VVEGAS released the hellhounds on their track The Original Sin, a whisper beckons us in, counting down to oblivion. .T screams out the ghouls in his mind again on this killer VVEGAS track. Releasing the beast upon mankind once again with this tale about the original sin during the Ides of march.

An extra bonus is the fact that this was recorded near Portus Ganda, a familiar known place in my current residing town of Ghent. With the help of Dwid Hellion and the lovely Stephanie VH serving up some tomato soup to kick back to after proclaiming the coming apocalypse on tape. What better way to spend a rainy mondaymorning. Mean grunts of terror backed up by lo fi guitar noise create this work to evoke ones inner demons to. Not my favorite VVEGAS track to date but certainly a true piece of Holy Terror from the land of Kaiser Whilhelm.


This second edition comes on two white vinyl 7" records, the a side being reserved for the track and the b side holds a silkscreened artwork by VEDAVU creative masterminds Jeremy Westphall and Michael Kendrick. Magnificent, detailed artwork consisting of skulls and various illustrations, nothing is what it seems when another layer of imagery is revealed within the first drawing.


The first edition was limited to 100 pieces and had the same artwork, obi and inserts but came as a one piece black 7". A bundle pack was available too combining a specially designed shirt depicting the insert artwork alongside the record. You can read all about that release from LiG's great blog Totality.

For this second run they raised the numbers to 130. The stamped sleeves only hold the information 'second edition', no hard numbers here and the infamous  /  out of is replaced by the knowledge of knowing that this release is for those chosen few who happen to dwell in certain corners of the internet that many have forsaken or are unaware of. Just the way i like it.

In the first release a mix up occurred with the inserts during the printing process. Each side holds the lyrics while the flipside has a part of the two piece artwork and the bandname to the lyrics. The printer screwed up and so the lyrics the GEHENNA's part hold VVEGAS on the back and vice versa. A small mistake that must be the only flaw in this entire approach to this release. In the second edition it appears that they have made this mistake once again, this time on purpose i guess, it doesn't even matter cause you are already stunned to numbness by the sheer beauty of this release.

From beginning to the end this release is full of minute details and mindblowing artwork. A true tribute to the Japanese influences of releasing records with the added touch of the obi holding the folded cover together. From the vinyl to the choice of recordlabels and insert, every part of this record forms this amazing entity that now graces my recordplayer. Jeremy @ VEDAVU RECORDS, i'm keeping a close eye on your upcoming releases cause once you aquire a certain taste it's hard to deny it. VEDAVU you've done it again!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

ARKANGEL Dead Man Walking LP

As it were yesterday I remember the kids walking around proud wearing Arkangel merch at Good Life Fests back in the late 90's. Brussels seemed so far away and different than the trusted H8000 area. Vocalists from H8000 bands seemed to care more about the well-being of kids in the moshpit than vocalists from BXL bands that played Good Life fests. Might just be me impression but maybe it was a different mentality of the big city and that of ours. Less caring about others resulted in more violence in the pit. ARKANGEL and LENGTH OF TIME, the Good Life BXL bands, were more violent than the average Good Life band, period!

But how good was ARKANGEL back in the days? Pretty good I think! The urgent character of "Prayers Upon Deaf Ears" combined with those bestial vocals and to the point lyrics were good enough for me to get the CD and like it. But as many might agree their follow up, "Dead Man Walking" was so good it definitely belongs to one of Good Life's best releases ever! 

arkangel dead man walking lp white vinyl good life recordings
ARKANGEL Dead Man Walking LP White Wax /521

With this album they gained world wide recognition. The record can be found in Japanese collections as well as American. But what differs this album with the first album is definitely the slowing down and the crunchier riffs they might have got from All Out War? Anyway still good enough to upgrade from CD to vinyl and pay quite a fair amount of money to get this in my collection!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

PROFOUND Integrity 7"s

Records can be valuable because of several reasons. First reason is emotional attachment to a record because you like the music, cover, band, etc. Or because the owner was involved in making the record by being in the band, the label. Another reason is that the value of the record consists out of historical relevance. Yet another reason might be because the record is limited and highly sought after and so pumping up the price.

Well, I got the following records for all above reasons. I like music and I think it's of historical relevance. Hardcore might (still) mainly be about pioneering and this band might not have initiated a certain sound of music but they did bring the American Hardcore sound to European soil back in 1989.

I also believe it's a bit stupid to limit collecting Hardcore to a certain region because it's in Hardcore's nature to operate international and boundaries are vanishing more and more.

Oh yeah, need to say that these guys such as the peeps in Rise Above were also dedicated to Straight-Edge and more or less in the same time-era! Another reason to get into it.

I now have two versions of the "Integrity" 7" by the band PROFOUND the oldest and the most limited versions. Let's start with the oldest version which is recognizable by the Red ink dustsleeve stamp, telling us that this record is dedicated to Seein' Red. Although this doesn't confirm this as a first pressing, what does confirm this as one is the name of the label that released this. We all know the German label Crucial Response Records, well before operating under that name it was called ANTI-SCHELSKI RECORDS:

And this is the proof of it being a first press. More pictures:

profound integrity vinyl 7 inch aniti schelski

The second version I got is a newer version but very limited; 70 copies with a silkscreened sleeve and a separate lyric insert:

profound integrity vinyl 7 inch crucial response
Silkscreened on thick paper cover

There are also two colored variations, namely Yellow and Red vinyl. If you care about European Hardcore you should definitely start collecting this one. Here's a more detailed pressing info by the label.

And you can still buy a fifth pressing also straight from the label:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AFTERSHOCK Through The Looking Glass LP collection

I've been on a Good Life Recordings trip lately! Been collecting records etched with ' ED-... ' more than ever. The records from Good Life catalogue have grown quite hard to find but fate has been on my side. When you hear "Good Life" one immediately thinks about metal. This release is no exception and stands the test of time.

aftershock through the looking glass lp red vinyl good life recordings
Red vinyl out of 300 copies

I have been able to get all three colors and I see that as quite an achievement:

aftershock through the looking glass lp collection red yellow black

Many recent bands like Abraxis, Pale Creation, Hang The Bastard etc. are very metallic as you might have read here in Ezekiel's posts and this band may have been one of earlier bands that play that kind of sound while staying embedded in the hardcore scene. I make this comparison pure soundwise, because this band has nothing to do with Holy Terror.

A not so regular yellow!

You can still buy this conceptual release that was ahead of it's time and straight from Good Life and there are even some yellows left! I think the red version is totally sold out!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Detroit Motor City, Detroit Rock City, 
Detroit, home of NEGATIVE APPROACH.

negative approach tied down lp vinyl cover
Old school dating!

They only lasted a couple of years but left behind a legacy that would live forever. 
Going back to my very own birthyear 1981, four Detroit punks give birth to their own creative outlet
after witnessing a BLACK FLAG and NECROS show. A negative approach it was indeed, with lyrics
descending into the darkest corners of the mind, spitting out your rage and fears on stage, they set a new approach that would find many following over the span of hardcore's history.

Tied Down is the one full album that saw daylight during their short lived career. Next to an EP
with the appriopate title Negative Approach, famous with the 'Excorcist' artwork on the cover.
Tied Down is an instant classic that every hardcore fan should have amidst his collection.
Released in 1983 on TOUCH AND GO RECORDS this release has seen many reissues, back by popular demand in the '90's on cassette tape and on vinyl with extra pressings over the years.

Basic artwork as made famous during the '80's
Ten classic NEGATIVE APPROACH tracks grace this record, displaying their approach of hardcore
in the desperate city of Detroit. Hard, aggresive and in your face, just the way we like it.

The absolute killer track on this album is Evacuate, a song that has been covered by INTEGRITY as
a tribute to the originators of the negative hardcore. Integrity Evacuate Click Here, a classic downtempo
song full of anger and anxiety. 

80's Hardcore 
Next to other great tracks such as Nothing and Dead Stop this album left behind a legacy that still
live on till today.
Different opinions on the lyrical content and some personal issues concerning band members relationships led to the break up of the original band in 1983. In 1984 a new line up tried it for a second run, only to disband  during the first week of touring the Tied Down tour.

In 2006 they came back together for the 25th anniversary show of TOUCH AND GO RECORDS and have been playing on occasion since then. In 2010 some old recordings from 1984 saw the light again and these have been released on TAANG RECORDS under the worktitle Nothing Will Stand In Our Way.


Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes you crave for a certain pre order so much that it just won't seem to come to your doorstep.
Then you leave town for a couple of days abroad and forget all about it for a while. Only to be thrilled on arriving home again and seeing your mailbox stuffed with some intriguing shapes sticking out. Square, check, cardboard, check, Process logo, double check.

Hail Abraxas, from all across the globe my next holy grail has arrived, all the way from the land of Oz. I'm talking about the highly awaited split 7" by none other than VVEGAS and ABRAXIS ofcourse. Forged into eternity by Craig and his australian spinoff of the Holy Terror church, record label deluxe MIDNIGHT FUNERAL.

They know where i live!
The Holy Terror 4P spirit dwells deep in this release. The cardboard mailer is adorned with 4P signs and the bandnames, record label and edition are marked here in gothic lettering proclaiming the GOTU exclusive.
What lies deep beneath is the whole mystery of this release, next to the magnificent artwork done by the hand of the supreme highpriest of the Holy Terror church, Dwid delivers some disturbing eyecandy to his troops.


Inside this amazing cover a hellish red sleeve awaits us, again stamped with the GOTU edition marks. Numbered at the bottom, mine being 27 out of 59 pressed in clear green vinyl.

Next to a bilegreen 7" some added bonusses pop up, being a VVEGAS, ABRAXIS, 4P patch and a small note telling the saga of T' from VVEGAS' theory of the evil NEEFEE. More on this subject later, first it's time for the sonic terrorism by both contributors to pass the judge, jury and exucutioner, being me the FAN.

The VVEGAS side features 'Idus Martiae (please don't be free)', a furious track recorded for this release only by our favorite german dwellers of the unholy alliance. Et tu Brute?
Almost blacker than the night itself metal is mangled through the grinder with thrashing guitarrifs and sinister vocals by vocalist T. The whole production is infused with lo-fi mixing to add another layer of sonic mayhem.

Helter Skelter
The coverart for the VVEGAS side is out of this world, a parody on the world renowned BEATLES cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and it also holds a sort of encrypted message to it's viewers. Helter Skelter allover again. Arty Nicky's Lonely Arts Club Fan is the name of the game and the rules are told on a little 4P stamped and approved card narrated by T. himself. For a dark and mysterious secret has been unleashed upon our pale world. This haunting tale will be told later on during this review since it's too sensitive matter to burden you with yet.


Amidst the dwellers of the Arty Nicky's Lonely Arts Club Fan we see familiar faces of popular and more arcane people. From Katy Perry to Kaiser Willhelm, to Anton LaVey and from Henry Rollins to Steve Jobs, even Michael Jordan is present. But most shocking of all is the evil NEEFEE, topic of controversy and conspiracy later on in this tale of deceit.


On the flipside we find the australian antipode in the form of one man militia ABRAXIS, a mysterious man from down under also known under his human shape of Andy Wounds. One mind, one voice, many instruments and some Garageband can deliver two  new hymns to the apocalypse.
Among Deep Waters kicks off with some atmospheric sounds by multi-instrumentalist ABRAXIS to explode into a Holy Terror approved exploit. Speedy guitarriffs and a more up front hardcore beat guide you through the second song My Friend. Nice one mate!
This one man project has been working hard on this and i for one i'm glad to experience the fruits of his labour and mind. For creating all this with only the help of a drummer is indeed a noble task.

The artwork side of ABRAXIS is created by Dwid once again and consists of a more typical aesthetic look to Dwid's previous works. Skeletons always do the trick for metal influenced releases. Inside you can find the lyrics to the ABRAXIS tracks and on the other side, as expected, a mysterious picture of T. and some german sentences.

4P patch
With this special GOTU edition some extras saw the daylight, a black patch holding three screenprints, VVEGAS, ABRAXIS and the 4P symbol. A nice extra for the coven. But the most shocking part to this entire release is no bigger than a small leaflet. But one that contains a dangerous message that will shake the
foundations of Holy Terror.

Shocking facts 
T. developed a theory concerning PALE CREATION' very own spokesman Nick Fiction, also known as NIFI aka Thee Artiste. A sensitive, talented artist that after releasing his magnum opus Twilight Haunt, was betrayed by the evil and brutal NEEFEE orchestrated by the jealous Matt Lucy. Soon after Matt Shack was suddenly fired and replaced by, coincidence or not, Matt Lucy himself. This terrible act of treason has been brought to attention by T. to remind us all of how delicate the mind of an artist can be. RIP NIFI (1971-1999).

Arty Nicky's hideous secret has been unleashed
So as you may have read this release is quite a shocker to many that may call themselves FAN.
Next to the cruel and merciless tale of NIFI and NEEFEE there's the amazing artwork and many references to different influences concerning Holy Terror. As said, this is the GOTU edition and that means long gone by now since it was a limited release for those who know where to look for it. You know vvho you are.
Next to the 59 clear green GOTU edition, there was also a regular version bearing the same artwork but in different vinylcolors. 374 copies are going global as we speak, 89 on solid orange, 109 on solid Purple, 54 on black for the band copies, 27 solid pink as part of the regular pre orders, comes with numbered stamp and 36 on solid camo green. If you feel like obtaining your very own part of this then go visit MIDNIGHT FUNERAL and help Craig spread these all over this wretched world.

Australian annilihation
At the time of the release, and as a way to thank the fans of this fine piece of art, all buyers received an e-mail from MIDNIGHT FUNERAL that contained the featured songs in digital format. A much appreciated technique for keeping all us punters calm during the long wait for the physical version to arrive. This combined with the added extras to the whole record make it all worth the waiting and anticipating the arrival.
I was very glad to experience the ride provided by Craig with the release of this perfect piece of pale art.
The teachings of Jack Abernathy ooze all through the artwork and music. He may be proud of his disciples, and he sure has proven to be a huge influence to both contributors of this release.


Monday, June 4, 2012

25 TA LIFE "Fallen Angel"

Hate it or love it, 25 Ta Life remains a much controversial band amidst hardcore crowds.
Some adore the typical NYHC belched out by Rick Ta Life and others are in disgust of it, mostly due to more personal reasons regarding frontman Rick Ta Life. To me it still remains a great band from the past with some killer tunes and unfortunately a lot of straight up crap songs. Older work passes the test better than later releases since vocalist and heart of the band, Rick Healey, has lost a lot during the many years representing hardcore all over the world. Be it by personal issues or just keeping on at what he's believes to be best at. Who will tell?
I found this one in a record bin during a show recently and with the alluring price of 5 Euro i couldn't resist giving it a spin.

Representing NY's toughest streets
Fallen Angel was released in 2006 through SUPERHERO RECORDS from Germany. A display of typical 25 TA LIFE styled NYHC that makes you feel like taking a stroll through a grim part of the five boroughs.
With the typical NY tough guy mentality and lingo you can hear the prophets of the NY streets show their pride for their hometown again.

Hardcore pride inspired songtitles
The album is no revelation to the whole NY sound but still proves to represent a certain style that i can much appreciate from time to time. With songs like I'm Your Enemy/Fuck You, Underdogs Will Rise and Invisible Minority the band from mr. Healey still got some anger left after all those years of DIY touring and living it out the New York Hardcore way. The other tracks aren't that bad in the end but seem to lack something, be it originality, fucked up vocals or just bad mixing. Even though the flaws it still remains as a business card to NYHC.

Fallen Angel in clear blue vinyl

They never reached the fame and fortune like fellow Yankees MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT or CRO-MAGS, still they had a core audience and reputation going on in the scene. Sometimes rather negative due to some personal concerns regarding Rick Ta Life. A colorful figure from the Big Apple, i still remember him from my first 25 Ta Life show back in the 90's, during the fest you could see Rick strutting his stuff on the festground, basketball jersey, dreads hanging of his ass, pierced in the face and full body tattoos. But once you talk to him he turns into some energtic maniac babbling on. During the years Rick has had some troubles concercing wrong deals that caused a lot of the rumours going round, and recent activities haven't shown any improvement. After a NEGATIVE APPROACH show in NY four years ago, Rick got beaten up by strangers.  In debt with the hospital he even put up messages all over the world wide web for donations to his cause. In typical NY style as can be read here. He even cut of his famous dreads and tried to sell them on the net and even turned to Christianity at some point.

NYHC never changes
The latest evolution is that of following the footsteps of DANNY DIABLO, Rick dediced to take on hip hop, and listening to his ghetto inspired lyrics that may be his true destiny. 25 TA LIFE has left some good records behind and kept on going till the end. But sometimes it's better to stop and leave in grace.
It's not a killer album but i'm still happy to have obtained my version of this limited clear blue vinyl edition pressed onto 500 pieces.

Forever True, NYHC represent!!!