Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Man Lifting Banner 2LP RED vinyl

Some people might argue on what we (Bloggers) do is useless. But all ignorance aside, the real know that it's useful to make pictures and describe everything you know about a certain release for example on the world wide web. Ofcourse every true collector needs no further explanation... and I don't need to elaborate my mission statement. In short this is a purchase guiding post! And I will elaborate it in a different post also later...

I was browsing the CRUCIAL RESPONSE Records mailorder, when I saw it listed. And to my pleasant surprise it also was pressed on colorvinyl. So I ordered that stuff since it looked totally awesome and essential, not to say very interesting too...

Man Lifting Banner 2LP Red vinyl

Backside of the cover and tracklisting
The double LP is not in a gatefold and came with a huge poster:

"One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich"

Also inside the package, there is to be found an LP-sized booklet with multiple pages that have perfect layout:

manliftingbanner lp red discography vinyl

Anyway, right now I'm only in the state of telling you that it's recommended to order this, for I haven't read what it's all about. Although I see it's a strong politically influenced left-wing band. With sympathy for socialism...

I can also advise you to read what Doug has to say about it on his site:


Anyway if you want it straight from the label you can get it on RED vinyl. But you'll have to take a route full or perils (badly secured site) and not so sturdily packaged by the seller also. So at your own risk go to:


Sunday, July 29, 2012

LIAR Collection

Time to do honor to the mighty LIAR, who served arms for the H8000 from 1995 to 2006. After 11 years of duty this is somewhat their vinyl output and it's even incomplete...

liar h8000 invictus vinyl collection lp 7 inch cd falls of torment deathrow earth lp
INCOMPLETE Liar Collection

As H8000 Central said: "Enjoy or back off..."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

WOODWORK s/t Demo Review

Some fine day the guitarist of a French band -from TOULOUSE to be more precise- contacted me. He asked to listen to their demo and eventually put the word out on my blog. Since I'm a big fanatic of the spawning of the nineties Newschool Wave of metallic hardcore, I needed no second thought to go in on his request...

Cover of the self-titled Demo

So let's have a look at their delivery. They first of all say to be influenced by 90's bands. That something we definitely hear. Have a listen for yourself:

Main musical influences are in my opinion Outspoken, earlier Morning Again, Culture, Trial, etc. Those bands are among the flag-bearers of the 90's style indeed. But they also are influenced by Burn and Inside Out and that's a nice less-heavy touch they give to their sound. And I like it because it's not full of pretentiousness but rather an integer way of approaching the 90's spirit, instead of loosing it in the heavy metallic chugga-chugga, like many predecessors did.

The artwork used on the cover gives us a wood-feel about it. And the desolate landscape seems to be in the state of after-inferno. A reflection of the dark mindset in the lyrics. They are intelligent souls when they use past and present thinkers in their list of influences among the bands. Gives us different scoop upon their delivery. They profile themselves not solely as musicians but also as speakers to crowds who bring forth opinions and educate the masses...

The band's Bandcamp page not only has the lyrics but also elaborates them. There are in total four songs that you can check out. You can hear that these songs are already well worked-out...

If you think you like it, contact them woodworkhc@gmail.com. You can also buy one of their demo's which were made in two colored versions of cassettes or on a CD-r format:

Physical Formats

You can also interact with them socially on Facebook:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LIAR Murder Manifesto Collection

From the same guy as the Deformity - Congress Split came this awesome looking and very limited record. Pressed for LIAR's last show in Izegem.

Funny thing is that the REALITY RECORDS PRESSING INFO PAGE speaks of totally different versions that I've never seen... Maybe it's time to modify that over there?

So there are 5 versions of this record, pictured are 4 versions:
  • Regular sleeve, white with pink splatter /100
  • Regular sleeve, clear with brown splatter /100
  • Left Hand Path Sleeve, Black vinyl /25
  • Last Show Sleeve; Black vinyl /75
Missing is the:
  • regular sleeve and black vinyl /700

If you haven't read it, check out the review post about it also...

liar murder manifesto lp collection last show sleeve gsr reality records

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CONGRESS - DEFORMITY Split 7inch Collection

Obviously hiding the pressing info of labels for the public has disadvantages but it makes collecting much more surprising afterwards. As was the case with this split 7inch. Good Life has a pressing info sheet yes, but some releases aren't mentioned and often from the mentioned releases not every color is mentioned.

I might be an exception to some other Belgians -who eagerly strife to complete their H8000 collections also- because I never saw or heard rumors about a RED colored Congress / Deformity Split 7". But to my pleasant surprise a friendly person who contacted me through this site told me about that unexpected color. But now it's proven that it definitely exists because I have it here. And I added it to the discography.

congress deformity 7inch vinyl red blue clear collection good life recordings

deformity congress 7 inch vinyl collection red blue clear good life recordings
As you can see there are three colors of this but I don't know the numbers.

I also bought some other records from the same dude. He lived nearby me and was kind enough to deliver me the records at my home... I also bought some other things from him but that's for a next post.


This is not a regular post about vinyl. What follows is a review of a band that was featured on the V/A Beatdown Basterds CD. Both bands are newer bands from the Charleroi area, in the French speaking part of Belgium. It's actually a split release between two Black Land Crew bands, the one called DIRTY FINGERS and the other called TRUTH IN BLOOD.

Both bands have tracks that are mixed, one by TRUTH IN BLOOD, then one by DIRTY FINGERS and again one from TRUTH IN BLOOD and so on... But also the music is hard to separate from eachother so it sound like a continuous succession of songs by the same band, only the line-up changes and the lyrics

What struck me the most was the diversity of the musical styles used in this creation and the freedom to call all of this "Hardcore". Because I hear Metalcore parts, beatdown parts, grind influences and Hip Hop lyrical content. The new generation seemed to get bored of sticking to one and only one style and they switch fluently from Metalcore over to Beatdown and back again.

So the question remains what is Hardcore nowadays? It's no longer one style, it's no longer Olsdschool or Newschool, no longer Youthcrew or Edge-metal. This eclectic approach of the band is really striking I think.

Also the front-cover of the album is very divers and has punks, skins, metal people, nerds, thugs, kids and old guys and all in one massive moshpit! Very representative to what it sounds like too...

I really don't understand what's going on nowadays but I'm getting older I guess. I still hear aggression, thinking, street wisdom etc. but it makes me confused...

More info can be found here:

And the bandpages are:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lärm 'Extreme Noise' Discography 2LP

I was full of expectations after I ordered the new Lärm Discography - for those who don't know; Lärm was Europe's first real Straight-Edge band. But the gatefold sleeve of the records came in very damaged. The packager of this record obviously has no clue of the existence of STIFFENERS! Damned. But in a way maybe this is a metaphor for many Lärm records and the punk aggression, I dunno...

The overall packaging does not look bad at all, but I miss information! Here's a visual of the intensity of songs on each side of the vinyl:

And here's a visual of the metaphoric damage, if your heart can take such stuff:

What am I to do? Order a new one, get a kind soul to send me a new sleeve? Or just listen to those.... ?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Change A Perfect Thing?

I really like the similar look of the 2012 reissues of the two YOUTH OF TODAY LP's to the old guys out the 80's! Why change a perfect thing? Anyway this is photo-shoot of how awesome they look!

YOUTH OF TODAY Break Down The Walls LP:

youth of today break down the walls reissue lp red vinyl revelation records
Based on the original Wishingwell Records Artwork

A lot of live pictures in the layout

YOUTH OF TODAY We're Not In This Alone LP:

youth of today we're not in this alone lp vinyl white revelation records
Original CAROLINE Artwork

Ray Cappo and John "Porcell" (look at their shirts)

Front Cover

Back Cover

As you can see looking totally cool!

I posted the pre-order earlier this year, hope you got them too, because these are here to stay, especially considering the price of an OG BDTW's for example or considering the ugliness of other reissues and considering the classic-ness of both...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

PROMOTIONAL H8000 Downloads

I created a page with H8000 downloads. This page is meant for promotional means only! I do not benefit financially from these downloads. We as H8000 collectors realize that there are almost no means of finding this music anymore and therefore decided to put some of the out of print, rich musical history online for anyone who is interested and would like to hear.

We would appreciate that when you download this you do something constructive in return, like saying your opinion to the band, visit or read this blog, become friends or subscribe to the feed. This is a favor we do for you and don't be a dick and do nothing in return! Thank You...

Shame To This Weakness Modern World LP

Straight from Japan this record came in the mail. Hell, what can I say for a 30€ postage included this was not a bad deal. Especially for it's unplayed condition and the sleeve is not bad either. But enough buying details already.

Lets get over as to why I was looking for this such a long time, long enough to be very happy with the black version. This one is even rarer than the debut full-length. The music on this one is so divers and violently sick that even trained aural violence music listeners like me don't stay immune for it. Even after all these years.

length of time shame to this weakness modern world lp black vinyl good life recordings
LENGTH OF TIME Shame To This Weakness Modern World LP

The songs are build up in piece of music themes varied with excerpts of movies and every piece seems to have it's own character. So creative is every part that it stays carved in your memory forever. Fragmented music might be the mirror of the soul of many of us. Fragments might also be a reflection of the everchanging face of many, everchanging ideals or everchanging tastes, etc.
Like in a modern day society what LENGTH OF TIME seems to be willing to fight against. These sounds are the ideal themes for a mindset of demonic and jagged destructive visions. Agonizing you with the screams and the pounding and smashing drums, metallic guitar riffs. The only thing you can do to react against this agonizing delivery is mosh violently or get infected by this aggressive to the bone record... But enough of this figurative description.

Awesome GOLD and Black ink artwork

This is definitely a Holy Terror band from the late 90's, looking at the subjects of their mindset and the imagery of the artwork used. Also a bit underrated I think for Length Of Time's best record. Definitely sicker, meaner and more violent than their debut full-length, also more divers, etc...

Recently GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS  - that is the label that originally released this in '99 - did an already sold out run of 41 copies of the CD... I haven't got it. Also think this was a bit to few. If it would be reissued on vinyl I'd be going for this one madly.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


INTEGRITY are back again with a split 7" featuring a new song. Joined in their unholy quest they collaborate with some of the meanest motherfuckers from the deepest parts of hell, Californian madmen GEHENNA. A perfect match for a nicely executed and anticipated release.

A Parallel Hell
GEHENNA must be some of the blackest souls under that shiny Californian sun. They blast the listener away with not one but two tracks full of doom. A Parallel Hell opens up the gates of hell and is another brutal GEHENNA track as expected handling about this prison we dwell upon. Second track is Ampethamine Psychosis, a tale about the white lines and their effects.

A Parallel Hell
INTEGRITY joins this venture from the abyss with the promising title I Know Where Everyone Lives,
which probably is true since we couldn't have attained this piece of art without leaving behind our coordinates, leaving Dwid in possesion of the location of our most private quarters. Enough smalltalk already.

I Know Where Everyone Lives is what i have been waiting to hear from INTEGRITY for a while now. Previous releases as The Blackest Curse we're great also but the classics always kept creeping  up onto my recordplayer, untill now that is. This little 7" is going to spin around a lot from now on.
A track full of tempo changes that remind of influences ranging from Mötley Cruë to Motorhead and the Holy Terror teachings. All brought in the INTEGRITY style, made famous with releases such as Humanity Is The Devil and Systems Overload. The influence of Orr's guitarplay add that extra dimension that prove that after 24 years INTEGRITY still remain the masters in this game.

Hardcore porn angel

The inside of the album cover features the lyrics by both bands. On the top side of that a drawing fitting this release. A true piece of erotic art indeed. Very detailed drawings show us a scene starring a angelic pornstar throatfucking a rubesque woman that has small winged creatures sucking her breast and toes. The artwork resembles to the work of the Belgian painter Felicien Rops. I wonder what Freud would have said about this artwork? 
Pink, flowers and Gehenna !?

All this beauty comes on pink vinyl covered with floral themed centerlabels. A bit of a contrast regarding the pale content of the grooves on this pink vinyl. This version comes as the GOTU edition and released on 200 pieces, delivered at our doorsteps by the good works of Clint at Organised Crime Records. OCR helped out with the distro since Dwid was on tour when this was released. It still remains a Holy Terror label release but with help of some friends. 

Integrity goes floral
Next to the GOTU edition the regular distro version, still available here.was released some time later and comes on 666 blue colored vinyls. Since this release is a split, two bandcolors haunt this wretched world and you need to get these through the actors in this play. 100 clear crystal meth colored records have left the plant into the hands of pushers such as GEHENNA who will trade their goods to the highest bidder on the road during their tour. Another 100 black colored vinyls found their way to INTEGRITY headquarters and will be released upon us soon. The last version is pressed on 100 green colored vinyls distributed during the INTEGRITY european tour in june this year. Review on that release here by mcs of Endlessquestrecords. With five colorways heading our way the hunt for a full collection of this precious item is on.

Future releases on OCR

Inside the package by Organised Crime Records a flyer could be found holding some info on future releases on the label. After the reissue of In Contrast Of Sin and Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Clint of OCR is going to take the next step by reissueing Humanity Is The Devil and Seasons In The Size Of Days, maybe this time the band will get their fair share of the proceedings? To kick off this series of reissues we will be treated with Systems Overload this summer according to the flyer. Looks like i'll need to make some room on the shelves again...


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Giveaway Contest RESULTS

The contest is over and those who are mentioned beneath need to contact me in order to get their prizes!

Those who win 2 7"s are:

  • Ed Good Life
  • Bart Van Den Vonder 
  • Emil Gilmanov 
The 5th surprise prize goes to:
  • David Marote
And first prize (3 7"s) goes to:
  • Aditya Suteja from New Born Fire Zine

Contact me with your top 3 wants of the list and your shipping address and I will give them in first come, first serve basis!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Yes, that's right we are at it for the first time! You can be one of the three lucky winners who win 2 original H8000 7"s. There will also be a number one winner who wins 3 original H8000 7"s!!!!!!!!!

What you need to do to enter the competition is make a web-post, an advertisement, appreciation post or something else on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or your own website about RWHAF! Then post a link to that mentioning in a comment -along with your name or nickname- beneath this post!

TWITTER: @flandersfury
FACEBOOK: Records With History And Future
WEBSITE: www.blog.rwhaf.net


Love, Truth and Honesty 7inch
V/A Warehouse Records 7inch
Congress "Euridium" BROWN 7inch
Congress "Euridium" PURPLE 7inch
Spirit Of Youth "Abyss" BLUE 7inch
Shortsight "Why Spent Time Learning" ORANGE 7inch
Blindfold / Encounter SPLIT 7inch
Nations On Fire "Live At Vortn' Vis 7inch
Blindfold "World Of Fools" 7inch

You have time to do this until Saturday 07/07/2012 on 12PM Central European Summer Time. Then I will look up your mentioning of RWHAF and judge it based on creativity and effectiveness and will choose the 4 winners!

Ultimately the four winners will be published and need to contact me and tell me their addresses and their top three wants from the list above and I will ship WORLDWIDE!!!