Sunday, September 30, 2012


Time to have a look at an EP by MINOR THREAT that is a must have classic for all you hardcore aficionados out there. Salad Days.

Salad Days by MINOR THREAT takes us back to the year 1983 when these songs have first been transferred to that weird medium kids under 20 don't even know the existence about, tape. 1983 is also
the year that MINOR THREAT disappeared form the scene. Only a couple years after their formation in 1981, arisen from the ashes of former project TEEN IDLES. But in those couple of years the band released
a full length and a handful of EP's that would shake the hardcore world upside down and lead to the birth of
an entire scene named after one song by this influential band. Straight Edge.

Dischord House front porch
Salad Days is probably one of their last EP's ever made and features three classic tracks by DC's finest.
Salad Days, Stumped and ( sometimes) Good Guys ( don't wear white). No explanation needed with these
tracks. If you haven't heard them before then it's time to do so. Cause the influence this band has had on hardcore in the early '80's is beyond comprehension.

Dischord Fifteen
This is a repressing of the classic 1985 release of Salad Days and this should be a staple record in your collection.
Ian screaming, Brian playing and Jeff doing arts and crafts
This release came out on Ian MacKaye's very own Dischord label, run out of the MINOR THREAT and DC scene's headquarter, the Dischord house. The cover art is therefore a picture of the 1983 line-up in front of the Dischord house porch.  Ian MacKaye as charismatic front man up front backed up by fellow band members Jeff Nelson, Lyle Preslar and the glasses wearing Brian Baker.

Lyle Preslar jamming along

The insert holds some old pictures from those 'salad days', Ian interacting with the crowd, Brian and Lyle playing their axes and creative mastermind Jeff pasting the album art of Out Of Step like back in kindergarten.
DIY rules supreme in their book for sure.

Three tracks on 45 rpm speed, now that is an EP
MINOR THREAT has left a huge mark on hardcore and is a force that can not be forgotten. Even during their short existence they have created a scene within the '80's hardcore scene that was so different and has left his marks until today. After the breaking up of MINOR THREAT some members started their own projects and one that needs to get credit too is FUGAZI.

All these days, just Salad Days
Go check out these bands, they might be old news and for some they might sound 'stale' but still their influence is enormous on so many levels. And there's no future without knowing your history.


Friday, September 21, 2012

L.O.T. "Shame To This Weakness...." LP Impressions (Part I)

I'm going to post impressions about this record now and then. Because it's so damn inspiring and uncompromising that it really stimulates me to do so when I listen to it.  Listening to it drives me forward. And the lyrical content (which is not what this post is about) is so broad and philosophical that I can keep on writing about it.

The first impression, what I will be writing about here, is the record title:

How appropriate can a record title coming from out of a hardcore community be? SHAME TO THIS WEAKNESS MODERN WORLD... I couldn't agree more. I mean, hardcore looks and searches for societies weaknesses. And tells them what they are. The ability to do this is a strength...

A weakness that can be found in following the mainstream society. A weakness of outing your anger at the wrong persons. A weakness of not knowing what makes you angry. A weakness of being dependent of consuming to have a nice time. A weakness of having fear. A weakness of paying respect through fear. A weakness of not daring to ask the right questions. A weakness of creating something that destroys. A weakness of following a leader. A weakness of being dependent of others. A weakness of not being able to hold on or to let go...

Hell yeah, weakness is everywhere. And we are here to search you for these weaknesses and tell you what they are. Does that make us the devil in a modern world...?

length of time shame to this weakness modern world grey gray vinyl lp good life recordings
LENGTH OF TIME "Shame To This Weakness Modern World" LP on GRAY vinyl

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold Collection Shot

This is the long awaited complete TRAPPED UNDER ICE Stay Cold collection shot. At least it's complete at this date.

Trapped Under Ice Stay Cold collection complete
Complete STAY COLD Collection 09/2012
Feel free to share this picture around. It includes the testpress and even a special version of the second press, the Speckled Egg version...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Have you already heard this ep. ? Sounds awesome to say at least. Looks awesome to. Anyway this record is meant to stay and to be heard also. I only wish I had the testpress. Which could have been the case if I had more money or focused on REAPER RECORDS only. But anyway I like the mix...

Also PK, to whom I have to thank all of this greatness, puts testpresses on eBay regularly so I know that they are out there somewhere for in the future. Can only hope peeps who buy them take care of them...

Anyway here's the collection:

Those two different colors are from the first press:

turnstile pressure to succeed pre order clear vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Pre-order version that sold out pretty quickly. With different cover and an exclusive color, CLEAR 
turnstile pressure to succeed blue vinyl first press 7 inch reaper records
Already sold out regular first pressing: BLUE out of 830 copies

Then came the second pressing thanks to popular demand all on BLACK vinyl!

turnstile pressure to succeed black vinyl second press reaper records
Black but  pretty rare [300 minus 132 copies = 168 copies only]
This may seem awkward but the label ran out of glue-pocket sleeves and printed fold-out sleeves:

Fold-out sleeve LEFT vs. Glue-pocket sleeve RIGHT

turnstile pressure to succeed black vinyl second press 7 inch reaper records
Greenish alternate sleeve with black vinyl out of 132 copies only
Anyway that greenish version is still available here, although there are very few left!

SHAFT 7inch

Not many foreign bands, in fact only one band has managed to be recognized by the crew as H8000 hardcore. I already mentioned the band in a previous post and I'm talking about the band SHAFT for Germany.

I already found their 7inch a while ago in the rare section of the Good Life webstore (and it's still available over there on black). But along with some other H8000 stuff I also bought the colored version from a private seller. Here is a picture of how it looks.

shaft 7 inch ruhrpott hardcore red vinyl
RARE color version  of the SHAFT 7 Inch (out of 100 copies) 

Really basic with non-printed labels. The sleeve is a fold-out paper that is only printed on one side. Really made that way to lower the costs. Lyrics are on separate insert.

Mind Deception Must Fall * In God We Dust
Looking at a part of the scarce text on the back of the cover we see immediately the atheist convictions that are typical of all H8000 bands.

This 7inch was recorded in Lokeren, Belgium at MIDAS Studio like every other H8000 band.

They also have a CD that became almost impossible to find. But here's a picture for the collectors so that they recognize the cover while browsing the objects in the record racks or on the internet-listings and don't skip it over without knowing:

shaft taskmaster cd artwork ruhrpott hardcore
SHAFT Taskmaster CD

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vort'n Vis In The 90's blog

After you got spoiled with coverage of the record-side based knowledge of the Belgian Hardcore Punk scene of the 90's here on this blog, it's is time for a treat equally interesting and important; the live performance side of the 90's punk scene here in Belgium. That as you already know was centered in the Vortn' Vis in Ieper, West-Flanders!

The blog matter is totally based on the actual shows that took place there during the 90's with the exact dates and flyers mentioned and pictured. And also features the guestbook-pages with therein written the comments of bandmembers that played the show. That's something totally cool and unique.

Besides that idea of using the guestbook I also think they contacted those involved or of meaning for other anecdotes about that certain show and let them comment and write something.

A brilliant concept if you ask me and an informative look inside the core of the punk scene in Belgium. Also for the legendary 8000-crew shows that took place there...

Picture courtesy of H8000 Central

Totally worth a visit if you ask me...