Monday, October 29, 2012

RECORD Tables Will Turn this RELEASE

A quick post to let know or show that there is a record release version of the TAKE OFFENSE Tables Will Turn LP. It's a band-made version that uses the Yellow vinyl. The sleeve is a DIY made blank jacket with the black/white artwork glued upon it. Anyway, have a look yourself:

take offense tables will turn record release reaper records vinyl lp
Record release artwork made by the band themselves

Solid yellow vinyl
The aesthetics of the record seem pretty boring to me, but the fact that it exists and is pretty rare (do not know the exact number, since this one is also not mentioned on the Reaper discography page and there's no numbering on my copy) and the fact that I have it, is exciting enough to make a post about it...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unmentioned NAYSAYER 7 Inch Discovery PART 2

After making the previous post about an unmentioned cover of the NAYSAYER No Remorse 7inch, I realized I had another cover that isn't mentioned yet on the REAPER RECORDS discography page.

I'm talking about another festival pressing, this time for UNITED BLOOD 2009:

naysayer no remorse united blood fest 2009 vinyl 7 inch limited cover

The record is numbered out of 75 and has a extra cover above the regular cardboard cover:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unmentioned NAYSAYER 7 Inch Discovery

Today's entry is about a rare version of the NO REMORSE 7 inch of NAYSAYER that goes pretty much under the radar. It goes under the radar because it isn't mentioned on the REAPER RECORDS Discography Page.

It is the THIS IS HARDCORE Festival pressing from the year 2009. A festival in Philadelphia USA.

naysayer no remorse this is hardcore limited cover reaper records vinyl 7 inch
This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover

This Is Hardcore 2009 Cover CLOSE-UP
Numbered 37/50
So the conclusion is that there are 930 Red vinyl with the regular sleeve instead of 980 because 50 copies have these TIH 2009 covers...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

INTEGRITY "In Contrast Of Sin" OG 7"

I think ORGANIZED CRIME Records does a splendid job on reissuing the INTEGRITY releases. But nothing feels better than having an original in your hands. Such is the case with this YELLOW vinyl "In Contrast Of Sin" 7 inch.

integrity in contrast of sin vinyl 7 inch gold yellow victory records pressing
Yellow Vinyl out of 1000 copies

One Life - Drug Free

If you want to learn the differences between the reissue and the original, visit MCS' post about it on Endless Quest blogspot. What many people are unaware of is the fact that there's is another color from the first pressing on Victory Records, namely RED vinyl. This red vinyl version seems - according to the Official Victory Pressing Info Page - out of 200 copies only....

And on top of that, if you really like INTEGRITY and have sufficient money, you can go for the 'Joker' Sleeve version also. Look here to get an idea of how this record looks.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


This was the last missing piece of the SPIRIT OF YOUTH puzzle I needed for the collection and for the reconstruction of their history. It's the infamous ENGINE / DARKROOM cassette. And I will give in this post a short perspective on this cassette single. That is based on the interview I did with guitarist Dominique.

After you will hear this you will realize that the band was already in a transition phase to slower and heavier music under influence of groovier metal. Yes, the songs had already more groove in them than on the "Abyss" 7inch on Crucial Response and the demo cassette on Warehouse.

spirit of youth sot cassette tape cassingle engine darkroom sober mind records

So at that moment - when Hans of Blindfold was back in the band - he released those songs on tape on his own new label called Sober Mind Records in the year 1993. This tape was also made for the first European tour of Spirit Of Youth.

Later on when the new material for the "Source" LP was ready, they presented the songs again to Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response but he didn't want to release them because of the same groovier character that started with this release. And he found that the songs weren't fast enough to be representative Straight-Edge hardcore. So they were buried for a while...

This baby seems to have become impossible to find, I think of the few made not many are left.

Listen to it here on a video I've made:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spawn / Feeding The Fire 7" CLEAR wax

The pressing history of this records seems - according to the CRUCIAL RESPONSE pressing info page - quite disastrous. Seems that the vinyl labels were inverted, did not know if they meant the colors or the side the labels are on. But also the sleeves were reprinted after being rejected.

This post is about a copy that still has that blueish sleeve that was rejected. As you can see from the picture beneath there's quite a difference especially when holding them next to each other:

spawn feeding the fire cover difference vinyl 7 inch
the accepted black versus the rejected blueish sleeve
I got this record for a true bargain price on eBay. Seems like nobody was interested in this meaningful record. At least I'm truly happy with it. It's also on clear vinyl, and that's the only color existing.

spawn feeding the fire clear vinyl 7 inch

And after I played both copies I found out that 'reverse' meant the labels on the wrong side! So this clear copy is one of the very first sold copies in 1993. From which the majority were sent back to the pressing plant!