Friday, December 27, 2013

Death Threat

I like it when a label puts real effort in their pre-order editions. I mean, not a lazy photocopied cover on another color of paper. But a real vinyl color and a real different cover. Nowadays standards are high when you want to excel at what you are doing as a label.
The following record is a fine example of this. An exclusive and limited color of vinyl combined with a different cover. I've been here and there to get this one, when all of a sudden Reaper Records had this one listed with a BIN price that seemed within my financial possibilities.

death threat lost at sea limited edition clear vinyl pre order reaper records

When you are making number 25 for your label, one better does it right!

There are a few things that need to be remarked in the detailed perspective of this record. Namely that the Champion logo the dude with the baseball bat is wearing on the cover, is actually colored in red! So this is not a black and white monochrome cover as you might think from seeing it online. I actually only noticed this when getting it in my hands...

Also the Reaper Records logo is doubled on the vinyl label as you wouldn't expect! As to why it's there twice, I do not know... But it's there on every color of the first presses and also on the inverted labels of the seconds presses!

Double Reaper Records logo

Double Reaper Records logo
Double Reaper Records logo

Inverted labels also double Reaper Records logo

This is rather funny because the designer probably forgot to photoshop it away when changing the logo's position! And they didn't even notice when making the second presses with inverted labels...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Driven Into Blackness

The other record I picked up is as said in the previous post also a black Good Life Recordings item. I already had the blue one, but also needed a black for two reasons. Reason number one, completion. And the second reason was actually for listening reasons, I wanted to keep that blue in great shape.

How awesome is this record? Very! With the first listen I already felt a click but listening again it gets even better. Glad I discovered it recently. Although I did hear a track on a Good Life compilation volume 2 - years earlier than now - but wasn't so convinced and overlooked it back then...

driven vinyl lp cowardice consumer of the west good life recordings black vinyl

I wish they still had the CD version available? So I wouldn't have to play any of these precious records from the collection!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

REPRISAL Boundless Human Stupidity LP

When listing up the Good Life Recordings collection, I see that I'm closer in completing the special editions than completing the regular black editions. As far as a separation of these characteristics is useful. Anyway the Excel-file that I made tells me the following statistics:

My collection is 64% complete, this number was previously larger but the regular cover and black vinyl editions lowered it. This share of records from the Good Life catalog I own, is subdivided in 81% colored vinyl and 19% black vinyl. You can see from this that I mainly focused on those harder to get editions. And that now I need to decide whether to go for black editions or not. These aren't so hard to find, but every record still has a price and a shipping cost.

I won't bother that much though, time will tell. And as a matter of fact I already started building up the black vinyl back catalog. And did this by getting two awesome titles from a Japanese seller on classic black.

First one is the REPRISAL "Boundless Human Stupidity", an Italian stallion of a record. Classic vegan straight-edge hardcore from the glory days of the genre, the 90's. Did you know that this record has already been reissued? Not on vinyl unfortunately but on a compact disc. It has also been remastered by the current mastering specialist Nicolas Declève. All in all the sound is more oiled and slicker than the original. Don't know what version I prefer, although there's a personal tendency towards the old mix.

Also need to say that I have doubts why this one was reissued and not another classic 90's record. I guess they thought it to be hard enough to compete with the current stomping records. If this would have been the reasoning behind it, I'd regret it. I feel sorry for the rest of the 90's classics catalog. As to why they didn't get repressed. There are so many good 90's goodies that deserve the attention also, regardless of being harder or less hard than the current records!

reprisal boundless human stupidity LP vinyl good life sxe vegan
Classic black vinyl

This record also exists on a sea blue green sort of color. The classic and old fashioned color choosing of the label here, a black and a colored version. I also have the colored version. But for once think that this classic black is better than the colored version.

Vinyl insert shot

What will surprise many is that you can still get the LP at Good Life. Also the remastered reissue CD is available! Get one of these or both here!

Monday, December 16, 2013

NO ZODIAC Population Control LP

Figured to have a look inside the negative side of modern Straight-edge hardcore or beatdown. One can't ignore the fact that kids buy this, listen to this and actually think this meaningful or valuable to them. An evolution that raises many questions to me as an older person. In this article I'm not trying to be a psychologist nor am I trying to give a meaning to all this.

What many of those positive Straight-edge old guys do with this kind of music is classify it under rubbish, decay of the genre, stupidity and mischief. Well, given the fact that the same distributors and labels sell and release this for the kids, I still wanted to have a closer look into it. What drives those artists, kids, labels and distributors in the slipstream of Hardcore to actually listen and live with this music.

Firstly there is projection of outsiders on this wall of hatred and negativity. I mean when reading the lyrics such texts are rather abstract and give no content to the described anguish and negative mindset. Projecting the own demons as tanatos (the murder instinct), the libidos and the anti-eros, is just one of the things at hand when you hear this music. It shows you the mirror of yourself.
Or in other words, if you think this is negative and feel it like that, it means you're probably in a negative mood too. If you're dragged deeper into darkness when listening you better put off the stereo in other words. The strength lies within looking at this from a distant stance and strong mind. The other thing to do is let yourself slide away and feel surrounded by others with the same negative mindset. You're not alone with it anymore.

From what you can read, there's certainly and unavoidably a polarity that's created within. These artists are master in doing that. It will leave none of the listeners unaffected by it.

Besides projections and polarities there are also the smaller effects that this music can have. Like a drift inside you this music is an ideal boat to take you on that trip with. It releases those inner demons and sets them free inside you head. Ventilation's an other aspect.

To come back to the aspect wall of hatred and negativity that is built. Earlier hardcore was more accessible and spoke to a larger public. Lyrics were more outwards and in that way spoke more to people. A larger and broader public had access to it. Nowadays, the punishing character of the music scares people away and the subliminal side of vocalists unleashed, also frowns many foreheads.

According to me the art lies in melting together the feeling and the music as one, so that there's no spaces in between where people can fill in their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. This is an uncompromising spearhead that pierces through you. Instead of you throwing the spear as in the earlier days of Hardcore...

No Zodiac "Population Control" LP

Released by Seventh Dagger XXX Family
I know I went abstract in this review and I would certainly like to go deeper into it and make it more concrete, by doing an interview.

There are also guest appearances by European artists, UK's Peachy from Six Foot Ditch and Belgium's Tito Fury from Surge Of Fury.

Lyrics printed from

... Instead of telling it objectively it just does the trick ...

The Final "Foreign Object"

Here it is, the last missing color of this release. A few years back getting all the colors of this release seemed too difficult to achieve. Not that the record is too wanted aka too pricey to get for me, but just because of the rareness and infamous character of it, people seem to avoid selling it. Seems logical to me, because there might be two basic motivators to sell on eBay. Firstly if you do not want the record, you want to be certain to get rid off it. Secondly, you might get profit if you sell it because the record's price increased compared to what you paid for it.
This one seemed not to concur with any of both reasons. That's why I thought to never find it. Or at least have to do more than just waiting for it to appear on eBay.

Well, I'm glad I have it now. Despite the fact that one day I need to do a condition upgrade. The record sleeve has a big seam split. So it became because the shipper did not get the record out of the sleeve. This seems to be my rule number one. But for many people it isn't.

Here's how it looks:

Black Sheep Squadron "Foreign Object" LP

Stamped with info and handnumbered out of 100 copies, I have the 'heat-number'

Clear with red splatter vinyl

Looking at the numbering on the dust-sleeve, this seemed to be an Organized Crime Records exclusive color. The other out of 100 color is silver, which seemed to be the Reaper Records colorway...

black ss sheep squadron foreign object lp vinyl collection all color
white /30
gray /100
clear red splatter #'d/100
red  /660
orange blue splatter /1000 (second press)

I don't need to write anymore I guess, that now I need the test pressing....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

BLIND TO FAITH Under The Heptagram

Blind To Faith start this ep off with the most wicked instrumental I've ever heard. Every touch of string is produced in a scary and wicked sound that creeps upon you. While these string touches fade out, the powerful drums march into the whole. To thereafter be blown away by low tuned lead guitars and vicious second guitar licks.
After this instrumental, mayhem is only starting, shout of by the meanest vocals. Truly powerful riffs, that make you addicted to listening over and over. Blind To Faith have proven again to be able to make the most genuine Holy Terror sound tracks. The power of metal combined with the raw hardness of punk seem to be a continuous successful recipe!

The ep is a bit shorter than I expected. I would have liked it to be longer. But then these songs only do the necessary feeding and make you hungry for more.

The packaging is minimal. A PVC sleeve with a two-sided cover and info sheet in it. And within the colored one-sided vinyl, that's etched with the Blind To Faith logo.

blind to faith LP vinyl under the heptagram

From what I gathered there are three colors of this one; green, red and black but there is also a test pressing.

You can still buy it at the label A389 Records.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

TUI PUNX Spray Painted My Cover

How dare they spray paint my cover? I'm kidding for sure. The final Trapped Under Ice show took place last summer at the This Is Hardcore Festival and they had to have a special cover edition with them. So they did. I'm unknowing if the band or the label made these awesome covers, or maybe even both of them. The result is awesomeness².

Take a tattoo art inspired cover and do some spray painting art on it and you have something totally Hardcore in my opinion. I mean punx have tattoo's and spray paint the walls, so this cover suits them well.

trapped under ice this is hardcore lp tui punx spray paint limited edition 2013 reaper records

Seems like them going wild on the front cover wasn't enough, they also too care of the back.


As a matter of fact they also put a numbering on the backside with a silver pen. A numbering is always cool and makes every copy unique while it being informative also.

number 29 out of 64
Last but not least there's also a record in it. The second press of the "Big Kiss Goodnight" LP. Gray vinyl with yellow splatter:

Gray vinyl, yellow splatter in a sturdy printed inner sleeve

Recently I also obtained the last missing color of the first press. The black or dark swamp green version:

trapped under ice tui big kiss goodnight pre order vinyl green black reaper records vinyl
When held towards daylight

Need to make a group shot, or save it until I've got the test... Time will tell!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Today I present you a record from the Good Life catalog again. The EIGHTEEN VISIONS LP called "Until The Ink Runs Out" was a cooperation between Good Life and Trustkill. One of their many cooperations.
At first listen the structure of their songs sounds more complex than the usual Good Life release. I'm not so fond of more complex songwriting but can appreciate this. Especially considering the release year (2000) this was innovative in Hardcore. The divers elements that constitute the songs vary from aggressive riffs, to complex sequencing of guitar licks and brutal vocals. I think they had talent enough to create new standards in aggressive music.

There are also horrific dialogues between the songs that help create the macabre and scary atmosphere.

Also the great Converge in their "Jane Doe" period comes to mind when I hear this opus. They must have influenced each other. When I look up the release dates I can conclude this must be true.

Also the vinyl looks good, pink and white marbled. The sleeve's blue print looks as intense as their music. But be not mistaken, the mellow butterfly and roses aren't good indicator for what this sounds like.

eighteen visions lp pink vinyl good life recordings until the ink runs out limited
Eighteen Visions LP from year 2000

Pink vinyl out of 200 copies

Awesome record, have it on black also. The pink copies however are sold out at Good Life. But there are some black copies left. There are also copies of the "Vanity" picture disc that are dirt cheap by the way. And also the "Best Of 18 Visions" LP released by cult label Sober Mind Records are also still available at a bargain price. According to the label these still sell relatively good. No surprise then that colored copies go for a 30+ euro on eBay and Discogs.

Check it out here in the Good Life Webstore!!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TAKE OFFENSE Peace In Death 7 inch

Most people like the first LP and dislike the second. While there's also a 12 inch ep on the market. But nobody seems to care or have this 7 inch of TAKE OFFENSE. Although I've never seen it on a collector's blog. That's a shame, if you like hardcore and their earlier work you should listen to this one. It's called "Peace In Death".

Looks good on that solid gold vinyl. Not a color of 'gold' that you see much also. Mostly it's clear gold and vegas gold. Have a look at it and judge for yourself.

Gold out of 100 copies

Mind Disease Records
The tracks on it are really that typical TAKE OFFENSE style but here they sound rawer than on other recordings. Take Offense really sound different on every release, that's odd but cool in a way also. 

The cover's color scheme isn't that good on the front, but the design regardless of colors is cool. People worshipping the grim reaper!

Monday, December 2, 2013

ON Double Vision LP Blue

Back in 2009 when this was released all of a sudden there was a sort of a global pressing program for this release. Two American labels, Reaper Records and React! Records but also Powered Records from Belgium let press this record.
Honestly I never heard of the band before those three labels decided to press this. So it was a mystery to me why. I asked myself if I had missed something? Obviously then I did miss something as collector, but now it seems that from a value point of view I didn't miss a thing. Prices went down hard. Even for this blue band copy I payed no more than $10 on eBay. While at moment of release such copies went five time as much.

ON double vision lp blue vinyl control vital times
Blue colored press for bandmembers to sell

Blue vinyl out of 150 copies

Later I got to know that this 12 inch combined both 7 inches of the band, the "Vital Times" and the "Control" ep's. I've got every color now.
There are also two pressings of the black, first and second. Anyone who reads this already found out the differences between those two black pressings?

What is also found in the sleeve of this blue version are two stickers and a typed letter of what Hardcore means to Patrick Reaper Records and Aram React! Records. The letter is titled "Hardcore".

Collectors craft work

A week ago I got a bunch of used mailers delivered from a friend collector. He almost never sells so he doesn't need all the mailers he gets from purchases. I was thankful and just finished a job that needed cutters, judgments and lots of used mailers. And photo camera and laptop to report it all.


Sort your mailers based on several criteria (1, 2 and 3).

Criterium 1
Is it the cardbox bent? Or banana shaped?

Completely bent mailer
    1. Yes means trow it away in it's entirety
    2. No means you have to look at the two following other criteria (2 & 3)
Criterium 2
Does the biggest area have piercingholes?


    1. Yes means not to use them anymore also but can be recycled to stiffeners for either 12 inches mailers and 7 inches mailers
    2. No you can get lucky to save some dollars by reusing them if the last criteria (3) is positive
Criterium 3

Are the corners still sharp, not dinged and not bent?

Left dent corner and right still sharp corner

    1. Yes turn them inside out, to get unwritten, unstamped and unstickered new looking cardboard mailers.
    2. No means that the record-box is going to be recycled to stiffeners.

Making the stiffeners from recycling the LP mailers

  • The case where you got sharp corners but a small or some smaller piercing holes.

Remove all tape and fold open the mailer. So that you can just lay an extra LP sleeve (that can be handled and eventually get small damage or just a spare you got somewhere) on the flat side and draw lines along the LP sleeve seams to get the measurement of the becoming stiffener. You can also expand those measurement with 2 millimeters. So that the stiffener will become wider on all sides. And so creating a bumper zone.
When you completed that can start cutting out the stiffener with a cutter knife.

LP jacket or already made stiffener

Black lines are drawn, you have the size of the needed stiffener now

Start cutting it out with a metallic ruler or just something straight and long enough

You are done! And can now use then to stiffen your LP parcels and provide extra corner strength, fill up negative space and protect the LP's from being cut when the receiver of the parcel opens it. Also if there something sharp sticking against or into the parcel, the stiffeners will take the hits and not the record. 

  • In the second case, that is the opposite case. Mailers with no sharp corners. They won't longer protect the LP-sleeve corners because they lost their strength by already being dent or bent
These mailers will become stiffeners for 7 inches. Because when you draw the form of a 7 inch sleeve on a side of the 12 inch mailer you will get 7 inch stiffeners with sharp corners but you do loose cardboard.

12x12 inch cardboard damaged so can't be used as LP stiffener but you can make single stiffeners out of that piece

Place enough for 7 inch drawing and cutting out

And after a few hours of work you'll have a awesome result and be able to make the strongest parcel. And the person who traded with you and or bought records from you will get records still in perfect shape!

15 7inch mailer stiffeners and 18 LP mailer stiffeners

LP mailers, 7inch mailers and stiffeners for both!!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Zero Tolerance 7 inch UB 2011 stamp

Another recent addition to the Reaper Records collection. The UNITED BLOOD stamped version of the ZERO TOLERANCE "Fuel The Fire" ep. Since it's Zero Tolerance and out of 20 copies only, I made a rather high offer. It was accepted.

I think the silver stamp matches the silver shine of the clear vinyl. Tried to capture it with my camera:

zero tolerance 7 inch clear vinyl limited united blood stamp records reaper

Definitely stupid of me to pay 10 times more for a certain record just because the label decided to put a stamp on 20 of them all, right? Yes, I realize that when you look at it from a certain point of view, it's just stupid... But I like the diversity, creativity of certain records and I do like Reaper Records to death. There's no turning back now. Especially when one is so far in completing the collection and selling that collection seems like a suicide move to me... 

I guess now that I have a copy I can share where there's another one to be found. A day ago Reaper Records started a new round of auctions, including test presses. And there happens to be one listed right now...

BLIND TO FAITH Expanded T.S.F.Y.A.O Reissue LP

Almost simultaneously with the new BLIND TO FAITH album called Under The Heptagram, Reflections Records did an expanded reissue of the first LP of the Belgian Holy Terror pinnacle band. Awesome and addictive sound, filthy and fast, distorted and sick. This release definitely deserved a reissue.

So it happened and to differ both versions from each other, there is different artwork and also two other tracks added to the new version. Many people will not remember that I already posted about the two original elements that form this new release. So here is a resume!

First there was the LP released by Holy Terror records, an immediate hit. 

blind to faith the seven fat years are over holy terror lp
The original version on Dwid's label Holy Terror Records
Later they became an A389 Records band. And so there was released a split 7 inch together with America's long lasting doom and death metal band Gehenna. It looked like this:

blind to faith gehenna 7 inch limited vinyl
The two above pictured releases were melted together to become a slick looking expanded reissue called T.S.F.Y.A.O. And that's what this post is about. Looking good again, everything is black and white colored, from the cover, the printed inner to the vinyl and the vinyl labels. 

blind to faith vinyl lp reflections color limited the seven fat years are over
Add caption

You can also look up and see that there are other colors of the original releases. Check out these links:

Clear pre-order edition from the first pressing on HOLY TERROR 

Gold pre-order edition from the original split on A389
Also good the know is that the LP on Holy Terror hadn't got an insert included. But people were able to download it online. But many people didn't know that, so most of then come without. And if there's one included it won't be professionally printed.

Now that you know all of this, start collecting the hell out of it. But don't expect to find these easily and if you do you gonna have to pay a lot. That's a good reason to buy the reissue that is available now at REFLECTIONS RECORDS.