Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MORNING AGAIN: First Recordings With Kevin

To continue the Morning Again report, let's discuss a release with the other vocalist that came after Damien. Most recordings of Morning Again were actually with Kevin Ray Byers. Kevin also wrote very intelligent lyrics and very progressive considering the context of time. I learned heaps from those texts and still love Morning Again to the death.

The release I'm going to discuss isn't brought to me by Good Life Recordings because it was released by an American label. I actually didn't know of it's existence until xJustinx of STUCK IN THE PAST sold them to me. For which I'm grateful.

Anyway to get to the point. The release is actually a split of Morning Again with Shoulder. Put out by Moo Cow Records out of Wisconsin USA. Don't know the full story, but the record's insert tells us that these were recorded in September 1996. So despite the change of vocalist they quickly recorded new tracks. For your information, the recordings for the "Cleanest War" 12inch were in January the same year.

morning again should split 7 inch black vinyl moo cow record

The record had (according to Discogs) three pressings: the black out of 2000 copies and a colored pressing on red out of 200 copies:

morning again shoulder split vinyl 7 inch red

The tracks were:

  • "Cradle Of Empty Promise"
  • "Martyr"
Let's not forget the other band, Shoulder. They did a song based on a break-through musical written in the 60's. The song was called "Flower Drum Song". It was a band from Ontario in Canada!

As you know these songs were adopted by GLR to release on the "Martyr" 12inch...

Monday, April 29, 2013

MORNING AGAIN: Recordings With Damien

Did you know that the Morning Again "Hand Of Hope" LP on Good Life is actually a compilation of two different recordings? Two recordings for two different American labels actually? Well it was. The first recordings were for Conquer The World Records and were released as a 12" ep in 1996 in various pressings. It was called "The Cleanest War" and looked like this:

morning again the cleanest war lp conquer the world record vinyl

Then the final recordings with Damien Moyal were released by Intention Records on a two-song 7 inch. Don't know much about the pressing info. It had the songs 'Hand Of Hope' and 'God Framed Me' on the A-side and B-side. And had the artwork that was used for the Good Life compilation.

morning again hand of hope vinyl 7 inch clear intention record

Together these two releases have seven songs, the seven songs from the "Hand Of Hope" LP on Good Life. This LP so can be seen as the European pressing of these songs...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

LIAR The Finishing Touches

Had the opportunity to further complete that devilish Liar collection. Two more limited records were added. Not every day one has the chance to own a Liar TEST PRESS. But one grateful day it happens. 

liar liar's hell test press vinyl LP
Test press #29 out of 64 copies in total

It's the testpressing made for Alveran Records to test the sound of the LIAR's HELL 12inch. Compared to other Liar releases not such a renown release of the band but still a good one.

liar liar's hell test pressing alveran record vinyl lp
Came in a black DJ-sleeve
As you can see also not so limited as a usual test press, certainly for those times it was released in. For those who can't imagine from which release this is the test press, I 'll give you a hint:

The second addition is a limited edition of the LIAR / FAMILY OF DOG split 7 inch. It was pressed to come with the final H8 Zine. Obviously they took the opportunity to make a quick limited edition. It's an easily made copied sleeve. Just tear off a piece of cardboard and write a text on it. And then add to the collage a live-shot of Hans and UJ in action and your almost done. Just need to add a stamp on it in blue ink. The usual Sober Mind and Genet Records stamp. 

What makes it cool it ofcourse the limited amount, 034 copies is very little and the reason why one almost never comes by this record. Also cool in my case is the early number and the fine condition of the vinyl. Anyway have a look yourself:

liar family of dog vinyl 7 inch limited edition genet record h8000

But it's actually a very fine piece of wax as the music was pretty brutal for that era. Family Of Dog brings on this one a raw version of two of their songs obviously sounding different than on the CD. "Bloodride 666" is obviously a warning for the speeddevils on the road and Payback is one of those bestial urges we have. The voice of Tom never sounded so evil as on these recordings.

Liar brings us a classical song "Grave" and an SSD cover called "Teach Me Violence" a fast song that can easily be used in a combat training. 

Add these two to this collection and I know I'm good... Just missing some one of a kinds and who knows I might be there.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skycamefalling 10 Inch

This release was forming forming a huge hole in my Good Life Recordings collection vertebrae. So I decided to look for it. The internet provided several opportunities. I took the opportunity that was fitting me best. I bought it from the same seller as the previous 10 Inch I posted and so I saved on shipping.

I played the record because I hadn't got the CD version and actually never heard the music. When I did I immediately liked it. It's a divers record with Morning Again and Poison The Well influences mixed with the heavier NY style of Hardcore. It's also a band from Long Island NY. So it's like the NY interpretation of those Florida Hardcore bands.

skycamefalling to forever embrace the sun 10 inch clear vinyl good life recordings

It seems that this colorway is clear with black swirls. The Good Life pressing info sheet number one give us information on the pressing of this release. There should be a clean clear and a clear with pink swirls also. And all of these should be out of 100 copies approximately...

Anyway, I'm glad to have finally added this to my collection.

Friday, April 26, 2013

As Friends Rust 10 Inch

While looking for another record I stumbled upon a rarer version of the AS FRIENDS RUST 10 inch pressed by Good Life Recordings. I already had the picture disc for years, bought one of the final copies straight from the label.

as friends rust the fists of time 10 inch green vinyl good life recordings
Olive Green out of 300 copies

When I need to compare this to some other band, I'd say Dag Nasty blended with more anger. An easier to digest type of hardcore, leaning more towards rock and roll and indie. It's has quite a divers character. And is filled with emotions.

When I read the matrix etchings, I see that for this one it's not the usual pressing plant that Good Life usually used for pressing vinyl. Because the etchings aren't handwritten like with the other records pressed for Good Life. And the vinyl has another feel than usual. Also the vinyl has thicker edges what usually isn't the case.

For those who don't know this band has members of Morning Again, Shai Hulud and Culture. They started out in the late nineties after and released this in 1998. They have a reasonably big discography with a record on Equal Vision Records also... Check it out here.

It's still available on the more common picture disc format also here...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colored DISCHORD Records Additions

This post is meant for the collectors. I recently gathered the to my knowledge last missing color of the classic 4 seveninches LP of DISCHORD records. Or also called "The Year In Seveninches" or "4 Old Seveninches On A 12inch". Whatever it's called, it are truly classic songs up there. It has all the early, highly collectible and sought after releases of DISCHORD Records. The original 7"s of these records are way beyond my financial capabilities or I can only buy one 7" a year if I'd badly wanted it. Which seems like an impossible idea...

For the kids reading there are also the two Minor Threat records called "s/t" and "In My Eyes" that are legendary enough to form an LP with those ep's respectively on A-side and B-side on it's own. Definitely worth checking if you want to know what formed the foundations the straight-edge community in hardcore punk.

In the beginning of this blog I wrote this post about the colored reissue LP's on Dischord, had quite a few already. Maybe it's time to update that collection picture. As I have a few unmentioned more.

The missing color for the collection on the V/A four seveninches was the blue vinyl:

various the year in seveninches four old seveninches on a twelve inch lp vinyl dischord blue

I already had the green vinyl in the pocket a while ago. And the clear also, that was actually the earliest color I know about. So the trinity looks like this:

varios artists the year in seveninches four old seveninches on a twelve inch vinyl lp color dischord records

Let's hope the label doesn't go too wild in color pressings as I have to bring these over from the USA...

So this was it, if you know other colors of this release, let me know please...! If you know the release year of these colors, I'd appreciate you sharing. Thanks!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Morning Again "As Tradition Dies Slowly"

The third full-length of Morning Again on Revelation Records. A cool coincidence that it's 90's galore and that it's on Revelation Records. Another LP that breaths the 90's would be "Life.Love.Regret" from Unbroken. Although this one isn't so high in price or desired it's a tad heavier and more classic to me personally.

It was a long time ago that I was able to buy this one, but never came around featuring it on this blog. So here it is. It's actually a pretty rare record with only 208 copies on colored vinyl ever. All the rest is black.

I saw the band once in Bissegem at the O.C. (for those who don't know, that's a town near Kortrijk). It was in the time era of this record and it was ofcourse Kevin singing. I think they were on tour with 25 Ta Life back then.

The lyrics are of most intelligent kind. Still relevant to this very moment as the lyrical content was way ahead of it's time. Damien wrote more introspective lyrics while these were already more outwards. I mean dealing with topics that affect a person not directly but more indirectly because of the surrounding sociological nature of it. Everlasting topics like love, immigration, tradition (religion), warfare, freedom of decision, homosexuality... The global relevance of these topics only grew nowadays.

morning again as tradition dies slowly blue vinyl lp revelation record

The music is like a wall of sound, heavier than their previous releases. With still that melodic touch that typifies Morning Again so much. I'm still loving it...

Friday, April 19, 2013

TERROR Live By The Code LPs

To me this isn't just another Terror album. I anticipated this one more than Keepers Of The Faith. Because the marketing was more quiet than for the KOTF. Also the notion that there would be a bandzine included made me curious. Later it went also public that Victory Records would do the CD version and the TAPE versions, this worried me a bit. But I think many were worried by this.

11 inch bandzine in thick paper

Now that I got the full set, despite the increased postage from USA, I'm quite happy with it. Let me explain why. Everybody knows that TERROR is on the forefront of the worldwide Hardcore scene. With relentless touring and numerous meaningful albums on various labels they established themselves as eternal guardians of the Hardcore ethics and music. And the fact that they wrote a good bandzine and that it's included with the album feels comfortable to me.

It are their codes built on prosperity and setbacks, built with blood, sweat and tears. They say that we need an equilibrium between respect for the old hardcore and the newer input. Also a positive attitude on shows, leaving a positive feeling after a show for both the venue and the kids.
And that hardcore is NO background music for fights and violence. Hardcore should be a home and place to be or a refuge for a messed up life and world. A community where you can be yourself. Also fight to protect that community and family you have by uniting against commodities and violent people.

As you can read many wise words in there. Also the lyrics are included in the book. And those lyrics have explanations written by Scott along with them.

Making this zine come along with the vinyl keeps the spirit alive and alright. Writing about hardcore and pressing records does just that. I won't give too many details about the writings as I suggest you read them for yourself and buy it for yourself.

The vinyl-colors fit the sleeve-colors perfect

The package is also great as we are used to if Reaper Records take care of it; the 11inch bandzine in thick paper, the various colors pressed.  Have a taste of it yourself. There are 3500 records pressed in first pressing with 7 variations in it:

terror live by the code vinyl lp collection complete
Picture by JAN O.
Oxblood red /400
Oxblood / black split wax with white splatter /500
Black /400
Oxblood Red with white swirl /1500
White /200
Clear Red #'d/300
Clear #'d/200

EU numbered edition came with poster 

illustrated and layouted content

The lyrics with explanations
Too bad VICTORY Records didn't allow orders for the CASSETTES outside of the USA. But anyway I kept and wrote down the pressing info on them; 3 colors of tapes with the following breakdown:

GREY tape: 150 copies
RED tape: 100 copies
YELLOW tape: 50 copies

So the tape-pressing has 300 copies in total also.

Still 100% Terror musically although I think the album gets better and better as is develops. Including and after the song "Shot Of Reality" is the best part of the album I find. The songs before that are good also but don't offer much variety compared to the earlier albums. Those songs don't have the spice of the last part of the album I feel.

Anyway that's it, buy the record at Reaper Records or Merchpit.com.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Making Limited Editions: Lesson #1

Time for a word of criticism on the European limited edition of the newest TERROR LP. First of all, cool that they make something limited and that they numbered it. But who gives about a totally limited.... shrinkwrap. Because that's what they just did. Imagine a enthusiastic kid getting this in the mail: The first thing he does is willing to listen to this record, he tears of the shrinkwrap and there goes our numbered limited edition! It ends up straight in the garbage can...

Anyway I'm puzzled by this, I can't open this record, because the numbering is on the part of the shrinkwrap that tears the easiest. Or should I try to get this sticker off and put it on the sleeve itself?

There is a lesson to be learned, if you want to make something limited for the future you need to make it durable.

I'm sure over the years all of the record will loose that numbering, unless you keep it sealed. They should have torn off that shrink and stuck that sticker on the sleeve...

XIBALBA Hasta La Completion

Couldn't resist to make this photo of both colors of the HASTA LA MUERTE LP:

Friday, April 12, 2013

TURNSTILE Step 2 Rhythm 7inch

Nice way to start of the weekend is to receive some long-awaited pre-order items and write about it on this blog. Although I missed out on the limited color black, I'm very happy with how the new TURNSTILE 7inch came out. The organic and vibrant layout really appeals to me. Like being drawn into the live action of a performance. Although the background is black it makes the photo's come out more and form a contrast.

turnstile step 2 rhythm vinyl 7 inch white grey reaper record
White vinyl

turnstile step 2 rhythm vinyl 7 inch green first press reaper records
Green vinyl
Although the vinyl is called and sold as white, it's actually not so bright white as the usual white vinyl pressed, which makes a good change or surprise.

Compared to the bright white of the dust-sleeve

vibrant colored B-side label
I always like full-colored vinyl labels, especially when it are live-shots taken on it. Also the vinyl has a nice quality feel because of it's thickness. 

The vocals are different, not so screamy, heavy or though but I can get used to them and love them. I really like it at first listen, the intro is quite catching too and immediate classic for the next generation of Hardcore I feel. And that because of it's diverse musical character. Also the breakdowns are good, one who can create good breakdowns immediately has a step forward to me.

Monday, April 8, 2013

MORDA And KINGPIN Colored Vinyl

I never actually featured many H8000 releases from after the 90's, except for LIAR's Murder Manifesto LP. Well there was definitely still a scene after the millennium-switch. And most of the releases have been put out on vinyl by REALITY RECORDS from Ghent. Also Hans from Sober Mind Records was still releasing and Good Life also but not so actively like as few years back. Proof me wrong but I think it was Congress as only H8000 band on Good Life after 2000.

To be honest and direct, after the year 2000 there still was H8000 but creativity went down fast it seems. The days of glory were over in my opinion. There still were a slew of bands that represented and continued playing but nothing extra ordinarily good came from that.

The records I'm featuring now are from that period and I needed them on colored vinyl because they still are sophomore elements of the greater H8000 collection.

First up is the "My Will Supreme" by MORDA. They make a good blend of Integrity, Ringworm inspired metal that reminds us of those days. Especially the vocals in the recording are reminiscent of the previous decade. Although purer metal and a tad more brutal. Morda was actually a band from where I live nowadays, but when they played I was still living at the coast.

As far as the CD-version goes, it was released on Bruges' EYE SPY Records...

morda my will supreme lp red orange vinyl color reality records
 Dark orange Vinyl out of 100 copies

Next record, also on REALITY RECORDS is the "Bad Habits Die Hard" 10 inch of KINGPIN. I already had it on black but needed it on white vinyl too. Obviously I'm not done with collecting because there is a test pressing of this one in existence. 

It's actually quite cool because it features Josh of Congress on vocals. The hardcore they play isn't edge-metal anymore. It's a more though guy and old-school oriented style. Kingpin also had Pedro from Spineless on guitar. And were contemporaries of The Deal, 1 Outta 6, Core Of Anger and all those post-90's bands. Obviously Congress and Liar were still playing as it was 2002...

kingpin bad habits die hard 10 inch vinyl white reality records
White vinyl out of 100 copies

As you can see on the B-side label of the vinyl-record; Josh Fury on vocals and Felony Fitn on guitar. 

A funny thing is that Fitn's dog was also called Kingpin.

The release exits also on CD but this format was made by Pyrorex which was the follow-up of Sober Mind Recordings...

The best record in my opinion that came a lot later but was also with H8000 veterans and also on Reality Records was the TRENCHFOOT "Tune In, Drop Out" LP but this one is for David to review...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blind To Faith CASSETTE

First of all I'm trying to spread the word on the fact that SOULSLAYER store is now officially a label that has just released their first recording! Glad to hear that and obviously I supported Vince from Rise And Fall in his new venture by buying this and doing this write-up.

Soulslayer Records is the name of that label and BLIND TO FAITH 'Live At The Pits' is the name of the first release. It's nostalgically a CASSETTE that captures the harsh reality of Blind To Faith's live energy in Kortrijk at the legendary venue THE PITS.

Have a look at the tape, it's quite catching in yellow and has a red case:

blind to faith live at the pits cassette tape soulslayer records

Add caption

Celebrate the newborn I suggest by buying this cassette here...

You can also visit the Belgian western-style bar to get involved in some Belgian quarrels if you speak dutch ofcourse...