Friday, May 31, 2013

Back To Back Records: Soul Search ep

I picked this one up from the GL distro along with other stuff as I had to reach the order minimum. The label that released this is Back To Back Records. Back To Back Records definitely is on a good track with all those good releases. They released two Disengage titles as well as the US pressing of the Beware 7 inch and also the Face Reality 7 inch. Also to titles in cooperation with Control Records; Stick Together "No More Games" and the US pressing of the Not Afraid "Be Yourself" ep. Among other less notorious releases. Those releases all got coverage from my fellow bloggers:

Doug featured the Beware 7inch in it's entirety:
Marcus did the Stick Together "No More Games":  
Mike featured some versions of Disengage, both the 7 inch and the LP:
And Jake featured the Face Reality "Strong Survive" as did Mario on his blog
 And Reagan featured the Not Afraid, also in it's entirety:
Trust us! We know what's up!

Soul Search is the name and the titles of this release is "Nothing But A Nightmare". To start with the artwork, which appeals to me a lot. It's definitely better than the mass. The cover is a 3-panel fold-out. And has a band picture inside along with a second piece of art, that could be a cover as well. Anyway enough said, here are the shots:

soul search nothing but a nightmare original 7 inch back to back record vinyl
The cold and mysterious artwork of the cover

Truly talented way of drawing hands
Anyway it's one of the better recently released records. Also one of the better and more creative current bands. You can listen to the entire ep on their bandcamp:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SHAI HULUD A Profound Hatred Of Man

Shai Hulud founded in 1995 with Damien Moyal on vocals. Altough it was Matt Fox who wrote the music and most of the lyrical content. Both men famous from the band Morning Again. Although Damien was only there in the early stage of the band. And after that a new vocalist was found in Chad Gilbert who later became more famous thanks to New Found Glory, and also for instance for the production of the latest Terror album.

The record I'm going to discuss is their 1997 7inch called "A Profound Hatred Of Man". And it's a good one. Although it's the reissue from 2011 that I had lingering about here for a time. Without ever discussing it on the blog. The original was made by Crisis Records and Revelation Records in black and grey vinyl as is this repress.

There was a period were I intensively studied the texts of the band. Intelligent and useful content although a tad misanthropic. As the title suggest actually very misanthropic. Some moments I actually am in the same kind off mindset, especially when I watch/read the news. I also had to look up some of the vocabulary used as I'm not English by mother tongue.

shai hulud a profound hatred of man vinyl reissue 7 inch crisis revelation record
SHAI HULUD A Profound Hatred Of Man 7inch
The song "Hardly" is one of those melodies that stick in your head for hours once you listened to it. It's by far one of my favorites of the band. I'm especially a fan of their earlier work. I like them up to the album "That Within Ill Blood Tempered". After that I'm personally not so fond of their work anymore.

A fun fact is that they appear on the "The Past, The Present" cover LP, among all the Revelation All-stars. They stand out a lot as the rest is almost exclusively youth-crew songs. Which are of a more positive origin. Especially positive towards the self. While Shai Hulud's lyrics in the beginning were very hard and negative towards the self.
Also needs to be mentioned that although they are misanthropic they don't have a negative delivery of destructive and blind nature, what they say has foundations of various reasons.

Anyway great band that needed to be mentioned!

Monday, May 27, 2013

SUBZERO Happiness Without Peace LP

Another NYHC classic from the 90's era to close off the 'Demons Run Amok 17th May 2013 releases' coverage. This record was originally released on Too Damn Hype records, but a year later already reissued with a remastered and remixed sound on Century Media. An immediate success for this album. Although the band already released some songs on demo-tapes and a 7inch on Inner Journey starting from 1990. All very hard to find releases.

To continue the history; the band was created by a Breakdown member and an Up Front member, both renown NYHC bands. The singer Lou Di Bella faced in a severe sickness which according to him made em a stronger person.

subzero happiness without peace vinyl lp dra demons run amok reissue white vinyl

To start my interpretation with the title "Happiness Without Peace", an insightful and realistic title to say at least. In this modern age we are bound to be so. We learn or evolve to be happy without peace. There's no other choice. Hardcore reality in your face.

The song "Boxed In" was covered by two flagships of Hardcore namely Terror and Hatebreed. Both are officially released recordings. It's a powerfull sounding piece of music. And deals with the fact that if someone gets hurt in the way of reaching a purpose in life, there's no pity involved.

"Fuck MTV ... I want my NYHC", is another classic that says a lot about the Hardcore communities ethics. And still relevant to this very day with other intruders trying to make money or commercialize Hardcore. No way that will ever happen.

Then the B-side starts with an explanation of moshing for those who are unaware and think it's hurting each other.

The last song that's remarkable is "America the ungrateful". Also a song that's relevant to this day. About the wars that USA civilians need to fight in after being drafted. And the negligence of the government to help them lead a normal life when they return hurt or traumatized.

Anyway I'm glad to have this mid-nineties NYHC classic. Not as great as the youth-crew NYHC or the other mid to late 80's NYHC bands, but still worth acquiring for your collection. And it's also available on orange vinyl and black vinyl at the label Demons Run Amok.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

CRO-MAGS Alpha Omega LP

The second record I bought in the same pre-order was the reissue of the CRO-MAGS "Alpha Omega" LP. It was eventually DEMONS RUN AMOK who re-released this classic. Here's all the info that the label provided on it's release:

Finally available on Vinyl again soon since 1991!
In 1991 Robert Kampf, owner of record company Century Media and Cro-Mag fan, decides to travel to New York to try to convince Harley to restart the Cro-Mags. Kampf is prepared to invest a lot of money in the band and the only condition is that John and Doug return to the band. Harley agrees and the band, including Dave DiSenso on drums and Gabby on guitar go into the studio to record their third album. The result is the album called Alpha Omega.
The first record reuniting original members John "Bloodclot" Joseph and Harley Flanagan, 1992's "Alpha Omega" saw the band employ more of a crossover sound with the same streetwise attitude and Krishna philosophy. 
Limited to 500!
  • 100 Clear (only available at Revelation Records)
  • 100 Clear Red (only available at Green Hell Records)
  • 100 Clear Blue Demons Run Amok
  • 200 in Black Demons Run Amok
 Releasedate: 17.05.2013

I only got it on blue vinyl since I didn't want to order it from Green Hell and RevHQ. Here's how the thing looks:

cro mags alpha omega LP blue vinyl dra demons run amok reissue

To close this post off with, a fun fact that I remembered happening and that I've got physical proof on. About 6 years ago Reaper Records was working on the reissue of this CRO-MAGS classic. They were actually planning and already announcing the release of the Alpha Omega LP on their label. If you don't believe me, here's the scan of a promo-flyer that I kept in my archives.

Promo-flyer for the never released reissue on Reaper Records

Thursday, May 23, 2013


The growing label Demons Run Amok from Germany just released three titles that I needed to buy badly. The first one I needed was the vinyl version of the first SAI NAM release. Oddly Reaper Records only released this on CD. I was a bit disappointed by that. But it seems that DRA got the message too and they wisely gave it the vinyl-treatment it deserves.

Sai Nam is a band with lots of HC all-stars in the line-up:

  • Justice from Trapped under Ice on vocals
  • Mike Dijan from Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz
  • Lou Medina from All Out War, Breakdown
  • Dean Baltulonis who produced several Hardcore releases
As you can read, lot's of NYHC veterans. The lotus on the cover is symbol of the rebirth. And lyrics deal with love, life and inner demons. The most striking text is according to me the lyrics of the song "Comeback" where miserable feelings induced by returning and haunting visions lead to despair. But also as the title suggest songs about a crush on someone and also about eternal love. The true soul of Justice revealed somewhat in these lyrics. I can relate to them big time.

Anway the record is pressed on three colors and a black version. Only 500 in total. So you can guess how limited the colored editions are. Namely all three of out 100 copies. And the standard black's out of 200.

Colors are:
  • Clear Red (100 copies)
  • Clear Orange (100 copies)
  • Solid White (100 copies)
  • standard Black (200 copies)
sai nam crush vinyl lp orange dra demons run amok license reaper records
Orange vinyl

The White version is only available at RevHQ. So this is bad news for Europeans as shipping increased. But definitely worth "importing" it back to Europe. All other colors are available at the label DEMONS RUN AMOK, although it's after the 17th May (the release date) there are still a few left of every "European color".

I can get rough on myself now for not ordering the Clear Red version, as that would have brought me a step closer to completion... Although there were two other titles that I needed from the same label, released on the same date and in the same pre-order logically!

These titles were nothing less than CRO-MAGS "Alpha & Omega" and SUBZERO "Happiness Without Peace". NYHC galore as you can expect to get in the next posts!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SPINELESS Cassette To Pit Criticism

I recently snagged the last missing format I needed of this great H8000 release from Spineless. I now have it on LP/CD and on cassette. I got to know the existence of it through H8000 Central, already lots of years ago. One can imagine how low chances of finding this are.

spineless a talk between me and the stars tape cassette sober mind refuse records

As you can see on this picture lyrics are both there in English and Polish.

Obviously the translator did not have knowledge of French because everything English is translated and the first intro called "Ce qu'il nous reste" isn't translated in Polish.

You already know the history of these Polish tapes. They were officially made by Refuse Records to bring the H8000 songs to Polish listeners who could not afford importing these from Belgium.

These songs were anthems to many true H8000 warriors and still are. Headshot from Kortrijk still covers the song "Human Disgrace" in their live-shows.

Although it's a sad trend and fact that this music isn't moshed on anymore like in the 90's. As you can see in the video; Moshpits have become asocial places where only two or three kids make their moves in. If they'd dance like this back then they would have been kicked out or sorted out and certainly corrected by many other kids.

Anyway instead of showing your force in those asocial and inhospitable pits maybe you'd better start learning these lyrics and sing along.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TRENCHFOOT Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

It's been a while but today i'm back with a H8000 release from 2008.
Some will differ the fact that i classify this as H8000 but all will be revealed.

trenchfoot turn on tune in drop out vinyl lp reality record
Zombie apocalypse in true 80's thrash style

TRENCHFOOT had risen from the ashes from former H8000 band KINGPIN when 2 members of KINGPIN left in 2004. The eagerly continued to play only under a new name TRENCHFOOT. Also the muscial style had progressed over time with the adding of Tim on drums. Soon they played the music that once set their hearts on fire. 80's Bay area thrash and crossover as released upon this world by bands such as EXODUS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SLAYER and other mortal gods of metal.
They first started off with Stef from BLOODSHOT on the mike but soon their ways parted. Only weeks before recording they finally got their final frontman to release this album with. Tom from former FAMILY OF DOG took the microphone in his hand and completed the ranks of H8000's crossover band TRENCHFOOT.

Reality Records took a chance with Thrash

With members who played in different H8000 projects such as KINGPIN, CONGRESS, LIAR, RISE AND FALL, MINDSTAB, CLOON and FAMILY OF DOG, these guys already knew their way in the scene so total stage domination was no problem here.

Black 500 copies

Their album Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out was released in 2008 by Belgium label Reality Records on a edition of 500 black vinyl 12's. A daring risk form this label and somewhat odd that i recently bought this album for just 5 euro from their distro at a show. To complete their thrash influence even the artwork is in full on 80's thrash style featuring zombies and nuclear holocaust, reminiscing to the artwork as seen on MUNICIPAL WASTE covers and other thrashmonsters. The influence of Pushead and others oozes toxic slime from this plaque of vinyl.

Plain and simple, like in the 80's

Even the insert is straight up DIY thrash approach, one side filled with the lyrics, no bells and whistles here. The other side depicting a drawing and their statement of origin and style. H8000 Crossover Thrash, the title says it all, so no surprises here. With headquarters in Wervik this band is rooted deeply into the H8000 area and even Josh from CONGRESS had a guest appearance on this album.

Lyricsheet, a river of words to quench your thirst for knowledge

And now the lionpart of this album, the music. Like they proclaimed all over it's pure thrashmetal with a touch of their own. Crossover between those mighty 80's thrashkings and some more deep provocative thoughts through the lyrics.
With songs touching topics as religion, ecology and even a sort of love song they touch another ground with the H8000 mentality and add their own flavour to the thrash experience. There's even a song that sums up many of the bands that influenced this band ranging from THE DOORS to BAD BRAINS and back to WEEN and many more. Chugging riffs lead you through the zombie apocalypse of TRENCHFOOT.

H8000 Crossover Thrash TRENCHFOOT

With the recent departure of Jeff Hanneman from SLAYER thrash seems to be a hot topic again but these guys already proved the value of thrash metal and it's influence on hardcore years ago.
My reason for discussing this album is just that this seems to be an album and band that never got the attention they deserved. They started after the haydays of H8000 hardcore and always tended to be a sort of outcast amidst the metal hardcore of that scene. Was this by choice or just coincidence. Who will tell.
I still believe in the strength of this band and also with the reunion of vocalist Tom's band FAMILY OF DOG i'd like to make a call to all to got check them out.
FAMILY OF DOG was one of the most original bands Belgium has seen in years and they just happen to be playing next weekend 18th May @ Maldegem during a show titled Grof Grief with other local HC heroes such as BLIND TO FAITH, CHEAP DRUGS,... Go check them out, broaden your perspective.
Turn on, tune in and drop out.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Life Order: REVEAL Test and AFR Colors

Testpressings and colored vinyl never seem to disappoint. Especially when they are sprouted from an era as the 90's. It was most likely Good Life that was most productive in that decade. I'm probably one of the diehard customers of their mailorder, I ordered there already in the late-nineties as a kid sending in a written wantlist along with the cash notes. I always loved the written message and the freebies that were thrown in to cover the excess money I sent because they didn't accept coins...

Oh well, nostalgia and reality at the same time. Nowadays I seem to have grown into collecting all those releases fondly. It's always nice when they sell releases that are tossed on eBay for much more money than they are selling it. Works in their advantage and reflects the ugliness of eBay.

Today is the day when one of those packages came in. A test press and a colored vinyl record as new straight from the 90's as a matter of speaking. More than this, one could not desire.

The first record was actually not intended to be so numerous. The plant misinterpret the commandment and pressed then times as much testpresses than requested. For a testpress that's an insane amount. Thanks to this mistake on the other hand I have one of these. It's the test pressing for the REVEAL Dissection Of Thought LP, that I already have on pink vinyl too.

reveal dissection of thought vinyl lp test press good life recordings

Anyway this is one of the few bands from The Netherlands that adopted that Unbroken alike style of Hardcore. Screamy vocals, something that in most cases annoys me but I fairly like this band though. They have something ontological about their delivery. Most of the Dutch bands stuck to the old-school style. This band did not.

The other record is a double-seveninch on double color. One from a recently mentioned band, AS FRIENDS RUST. I already had the black. It's actually quite cool looking. The warm-red cover contrasting the cold blue and mint-green vinyl. While both vinyl colors complement each other. And while solid vinyl and clear again form a contrast.

as friends rust double vinyl 7 inch good life recordings

This record is actually the second AFR release and the second release on Good Life. Also know as "Godhour". Anyway feel free to be like me and order something special, old or new at Good Life. They are still doing it in quality and integrity after all those years...