Friday, June 28, 2013

DISTRICT 9 SouthBronxMemoirs

NYHC is flourishing and more alive and kicking than ever. Man, look at my last series of posts, almost all dedicated to that. This time straight from the South Bronx, a remake of the classic and highly collectible DISTRICT 9 Schoolahardknox 7inch.

It's not bad at all, but I definitely prefer the original songs above these. It are still the same texts but the music's quite different. But these aren't so shockingly hard. Maybe because time went over them and times change. I'm glad they still have that down to earth and real character. But these songs don't have that cutting reality feel to them as with the first time I heard them. It are indeed memories of a time and memories fade, so does this record feel to me.

district 9 southbronxmemoired red vinyl 7 inch dignified bastard nyhc

The song "Fool" still remains a favorite for me. As well as on the original recordings as here on this remake.

The lay-out is great. I like the color of the vinyl in combination with the sleeve. I also know it exists on clear with red splatter and on black vinyl, but do not know the numbers made. Would be great if anyone can fill me in. Also think it's worth to say, that if you are on the European continent, you can buy this most common red-colored version at Good Life Distribution. Don't know if there are many left though...

Also check the original versions out if you feel like knowing more about the global sought-after original recordings.

Have a great week-end collecting brothers and sisters!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

BACKTRACK Dog Pound Nation

Hardcore isn't pretty. A phrase said to me by a hardcore veteran. And it's true that real life Hardcore is far from pretty record covers and vinyl colors. Life isn't pretty too by moments, so when you live hardcore, it's not easy to get into what he was saying to me.
The following record blatantly breeds this atmosphere. Although the cover does. And the piss-yellow vinyl that comes inside this record, doesn't refurbish it very much. On the contrary in fact:

bactrack darker half record release dog pound nation dpn lp limited cover reaper record

Anyway, I actually like this cover for it's realness, brought to you by a collage of Dog Pound Nation tattoo's.  To get back nerdy, it's actually the record release version for the BACKTRACK "Darker Half" LP on Reaper Records from the year 2011. I'm glad to have a copy in my possession.
What we can see is that there were two record release shows, because there are two dates. So the number made must be higher than usual also. It's out of hundred.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Out Crowd Tourpress 7 inch

And another one that's missing from the Reaper Records discography... A special cover version of the OUT CROWD "Just Us" 7 inch. One you've probably never seen. Since it's not a numbered item, it was hard to formulate a price for this baby. But the American dude was down with my offer. So here's the third record I got in the trade. It comes on red vinyl, since these were for pre-orders, there can't be many with this cover.

outcrowd just us red vinyl 7 inch limited cover reaper record

Out Crowd is a band that you must listen to if you like Youth Of Today. I totally dig the artwork on the centerlabel of the vinyl. There are even slipmats made of that logo. I'm in doubt whether to buy on or not.

Leaves me to say that this is a cover above the regular cover. Why waste the cover that already existed for a new cover. Might as well give both to the buyer...

The fact that I call this version a tour press is solely based on information the trader got from the band. He got it on a New Years show (December 29th) in Richmond VA. The show was Blind Justice, War Hungry, Foundation, Out Crowd, King Nine and a few other bands...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Offense UNITED BLOOD 2012

One of my major wants up next, also from Reaper Records. The one that's erased from the want list is a version of the latest TAKE OFFENSE release. I liked the music on this one. But I especially like the cover and the limited amount made. The one that I acquired is the second rarest, after the test pressing, who's number one. Has a silk-screened sleeve with black ink on a plain white cover.

take offense under the same shadow lp united blood limited screened cover clear vinyl reaper record

Unfortunately though, the record isn't numbered, but the discography tells us that it's out of 50 copies only. I'm super happy that I got one! I like the grave-grinder a lot. Zombies wearing hats and skating graves to ruin. Yes, that's cool enough for me.

As you can see, there are two other covers with the same zombies on it. The record release and the test pressing. I need those to make the collection complete...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fire & Ice UNITED BLOOD 2013

I recently bought some hot Reaper Records items from a private seller. Those items that I'm unable to buy directly and so must buy second hand. I have no problem in doing that. Always nice to talk to peeps from USA who go to shows or fests.

The following record is one I totally did not know the existence of. After they did an awesome cover for Sound And Fury 2012 festival, the one with the galaxy on the cover, I didn't think they'd make yet another one for a next year festival. Well, they did make one for United Blood 2013 too:

fire and ice not of this earth united blood 2013 vinyl LP reaper records
"Not Of This Earth" LP United Blood 2013 cover

Thick paper fold over cover

It's a fold over cover in thick paper with four live-shots on it. Needless to say that I immediately noticed the parallels with the printed inner artwork. I thought it was a copy of it. But that isn't totally the case. There's one live-shot that is different and that's the one of the guitarist in the upper right corner. The rest besides the addition of band name and title is unfortunately a repetitive picture of the inner.

similarities and differences between cover and printed inner

Well, I'm glad I discovered this one. One down, a huge pack left to go...

Here's are some other shots of it:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The New Breed's Absolution

I'm still collecting records, although a bit more on the background, hence my relatively long gap in posting. Just haven't found anything exciting enough to write about. But the next two records are definitely worth having a closer write-up about.

The Wild Style version of the up until it's reissue unknown to me NEW BREED Tape Compilation, was taking a place on my wantlist. I actually didn't know the compilation since I'm fairly young and not listening to Hardcore when it was released. And although I bought the regular version at Good Life, it was Marcus from The Endless Quest who let me knew the existence of a colored version. I immediately wanted it big time.

So a few years later it's in my collection already. That didn't take so long, I guess. I saw it for sale and realized that chances of obtaining a collectible release only grow thinner the later after it's release date, so I acted fast and bought at will.

new breed compilation wild style vinyl lp blue wardance lush life nyhc
Blue vinyl and silk-screened sleeve. "Wild Style" design by Chaka Malik.

Numbered 145 out of 200 copies

Complete with original and creative artwork and lyrics in a multi-page booklet
It's a real nicely done version. The front of the cover is screened with a thick layer of silky ink. The back is -as you can see hand numbered. And has the song-list glued on it. This is a very work intensive sleeve. The vinyl comes on ultra-clear blue vinyl. Awesomeness!!

Also the booklet is richly illustrated with drawings and pictures along with the lyrics. Since I bought it from the executive producer, I had the opportunity to add another of his releases the shopping cart. It's a reissue of the ABSOLUTION four songs ep. Also very beautifully lay-outed. And totally limited gold vinyl. Absolution's the very first band on the list of the compilation. Seems like Ryan is doing a run of reissues of bands featured on the compilation amongst the clothing he makes.

absolution gold vinyl 7 inch nyhc lush life
With logo-stamped dustsleeve

Gold vinyl limited to 60 pieces only!!
It also exists on purple vinyl out of 150 copies.

As I was willing to tip you that they were doing pre-orders for the Altercation 7inch, I realized it already sold out entirely it seems. That was quick, because when I bought this one during the week they told me to launch pre-orders in the weekend. And now it's totally gone during the time of shipping.

Anyway if you want to check it out or buy for yourself go here: