Monday, July 29, 2013

Black Scale X Reaper Records

Collecting Reaper Records seems to be my full-time occupation lately. So dedicated that I bought another "Live By The Code" version. Actually a special marriage between Black Scale and Reaper Records.

I do not see the point in why this pressing was done. Everything seems very commercially driven in my eyes. Black Scale is a NYC based clothing company I guess? Do not immediately see the link to hardcore.

Although it is a cool looking version. It also has the book with explanations of the code, as previous pressing did.

terror live by the code black scale press reaper record
Terror "Live By The Code" BLACK SCALE version LP

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Ultra Clear Code

When an attentive reader of my blog, proved to me that - unlike what Reaper told me - there was a one version missing of my instant Live By The Code collection, I thought to never find it. I thought it was sold out already. But then xTinox tipped me of the whereabouts of this last version...

You see that is clearly one of the advantages of doing this blog. More in particular the advantage of communicating with people about records online. It's a way of reaching much more people that I'd do in non-internet communication with people. Also it's a fine example of solidarity between collectors. Helping others out. Hardcore for Hardcore!

Anyway the last record I needed (regardless of the test pressing) was the nice looking ultra-clear. I think clear vinyl needs to be ultra-clear. Milky clear isn't so cool as a record looking like glass.

terror live by the code clear vinyl lp reaper record
Terror "Live By The Code" LP

200 copies on ULTRA CLEAR

I think it's one of the finest of all versions. If you think pressing 7 colors in one pressing is over the top, don't start collecting Integrity's Suicide Black Snake either then...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Damned, Shamed Records of TERROR

No interesting talk in this post. Just pure collector's delight. And that is it, adding a record to my growing Reaper Records collection... I'm talking about the long ago released Terror 'Blood Tracks' demo. This one has demo tracks for the full-length that Century Media released on CD and on black vinyl. Oddly Reaper Records also released the "The Damned, The Shamed" album on a 12 inch, that picture disc you know.

This copy I recently got is one of the rarer version of that single, one with a red ink stamp on it. These copies were sold at United Blood 2011. Quite a while after the initial release.

Must say it looks quite fine and it's a perfect condition copy it seems. So I'm happy.

terror blood tracks demo united blood reaper record
Terror "Rise Of The Poisoned Youth" Blood tracks demo 7 inch 

Terror demo UNITED BLOOD 2011 stamp (20 copies exist)

Terror is a Los Angeles band, so they paid homage to Suicidal Tendencies with this cover. There are also two first press colors, orange and silver / black swirl. And logically a regular clear second press also exists.

terror blood tracks demo 7 inch collection color reaper records

The records pressed by Reaper Records

The picture disc I was talking about looks like this on the B-side and comes with the biggest double-sided poster I've seen. The original picture used for the artwork of the test pressing... That I regret trading away - to a lucky person - so much nowadays. I wasn't completely aware back then that Reaper Records is the label I want to collect! Lessons learned and will never again happen as long as I'm alive...

And that Century Media LP ain't much to look at, just a weak link in the chain of records around these same songs...

The Century Media version

Terror "The Kings Of Hardcore"

All of the releases together.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nations On Fire - STRIKE THE MATCH Reissue

The return of the mighty instigators NATIONS ON FIRE, after more than twenty years since it's release one of the most influential early H8000 records has been reissued for the masses to discover.

The 1991 release 'Strike The Match' has undergone a complete remake from artwork to mastering and is ready to extend the legacy with another twenty years at least.

Remade cover fresh for 2013

'Strike The Match' was originally released in 1991 and came in three different versions, a black version, a yellow vinyl out of 500 pieces and a Spanish version entitled 'Enciende La Mecha'.
The German label Strive records released the first two versions while the Spanish version was released through Fobia Duros Sentiemientos and guitarist's own Warehouse Records.

The original recordings took place in 1991 in The Netherlands but a part of the mixing and additional recordings happened during Judge No One (aka Edward Goodlife) his stay in Los Angeles where he got the opportunity to do the final mix in Westbeach Recorders with the assistance of Donnell Cameron.

Interview with Judge No One

This reissue is cooperation between a few European labels such as Goodlife Recordings (Judge No One/ Edward's label), Kidnap Music and a network of European fans that made this re-release possible. As an extra to the revamped artwork a booklet featuring an interview with Edward is added to give the fan a deeper insight on Nations On Fire.

Red vinyl, Good Life exclusive color

Next to the booklet that also holds the lyricsheetscomes a big sized A2 poster that is part of the complete package.

The overall sound of the album has been remastered in 2013 by Nicolas Devlève to bring out the best of the recordings for the future. When playing the two versions side to side you can hear a clearer sound on the remastered recording that leaves more space for the vocals and guitars to really come out. The previous recording had more rumble and overall noise that seems to block certain higher frequencies. It's not that it sounds a complete new recording but you can hear the tiny differences if attentive to them and they add up to the overall feeling of a sharper and clearer sound.

Huge A2-sized poster that captures the intense live energy 

For this release the artwork has been styled into a quite familiar artwork look for the hardcore fan,
the resemblance to YOUTH OF TODAY'S Break Down The Walls is no coincidence. As a homage to this influential band the same colorways are used for the artwork and vinyl of the original Wishingwell pressings.
Red and blue are the main colors here and the vinyl also appears to be in these colors. A red clear version of 100 pieces and a blue version of 400 make up this reissue.

You can still buy them at Good Life and Kidnap Music...

At the bottom of the post are some images of the previous version on Strive records. 

Old and original pressing cover

nations on fire strike the match LP yellow vinyl
Original colored version

Original back of the cover

With this reissue NATIONS ON FIRE is still displaying their influence on the European scene after almost twenty years as a non active band. Even in 2013 they still stand for the three keywords that sum it all up. Positive, Political, Powerful.


Monday, July 15, 2013

GLR: xDisciplex and Spread The Disease LPs

Two missing colored Good Life Recordings LPs found in Germany recently. I don't know that much about them so I feature them together in one post. My Good Life label and sub-labels collection is becoming quite vast it seems. Should count about 60 12 inches at least, haven't listed them, so I can't know exact numbers. Seems like I got some work to do.

Anyway, although these titles didn't sell so good at Good Life, as we are 14 years later and they are still available. I was very pleasantly surprised when I took a deeper look into them. So I will share my findings in this post.

xDisciplex "No Blood, No Altar Now"

Somewhere between New York and Cleveland lays Erie, it's where this band comes from. They are also known as Disciple A.D. According to Discogs they should have produced records in a time-span of 8 years. Which is I think surprisingly long. Especially when I never heard some of their work.

But to my pleasant surprise I can dig this 1999 record of xDisciplex musically. Real solid thundering riffs for a metalcore mood. Reminds me of Skycamefalling and Poison The Well.

Regarding the content, they are a Catholic band which is pretty obviously seen at the artwork and when reading the lyrics. The song texts are almost like prayers.

Solid purple vinyl out of 300 copies

Slight black stripes in the center

Simple but iconic lay-out

Spread The Disease "The Sheer Force Of Inertia"

This record is hard to classify. It has experimental electronic parts interchanged with melodic and rolling metal riffs. Truly divers pieces of metal. The band's based in Ontario, Canada. And this is the vinyl version of a release also on Eulogy. Has got a niece fold-open booklet, printed in full color.

Full-colored insert

fold open insert

Good Life: LP versions | Eulogy: CD version

The vocals are not understandable yet very filthy and evil sounding. The lyrics have a very abstract character. It's like a try to make a scientific or mechanistic approach to feelings and views. A weird mechanization of words or language. Don't totally know or comprehend.

Anyway there's also a piece of evolutionary philosophy of author Nicols Fox who wrote books like "Against The Machine" . Making considerations of the mechanization of our surroundings and way of handling, and the critics upon it but also the consequences of this evolution and chances upon our health and well being. An apocalyptic vision picturing mankind's demise. As we underestimate the collateral growth and enforcement of the miniature microbial world that spreads and creates human diseases.

The philosophic piece

I think the entire album evolves around that more or less. It's a very original and philosophical take that isn't widely spread in Hardcore. Although songs of Morning Again "America Online" also kind of deal with this phenomena. But this album kind of specializes and totally focuses upon the matter. And totally drifts away from the usual concrete topics in metalcore like unity, straight-edge, social situations,  emotions, etc...

spread the disease lp vinyl white good life record
White vinyl out of 203 copies only
If you feel like having a physical black copy yourself, don't hesitate. Because the above one is included in the 4 euro sale. And the xDisciplex is for 9 euro also available... 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

SEKTOR Ultimate Threat 7 Inch

A perfect day to write about and express my fascination for the first Sektor vinyl to be released on SOBER MIND Records. This record was engineered in March 1996 by Sektor and Tony Midas. So despite what many peeps say or think this record can't be released before this date.

It only comes on black vinyl and is said to be out of thousand, but I'm not 100% convinced about the correctness of this data. It's a lot and maybe too many to be true.

I found a copy at Green Hell, the label that distributed this already in the 90's, so it's old distro-stock. And I was sure of the great condition. Also Good Life and Sober Mind themselves distributed this one, to get back to the facts.

Sektor Ultimate threat 7 inch sober mind records h8000
Sektor "Ultimate Threat" 7 inch

As you can see there's silhouette of a person on the cover. The contrast of cold blue and hot red creates a perfect tension that goes perfectly with the atmosphere a threat creates. And so goes perfectly with the title of the release I think.

'Altar Boy' is the first songs and deals lyrically with the personal satanic perception of someone serving priests in catholic ceremony. The way people are raised in catholic circles is seen as harmful and the root of evil. Be warned back in those days such lyrics came hard to some of the kids who were raised that way. Also in a Christianized society this was brutal.

The second song 'Debase' takes us to another level of pure anger towards sexual offenders. The will to humiliate such people big time, cutting their manhood away. Debase them in other words and then throw them away, because locking them up isn't the right way.

The third song I do not fully understand, it's called 'xIllusionx'. The X's might refer to straight-edge for sure. And maybe it's about the illusion of happiness created by drugs? The flee from reality people take when being drugged. The fight against that culture of drugs. But also the cry to keep seeing reality as it is and be persistence in the drug-free and cruelty culture...

The B-side is an sonic excerpt taken from the game Mortal Kombat, where the fighter Sektor defeats someone in a fight and finishes him...

Essential record that can be scooped up for a few bucks, if you come by one...

Friday, July 12, 2013

CRO-MAGS Alpha Omega RED vinyl

This album of the CRO-MAGS is quite different than previous masterpieces. For the first time Harley Flanagan starts singing. And this in a quantity almost as equal as John Joseph. The two voices combined create a good atmosphere. The music obviously became more metal-influenced, a cross-over from Hardcore to Metal.

cro mags alpha omega reissue demons run amok dra nyhc red vinyl lp
Cro-Mags "Alpha Omega" LP Red vinyl

My favorite song is "The Other Side Of Madness". This can be interpret in so many ways. He actually invites to take a trip with him to the other side of madness. Whatever madness he might be referring to isn't important. It's the fact that people must be able to think out of the box. It's very hard for many people to look at things in a different way. A way they aren't used to look. At least that my interpretation.
To take another song "See The Signs". As all of them also good. Can't you see the signs. The signs of transformation, signs of times changing, all very necessary to be able to see for sure. It's not only about undergoing things, but taking a distance in  your reflections and realizing things happening in our world.

Anyway, besides those awesome song texts, which I will not all interpret or elaborate, listen to a few songs yourself.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Green Hell also had this reissue in stock and that on an exclusive color red. I see that the copies on clear vinyl - the RevHQ exclusive color - go for $30+ immediately after it was sold out. The American record-flipping-system for dollar-making in full effect for this release.

Well I now have that exclusive Green Hell color. To my pleasant surprise it's numbered out of 100 copies. And this is done hand-written on a sticker glued on the front cover. Looks like this:

#98 / 100

Red vinyl


Thursday, July 4, 2013


While I was flipping through my Good Life Recordings collection, I came across two SHELTER LP's. Although licensed to REALITY RECORDS who did these LP versions. Definitely noteworthy to post about this. You know the band that came after Youth Of Today. Originated in the NYHC scene. No need to introduce this, as you already know this band.

Probably one of the most notorious and most outspoken bands in Hardcore that embrace Krishna philosophy. Anyway what I think is odd, is that they became a Good Life band somewhere in the midst of the previous decade. That's at least 15 years after their first and about 6 years after their second last release.

As we all know Good Life is a very divers label. Has pure metal releases as well as true Straight-edge hardcore and anything in between. They also released in 2006 the album called 'Eternal' on their label. This release however leans more to punk rock. They ended up on Good Life because Ray Cappo approached the CEO of the label while they weren't so popular in The States as in Europe. Ray and Ed were long time connected already before this release.

The record was recorded in the USA with Dave Dicenso on drums who also played in bands like the Cro-Mags. And the tour for this record was with people from The Netherlands.

I have the CD version as well as the two colors on vinyl. It exists on clear with blue splatter and solid yellow. Nice looking things if you ask me.

shelter eternal lp vinyl color good life reality record

As you can see, the one with the price tag I bought in a - now deceased - record shop. Nice coincidence that it was on another color. A fact that I discovered only years later because I kept that one sealed, but became curious after the color.

Anyway, cool album worth checking out...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Abnegation LP Orange and Test press

What is this doing here and what is this slab of Death Metal doing on Good Life Recordings? Good questions that needs to get answers. Anyway for me it's something quite different and reaching the extremities of hardcore's boundaries. Listening to such musical work is good once in a while. Clears out your views you know. And lets you get to know the more manifest influences upon hardcore.

This release does just that. As you can see on the vinyl label of the LP they are influenced by the following bands. Nice idea to make such things visible and known to the consumer!

See influences beneath the text or above Good Life logo.
Notice the persons in the thank-list also. Definitely people from the hardcore-scene in there too. Just to mention Scott Vogel as one.

Ofcourse there's the ultimate and most obvious influence SLAYER, but there also Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Crowbar. Maybe it's time for you to do an educational excursion on YouTube to check out these bands?

Anyway the record has a horror-cover and there's also a test pressing in existence. Here's what to look for:

abnegation verses of the bleeding lp orange vinyl good life recordings

abnegation verses of the bleeding lp test press good life recordings
White label test press that comes in regular cover
Anyway totally cool release yet surprising and unusual. There's also some 7 inches to collect on various labels. Start with their page on Discogs to check it out. Totally rare and hard to find. Although the split with Chapter is the easiest to come by...