Saturday, August 24, 2013

Turnstile Surprise

This Is Hardcore festival ended already a week ago. Judge played there and all must have been huge. Incredible line-up but taking place in Philadelphia so I could not be there logically. Besides seeing and hearing bands live, being able to experience and judge their live energy and see the band members in real person, looking at how they play their instruments and the loud music and all other cool things about shows, there are also the records that get special treatment, just for these shows. Most of the times labels and/or bands create special covers to sell at the show.

Well the last day of this festival was on a Sunday and day after that, Monday I got something in my mailbox. Not that a big event you might say. But what was in the parcel was a huge and appreciated surprise. This awesome surprise is what this post is about.

Together with other records from the Reaper Records store, I got an extra surprise. The freebie was one of those show pressings sold at This Is Hardcore 2013. It was the new TURNSTILE Step 2 Rhythm with a variant of the cover. I got it from PK, who is the president of Reaper Records and he wrote a personal message just for me. Could not be more delighted, honored and surprised.

turnstile step 2 rhythm this is hardcore 7 inch 2013 vinyl reaper records
This Is Hardcore 2013 TURNSTILE 7inch

Personal message from the Reaper Records CEO on the fold cover back

For me this is a recognition of my dedication to collecting Reaper Records. And a very awesome surprise. Great to say at least. Especially that I got it day after the end of the fest. Perfect timing...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Finding My Peace In Second Presses

Yes, that's right there are already second presses for the MALFUNCTION 7 inch called "Finding My Peace" on Reaper Records. What's cool about the second pressing is that there are 2 colors pressed. That's rather exceptionally for Reaper Records.

Anybody who checks the store knows this but what's not known is that the covers for both second press colors differ. There's a glue-pocket cover conform the first pressing colors red and clear. And there's a new cover, a fold-open cover for the most common second press color (mustard yellow).

The label probably ran out of first press glue-pocket covers when assembling the aqua blue color with the sleeves. So my copy on aqua blue (250 copies) has a glue-pocket cover. While my mustard yellow copy out of 750 has the newly pressed fold-open cover.

malfunction finding my peace vinyl 7 inch second press reaper records
The two second press colors with different b-side labels

Mustard Yellow has a fold-cover

Aqua Blue has a glue-pocket cover
Also lyrics are printed on the inner-side of the fold-cover. But still my copy comes with an insert too.

DOWN TO NOTHING All My Sons 7" 4th Press DETAIL

There is something special about this pressing that's needed to be cemented in the Reaper Records history. I'm taking the honor to do so here on this blog. The 4th pressing of the "All My Sons" 7 inch from DOWN TO NOTHING appears to be black but really isn't so if you look closely.

The vinyl color is different depending on the angle you look at it. It's more like dark purple than regular black. It wasn't easy for me to document or capture this event with my camera. Took about twenty shots and picked out the clearest examples of what I'm trying to proof.

4th pressing has black labels with silver ink stamp on both sides

The vinyl color that appears black but is actually dark purple

down to nothing all my sons 7 inch vinyl fourth press
best proof of statement is when the record is put next to a real black vinyl

You do not need a magnifying glass to see the difference, totally cool surprise if you ask me! There's more content coming from Reaper Records, so stick tight to this blog...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

DAG NASTY Wig Out At Denkos LP Yellow

A record that I sought after quite a long time and finally added to my collection. The second full-length of the band DAG NASTY. As this is on Dischord Records you can assume that is Washington DC hardcore. This was originally released in 1987. It's one of the classic's made by the band. Not as classic as the first called "Can I Say", but surely coming close.

Yellow vinyl is the only color version existing of this LP. Don't know how many are made but  not that much as they appear rarely on the web for sale. It's actually more seldom to see this one than the Minor Threat "s/t" and "Out Of Step" on color. So I'm proud to have this and add this to the Dischord colored reissues collection.

dag nasty wig out at denkos yellow vinyl lp dischord records

As Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free says, It would have been much more awesome with Dave Smalley instead of Peter Cortner. Fans of the band and of Dave Smalley had to wait until they reunited in 2002 and recorded "Minority Of One" for Revelation Records with him on vocals.

The more recent represses have alternate artwork with a bigger flame on them and a smaller 'Wig Out At Denkos' title printed on the cover. They are also once again remastered.

Friday, August 9, 2013


This record belongs in the long line of classic New York Hardcore records reissued by Bridge Nine. Previously released in 1989 by In Effect on black vinyl, this record captures the live energy of Agnostic Front at their home CBGB in New York city. Everybody should know that recently CBGB has closed doors. So with this a part of Hardcore history died. Luckily these recordings give an audio insight of how it truly was back then.

The sound of this live record is of real good quality and barely noticeable that it's recorded from a soundboard for a performance. If not for the spoken parts, singalongs and applause one would never hear. It really has every classic on there. From the songs 'Victim In Pain', 'Blind Justice', 'Your Mistake' to everything else, this could be the sonic definition of NYHC from the 80's for someone who never heard it.

With Vinnie Stigma on guitars and Roger Miret on vocals this is one of the longest lasting real Hardcore bands. And people from all over the world came to attend the show in NYC. Also for the second LP from 2006 that was recorded live in CBGB people came from all over the globe to check it. Only dedicated people stay in Hardcore and book a flights over the Atlantic to see them.

This however is the first LP recorded from the CBGB's soundboard. And if you are involved in Hardcore for long or not it's really essential and if you haven't heard this you should really do now.

agnostic front live at cbgb vinyl lp nyhc bridge 9 records nine
Colors of vinyl and cover coincide perfectly

Embossed cover with the A.F. boots and American flag

Red, blue and white stripe vinyl of 300 copies

Printed inner sleeve with updated ads and words of explanation.

Live action shots and track list cfr. orignial pressing

Shot of the explanatory text
Anyway there are other colors too in circulation pressed by Bridge Nine, I think all of them are still for sale at their webstore. There is also an original listed on eBay for the moment!

Exhaustive list of other B9 reissues of classic NYHC sold a B9

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In addition to Ezekiel's post about the reissue, I wanted to give my vision upon this too. Not that it differs much from his point of view though. He's absolutely right about the sound, it's much better. More deeply and detailed vocals, guitars, drums and bass. It doesn't happen too often that a remastering makes it better. I'd say there worked professionals on this thing.

Also couldn't let the second color blue, go by unnoticed or unmentioned. I ordered both for sure. So here they are both in full glory.

nations on fire strike the match lp red blue vinyl kidnap music good life record

nations on fire strike the match LP reissue kidnap music good life record blue vinyl

Ezekiel's post was that of a fan, listener's point of view. And I fully concur with it. What I wanted to add is that I think it's so cool that the first H8000 vinyl reissue became a fact. It's actually the first reissue on vinyl of a 90's classic from the 8000 crew. I hope their is more to come... Let this inspire many other labels and keep the history preserved and carry on the fine Hardcore tradition to the kids who are mostly unknowing about it!!!

You can still get this awesome LP, poster and booklet package in Belgium on red vinyl (100 copies) at Good Life. And the blue vinyl (400 copies) in Germany from Kidnap music.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Malfunction 7 Inch U.B. 2013

I recently traded with a good Italian dude. He had a Malfunction record I never saw or heard about. So I needed to get it. It's not that big deal and maybe the most of you don't even care about this stuff of Reaper Records. But I'm still motivated to let grow that collection.

It's actually a cool cover in the traditional Hardcore style. The familiar font of the '13' and live-pictures that form the artwork together are totally in the fine traditional Hardcore art-sphere.

malfunction finding my peace red vinyl 7 inch united blood 2013 edition

numbered 05 out of 35
cover above cover

Saturday, August 3, 2013

GLR: Sense Field / Onelinedrawing 12 Inch EP

There was never ever featured Emo on RWHAF before. With Sense Field that was a Revelation and obviously also a Good Life band at the end-point, we definitely have a standard in the genre. Although they released on many more labels, Revelation and Good Life are the most obvious Hardcore labels in their discography. Sense Field was active from the mid 90's up to the beginning of the 00's...

While trying to complete the Good Life catalog I stumbled upon this record. I bought it at a bargain price at Good Life on black vinyl but it was just sat in my record boxes without notice for a few months. When I finally found a good moment to check the music out I put it on my turntable.

Listening to it, I was immediately carried away by the sensitive and clean vocals. But I also liked it for the whole of it. I'm usually a purist hardcore listener. Do not listen to much else. But this is truly fantastic emotional stuff. That is worthy of mentioning here for sure. And I needed to obtain the colored version for doing that. Not much damage here, found a fresh copy of Discogs for another bargain price.

I can't immediately confirm or describe why I like this. I guess everybody has an emotional side and these emotions are appealed to by these songs. Like a welcome outlet for them. But then there's the question of why exactly this stuff and not usual emotional rock or that proliferates the hit charts?

sensefield one line drawing lp vinyl red good life recordings

The answer is to be found I think in the fact that this music is rooted in punk-rock. It's filled with passion and heartfelt melodies. Atmospheric guitar-work that creates floating sounds are also to be heard. But maybe it's also the contrast with the usual aggressive emotions in Hardcore that speaks to me so much. It's like a loosening of oppressed emotions by listening to grimy hardcore day in day out.

This record is actually a split between Sense Field and Onelinedrawing. It was previously released in 2000 in the USA on a 7 inch. This is the 12 inch ep version and has three more songs. It was pressed on vinyl in Europe only by Good Life Recordings in 2001.

I think the record looks damn fine and red vinyl was the best choice. It compliments the brown of the cover and forms a contrast with the blue robot.

Generally Good Life Recordings seems to keep me surprised with it's diversity of releases and stubborn originality in the Hardcore genre. They didn't follow the path of traditional Hardcore like sheep, they tried to bring innovation in the genre by cutting different genres like Emo, Metal, Rap into to mix. And so renewed the standards of it. This is exactly one aspect of the label that defines it so much...

Friday, August 2, 2013

BUILDING In Time We'll Grow 7 inch

A record from the Sober Mind Records catalog doesn't come by that often. This is a version I never knew existed until I saw one in real life in someone else's collection. This usually is the case with records from that label. Exact pressing info isn't provided on the web nor in a book. Even Discogs is unreliable for this label.

Anyway, here's another version that I found in the list of Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free blog. That's where he mentions his recent pick-ups. It's a fine-looking cover that's numbered out of 100 copies. And the record comes on white vinyl. The dark red and gold in the layout match perfectly.

building in time we will grow 7 inch white vinyl sober mind record

Building was a band that played straight-edge hardcore. They hailed from Antwerp, a province in Belgium. When I re-listened to this record I find them to play a pretty intense and an outspoken youth-crew style. Pretty similar to Floorpunch. The gang-vocals and the typical bass-lines in the beginning of songs or in breakdowns are present.

They were actually very dedicated kids back then. Almost every song deals directly with the Straight-edge way of life. There's also a vegetarian song featured on the record. As you probably know, Building had Paco on vocals, you know him from True Colors for sure.

#29 / 100