Thursday, October 31, 2013

ANGEL DU$T Xtra Raw 7 inch

After listening to this music for the first twenty seconds I was interrupted by a phone call. But the tune stayed stuck in my head for the next hour. When I listened to it properly, I mean at ease and the entire ep at once, I was very surprised about it. Perfect to say at least. A totally new approach to be heard in Justice's new band, here and there still some TUI background influences. But do not expect a sophomore release, this is totally different. More original, less heavy than Trapped Under Ice and equally talented.

Influences are hard to determine, maybe Bad Brains but who isn't influenced by that band? Melodic Skate Punk also perhaps, but the members probably played the Stay Cold songs too much to say it's like Melodic Skatepunk, so this isn't the best comparison either.

A totally proto-typical release with iconic cover-art also. Man look at it, simple and symbolic, carved in your visual memory forever at first sight.

angel dust du$t extra raw 7 inch react! records vinyl
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This record was released by React! Records past summer. Came also on clear and black. My copy is white, need pressing information on this.

Also the vocals are different, ranging between screaming vocals and melodic vocals, very diverse. Also the one to maximum two word song titles are typifying. A release bursting of creativity. Despite the originality still  fitting in the rather narrow section of Hardcore. The proof that the genre isn't bled out. Proving that there is still space to innovate within.

Eight songs packed on a 7 inch, so short songs but it's so creative that it doesn't pass by immediately. It is so rich and diverse in the instrumental and vocal department that it is a lot to listen to and that it takes and requires all attention and isn't perceived as short. While it's brought fluently and clearly. Truly great stuff. The perfect debut and hopefully they can maintain in this level of quality with their next opuses also!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

World Collapse LP and 7inch

When I need something to cheer me up or distract me from troubles I always turn on my laptop and read the blog content of my fellow bloggers. To see such dedicated people with mutual interests really cheers me up. I think record collecting blogs are truly awesome and although I'm not a pure sang, since I also post interviews, reviews and such, collecting records is my passion still and one of the only things that puts life into me.

As you already noticed I follow Reaper Records close-by and although not every release is top, there's something in that label that keeps me going and interested, maybe it's the same passion for Hardcore and the same dedication as my blogger colleagues that makes me stick to it.

The following release is an a-typical Reaper Records release. It's their 7th release that previously only came out on CD and now is issued on vinyl. The LP release is titled "Deutschland, Deutschland, Into The Night". And I never heard it before, although it was available since years.
There are two things that need to be discussed about the release, music and packaging. Don't know where to begin. But as you probably already know this is a unique mix of Wave and Hardcore. Many will think and claim that these are not to be combined. Honestly that's what I thought also, being a tad puristic. But to say it in short, it  is a well-succeeded marriage. Although being influenced by Germany's Kraftwerk doesn't make you hard, I think it's an awesome release and a welcome breath of music. But that's about it I feel. This will never go in history's records or lead to a totally new genre in Hardcore. But sometimes it's just because it sounds good.

The packaging is awesome and well taken care of as usual. The owl symbolizes the dark side but also wisdom, at least in our culture. I also like the Photoshop effect in the eyes on the printed inner. And not to speak of that thick vinyl that reflects the colors of the German national flag. Anyway I took some pictures to show it.

world collapse into the night lp color vinyl

National flag of Germany made in vinyl
I'd give this packaging a 9/10 score. And the music a little less. But what's better in music are the new tracks of the band. These were pressed on a 7 inch. These are a tad harder and I like those more. But that not the only reason I think these are better. The music's also faster at times, what I also prefer more.

Have a look at that packaging, totally different than the standard hardcore layout. 

world collapse frost casket 7 inch white vinyl reaper records
Heavy paper dust-sleeve with eyes printed on

Cover is orange on the inside

Gold relief "The Shadow Records" above the usual Reaper logo

Limited to 200 on black vinyl

It seems like Reaper hinted the fact that it's not a usual release of them by overprinting their logo with gold relief letters. There's not a single element of the layout that hasn't been thought over by the designers.  

Surprising release, that is to be considered in the background of the huge influence the electronic music from Kraftwerk had over the entire globe. With this release even in Hardcore. Also hinting the German roots of the owner of the label Reaper Records.

Probably not your cup of tea but I thought of it worthy of reviewing here.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Stigmata "There Is No Mercy Here" Live 7 Inch

The never ending stream of good Reaper Records releases is still ongoing. But this time it's one of the relatively better releases that I got in the mail today. It's a live performance of a long existing band from New York, STIGMATA. The show took place on May, 24 this year.

I was already familiar with the band in the past, because Final Beatdown Recordings released an LP of the band. Although I have never seen them live, it seems they sound even better that way, after hearing this. It proofs that they still have what they got to bring forth the amazing atmosphere of a true Hardcore show.

The artwork is also cool, it's a live shot that is taken from the stage, visualizing the band from behind and the crowd from at front. Its's black and white but I can totally breath the atmosphere. It's actually so cool that I also bought the shirt with the same artwork.

stigmata there is no mercy here vinyl 7 inch reaper records
Shirt and 7 inch package

Numbered Out Of 500 copies 

If someone can provide me more info on the bands that were playing, I'd be stoked to know. Unfortunately this seems only a small piece of the performance. Would be cool if it were complete. But it's cool enough for me and I already appreciate the record for bringing that awesome atmosphere in my home. There is no download included so you have to play the record but this brings only good to the experience of listening.

I'd say recommended!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


One of the harder to find records of REAPER RECORDS has landed in my mailbox today. I'm actually looking for this one since fall 2008, when I saw it first on eBay in Japan. I sometimes surprise myself, when realizing how I can keep memorizing records and their numbers made. This one is a good example that.
It's actually since Fall 2008 that I saw this record listed somewhere. Recently I saw it in someones tradelist but this dude was trying to scam me out of money by asking way too much for it, but I didn't buy it because of that. And when I saw it listed on eBay two weeks ago, I immediately knew I needed to get it.

I'm way too much ahead of my game to let someone scam me out on a record nowadays. My exact words to the person who asked way too much for it were; on eBay you'd never get such a price for it. So I waited. And luckily it appeared soon after that. I made my bid 6 days before auction's end and there were some bids increasing the price a bit, but I still won it. I'm not someone to be out on the cheapest possible prices. Won't get into that game.

Anyway the record isn't such a big deal, but I'm glad to have it (finally). It's Reaper Records #14 and out of 100 copies, which in Reaper-terms isn't so limited; certainly for a long forgotten band as FORFEIT. Just a lot of personal frenzy around it I guess.

forfeit visions 7 inch summer tour cover limited vinyl reaper records
Summer Tour cover for FORFEIT "Visions"

number 39/100 

Don't know what the cover is supposed to say, looks like a deformed face of a man with a pea-cock picking in his head from above... This one isn't mentioned on the Reaper Records website, but I think with this addition my collection of this title is -except the test pressing- complete now!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SUPERTOUCH Gatefold and SHELTER Represses

Reality Records hooked me up with some crucial represses of classics from the two important decades' turning point, 1990. I actually ordered them immediately after seeing them appear on their webshop. No hesitation involved.

The first 1990 record is the full-length of the band Supertouch. Originally the release was meant to come in a gatefold cover, but Revelation thought of that to be too expensive back then. Now in 2013 the record has been given the treatment intended way back and is released on color vinyl and in that slick gatefold sleeve. Anyway look up this post on Double Cross to see the blueprint in the Rev Files about the cover. It's the third post on Thursday, July 23, 2009... Cool to know isn't it?

2013 gatefold repress on blue

supertouch the earth is flat lp blue gatefold cover revelation records
semi opaque or semi clear blue

The second 1990 record was originally pressed on maroon and black. It's the first Shelter release and was released by Revelation Records. As the cover suggests, Ray - the frontman - was already into Hare Krishna after ending Youth Of Today. This is the quick history about this, in case you want to know more, maybe Double Cross would be a better source.
"With myself as the center,
thinking that this world evolves around me,
I'll never see the difference between illusion and reality"

2013 Repress on red vinyl

Monday, October 14, 2013

Genre defining: Providence VS Hoodz

I like the United States versus Europe approach of Providence. Previous 7 inches large vinyl featuring Providence versus King Of Clubz was clearly showing the difference between the two regions. Or magnifying and polarizing the characteristics of both continents...
The one band brought us hardcore with rich history background while the other brought pure minimalism, in line with other European bands.

This time another versus-approach or comparison-approach is brought to us by KNIVES OUT RECORDS. Again Providence challenges an American band, this time it's Hoods. Differences are clear again. Differences are always clearest when both entities are put closely together in place and time. Like putting them next to each other on a 45 RPM 7 inch.

Providence brings us a pure sensational track filled with anger and aggression. Definitely coming close to the most pissed and brutal track I've heard in a while. Resetting the standard-feelings of aggressive music. Just like many European band do nowadays, just think about Six Foot Ditch for example. Hardcore can be defined by Providence's sensational approach but it's nothing without judgement, thought and reason inside.
And that's were the other band comes in, Hoods bring us their interpretation of Hardcore's ultimate and maybe main question, are you friend of foe? Judging others on their reliability. That is - as you should know - a song by NYHC's godfathers Agnostic Front.

Cool to have these two songs closely together as it give us a very good insight of hardcore, almost exemplary for the Hardcore genre. Combine the characteristics of these two songs with a very well done artistic layout and we have a perfect and tangible piece that is almost genre-defining. I like it... a lot!

providence hoods 7 inch picture disc first press
Picture disc with die-cut cover 7inch

Record taken out of the package

numbah 10 out of 300!!!! And embossed Knives Out Records logo 

Feel free to leave comments, as this is my interpretation of this piece of art; You might have another! Also there's more to come of TonR and his colleague Kristel!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Catharsis was a mysterious foreign band when I saw them in Belgium together with Driven, Reveal, Spirit Of Youth and 25 Ta Life if memory serves well. Their first full-length is now on my turntable for the first time. The band was long buried in my mind since that performance.

But while trying to build up a decent collection of Good Life Recordings I came across their record on that label. Good Life Recordings was the label that took care of the vinyl version and the Anarchist Punk label Crimeth Inc. did the CD version. It was in the year 1997 that the record was released.

When listening to the record now I can appreciate it. It's quite diverse in music, long songs packed with riffs, spoken parts, chaotic parts, metallic stir. All very much representative for that era in Hardcore's history. I think the drummer Alexei D. Rodriguez does his act in this very well also.

catharsis samsara vinyl lp clear good life recordings sxe

As you can see, the cover is quite basic black matte with a male body on the right side, don't know what it symbolizes but one could easily think it's the body of Christ given the biblical imagery abundance on Good Life covers. But I'm not sure of this.

Anyway there are emotional parts also on the record and the beginning intro is also very nice to hear. A clean female voice, I've a soft spot for that.

Check the NO GODS, NO MASTERS vinyl label
The track listing reveals also their religion inspired song texts. There is no insert that came with this copy. That tells us it is an early copy. What struck me the most about their performance in Bissegem, Belgium was that they were explicitly preaching to be against distros and not buying records, pointing at the place in the venue where the merch table was.

Well now these two facts come together, they fact that there were no inserts in the record was actually the reason they were pissed on the distro, Good Life's to be more precise. The agreements weren't met, there should have been taken care of the inserts by the band and Crimeth Inc. but Good Life hadn't received these and started selling the record timely already. That was the reason they were totally mad about that. Funny how 16 years later, the pieces come together.

Anyway, I can't give a more lyrical insight because this one is an early copy and has no insert. Maybe later when I find a CD format of Samsara...

This record goes for quite a penny on Discogs and is one of the more expensive records of the Good Life catalogue. I found it at Good Life HQ... Also one day I need to do a slight condition upgrade.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Altercation Demo and Absolution 7 inches

Time for two other records from Ryan of Lush Life New York City. He seems well on track in re-releasing some infamous and very hard to find releases.

The first one is a color vinyl version of the ALTERCATION 7 inch. Altercation was a NYHC band comprised out of Warzone, Absolution and Supertouch members. Was recorded in 1987 at Don Fury's studio in New York City. And these tracks were previously only released on tape.

There seem to be three colors of this one, black, coke bottle clear out of 150 copies and the impossible to get green vinyl out of 35. I already had the black version so I wanted to have the clear also. It looks sweet to say at least. To look good is the only thing the poor record is gonna do because I'm only playing the black.

Entire package with three flyers and three stickers

altercation 7 inch pre order clear vinyl lush life records nyhc
Red ink stamp and coke bottle clear vinyl

vinyl close-up

Posted about the Absolution 7 inch on gold already. Now I have a less rare color also, the clear purple.

absolution 7 inch purple vinyl lush life records reissue
Absolution Clear Purple

I don't know the discography of this label, but I already got a nice collection of this label. Two New Breed double LP's and two pieces of two 7 inches... Who doesn't like some 80's NYHC?!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

B9 Reissues: Mental and No Warning

Some of the better Bridge 9 releases from past decade got reissued a while ago. I only ordered them recently because I had more important things to buy that would sell out quicker. I'm trying to save money for moving to a better home and as a crisis-solution also. I can feel the drain of Western money to who knows where? China perhaps?

Anyway, I'm still trying to maintain my passion of record collecting. Focusing on Good Life Recordings and Reaper Records, but now and then I feel the need to collect/think out of the box and buy some from other bands too...

So here are two awesome titles I needed to get on vinyl but never had before. I had them on CD since years so these are two are very well known to me, before I bought them on vinyl now.

The damn thing is that postal services got rough on my sweet parcel and the records are damaged in one corner. So I'll play them hard and put them not in the preservation-boxes, but in the use-boxes.

Enough personal shit already, let show some photo's and I'll try to elaborate them also at my best possibilities...
First we got the NO WARNING double LP, with the ripping "Ill Blood" LP as first one. The "Ill Blood" LP is truly awesome stuff that is very amusing to hear. A classic for the newest generation of Hardcore kids that got into hardcore after 2000. But for the 80's and 90's Hardcore witnesses it can be argued whether there are still classics made or not....

no warning ill blood reissue vinyl lp bridge nine 9

As you can see; the D-side is etched and both records come on split-wax. The red stands for 'blood' and the brown stands for 'shit'. The original is highly sought after and rather expensive to get already, that's obviously the reason why they the "Ill Blood" album got reissued by the label.
A while back I was on the verge of buying the misspress of that original called the "Peanut Butter and Jelly" version. Look it up here. Had the money ready and the place to buy, but then didn't go for it. Don't remember why not anymore.

As you can see, this was released in 2002, that's a while already. Also a period I was at University and didn't listen to Hardcore for 5 years. Sad times that were, if I look back.

There's also featured on the C-side the self-titled ep and the demo of NO WARNING. I never listened to these before, so will be putting that plastic on the turntable soon...

After the releases featured on this reissue they got more like Nu-Metal and disappeared out of the Hardcore scene kind off. Next is also a very good one, a true Straigth-Edge classic from the third Hardcore decade (2000 to 2010): MENTAL "Get An Oxygen Tank".

There's a funny anecdote to be told about this one. I had a copy of the clear purple first issue on a 7 inch. And I gave it away for free to someone I traded with. A few days later the Belgian dude got it, contacted me and said: "How foolish of you to give a first press Mental away for free... " That was the motherfucking thanks I got. Never traded with that person again though! And ofcourse I knew it was a collectible release. Haha, sometimes I think I'm a misfit collector and that other collectors can truly suck it...

Mental get an oxygen tank lp reissue bridge 9 nine

I bought this version of the two still available, because it looks like the eyeball on the cover, a green eye. Thought that was a cool idea. Happens to be the limited version.

Anyway, there are a lot of versions going for a nice penny from the original release on the 7 inch. But I won't start collecting these. Anyway as a cool bonus there's a live set on WERS from 2004 on it. Never heard so I will be spinning this sucker also...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Don't Wanna Go Into Your Factory...

... I wanna be free!

For those who do not immediately know what I am talking about, no worries, here is post about it. Although if you do know what's coming up; you have been blessed to be a 1978 Belgian Punk.

Yes that's right, a very early punk 45 RPM single has been given to me. You need to know that records and tapes are the material witnesses of how it was in the early days of Punk. The hard tangible pieces of evidence from a time-period in music. The record I'm talking about is not an original remnant of that period but a remake of one, also called a reissue. The original one is highly sought after. It was pressed originally by Stuff Records in 1978. It was put onto vinyl because they won the "First Belgian Punk Contest".

As it is usually the case in Belgium, everything is displayed in multiple languages. On this single also, ofcourse in French and Dutch but also Arabic, English and Russian, this has a funny character I think.

What's mentioned in these texts is the story behind the title "Remember Cell 609". It was because they did their first public appearance on that first Belgian Punk contest. And they won it. Now that's a glamorous entrance into the punk scene of Belgium. The first price was a record pressing... as you can read on the sleeve. This however is the reissue of that single pressed in Japan by the label 1977 Records.

After hearing a lot of that mellowed out Hardcore of nowadays this is a welcome pure Punk release that brings back the roots and a fresh tune into my room. Two songs of early punk before the Hardcore wave from the USA. Essential to your collection...

Have a listen on Youtube here: