Saturday, November 30, 2013

Zero Tolerance 7 inch UB 2011 stamp

Another recent addition to the Reaper Records collection. The UNITED BLOOD stamped version of the ZERO TOLERANCE "Fuel The Fire" ep. Since it's Zero Tolerance and out of 20 copies only, I made a rather high offer. It was accepted.

I think the silver stamp matches the silver shine of the clear vinyl. Tried to capture it with my camera:

zero tolerance 7 inch clear vinyl limited united blood stamp records reaper

Definitely stupid of me to pay 10 times more for a certain record just because the label decided to put a stamp on 20 of them all, right? Yes, I realize that when you look at it from a certain point of view, it's just stupid... But I like the diversity, creativity of certain records and I do like Reaper Records to death. There's no turning back now. Especially when one is so far in completing the collection and selling that collection seems like a suicide move to me... 

I guess now that I have a copy I can share where there's another one to be found. A day ago Reaper Records started a new round of auctions, including test presses. And there happens to be one listed right now...

BLIND TO FAITH Expanded T.S.F.Y.A.O Reissue LP

Almost simultaneously with the new BLIND TO FAITH album called Under The Heptagram, Reflections Records did an expanded reissue of the first LP of the Belgian Holy Terror pinnacle band. Awesome and addictive sound, filthy and fast, distorted and sick. This release definitely deserved a reissue.

So it happened and to differ both versions from each other, there is different artwork and also two other tracks added to the new version. Many people will not remember that I already posted about the two original elements that form this new release. So here is a resume!

First there was the LP released by Holy Terror records, an immediate hit. 

blind to faith the seven fat years are over holy terror lp
The original version on Dwid's label Holy Terror Records
Later they became an A389 Records band. And so there was released a split 7 inch together with America's long lasting doom and death metal band Gehenna. It looked like this:

blind to faith gehenna 7 inch limited vinyl
The two above pictured releases were melted together to become a slick looking expanded reissue called T.S.F.Y.A.O. And that's what this post is about. Looking good again, everything is black and white colored, from the cover, the printed inner to the vinyl and the vinyl labels. 

blind to faith vinyl lp reflections color limited the seven fat years are over
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You can also look up and see that there are other colors of the original releases. Check out these links:

Clear pre-order edition from the first pressing on HOLY TERROR 

Gold pre-order edition from the original split on A389
Also good the know is that the LP on Holy Terror hadn't got an insert included. But people were able to download it online. But many people didn't know that, so most of then come without. And if there's one included it won't be professionally printed.

Now that you know all of this, start collecting the hell out of it. But don't expect to find these easily and if you do you gonna have to pay a lot. That's a good reason to buy the reissue that is available now at REFLECTIONS RECORDS.


I just picked up a parcel at the post office from the brotherhood country The Netherlands. It was sent by the label Reflections Records. That label released good titles recently, that I didn't post about. So the time is now.

First up is the TOXIC SHOCK LP. Toxic Shock is a Belgian band. I wanted to buy their new record badly but had other priorities. Now that I had the opportunity I bought both formats; vinyl and compact disc. Listening to it right now. I'm not so much into traditional Trash Metal. Sounds always a bit old school to me. But the band doesn't play traditional Trash. They bring a crossover to Hardcore. The humor that's found in a couple of the lyrics is always welcome. Hardcore might be to serious at times.

The LP is pressed on green and black, I was lucky to got sent a colored copy. The overall packaging looks good. That's usually the case with Reflections Records releases. The six headed beast from the cover couldn't serve more as a mascot. The black printing on white cardboard with a few hints of fluorescent green make a good graphical expression of the basic and sharp character of the music.

toxic shock daily demons lp green vinyl

The LP has a printed inner sleeve around it, with lyrics and the same six headed beast but pictured in more colors.

The CD has got lots of bonus tracks. Four songs from the 2011 demo and four songs of their 2012 ep.

While the demo is more up speed it has the same groove as the other releases. The demo I do not have the original tape of but it truly rips at more speed than their other work and I like it. Maybe I'll need to be on the look out for this one, anyway I can also advise you to do so... That is if you are into an updated and modernized Trash sound.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Some weeks ago Gang Style Records aka GSR re-released the 2008 Arkangel "Is Your Enemy" album. This time on green colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. With receiving this one in the mail, I finally laid a listening ear on this album. With it being a CD only release up until now, I neglected it. Although I listened to their music since the end of the 90's. I quit listening to Arkangel after "I Hope You Die By Overdose", not many good tracks on that record in my opinion. Despite that, I still wanted to hear "Is Your Enemy". They made such great albums that I didn't totally quit on them. 

I'm glad I bought it, such a solid record. One of their better releases. Not biting like their 90's zeitgeist releases. But matured, intense and perfected riffs are to be heard. Still completely Arkangel, no loss on their typifying character. Besides those powerful riffs, I feel there is also a tragic sound to it. 

arkangel is your enemy vinyl lp green gsr
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Although I disliked the ultra-violent dancing people did when Arkangel played the H8000 area. Shows back then were violent and are still nowadays. I think bands as Kickback and Arkangel changed the face of the local scene's dancing styles. When dancers actually punched kids who were standing around the dancing floor for nothing, Baldur and Stephen said nothing about it, they let it happen. H8000 vocalists on the contrary interfered that useless violence by telling people not to windmill or hit other people on purpose. It seems that that reckless and asocial violent dancing style conquered entire Europe and defeated friendly moshing in a time-span of a few years. Disagree with me or not....

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

V/A Assault City TEST PRESS

As the releasing spree of Reaper Records reached an end for this year, they are doing auctions to keep the finances healthy. Anyway as usually is the case with auctions you can get lucky and score a bargain or pay too much. This time a well-deserved bargain score for a dedicated Reaper collector.

It concerns a test press of a compilation that documents the Syracuse Hardcore scene in the year 2004. More known as the V/A Assault City. I already made a post about the record here.

The cover is truly great and that's one of the reasons why I went for it on eBay. People fighting in a backstreet. And on the back a shot from a movie I think, but I can't recall what movie it's taken from. I'm glad I have it, never thought I would actually, this thing is impossible to come by. If it were not for these auctions I think I'd never have found it.

various artist syracuse hardcore assault city test press compilation

The small chance of coming by this one was the other reason I had bid on it. According to the Reaper Records discography page my collection is complete now.

"Look At All The Children Now" was a 1990 hardcore compilation. But I do not immediately comprehend the reference to it. There's also a L. Weston Harvey name mentioning on the front of the cover, probably the artist that made the design. And when you Google his name it's confirmed that he is the artist and that he did more artwork assignments for NYHC releases.

Time will bring the answers.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DRIVEN Cowardice Consumer Of The West 12 Inch

To start with the title, it is very critical for a person from the West for sure. That was the first impression I've got from seeing this record. Being a Belgian I might be guilty as charged too. Anyway I don't know what to do about it. I can't just stop living my life this way and put myself in a more difficult position. And give up my own welfare. Although I feel ashamed many people on the globe still struggle for survival.

It makes you think about it for sure. And that is a start. We need to help others without sacrificing our selves. Because when you do you aren't able to help anymore.

driven cowardice consumer of the west lp color limited edition good life recordings vinyl
DRIVEN Cowardice Consumer Of The West  12 inch

So passionate the album is. It's a piece of metalcore that I can appreciate, not too hard, not to soft but just good.  Chugging forward and melodic elements woven into audio greatness. Really good, I can taste it in it's true veins immediately. I have been deprived of this record far too long it seems. Glad to have the goal of collecting Good Life releases, because without this goal I'd never had pushed that 'buy-button'.

The record has a double-sided insert, most Good Life vinyl inserts are single-sided. The touching character of the lyrics - as with the title - keeps strong while reading them. Also every lyric comes with a long explanation and elaboration. Dealing with classical 90's topics, homophobia, animal abuse, proliferation of religious statements by governments, reflections of own way of life, etc. Very inspiring read, not pretentious and intellectually fascist. Just argumentative and sincere.
Also reflections on what Hardcore Punk actually means to them. I'm also convinced it means something else for everybody who loves it. There are ways that cross and melt together but it remains individualistic and different for everybody. It can't be defined or expressed in a way that will lead to everybody's satisfaction about the definition. Everybody perceives it different and in his own means and convictions.

Light blue vinyl out of 227 copies only
I can't find more info about the band at, the title seems sold out, erased and forgotten. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that it's not present on their discography page also. Edward seems to have overlooked this one (hint to share more information about it).

Anyway I'm glad to have discovered this one, although the cover has wear. But that stands in the shadow of the great music and intelligent lyrical content.

5 songs only so rather an ep than an LP

 Must have!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

GRIM The Seeds Of Love EP

Just out is the first ep of the Belgian band Grim. I anticipated this one eagerly. I was already familiar with their demo. And also liked it a lot, that's why I wrote about it here. The ep came out on vinyl and was pressed by Open Up Records.
Musically it's very surprising to hear. With the breakdowns here and there but especially when you least expect it. The riffs are varying from faster to slower. Every screaming or singing voice is well-placed, and comes just in time or in the correct order. Very talented musicians that are made for the harder and heavier work.
The last two songs, have guitar intro's that make you feel you are listening to a 90's band. Also noteworthy are the clean vocals. Very well done by the singer in the first place but also well-recorded and produced for sure, as there are more people involved in a recording than the band members. It was recorded at Hightime Studios by K. Foesters.

Dark green vinyl

Pre-order cover above the regular cover
Grimy atmosphere in the lay-out, paled-out color schemes. But the atmosphere in the lyrics is great also. Dark mindsets written down as a way to get rid of them. But also showing the darker side of things, that are present everywhere. And giving kids that dwell in darker thoughts an opportunity to identify to the older band members and not be alone with those grimy thoughts. But be not mistaken, for me as an older person it's still great to...

I also talked about it with two people on the net and they are also positive about it. Bart said "with this ep there's finally something new to be heard". DMZ gave a very intelligent remark about it, he was a fellow blogger a while ago. He said that "the properties of the bands are good but a band can't keep having that character if they want to evolve and grow larger. And those current characteristics are inconceivability and unpolished sound". I think he gave an excellent insight into early and still original hardcore  in relationship with getting bigger in the genre. I thought by myself it would be a shame if they changed into a more accessible and more polished sound. But I also realize that is my personal preference and love for original hardcore being close to the demo-phase.

Also visit the Facebook page of Grim:

Thursday, November 14, 2013


It's been a while since last post, I've been selling stuff, this took my time. But I also found some true gems from the Good Life catalog. That label has been producing heaps of good stuff in the past two decades. And although they don't produce that much anymore, I still love them. Anyway when I tell Ed I'm working on a complete Good Life Recordings collection, he always laughs with it.

Anyway, top collecting and insanity might enforce each other. So I'm still madly collecting Good Life releases after all those years. And I'm truly getting somewhere. I also try to collect the sub labels. But Good Life is priority number one nowadays.

Here a gem that's awesome looking, seems like an accident for some or maybe the result of good fun at the pressing plant. It's the first press peach color, that isn't mixed properly when the vinyl was still liquid. Orange consists out of yellow and red. With this one it's still visible.

poison the well distance makes the heart grow fonder 10 inch vinyl peach god life records

I haven't got the opportunity to tell you how good this record actually is on here before, so now is the time. Good Life was the first to discover them in the beginning of the 90's and released their first three records on vinyl. They are now well-known and on larger non-hardcore labels.

Originally they come from Florida. And they might have created the blueprint for that metalcore from the area. The opening sentence "You think you are the only person on earth wishing they were someone else?", might be a detail to many, but to me it kinda tells a lot about the nature of Florida hardcore. The often interpersonal lyrics are surely typifying not only them but also youngsters in general. When in teenager years one often deals with identity-issues and interpersonal issues. But what I'm trying to claim is that over there they always seem to have a deeper and often psychological view about them. The people in the scene over there seems of intelligent and insightful nature about those topics, well thought over. Maybe it's also an american thing to be more open about and up front with feelings.

Well enough of the lyrical side already, they had two vocalists back then and they play a crunchy metallic hardcore. Unequaled and proto-typical for the later bands to come. What I can say is not enough, have a listen again here:

Anyway have a look at that awesome looking record in some other shots again too:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Down To Nothing "All My Sons" RECORD RELEASE

For the record release cover layout of Down To Nothing's "All My Sons" ep, the Reaper Records designers chose a typographical approach. Not easy to do but well-succeeded as usual. Some real talented designers work for that label. The back is not bad either. A large group of people posing for a picture always give a feeling of unity. But in many cases it also gives a warning not to mess with them, because they outnumber your crew.

down to nothing dtn record release all my sons 7 inch vinyl reaper records
Typographic layout and black labels, sides are marked with silver ink X

Numbered by hand out of 168 copies and stamped with logo in red ink

"All My Sons" is in Down To Nothing's musical delivery unique. They never sounded heavier than in these songs. Maybe it's the presence of Jared in the line-up that caused this rather exceptional sound for them. Compared to Hatebreed, Terror and Trapped Under Ice by many, I can concur with that statement.

On a personal note I think it's not as good as "The Most", that's one of the best records from the past decade I think. But better than the latest LP called "Life On The James". That's my opinion in a nutshell.
Glad I finally was able to find and buy this one, although recently I'm well on track to collect that other label called Good Life Recordings...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

7 Seconds EP Reissues

If Ray Cappo wore shirts of this band. And if Reaper Records uses the artwork of one of their releases. And if it's important enough to reissue. Then I need to get it. These were my exact thoughts when I bought them. I did not know they came on colored vinyl. So when they were delivered and I checked them I was more than delighted.

The first one dates out of 1982 and is one of the most famous. Although the cover art is the most recognizable. And now is pressed on clear blue vinyl. What's cool about this reissue is that it comes with explanations and writings of Kevin himself. A good concept since it is about music too. Putting the history and music in one package is the most effective I think.

I will not repeat what is written up there. Therefore you can buy them. But after a first read, I can tell you it's very interesting. About the non-racist ideals they spread and ofcourse it has nothing to do with Nazism. Also about the formation of the band and the never released recordings. Their first show in San Francisco together with some bigger names in Hardcore Punk. Very interesting to read and have, it draws a greater picture on the thin lines between and the misunderstanding about Skins and Hardcore.

7 seconds skins brains guts ep vinyl reissue

The second dates from 1983 and is called, "Committed For Life". Is now pressed on red vinyl and also comes with a writing from Kevin Seconds about the release.

7 seconds vinyl ep 7 inch committed for life

Last but not least, comes the "Blast From The Past ep" that was released by Kevin Seconds own label Positive Force Records. Dates from 1985 and also Youth Of Today's first ep called "Can't Close My Eyes" was released by that label. Now pressed on clear gold vinyl.

7 seconds blasts from the past 7 inch ep reissue vinyl

 Here's a shot of them all together: