Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rot In Hell / Vegas

Sometimes life gets in the way.
That sentence pretty muchs sums up my last year in a nutshell.
As times corrodes further i've noticed a shift in my musical interests. Not completely straying from the path i dwell for a long time already with the style of music we praise in this blog. Rather taking a sidestep to new and unknown sounds and emotions that do still connect on various levels with hardcore / punk but don't always sound as it.  

Rot In Hell / Vegas family shot

Oh well, enough bullshit about why i was so lazy last year, time for some new reviews on my latest trophies.
And to kick off, here's my little collection of the VEGAS / ROT IN HELL split that was released in 2011 by ORGANIZED CRIME RECORDS. Some of have you probably have seen this some time ago in the feed of many of our kindred blogging and collector spirits.
But this is my recently completed collection of this specific record with the ROT IN HELL boxset version included that also has a copy of this particular EP amongst many other goodies. That particular boxset is something that i will elaborate on later.

From left to right: pre-order -, regular -, testpress and Futches Reich - version

So this collection is made up of :
Pre order version handnumbered out of 165 on black vinyl 6"
Regular version, 200 on red vinyl, 300 on yellow vinyl 6"
Test press handnumbered out of 20 on black vinyl 7"
Futsches Reich version out of 35 on yellow vinyl 6"

Vinyl colors + testpress

Since you all seen the regular versions i'll skip right to the test press version. A simple copied cover of the Wembley ghost goal makes up the front cover, the mysterious 1966 World Cup final where Germany played versus England and Geoff Hurst and that still remains volatile material untill today. Was it in or out? 400 million viewers saw this astonishing but confusing goal and were left behind clueless. In the end the referee decided the goal to be valid. A  blessing for England and a curse for Germany that remains a hot topic even today.

Wembley Ghost goal

This Wembley ghost goal also continues in the backsleeve where each band has his own 'heimat' flag as a background to their respective logo's. If looked upon like the delicate game of two rivaling nations battling each other on the field then you can imagine the OCR logo in the middle being the referee with the handnumbered pressing info being the scoreboard.
You can also notice the red wax 4P stamp on the dustsleeve, in my case it's partially gone due to storage and/or shipping by the previous owner.
The preorder version is aesthetically one of the most appealing to me, a black envelope with a black  Process circle 4P stamp, sealed at the back with black wax and a 4P seal ring imprint.

Test press out of 20 copies

The preorder version is aesthetically one of the most appealing to me, a black envelope with a black  Process circle 4P stamp, sealed at the back with black wax and a 4P seal ring imprint.

black ink on black paper

The 4P wax seal is applied upon a sticker so with little effort you can open this box of pandora. 

wax seal on sticker on envelope

Inside is the iconic logo's of both participating bands adorning a side each. In a silver print on a black cardboard sleeve these talisman screams out to be opened.

pre-order sleeve Rot In Hell

I totally dig the way these covers came out, black surface with a silver finish gives it a distinct look.
Minimal, powerfull and clasyy in just two tones, sometimes the most basic concept remains the most prolific.

pre-order sleeve Vegas

Inside is the black 6" vinyl, a lyric sheet, a RIH/VEGAS sticker and a printed paper of a wolf blooming out of the soil with the logos of the bands to the side. Silver ink on black paper and handnumbered out of 165.

Wolf Rose artwork

The ROT IN HELL track Armored Gideon holds all what makes fine lads one of my favorites. An intro that swells on, erupting into the Holy Terror chaos of their trademark metallic hardcore sound. 
Barking vocals combined with the venomous lyrics lift this wolfpack upwards to yet another level.

Lyrics sheet Rot In Hell

While the Vegas track provides the juxtapose of the sheer terror of RIH, acoustic guitar strumming lays the base for the whispers uttered by the enigmatic T on their track Time. A philosophical approach to the theme of this track 'time' is explained in the lyric sheet by T. Words of wisdom and knowledge for those who are receptive. 

Lyrics sheet Vegas

The pre-order version also comes with a silver background sticker depicting the hybrid logo of both bands.
A modern day interpretation of the weapon shield that identified groups and clans for ages in proclaiming their heritage and identity. 

Hybrid Rot In Hell / Vegas logo sticker

The smaller rectangular sticker comes with the test press and has inverted colors compared to the logo sticker. In it's original font both actors in these theatre of madness are presented and accompanied by the record label that ignited the spark of these realizing this creation. 

 Rot In Hell / Vegas individual logo's sticker

So this is one of my latest accomplishments that i'm very proud of to have in my possesion. Collecting ROT IN HELL records is not just collecting vinyl but more like starting an art collection at times.
Still this is only the beginning since they recently released a boxset out of 35. Pure and utter madness compiled into one amazing package. So watch out for future blogs where Futsches Reich (Ruined Empire) will be on the chopping block for total dissassembly.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

DTN "All My Sons" Pressing Differences

This record must have the most complex pressing configuration. I'm going to elaborate several pressings with all of the differences. Also note that my collection is a collection without the rejected and accepted test pressings and several limited covers missing too. It's only meant to show the differences between some of the versions that look alike...

1st press:


ALL versions have the same professionally printed inserts

Cover // A-side // B-side

Record release
The record release has got two blank black labels. Both labels have side-indications done with a silver stamp. One X is A-side, two X's are B-side.
Sleeve is different in all ways than the regular pressing and the pre-order pressing. This one has a black and white typographical cover with a red stamp on the back indicating the label and these are also numbered on the back.

Pre-order edition
This edition has got printed labels, A-side is the same for this edition and the regular edition. The difference lies in the B-side label. This pre-order version has got a black and white live-shot picture on the B-side.
Different sleeve for this edition also. Black and white sleeve with different photo of live performance.

Regular edition
Besides having the B-side label on color it's also a different live-scene that is pictured.
Besides being colored, also the live-scene on the cover is different than the pre-order edition.

2nd press:

From this pressing on the inserts become xeroxed ones. They got xeroxed from the first press artwork.

Besides what the Reaper Discography says, there are two second press versions. Sleeves are identical for both versions, also the A-side labels are identical from each other but also identical to the first presses (except to the record release).

The difference between both versions lies in the stamps on the blank B-side label.
  1. The common version has got a bat stamp
  2. The limited version has got a spiderweb stamp, and also 'DTN' stamped between the two text-lines
Cover // A-side // B-side

3rd press:

Is the first colored vinyl version of this release, CLEAR vinyl. Also the vinyl labels change. There is new artwork made for them. 

Also the lettering on the sleeve changes from white to yellow.

4th press:

Looks black, but is actually dark purple colored vinyl. Also vinyl labels change again. They are both blank black and are stamped again with a silver ink but the text of the stamp changes to 'Reaper Records'.

This sleeve version adapts the color change of the lettering from white to yellow also.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BACKTRACK United Blood 2012 LP

It took a while to get my hands on this version of the first Backtrack full-length. It's undoubtedly the most limited version of this LP, when the testpress is not included. The record comes with an extra fold cover that is printed on thick quality paper. The photo print shows a huge group-picture, filled with happy people.
Although I'm not completely sure if the picture isn't modified with Photoshop here and there.

It was the third or even fourth time that I tried to buy it. Two previous times on eBay but outbid as you can guess. The third time underhanded on the B9 board but dude disappeared somehow during negotiations. So I'm definitely glad to have it finally. 

backtrack darker half limited edition united blood 2012 LP vinyl

I think the photo is real but that somewhere on the background Scott Vogel is placed in with Photoshop. Although I'm not sure of that statement. It wasn't a sinecure to take a picture proofing this statement...

Let's have a look at the man standing under the 'K' of the Backtrack logo, wearing a white hooded sweater. I'm sure it's Scott Vogel no doubt about that... But he looks to stand more on the background and more solitary, I mean separated from the group. Obviously he's also standing a little bit more crooked than the rest?

Scott Vogel overlooking it all... What do you people think?