Monday, March 31, 2014

The Good Life #4

How much pleasure I have when just seeing this record. Every Good Life Recordings compilation has his charms. And just breaths the atmosphere of a lively label that was the epicenter of things happening in the world of Hardcore. This one's is number 4 but personally I like volume 2 the most. One that hasn't been put out on vinyl unfortunately. How many bands did I not get to know by this compilation. Numerous listens this one had.

various the good life records recordings vinyl color collection
V/A The Good Life number 4

Not many labels press three colors of a compilation, it must have meant that they realized the importance of such a compilation. Spreading the sound of bands and letting kids taste it for themselves. And making it collectible at the same time. Featuring bands like Congress, Liar, Arkangel and Length Of Time one cannot go wrong. Even Josh Fury and Liar do a special collaboration like in the good old days.

Also this release contains a crucial pressing info sheet, that when collection Good Life releases is of much help and importance...

A funny anecdote I had when trying to get the red version was that I bought it but got sent a black copy, I didn't even know the existence of. What a surprise that was, due to an accident this one became completed. But I did had to buy another red...

I think it's still available over at  but I'm not completely sure. Anyway if you're just getting into collecting or want an introduction on Good Life from earlier days, this might be an excellent opportunity!

Friday, March 21, 2014

About Good Life & E-Town Concrete

Sometimes wanting a certain record gives a more intense feeling than having the record. At least that's my experience. Once you have it the record becomes more usual and less magical in my eyes. Or the hunt is more intense feeling-wise than getting the prey. Once the prey is consumed - as a matter of speaking - the feeling of urge is gone. The record just sits in the collection stored and not played or otherwise used. Not many records give the opposite feelings.

This record is one that gives the opposite feeling. I think that's so because it's part of a bigger collection. Namely the Good Life Recordings collection. Adding this hard to find record to whole makes it more complete and gives me the best feeling. A better feeling than the hunt for it.

It's the clear vinyl version of the "Second Coming" LP of E-Town Concrete. They are a New Jersey band that play Hip Hop influenced Metal or vice versa. Actually I think it's vice versa. The rhythm mostly is the main genre defining factor. And this music certainly has a more Hip Hop rhythm with metallic parts played by electrical guitars. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not to be classified under pure Hip Hop and also not under metal. So what's left to call it are in between terms or fused terms. I've read Ghetto-Metal to define it. Also Beatdown or Rap Metal were used as terms to describe it over the years.

e-town concrete etc clear vinyl second coming lp good life record

Good Life definitely felt it not suitable for the Good Life roster and so released it under a sub-label called Final Beatdown Recordings. Also with other releases Good Life Recordings had to give them a place in another roster, rather than in the Good Life Recordings roster.

Personally I like this one a lot. Seven or eight years ago, the GL-Distro did a promotional action or was it a clearance action, probably both, and gave with each item ordered a free item of their choice. One of the freebies I got was a yellow version of this LP. I immediately liked and was totally stoked to have it. The yellow is still available over at Good Life, go here if you're interested.

Street-wisdom lyrically and a group with a natural talent for rhythm. DMZ did a blogspot a while ago about another vinyl-release of the band, namely a 7 inch. Which seems to date from 1998. They had an earlier release also, the split with Second To None. Never stumbled upon one in all those years of internet searching.

This LP is from 2000. Also included in the parcel was a promotional page of all labels ran by Edward. Good Life was to the point in all they did. They created these sub labels to house groups unfitting for the main (Hardcore) label. I'm mean look at that page, it summarizes everything in the genre an related to the genre. Styles like Punk Rock were released under Green Leaf, Heavy Metal  and extremer Metal styles under Soul Reaper, and the slower, heavier styles under Final Beatdown. Have a look at it...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Listen To Music, read lyrics and buy records

Listen to music, read lyrics and buy records. With this motto kids can't go wrong. Carry on tradition and don't teach them that downloads are the way to present music. There are far more better ways to present music. Don't push the kids in the illegal atmosphere of downloads. With all those commercials that appear on download pages, that have nothing to do with Hardcore. All those barriers you need to take. Having to wait until the download start and having to unzip that, seems like a lot of hassle to me. It has got nothing to do with hardcore. File-sharing sites are third parties and take nothing but profit on our culture, that's wrong. Also iPod's get broken, computers crash, copied CD's get wasted, but records stay here forever.

So I still buy records and enjoy what I'm doing. This time a new Terror 7 inch was found in a German store that has an exclusive color of it available. This version's color isn't the only other property since there is also a sticker on it with the slogan I started this post with and with numbering. I wonder if there are yet other colors, besides the two Reaper Records colors out there?

Terror 'Live in Seattle' 7 inch

Merchpit edition, numbered out of 300 copies
Say what you like about this band, I still like a healthy dose of Terror... The live songs are from several periods in Terror's career. From the demo "Life And Death", "Hard Lessons" from the latest LP, "Keepers Of The Faith" from the same titled full-length and "Keep Your Mouth Shut" from my favorite Terror album One With The Underdogs.

The clue is that Reaper Records pressed these but that Germany's Merchpit made a numbered limited edition of their color by putting a sticker on the right place.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Recent Reaper Store Purchase!

While everyone is posting the newest BACKTRACK LP, along with promising comments about it, I'm still buying the new pressings of Darker Half. It's up to it's third pressing so far. Two colors were made. They look slightly different than pictured in the Reaper Records store. Pink vinyl came in not so flashy pink as I thought it would. Also the other version has rainbow splatter, but not as much as I thought it would have. But I think it's better this way, too much of that splatter is overwhelming.

Together with those pre-orders came the newest Live Series 7 inch of Terror. Man, they chose the best tracks so far when they played in Seattle. When nobody cares about them anymore, I'm still listening and enjoying their delivery.

No separate pictures but a quick Photoshop collage:

When you have that software, you gotta use it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Limited Edition Collectors Suck 7 inch

"Limited Edition Collectors Suck"! That's a bold statement. Do I need to take this seriously or not? Obviously the most negative outlet Reaper Records ever created. Or their most disrespectful statement against the buyers of their own work.

turnstile limited edition collectors suck pressure to succed 7 inch reaper record vinyl
Turnstile "Limited Edition Collector's Suck" sleeve & red ink stamped dustsleeve

I think maybe they compare the title of this record "Pressure To Succeed" to the feeling some collector's have to succeed in the completion of their own collections. Anyway there's no beef between Reaper Records and collector's at all, I'm sure! It's just a tease or maybe they had a bad day when making sleeves for the remaining vinyl records...