Thursday, July 31, 2014

Angel Du$t "A.D." review

Angel Du$t is a band that's hard to describe. After listening a few times to their newest release called "A.D.", I think it's a good album, it's different, unpredictable and volatile. What I do feel is that, although the sound leans towards Punk Rock, the mean hardcore reality maintains. Especially in the lyrics you can hear that life sometimes turns an ugly face. Frustration and anger that comes forth out of all this reflect in the song texts.

Like most members previous band, Trapped Under Ice, they still are able to make very good breakdowns here and there. To combine this with melody is not easy but they succeed at it. Speaking of melody, this record has lots of it. That's why I previously compared it to Punk Rock, Skate Punk would also be a good term.

Also in the last songs a female voice is participating in the vocal parts. I'm not totally sure but it's seems that they start to dialogue with each other the last song. Both get set up by each other... Again the sometimes hard reality of living together and loving comes at the forefront in the lyrics.

angel dust du$t vinyl lp black vinyl reaper records
Angel Du$t "A.D." LP front cover

Angel Du$t "A.D." LP back cover

Printed inner also in pink, with band pose picture in black ink

The packaging is monochrome. Only uses black ink on a pink background, as well for the cover as for the printed inner sleeve. The minimalist approach work well in my opinion.

The release was a cooperation between React! Records from Baltimore MD and Reaper Records from Syracuse NY. They already did the ON release together also. Both labels have an exclusive color besides the black also. Reaper has the clear version in their shop and React! has the white version available. I'm still waiting to receive the order from React! though.

Lyrics on printed inner

angel dust du$t vinyl lp clear reaper records
Clear vinyl of 400 copies
What I recently discovered is that there's a pink version also. And that this one is/was available on their tour shows.

I didn't order those in the USA, but got them from Merchpit in Germany. Might save you on shipping if you are willing to order these.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sheer Terror "Standing Up For Falling Down" LP

The new Sheer Terror record is surprisingly good lay-outed. The gatefold features artwork from a Belgian artist Dave Decat. The scene's on the front-, back- and inside-cover breath an atmosphere filled with tensions, while the color scheme suggest something merry.  A contrast that gives the whole a sick feeling. Also what's pictured - axes and blood - suggest violence that happened or alsothat can still happen.

sheer terror standing up for falling down Lp reaper records nyhc
Front cover

Inside gatefold cover

Back cover

As you can see, very well done. Just three drawings and a whole story is told.

The vinyl record comes in a printed inner, in black and white scale. Paul Bearer hasn't changes a bit. Still straight up in the face communication. Telling it like it is.

clear blue vinyl with purple haze
Also the hype sticker on the shrink, which was removed to see inside the gatefold sleeve, is cool. I cut it out and will keep it with the record. Nothing to be proud of. But again straight and delusional truth told.

Hype sticker with Paul Bearer quote...

Also you can see more of the Belgian Dave Decat's art on his facebook profile:

Also here are the two other colors:

sheer terror standing up for falling down lp color vinyl nyhc
Split blue/pink out of 700 copies
solid purple vinyl out of 1000 copies