Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reprisal "Mail Order Knife Set"

The last record I got in my Good Life Recordings order is a sweet one of a kind Reprisal LP. As you might see, a transitional version between the clear and the black version. It's mainly clear with traces of black vinyl in it. Backside of the sleeve tells us that there are 500 copies of this one. Is that of both colors or is 500 the total of both colors together? We might never know. But then again if you're uncertain about pressing info you must better remain silent. Speak the truth or say nothing.

Musically we notice a transition also. The music becomes less punishing as compared to their first LP and CD. Reprisal felt like one of the most punishing acts in Vegan Metalcore to me. That is up to this release I feel. Because they get a more accessible sound on this record. Hard to describe in words because it's a sound. Somehow they got more popular also by sounding like this probably. If you are a die hard 90's Hardcore fanatic like me, it's less cool to listen to. It reminds me of how bands like Congress and Vitality also had this transition. They make a characteristic release, that sounds of their own completely. They create a sound concept, very unique. But then in a later stage they add water to the wine to stay or become even more popular. Or to be able to keep playing and writing songs.

So yes, you've got it right when you think I find this a lesser record than "Boundless Human Stupidity". And above are the reasons why.
The minimalistic approach of the cover art is awesome though. Look how simple but effective cover art can be. Black background, white lettering above and a monochrome gray live shot of a guitarist underneath. All of this finished with the two tone blue Good Life Recordings logo beneath. It doesn't happen much that a label put it's logo on the front of the cover.

Reprisal "Mail Order Knife Set" LP clear vinyl with black smoke

Reprisal "Mail Order Knife Set" back side cover

I'm grateful that Good Life Recordings inserted this in the package, when I only bought a clear version. To close this post, a vinyl close up:

Clear with black smoke transition vinyl

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sheer Terror "Spite" on black vinyl

Took me a while to find a copy of the "Spite" 7 inch on black vinyl. And here it finally is. It's actually the third time that I'm "buying" this one. The first time it was listed wrongly on Discogs, turned out the vinyl was green. Second time on eBay also the wrong color turned up. The history behind it is that Reaper Record pressed only 200 copies of this one. They sold out pretty fast because they had only the half of them available for pre-orders and the other half were inserted randomly in wholesale orders for distribution.

The above facts explain two things. Firstly it explains why I missed out on pre-orders and had to find a copy elsewhere. Hundred copies is not much for a Sheer Terror record. Especially since this record kinda was a comeback release. The second thing it explains is that - since I knew that there were another 100 copies available at random distro's - I had two wrongly delivered records. Although this wasn't completely my mistake. Usually distro's and Discogs mention when it's colored vinyl and this wasn't the case with the two records I bought. So I assumed that they were black, since otherwise color was not mentioned. But it didn't really hurt me because I wouldn't pay high prices when not being completely sure it's the correct version.

Anyway this one was correctly listed and here it is finally, Sheer Terror "Spite" on black vinyl:

Sheer Terror "Spite" 7 inch on black vinyl

Sheer Terror poster insert for the "Spite" 7 inch

Lyrics poster insert with Paul Bearer in live action

Monday, December 7, 2015

We Used To Speak Of Justice

This post is about a big contester for my favorite release of the year. Repentance "The Sickness Of Eden" is a crusher from beginning to end. Listening to it gives me hope that nowadays Hardcore records can still be as awesome as when I listened to them almost 20 years ago. There was a phase when I actually started loosing faith in current bands, this faith is restored by listening to this, thankfully.

As you might derive from the title "The Sickness Of Eden" is a pure blood Vegan Straight-Edge record. They carry the flag that was raised by America's Hardline Records and Earth Crisis in the beginning of the 90's with pride and decisiveness. The record starts with the sentence "We used to speak of justice!". This is definitely a nod to the generations that came before.

Musically this opus has the intensity of earlier 90's vegan straight-edge bands, definitely equally great in delivery. More leaning toward the typical European Vegan Straight-Edge sound, like Arkangel and Reprisal. But here and there they added a aspect of their own creativity that perfectly fits the global picture. Sometimes I wonder why it hasn't been done earlier.

xRepentancex "The Sickness Of Eden" LP red and white vinyl

The packaging is top notch, a slick gatefold cover that has different artwork than the CD artwork. Quality vinyl and I've bought two colors from the second pressing. Good Life Recordings did the CD version together with Carry The Weight Records from the United Kingdom. The vinyl version is released by Carry The Weight Records only.

Let it speak for itself by looking at some pictures:

xRepentancex "The Sickness Of Eden" LP (both second press colors)

xRepentancex "The Sickness Of Eden" red vinyl

xRepentancex "The Sickness Of Eden" white vinyl and inside of gatefold jacket

As in the 90's they picture atrocities against animals, nature and humans on the record's cover. Shocking pictures aren't avoided, this part of human behavior isn't pretty so it must not be pictured pretty also. And must be shown to reveal it's sadness and misbehavior. These themes become more and more relevant as nature is still in decline by human malfunctioning on earth. So I am glad that the forefathers brought this into the topics of Hardcore and that this band still does it with even more urgency than ever!

Listen over here:

xRepentancex Bandcamp

Buy over here:
LP versions: Carry The Weight Records website
CD version: Good Life Recordings website

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Better Than A Thousand LP on gray

Better Than A Thousand were a positive Hardcore band during the late-nineties, with Ray Cappo on vocals. They were a welcome breath of positivity between all the metalcore bands that had a darker mindset. I never checked them out when they were playing. But by reading through the Good  Life mailorder lists at the end of the nineties I already got to know the band name and the short description of the band. I always wanted to check them, but had other priorities in buying. And now all these years later I finally bought their LP.

They sound like a melodic version of Youth Of Today. The LP was released in 1997 by Revelation Records on black and clear vinyl. This year it got repressed for Record Store Day on opaque red vinyl and now repressed again on gray vinyl. There were only 328 copies pressed on this interesting gray vinyl. Which makes it cool.

Better Than A Thousand Revelation Records repress
Better Than A Thousand "Just One" LP on gray vinyl

Better Than A Thousand "Just One" LP

Better Than A Thousand "Just One" LP opaque gray vinyl close up

Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Into Another

Indeed it happens now and then. I catch myself being too much into another so that I get confused at times as to who I really am. This admiration of or interest in other persons is quite human, I know. But collecting and listening to music can trigger this human asset. Maybe this explains why I collect two labels loyally and dedicated. And this happened also with buying this record. I saw a lot of internet posts on Blogger and Instagram when it came out. Or short after Rev sent these out. I saw a copy at the Good Life distro so I picked it up. This is a band that has Richie Birkenhead from Underdog, a famous New York Hardcore band, in the line up.

I first listened to Into Another when the first LP of the band was repressed by Revelation Records in 2012. I didn't buy it but got it for free by entering a contest on Vinyl Noize blog. From which I became one of the winners. That was very cool.

So here is Omens, their new release in 2015. I kinda like it but not that much. I can only compare it to the self-titled LP from 1991 and can say they didn't changed that much, might be fooled also. Because it is likely the vocals that make the band so recognizable.

Ghost Ship Records Revelation Records
Into Another "Omens" LP on purple vinyl

The cover is good also, I didn't notice it at first but the light source behind those dark and creepy trees is not a moon, it's actually the Into Another logo.

I have a few other records that I bought. These are for other posts.