Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spirit 84 "BTCOF" 7 inch collection

Spirit 84 was a band from the Netherlands that played Youth Crew inspired music, in vein of Turning Point. They were rather the exception than the rule over here in Belgium, where Metalcore was flourishing. Especially in the year 1998, when they released this 7 inch.
When I started collecting this record (because it's part of the Good Life Recordings catalog), I hadn't got an idea of what was in existence or how the covers looked like. I do recall to have read somewhere that there were 4 limited sleeves of this 7 inch in existence. I think it was Nico from Do Not Consider Yourself Free, if my memory doesn't fail me. That was a while ago. So now that I have collected 4 different limited sleeves, the question remains if that completed the quest or not? I do think there is a regular sleeve with black vinyl also.

Beyond The Call Of Friendship Good Life Recordings
Spirit 84 "Beyond The Call Of Friendship" 7 inch collection

This record has some cool and creative covers I think, two of them are hand drawn. The other two are cut and paste style. I wonder what software they used back then, if not handmade also? All of the three covers tell us more about the influences they had.
The one in the right above is a Guns 'N Roses rip off cover, the cool detail is that they let the long hair like it was on the faces. "Appetite For Destruction" is the cover they took it from. It's limited to 50 copies and numbered. The one underneath it, is inspired by Up Front's "Spirit" LP on Smorgasbord Records, they replaced the Up Front band members by photo's of themselves. Is limited to 84 copies and also hand numbered
Like I said the other two are hand drawn, the one above left is a European tour edition, numbered out of 45 copies. And finally the one underneath that one is referring to bands like Minor Threat and Chain Of Strength. Was made by Henk, the guitarist in 1999.
And last but not least the colored vinyl version with a regular sleeve.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Human Animal "The First Four Winters" cassette

Bound By Modern Age Records released a compilation cassette version of Human Animal's first releases. I never made a post about BBMA Records before here, so some might be unfamiliar with that label. Also Human Animal is a rather infamous band, so that are two new things that will be elaborated in this post.

Human Animal comes from Erie, Pennsylvania USA. When I heard a bell rang immediately. It is the home base of the band Shockwave that earlier in history was signed to Good Life. And yes, there are members of Shockwave in Human Animal. But that is not all, there are also members of Brother's Keeper, Disciple AD and Abnegation. Also bands that were signed to Good Life once upon a time and also hailing form the Erie city. All this history coming together in a new band is good to hear. The music they play is energetic and diverse. Sounds not so Metalcore as you might expect from their 90's background, it sounds more oldschool influenced. Guitar licks and melody mixed into the traditional heavier New York Hardcore sound, Madball comes to mind. Vocals are energetic, that's the way I like them.
Seems like I caught up late because they already have some release: a demo ep, two split ep's and a live cassette. Check out the Human Animal bandcamp for more info on their releases and to listen to their music.

clear cassette limited to 25 copies and hand numbered
light blue cassette limited to 75 copies and hand numbered

Both the cassettes have a nice layout, done by Tim Bound By Modern Age. This label mostly releases cassettes, but also 7 inches now and then, also an LP already. Bound By Modern Age is a DIY non profit label, purely for the passion and the (vegan) message. The name is taken from a Morning Again song of the classic Hand Of Hope release. You can visit the the Bound By Modern Age bigcartel site to check what is available.