Thursday, December 14, 2017

Liar "Invictus" reissued soon

Liar's "Invictus" release is one of the milestones that helped define the H8000 Hardcore scene. Both on musical level and message that they wanted to bring. Musically they brought straight forward metal, not overly complex but still they managed to keep it interesting, in every song at every moment. Josh Fury was definitely reaching one of his peaks in song writing. The militant Straight-Edge lyrics, written by Hans, are in the mind and in the hearts of every person that witnessed them live, way back in 1997. Who can not sing these along? Bert the drummer is drumming these songs fiercely and precise, UxJx laying down the bass lines. This record has no flaws and is Liar at their best.

Good news is that, after being out of press on vinyl for nearly 20 years, this classic will soon be re-released by FX7 Records. You can can pre-order it from their store, there are only 100 copies on white 180 grams vinyl, the rest will be regular weight black vinyl.

Follow this link to the FX7 Records webstore:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dead Stop s/t 7 inch

Dead Stop is a Belgian Hardcore band that plays another style than what Belgium is mainly known for. They play fast and pissed old school hardcore punk and care about almost nothing. The record was made by Reflex and Wolfpack originally. That label reissued some American Hardcore classics, in the same genre of music. But this is a repress or a USA-press that was made two years later on the American label Six Feet Under Records. If you like Antidote, Negative Approach and The Abused mixed with United Blood era Agnostic Front you should get this.

dead stop six feet under records belgian flaf pre order
acetate cover with silk screened Belgian flag out of 118 copies (source: label website)
In earlier times I liked this record more than I now do. It gave me that feeling of mayhem. And reminded me of the early American 80's but with more hate and less morality. Although that I am lesser into that style nowadays, it didn't stop me from buying this rarer version of the release.
It's the acetate cover with a silk screened Belgian flag cover behind it, what gives a great effect. It's a hard record to photograph, certainly after sunset. Copies were sent out in pre-orders way back in 2004.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Strange New World

The newest release by the Belgian band xHeartfeltx is called "Strange New World". It's released on a collectible cassette by Bound By Modern Age Records from Germany. It's this tape that is going to be reviewed.

xHeartfeltx is a band that has members of Devour and Titan, both bands consist out of people that lived through the 90's or at least have knowledge the great musical history of that decade. It's plain and simple, that music and culture flows through our veins and it has become a part of who we are. So I can relate with them also, to an extent.

xHeartfeltx cassette, hand numbered out of 50 copies

Here is what the cover and music inspired me to write:
The title "Strange New World" is so correctly chosen for the times we live in. It's pretty far from a brave new world. People like us think ethically and critically about the world surrounding us. And we witness a partial decay. It's like every settled value is fought nowadays. And when you fight it back effectively it looks like it's getting even worse. Fear and distrust is what cripples our society. Individualistic gain is what drives people. All that's left of local nature is under pressure because we fear our society would decay if we don't let the economy grow. Military budgets increased to fight terrorism. All this and far more is witnessed by people who think deeply before they do something, but do not think too much because it's truly a strange new world.
Musically the title track is truly awesome. You should check it out at their bandcamp and buy an mp3, CD or tape from them.

xHeartfeltx bandcamp
bound by modern age webstore
mark my words webstore

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sektor & Vitality split 7 inch

Recently I obtained  two other versions of the legendary Sektor and Vitality split 7 inch. This split has the rawer unpolished version of the song 'The Crypts Of Darkness' with the intro that screams "Trust no one in the crypts of darkness...". And the song 'The Struggle' that is only on this release. The Vitality songs on this 7 inch are quite essential, if not the most essential songs of the band to date.

The yellow covers with brown vinyl were the earliest sold versions. I found this one in Germany, so probably one sold on their European tour. I have heard that the glue pocket covers weren't ready for the European tour and that the yellow and orange paper covers were printed to rectify this and to be able to have a tour version with a cover.
Later when the blue (glue pocket) covers were ready they started to sell these with the remaining black and second press clear vinyl. Discogs states the clear versions are second press out of 500. But five hundred copies seems wild for the clear version it think there are way less than this, since these are the hardest to find ones. Secondly since black vinyl copies were also found with the yellow and orange paper covers that were made for the tour, we can conclude that these were also first press. So far the pressing info of the release. There are also two different insert, small and big letter format. Initially I thought the letter formats were for the copied sleeves but that doesn't hold up since there are also big letter inserts found with the glue pocket sleeves, so these must be the remaining inserts.

So to sum it all up chronologically:

1.       brown and black vinyl pressed in the first pressing
1.       they made the big letter sized inserts
2.       sleeves weren't ready so they copied the sleeves on yellow and orange paper cover that fold open
3.       brown vinyl sold with yellow and orange covers and big inserts on tour
4.       when the blue glue pocket sleeves where ready, the sold the remaining black vinyl with those sleeves and with big inserts

2.       clear vinyl pressed for the second pressing
1.       clear vinyl copies sold with the blue glue pocket sleeves only
2.       when the big letter sized inserts were sold out, they made new smaller inserts to sell with the last copies

If someone thinks differently, please speak out...

brown vinyl, yellow sleeve

brown vinyl, orange sleeve

Monday, November 27, 2017

Congress & Liar Test Press

The test press of the Liar and Congress split 7 inch. Had to give up quite a lot to get my hands on this, through an Instagram deal. Also got some other records in the trade. The record was made for the H8000 Fest in 2002. And is actually one of the most logical splits on earth in my opinion. Despite differences and competition they are the two foremost defenders of H8000 Hardcore. And both represent the H8000 Crew equally as much. Also their lifespan is almost equal, Congress started 3 years earlier but then Liar ended a bit later.

Although their music is labelled differently. Congress' music is called "Edge-Metal", also a term introduced by their label, Good Life Recordings. While Liar's music is called "Death To False Metal" on their first CD release, also on Good Life Recordings (see coming post for further details).

Congress & Liar split 7 inch test pressing

test pressing close up

Great split release from which the regular copies are hand numbered out of 500 copies. This is the test press from which I have no clue of how much were made, 7 people own this (according to So this gives a hint but nothing is certain.

The cover is a reference to Congress, Josh told me he watched lots of vampire films. There is also a reference to this on the b-side label of the 'Euridium' 7 inch. See the photo beneath:

Also the comic cover of the Euridium 7 inch has Josh Fury associated with Dracula, the bat wings...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hazen Street LP green

Hazen Street is a small project of Madball and H2O members, together with Mackie Jayson. Who played in Cro-Mags (Age Of Quarrel line-up) and The Icemen. A New York Hardcore supergroup filled with famous people, formed in 2004.
The music reminds me of CIV and Gorilla Biscuits. It's a more punk rock sounding delivery mixed with Hip Hop. There are also real Hip Hop parts. All in all less good than you might expect it to be. They just had some fun jamming together and this became their output.
The full length was formerly only available on a compact disc and is only recently available on vinyl.
The band's name is taken from a street name in Queens, New York.

Clear green with white swirls vinyl

There are other colours pressed also:

75 Black
40 Mint ink Silk-screened sleeve
40 Silver ink Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Silver/Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Mint/Silk-screened sleeve
150 Mint Green vinyl/regular sleeve
140 Green and White vinyl/regular sleeve
140 clear Gold vinyl/regular sleeve (Core-Tex Exclusive)

No need to get any of the other versions, as I don't really like what I have heard on this record. Sounds a bit too soft and I have missed the bite and groove.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Building / Up Front split 7 inch

Those who check my Instagram (@willem.rwhaf) already know what this is about. It's about the Building / Up Front split 7 inch. The coloured versions of this release have lots of colour variation that's for sure. But also lots of uncertainty exists about what actually exists and how many actually are pressed by Sober Mind Records. But that is the general law when you collect rare 90's vinyl. It's keeps it interesting and always surprising.

Always difficult too, when a split release has two front covers or at least no obvious distinction between the two. Although this one says "split 7 inch" beneath the Building logo, so this little detail makes it clear. Although I have a tendency to see the Up Front side as front cover because it's actually more recognisable what is pictured than the blur of the Building side.

My copies are both translucent but differ from each other, one is clear pink and the other is clear purple. It only becomes clear that they differ when they are put next to each other.

Please check @boogie8700 on Instagram also, he got pressing info from the label, first hand after the release show, in 1998. This is most likely the closest we can get to the truth. There are opaque blue, opaque grey and clear copies. As we can see in his history. But also the limited cover, inspired from the Judge "New York Crew" 7 inch on Schism Records.

Monday, November 6, 2017

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Raw Deal demo was in it's earliest form a cassette only release. Somewhere in the middle of previous decade Dead Serious Records from Germany pressed the tracks onto a 7 inch to be sold within a box set and some separately. Now the band has self-released this demo on a 12 inch. There are three colours pressed, this is the most common but best looking version, grey vinyl.

Raw Deal demo LP grey vinyl
The record has got some cool live photo's on the back side and on the printed inner sleeve.

Killing Time "Brightside" LP yellow vinyl
Next record is the first Killing Time LP, called "Brightside". Apart from a release on Lost And Found, this record hasn't been pressed on vinyl since it was originally released by In-Effect Records way back in 1989. I had never heard this title before, so this added extra magic to receiving these. Sounds good, not too complexly written, simple but effective, as is most New York Hardcore.

Yellow vinyl /800
Grey vinyl /800

And I have to say, I am happy to have the copies that look best, didn't care about the limitation of these. Those more limited copies look way less good than these. Yellow vinyl to match the lettering and grey marbled to match the entire cover of the demo LP.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Defiant Until The End

With the release of "Defiant Until The End", the band Devour put Belgian Metalcore back on the map. One of their predecessors Kindred have set the standard high and were amongst the originators of the Limburg Straight-edge. This band relit the torch and carry the light further through these dark times in Hardcore. Proudly and full of conviction they created this beast of an album to remain until the end. Belgian Metalcore lives and is just given another milestone record for the vast discography of classics created over the past decades.

Here are my random findings after listening to the entire album three times.
  1. Defiant Until The End: The first song sets the tone, the environmental challenges we are facing have not lessened over the years but have only grown. The drums and guitars are perfectly aligned to open this album up in a triumphant way.
  2. Vultures: this song creates several atmospheres, sometimes the new york style and on other moments a more emotional sound.
  3. Arrogance: musically this is one of the best songs in my opinion. The riffs are played harmonically by the individual instruments, yet there's individual creativity enough to make it sound filled enough. The spiral of the cover comes to mind, the riffs are like a gully dragging us down but the entire delivery adds strength and power enough not to drown.
  4. Poor Hearts Will Bleed: this song reminds me of Kindred the most, especially in the part where there is spoken word. Not only this but also the beginning sounds like a far away echo of the music created during the 90's in Belgium.
  5. My Apocalypse: the beginning is All Out War worship and is later followed with a Cro-Mags-meets-Slayer riff and ends in a more abstract way.
  6. Barriers:
  7. X On My Hands: the old school die hard Straight-Edge song. 
  8. Anticipation: Towards the end we get an awesome guitar solo that later gets accompanied by a series of breakdowns that also end it.
  9. Abolished:
  10. Extreme Dichotomy: The intro to this song is well written, the main riff hits heavily and the short outro is perfect as well.
  11. Evolution: 
  12. Devoured: Is one of the vocalist's better songs, fast flowing words in the beginning, harsh scream and spoken lines. The two guitars are totally different is this song. The one guitar plays more melodic and sounds darker. While the other plays distorted, with more violent flashes and you can hear the steel squealing. So the last guitar becomes more at the front. The rhythm section by the drummer is great as well.
There are two points of criticism also. Music can be more varied in my opinion, more experimenting with different styles of Metal and Hardcore could make this more diverse. The main line in all of the lyrics is an apocalyptic world view. This theme returns several times, so song texts could be more diverse also or more pointing towards how solving all this... More positive insights are needed.
You can listen to it at the Devour Bandcamp website.

This record was released by Ugly And Proud Records and is pressed on black (/105) and red (/194). The vinyl changes colour when held in strong light. Instead of red it becomes marbled fuchsia. You can still buy it from the label in their webstore.

Conclusion is that Devour has blended classical Metalcore from the past into an outstanding album. Bands like All Out War, (early) Firestone, Earth Crisis and more come to mind. So, if you are in need of renewed Metalcore, this might be what you wanted for a long time...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Snapcase "Lookinglasself" LP

Snapcase is one of the bands that belong to the collective memory of those who lived through the nineties, so mine also. But that doesn't mean I have checked them out. Now that the debut LP, called "Lookinglasself" was repressed for record store day in April this year and somehow my local distro unearthed some of the more limited copies I decided to give it a go.

Their sound is rather unique in the Hardcore landscape. To me they sound like Nirvana made heavier. Like a Hardcore band that added the harmonic playfulness of grunge into their song writing. The lyrical content explores the inner self and reaches out to the psychological side of man. Also more philosophical topics are touched. Existence, emotions, relations, life and agony are all closely observed and described by the lyrics writer.

orange vinyl record store day
Snapcase "Lookinglasself" LP out 210 copies on solid orange
As you can see the cover suits the lyrical content. It looks like life gets drained out of the person kneeling down on the ground. The colourfulness of the figure resembles the diversity of persons around that can experience gravity in life. But that is merely my interpretation.

band photo on back cover and the record store day release sticker
Victory Records pressed this for the first time in 1993. They were a band from Buffalo New York. And most of the tracks were recorded by Don Fury Studios in NYC.

Conclusion is that this is not a bad record at all, surprising and refreshing, pushing the boundaries of what is Hardcore music. Layout and colour scheme also nice.

This repress for record store day also exists on more common solid blue vinyl and rumour is that there is a limited black out of 80 copies also.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed"

A couple of vinyl records that I had picked up in the States about a month ago but didn't manage to post yet. Both records were made to sell at This Is Hardcore festival. These are two of the same records but with a different sleeve. The one was made by the band to sell and the other was made by the label to sell. So this explains the two covers for the same release and festival.

The one beneath is the band version. It has a fragment of the Agnostic Front "Cause For Alarm" album cover on it. You can see were the title letters are being photoshopped away, not that professional and looks like a quick job.

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" TIHC 2016 band cover

number #13/30 with red ink stamp
 The other cover, done by the label, also gives a quick made impression. The live shot on the back cover was taken on the stage and is cool though.

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" TIHC 2016 label made edition

As far as I know these 5 versions, should be it.

Naysayer "Nation Of Greed" collection

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Titan & Witness The Fall Band Press

Past weekend I was contacted by a long time reader of this blog. He told me he appreciated the work I have delivered over the past years. He also told he liked the articles and texts I write about the Belgian 90's Hardcore scene the most. The Reaper Records stuff is less appreciated, but that is a general trend in Belgium, also for him. I appreciated the feedback and him writing me. We talked also about bands like Congress, Length Of Time, Liar and Arkangel. We both know the bands from our teenage years, so we could relate.

Another reason that he contacted me was to ask if I wanted to buy a record of the band he plays in. It was a great proposal, since I had contemplated buying this record before. The record I am talking about is the band pressing of the Titan and Witness The Fall 7 inch on Bound By Modern Age Records. There are only 21 copies made!

Titan / Witness The Fall split 7 inch friends and band edition

silk screened cover with glitter finish
I have to say the cover looks amazing with the three colours and the glitter finish. Not easy displaying the glitter finish on a photograph. I succeeded in doing it but the image is not as cool as in reality. Since I have already bought two regular versions of this record through the Bound By Modern Age webstore I now have three versions and need to get the black cover and be satisfied once again.

No need to say that Titan is the band he plays in. He also got me the demo CD-r of them. It has two songs on it and is a must get, as it sounds different than the songs on this latest release. Earlier work so less refined and perfected but purer and more raw. I like that but can support their progression also.

Check out the Titan bandcamp page to listen to some of their songs.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Turnstile United Blood 2014

The missing Turnstile record I needed was the one made to be sold at United Blood 2014 Festival. This one has the Rollins Band LP rip off cover with a slight alternative touch. They made it look like that cover has been spray painted with pink.
Weird enough this record is hand-numbered but does not mention the total of copies made. On the back side we find an ad for the upcoming full-length of Turnstile.

Turnstile "Pressure To Succeed" United Blood 2014


Need to be told that playing the waiting game was helpful, prices dropped since short after these were released, I got it for about a third of the early average second hand prices.

Something in me has changed since those times. I think it gets pretty useless collecting all of these. The only thing that keeps me going is that three years back I needed to have them and setted my goal. And once you have set that goal of getting it, you can't reverse the plan.
I mean, of what use is this cover? It has no meaning or adds no additional information about the band. The only useful thing is that now you know they played United Blood in 2014 but this is not that important. Or is it?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Terror Life & Death Demo

I had acquired the test pressing of the fist Terror demo, called "Life & Death", already years ago. I just never came by posting it before. This demo is being collected by quite a few people but the total amount pressed is rather high. It's a four track demo that had two pressings. The first press was made in June 2004 according to the stamp on the blank label.
As in fine Reaper Records tradition, the test press comes with an additional cover, this time they were inspired by Raw Deal. There were fifty copies made and were handed out to band and friends. The cover is printed on thick red paper and has the track list on the back.

Terror "Life & Death" demo test press
Now we come to the tricky part of this post. I made a collection picture in doubt whether this is complete or not. The trouble is that according to the discography page of the label there is supposed to be a gold vinyl copy with a regular cover. I doubt that this is true, in thirteen years I have never seen such a version. I did see several gold versions with the alternate cover. And there are a few of those for sale on Discogs also. So respectfully I think there is a mistake involved, as with a few other releases documented on that discography page.

I couldn't find a satisfying way of picturing these both with an informational value and with a correct aesthetic composition. So I will be typing the pressing info beneath:

First press:
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – test press - Raw Deal cover - 50
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - red - regular cover - 525
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - clear -
alternate cover, stamped dust sleeve - 367
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – gold - alternate cover, pre-order - 158

Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – black - regular cover – 1050

Second Press: 
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - light blue/white mix - black and white cover
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - light blue/white mix - standard cover - 1460 
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - white - standard cover - 370
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - white - Zero Tolerance cover - 250

Friday, August 18, 2017

Born From Pain Test Press

Another test pressing from the Reaper Records catalogue is the "Warfare" from Born From Pain. This 7 inch was a teaser for the full length "Survival" on Metal Blade more or less. It is actually the only release on Reaper Records of a European band, all the rest are American.

The test press sleeve has identical artwork of the cover but printed on green mat paper with the mentioning of 'testpress', so nothing that special. The centre label stamps tell us the date of manufacturing, which is interesting.  According the the label it's out of 15 copies made. The regular pressing is a 1000 copies on dark dirty green vinyl. No other colours or sleeves made.

Born From Pain "Warfare" test pressing

Born From Pain "Warfare" regular 7 inch

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mercy For None

"Mercy For None" is a compilation from the year 2008 released by Reaper Records. Featured upcoming bands like Alpha & Omega, Bad Seed, Naysayer and other bands like Brick, Absolute Madness and Unforgiven. It was pressed in the Fall of 2008, according to the test pressing that I acquired recently.

VA Mercy For None test pressing
According to Reaper Records' tradition there were other colours and versions made. With the coming of the test press I now have a complete collection of it. There were two colours for mob peeps like you and me (red and black) and there was a band exclusive colour (yellow vinyl, with a yellow poster insert). And finally a rare stamped version, which is actually rarer than the test pressing. So I took a photo of the complete collection...

VA Mercy For None complete collection
Glad to finally have it complete. There is a cool poster insert that comes with every version. One matrix etching says 'death to false hardcore'.

yellow poster front side

regular poster back side

Funny how back then this was pumping adrenaline through my veins as I was just getting into Reaper Records and now 9 years later I completed this collection with the test press and all. Feels like an achievement, now passing on to another...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

They Say That You Sold Out

One X More was a Belgian straight-edge band that existed at the end of the 90's. They played fast Youth Crew-inspired Hardcore. And released two records on Commitment Records. This one is called "They Say That You Sold Out" and was the second release, done in 1999. The title captures the situation of Hardcore in Belgium during that period. But would also be the aftermath in many years to come and still is to this very day. Let me explain why in a nutshell...

The first song, "It didn't last too long" is actually a snare at the '88 Hardcore scene from the USA who claimed they would be true till death. And the self-realisation, that if you say such things, you must at least do better yourself with your generation.
The last song "What it's really all about" is about the people past the breaking point, who don't care about the scene any more. And the confrontation of such people with people who are still active. And how that friction is perceived by the lyric writer.

As you can read, it's all about loyalty and commitment. That can realized or can be broken. This a very delicate theme in the local scene. And to not be loyal, means betrayal eventually.

Another insight this record gives us, is that people talk a lot. And that these 'forked tongues' can shape the image people have about other people for good or for worse.

One X More "The Say That You Sold Out" 7 inch

One X More second 7 inch on water melon coloured vinyl

So yeah, I perceive this as an important contribution to the rich legacy of the Belgian Hardcore scene...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Walls Will Fall

Terror's new record "The Walls Will Fall" isn't bad, had expected less of it. Especially the title track is refreshing and has more metal to it than the average Terror song. Terror is no longer released by Reaper Records but by Triple B Records. They have been on series of good Hardcore labels like Bridge Nine, Lockin' Out and Reaper Records but also on bigger labels like Century Media, Victory Records and Trustkill Records.

Typically of Terror fans is that they write them off after every release they do. But still they bring good songs that deliver, even after 15 years of existence. The beast that can not be slaughtered.

There are probably more colours in existence but I won't be chasing them.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Side By Side Tourpress

Obviously a misguiding title, since this is a Terror Live recording and has got little to do with the Revelation band. They (label and band) are most likely all fans of the late 80's Revelation band, but this is the only connection.

This is actually a variation of a variation. The record is a limited cover variation of a limited pressing made for from Germany. It has the splatter vinyl and the numbering sticker of the Merch Pit version on the regular cover (not pictured). But obviously 50 copies of these numbered copies were taken to make a limited cover version with it's own additional numbering (pictured).

Terror "Live In Seattle" 7 inch tour pressing

back cover with live picture and numbering

numbering out of 50 copies with golden marker

Nothing too wild in my opinion, that's why I offered the seller for a lower price than listed. He immediately agreed and relisted it for that lowered price, so the offer must have been still decent.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Legion Demo cassette

This is the demo cassette of the one of the last H8000 bands born in the 90's. Legion was a band close to Vitality and hailing from Knokke at the east side of the Belgian coast and the Jabbeke area. These places are both situated around Bruges.
They play recognisable Metalcore, typical to the mid 90's H8000 style. They started out when the scene had gone passed the glory days, that's why they did not get bigger or lived longer. They released a CD on Days Of Fury in 1999, a British label and Good Life distributed it over here.

Legion demo cassette

The demo cassette has 5 songs. One of the tracks is a long lost tune, that was stuck in my head for ages. I sometimes recalled the melody and the lyrics inside my mind but couldn't find where it came from for ages. I had picked it up during a live show of Legion way back in 1998. After hearing this demo I can finally be sure it is a Legion track and that is called "It's Coming Down". And rest assure that I remembered the lyrics correctly...

I have gotten the tape in trade with a fellow collector from Belgium. Not many of these are still around I guess, so I digitized it for the few people who still read this blog to hear and enjoy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Clear ODK Crew

Super honoured to have been able to buy the clear ODK Crew 7 inch. ODK Crew was a band that I knew from living in the same town as the band members. They were people I looked up to. The drummers also drummed for Congress, the guitarist was Vitality's lead guitarist and manager, the bassist was also doing bass for Vitality and the singer was a few years older than me and was a friend of a friend.

This particular version is clear vinyl and numbered out of 8 copies. The stamp is the same style as the one used on the Sober Mind and Genet Records release but it's a Frostbite Records Release. There are traces of black mixed in, which gives it an unusual look for clear.

I've started to write down their history this evening and tomorrow on Belgium's National Holiday I will be continuing...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bold "The Search" Compilation

This Bold compilation is actually a good job done by Revelation Records. They have pressed it on a double LP and housed these in a gatefold jacket that has the perfect layout. Along with music on vinyl the consumer of this record gets a short retrospective about the early days of Bold, printed on the inner side of the sleeve. The colour scheme is perfect in my opinion, the royal blue and the maroon with the gold lettering all collide perfectly together. The live shots with the edges blurred together and all just look amazing.

What would be an improvement, though, is that the track list on the back side sleeve should have numbering. Especially when you refer to songs as numbers to tell from what original release they were taken.

Bold "The Search 1985 - 1989"

Coretex Mailorder had two colours available, the blue and this gold version. Although the blue version is more limited I took the gold, cause it was cheaper and who collects this anyway?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From Beneath The Streets

I needed to hear this record. It's the first LP of Token Entry, released in 1987. Not that good in my opinion. Sounds a bit messy. Just like hearing a band play inside of a building from outside of the building. You can hear underneath it's New York Hardcore for sure but it's not that convincing. Maybe I was too spoiled as a kid with the more technical metal influenced 90's music and that is maybe the reason I don't relate.

Token Entry "From Beneath The Streets"
Token Entry "From beneath The Streets" reissue
vinyl close up