Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Red Hare "Nites Of Midnite" LP

Three of my blogging colleagues posted about the Nites Of Midnite LP by Red Hare. Almost all of them about three years ago. I heard nothing but positive news coming from them. It wasn't enough to convince me buying one. But now when there is this awesome looking gold version of their 7 inch pressed and I saw them popping up again, I was triggered into checking out the band.

dischord records hellfire records swiz bluetip dag nasty
Red Hare "Nites Of Midnite" LP

dischord records hellfire records swiz bluetip dag nasty
Red Hare "Nites Of Midnite" LP

I nearly never buy digital, so I decided to order their LP on blue in a Belgian distro. That blue is a second press which I'm waiting on to be delivered. A few minutes after I ordered, I was thinking why not get the red first press, it looks better and matches the band's name, Red Hare. That seemed to be a very easy task when looking on Discogs. Eventually, I snagged one slightly cheaper than the blue.

On the introspective side this series of events tells us many things. Firstly that when I see a record I like, it sometimes takes several years to actually buy one. But also that once I come in temptation, I will eventually buy the record. Secondly it tells me that the satisfaction of buying records is temporarily and sometimes even very short. Because straight after ordering the blue version I decided to buy a red also, meaning that now I question myself shouldn't I have been glad with one version, etc. Thirdly it tells us that reading blogs and repressing records keeps them alive and besides writing books about it, it's the only way to prevent it from sinking into oblivion or slipping into obscurity. There are a few other lessons we might pull but that would take this too far.

Anyway, the band Red Hare features members of Fury, a band in many peoples top ten for 2016. Also members from DC Hardcore legends Dag Nasty and Swiz are present in the line up. See the hype sticker photo. There is also mentioning of Bluetip, a band I should be checking out once. And so this is indeed an endless quest. If anybody knows more about this and the other bands members play in, feel free to comment and contribute.

The vinyl comes on beautiful deep red, not a cheap looking red, it's very nice and full of quality. The cover is good and simple, a cover that is very recognisable and easy to remember. There are two labels involved in this, Dischord Records and Hellfire Records. I've been meaning to also get the 7 inch straight from Dischord but overseas shipping would ruin the party.

In the meanwhile the blue version arrived.

dischord records hellfire records swiz bluetip dag nasty
Red Hare LP blue vinyl second press

dischord records hellfire records swiz bluetip dag nasty
Red Hare LP blue vinyl second press

Monday, January 16, 2017

Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" Reissue

Before last year's end Southern Lord unleashed the long awaited pre-orders in both the American and European online webstores. There were a lot of colours available. There was purple, blue, orange, clear, red and black. I chose the clear version. I associated clear with the clear message they bring. No way I would be buying all.

The record was delivered recently and the record comes in the best packaging. A very sturdy gatefold cover with yellow lettering. Inside of the gatefold there is glued a 12x12 inch booklet with never before released photo's. There are also two additional inserts, one with the lyrics and the liner notes. The other one with the Uniform Choice logo and the live picture the drawn cover is based upon.

clear vinyl Southern Lord
Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" reissue

Uniform Choice "Screaming For Change" reissue
Clear vinyl, Southern Lord pressing

The music has been remastered. I was biased because I thought it wouldn't deliver. I think it sounds a lot different than the original version. The individual musical instruments sound more accentuated which creates a more diverse sound with more layers and diversity, which isn't bad. The sound also is warmer than before. The negative side is that the whole sounds less urgent than the original.
It's great to finally have a version that includes a lyrics sheet. I wanted to read these already a long time.

Although I am too young to have experienced the entire wave of American Hardcore Punk, even the early nineties after that, I like this record the most. It's my favourite West Coast Hardcore record and also of the entire 80's. My friends already know this. It's my secret mean of getting positive energy. No doubt I will get better when I listen to this.

Also read an excerpt of Tony Rettman's new book about how Uniform Choice made the Straight-Edge scene in Los Angeles safe on this site, it's great and features many people from the band and scene as well as some YouTube video's with their music.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Crime In Stereo "Is Dead"

Have I ever told you how good this record is? I have these records since they came out but never wrote about them on this blog before. Crime In Stereo plays what I call 'futuristic' Punk. Hard to define their style, although it's safe to say they don't play classical Hardcore per definition. It took a few listens to fully start enjoying the music because it is not the usual Hardcore, melodic Hardcore nor is it a Pop Punk record.

This record was released in 2007, it was a period when I bought every Bridge 9 Records release that came out. I started to collect them, that is why I have two but never finished the collection. I rather listened to the music...

Check out the Crime In Stereo "Is Dead" discography page to see the other colours and to check out the music digitally.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Gorilla Biscuits & Conne Island

Gorilla Biscuits and Revelation Records made this special 7 inch to donate the benefits to the Conne Island project in Leipzig, Germany. The club is described in the liner notes as their second home. Now that New York's CBGB's died, their favourite club to play. They immediately felt the spark with the public and club when they played there for the first time.

The pressing has got a cover based on the classic gorilla cover, so it's still very recognisable but unique for the release and themed Conne Island. The back has got a photo of the public and singer in live action instead of the only band in live action. The mentioning of the version 'Conne Island exclusive' is adopted in the Revelation logo on the backside. 
The inside is printed, there you'll find the full story of the pressing. There is also numbering, my copy is numbered 117/350, that is presumably the Revelation Press numbering. Along with this version comes the Coretex exclusive numbering on the inner sleeve, consistently it's number 17/100. There is also a Conne Island stamp on that dustsleeve. On top of that, the double sided insert also has a new layout with new photo's and lyrics included.

It's the first time that they pressed this on gold vinyl but it is according to the Sick Of It All Conne Island 25th anniversary edition, that is also on gold vinyl. This colour is a perfect choice for this release, it looks great. 17 is a top 20 number, so it's early enough for me. Thanks to Marc (@circlestorm69) from Instagram for the heads up about the pre-orders at Coretex Records...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Backtrack "Darker Half" collection

Thanks to Backtrack and Reaper Records for creating these records together starting from 2011. Four presses were done, first row are all first press colours. Second row are second, third and fourth press. Especially the latest version comes out nice. The last row are limited cover versions.

These records were just sitting in my collection without a picture of the collection made. So I did the small job of getting these all out and figure out a composition for them, snag a few shots, select the best photos and file them away again. I put them in order of release, except for the three limited sleeves that didn't fit in the rows, so these were put beneath.

I think all of these together look awesome and intense. The picture came out nice, considering the hour of day and the darkness of this season. If I had owned the test press it would have been a perfect three rows of four versions.

Check out the Reaper Records discography page for more pressing info. While getting these out I found four unused download cards, so I am doing them away for a quick and interested person:

Monday, January 2, 2017

Humanity Is The Devil Remix LP

I had a very strong feeling about past year's Halloween surprise package of Organized Crime Records. The hint was "for those who liked the 2012 package". This hint combined with the fact that "Humanity is The Devil" was recently reissued on the label and combined with the fact that there already was a digital version of a remix in existence, made me get this strong feeling.
Some peeps from USA, who got it early, posted about it on Instagram, so I actually was more or less confirmed about it. Last week between Christmas and New Year the package arrived and I was still not completely sure until I listened to it.
The remix sounds far less produced than the mix for the original Victory pressing, which gives it a more natural sound. The remixed sound takes a while to adapt to, as the original is such a classic that already sounds perfect nonetheless. It's always difficult in a way to accept the new sound, certainly for classics. I think this works but looses it's destructive nature in a way.

Integrity "Humanity Is The Devil" Halloween 2016

The package is similar to the package of the "System Overload" remix, which David reviewed very well back in the beginning of 2013. The cover is a double sided poster and the record comes on red marbled vinyl. All packaged into a space bag, with mentioning of the year and Halloween. There is also an insert that has a text written by Dwid Hellion himself on the inside. There is also numbering, my copy is 86 out of 213.

Insert with tracklisting and numbering with text on the inside

Stamped black dust sleeve

Halloween MMXVI (2016)

There was also a shirt included, if somebody wants it, contact me and I'll give it to you...It's and XL. I don't hoard shirts. It's a black shirt with a gold print.