Saturday, May 27, 2017

Green Christmas Gremlin

Sometimes it feels like you get nothing back for what you do in life. But I fully realize that the essence is to feel great about what you do inside your self. Other people aren't always good at being positive about others. I have always felt this way about collecting records. Some people ask me why I collect Reaper Records for example. It's because I like it and feel good inside about what I do.
Current internet heroes feel that way when getting many likes and views. If this feels like an achievement for them, so be it. I won't hold it against them. But it's not only their merit that they can feel this way. Because the Instagram and Facebook technology is a not to underestimate force behind it also. The real-time connectivity realized by this technology holds a share in creating the feeling of togetherness. I have always tried to make a change in the real physical world also. On the field itself. I always tried to stay as objective as possible, although with music this can not always be realized. I am biased by my taste and background also. The technology is old. And far less embedded and wide spread than the technology of Facebook. But you can write more text and post more and bigger photos which I still feel as a plus. Also no stupid small digital keyboards that I can't type texts with.

For those who still read this, you know how it went already. Bought this version of the Out Crowd 7 inch accidentally. Listed wrongly by seller for the record release. Being too fast and not inquisitive enough can lead to these events. Although the situation turned out to being surprised and discovering a record that I had never seen before.

Gremlins cover, numbered out of 50 on dustsleeve

Christmas tree screen print


I would like to know the meaning of that cover. Can be a fantasy also. Feels like a meaningless Christmas tree printed on it to. The cover feels weird to me because it's not clear in meaning and message. This in contrast to the band's lyrics.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Out Crowd "Just Us" record release

There was a moment in time when this blog had lots of views. There was a big crowd that craved new posts. There were people looking for information on Google being directed to this site. Nowadays all of this changed. The views declined to about 10% maximum compared to the views in those times.
Actually I don't mind since this has always been a non-profit. And the main reason was and still is that this is a tool to communicate with like minded people who also collect records. Especially in Hardcore circles you have to go international to meet like-minded people.

So nowadays it's just us and nobody else. The biggest crowd is gone. This record is appropriate to that situation. It's one of those records from the Reaper Records catalogue that hadn't too much attention back then, let stand now. But I needed it and was looking for it since I knew it existed. The first time I saw it, I bought it on . But there are no unique photo's on that site and the item was listed wrongly as 'record release' so I got another version I did not expect. I left the seller positive feedback because I hadn't seen this version and didn't have it also. It was another version also dated but not on the release date.

Now I have bought another one listed as 'record release' and it's the correct one. I knew it before I received it, since I sent the seller a photo I found on the internet and he confirmed to me that it was this exact version. A little precaution can't hurt, this is a lesson learned.

Out Crowd "Just Us" record release cover

It's an extra cover with four live shots of the band in action. The record comes on red vinyl with the Out Crowd solidarity logo (the triple hand shake) on the A-side label. The cover also has a short fold over flap with the date, the band name, the record title and the date of the release show (7/7/12). There is also numbering out of 50, this copy is number 35.

Out Crowd "Just Us" record release #35/50
The record also comes with the Out Crowd logo printed on a clear plastic sheet. It's actually quite cool to see through but rather hard to make clear in a picture:

see through plastic with the Out Crowd logo printed on it

Out Crowd was a band from Atlanta, USA who played Hardcore in vein of Youth Of Today. They were a short lived band who also got another record, a split release and also a demo...

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fire And Ice flexi

Glad to see Reaper Records is back at it. They just released a two track flexi by Fire And Ice. The flexi disc is on white vinyl and comes with a cover and a lyrics sheet the same size as the cover. I listened to the songs and I am pleasantly surprised, the songs are real good and better than on their LP in my opinion. They sound less groovy and heavy but that's what improved these songs. They sound more lively and fresh. The groove and heaviness were a bit exaggerated, it dragged down their delivery, I think. Now they have found the perfect proportions.

Fire And Ice "Flex"
Fire And Ice "Flex"

Fire And Ice two-track flexi disc
It is currently only available in the USA at the Reaper Records webstore and RevHQ. Don't know if it will become available in Europe. Will depend on sales. I bought three copies to save on shipping, if someone from over here wants one, hit me up! I am in a generous mood...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Reason To Believe

Finally bought a copy to finally hear this much praised 7 inch. I am old school and buy records to hear them, so also for hearing them a first time. It's sometimes a guess but it makes it so much more exciting than doing a search on google and risk getting a virus while unzipping the download...

As you might have noticed over the years of RWHAF; I am a little sceptical to what collectors generally praise, like Revelation Records, Youth Crew, NYHC, etc. Collectors have a tendency to all like and want the same things. That's what increases the demand for a release for sure. But I have always learned not to trust 'mainstream' things and feel no part from it. I am not saying collecting is mainstream but in that stream of collecting Hardcore, collecting Revelation, Youthcrew, etc. seems to be the main stream.
Now back on topic, I have checked this record now and say this particular praise is justified, I like it a lot. The song "New Foundation" is so well sung by Jon Bunch, it's immediately stuck in my head. Great play copy, not sure whether I will be hunting down the coloured versions. Would need the LP "When Reason Sleeps, Demons Dance"... That's for sure.