Sunday, July 30, 2017

Side By Side Tourpress

Obviously a misguiding title, since this is a Terror Live recording and has got little to do with the Revelation band. They (label and band) are most likely all fans of the late 80's Revelation band, but this is the only connection.

This is actually a variation of a variation. The record is a limited cover variation of a limited pressing made for from Germany. It has the splatter vinyl and the numbering sticker of the Merch Pit version on the regular cover (not pictured). But obviously 50 copies of these numbered copies were taken to make a limited cover version with it's own additional numbering (pictured).

Terror "Live In Seattle" 7 inch tour pressing

back cover with live picture and numbering

numbering out of 50 copies with golden marker

Nothing too wild in my opinion, that's why I offered the seller for a lower price than listed. He immediately agreed and relisted it for that lowered price, so the offer must have been still decent.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Legion Demo cassette

This is the demo cassette of the one of the last H8000 bands born in the 90's. Legion was a band close to Vitality and hailing from Knokke at the east side of the Belgian coast and the Jabbeke area. These places are both situated around Bruges.
They play recognisable Metalcore, typical to the mid 90's H8000 style. They started out when the scene had gone passed the glory days, that's why they did not get bigger or lived longer. They released a CD on Days Of Fury in 1999, a British label and Good Life distributed it over here.

Legion demo cassette

The demo cassette has 5 songs. One of the tracks is a long lost tune, that was stuck in my head for ages. I sometimes recalled the melody and the lyrics inside my mind but couldn't find where it came from for ages. I had picked it up during a live show of Legion way back in 1998. After hearing this demo I can finally be sure it is a Legion track and that is called "It's Coming Down". And rest assure that I remembered the lyrics correctly...

I have gotten the tape in trade with a fellow collector from Belgium. Not many of these are still around I guess, so I digitized it for the few people who still read this blog to hear and enjoy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Clear ODK Crew

Super honoured to have been able to buy the clear ODK Crew 7 inch. ODK Crew was a band that I knew from living in the same town as the band members. They were people I looked up to. The drummers also drummed for Congress, the guitarist was Vitality's lead guitarist and manager, the bassist was also doing bass for Vitality and the singer was a few years older than me and was a friend of a friend.

This particular version is clear vinyl and numbered out of 8 copies. The stamp is the same style as the one used on the Sober Mind and Genet Records release but it's a Frostbite Records Release. There are traces of black mixed in, which gives it an unusual look for clear.

I've started to write down their history this evening and tomorrow on Belgium's National Holiday I will be continuing...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bold "The Search" Compilation

This Bold compilation is actually a good job done by Revelation Records. They have pressed it on a double LP and housed these in a gatefold jacket that has the perfect layout. Along with music on vinyl the consumer of this record gets a short retrospective about the early days of Bold, printed on the inner side of the sleeve. The colour scheme is perfect in my opinion, the royal blue and the maroon with the gold lettering all collide perfectly together. The live shots with the edges blurred together and all just look amazing.

What would be an improvement, though, is that the track list on the back side sleeve should have numbering. Especially when you refer to songs as numbers to tell from what original release they were taken.

Bold "The Search 1985 - 1989"

Coretex Mailorder had two colours available, the blue and this gold version. Although the blue version is more limited I took the gold, cause it was cheaper and who collects this anyway?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

From Beneath The Streets

I needed to hear this record. It's the first LP of Token Entry, released in 1987. Not that good in my opinion. Sounds a bit messy. Just like hearing a band play inside of a building from outside of the building. You can hear underneath it's New York Hardcore for sure but it's not that convincing. Maybe I was too spoiled as a kid with the more technical metal influenced 90's music and that is maybe the reason I don't relate.

Token Entry "From Beneath The Streets"
Token Entry "From beneath The Streets" reissue
vinyl close up

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wanted: KOTF #9/25

Need to tell a story about the Keepers Of The Faith test press. As you will see, I got number 7 of this test press. I won this record on eBay short after the release of this Terror LP. It was an auction done by Reaper Records themselves. I paid for the record but after a month nothing had arrived. So I contacted Kitzel, telling him about the issue we had. The great man he is, he decided to send me another copy of this test press. So this is the copy you see.

Until today still no sign of the first test press he sent, number 9. He told me sent me number 9 in accordance to the Stay Cold test I had bought earlier. And he told me that if I could ever retrieve the lost record, I needed to send it back.

In these internet days, I still have a glance at hope for ever finding it back. Someday someone will post it or sell it. So if you see number 9, please contact me, your help is welcome. One day we'll get the thieve who somewhere between New York and Bruges stole it during the mailing process. I am the record police.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Under The Same Shadow Test Press

Obtained another test press from the Reaper Records catalogue, the Take Offense "Under The Same Shadow" test press. This ep came out as a one sided 12 inch in 2012. The artwork of the standard cover isn't so good in my opinion. But the artwork for the two limited edition covers are very good, that is why I need them. I already had the United Blood cover, which has got screened artwork. Still need the record release, which will be impossible to get.

But I do got the most limited version, the test press. It has the art glued on a plane black sleeve. And is the third limited cover made for this release. So there are four different covers made, standard included.

Take Offense "Under The Same Shadow" test press cover

Reaper Records #49 test press

Reaper Records #49 test press stamped label in red ink

I like the red ink stamps, makes a strong contrast between the black and with test press and the black and white cover.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

eBay Sale!

eBay sale up but with a few changes, grab them while they are cheap. My username is:


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Friday, July 7, 2017

Titan & Witness The Fall 7 inch blue vinyl

Along with the Statement "Decide" pre-orders, I also bought another copy of the Titan and Witness The Fall 7 inch. I already reviewed the split release in a previous post. This time I bought the blue version, which also looks very good. Still loving the music and am starting to appreciate Titan more and more.

Titan and Witness The Fall split 7 inch on blue vinyl (63 copies)

Still available at the Bound By Modern Age webstore by the way!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Statement "Decide"

All of a sudden Statement is back with a new record. They still play that old school sounding metal but now have a new vocalist, Tim. The music is still good, no decay from their earlier work. Even a bit more smoothly executed, it's the best side of the record. The vocals sound deep and heavy and it takes a while to get used to them. The rhythm of the music and the vocals do not always fall together perfectly and that could be better. But they were recorded apart from each other in two different studio's.

It would not be a hardline record if the message was less important than the music. So their message is still uncompromisingly and more confrontational than ever. They command the listener or buyer of the record to decide if they are with them or against them.

Statement "Decide" yellow vinyl pre order cover

pre-order version, numbered out of 50

Statement "Decide" regular cover, yellow vinyl

  regular yellow vinyl, numbered out of 100

The front cover has animals and humans in an anime composition. The back side of the cover has got the claim they do towards the user of this record. The record is released by Bound By Modern Age Records, that's the label of the vocalist himself.