Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Turnstile United Blood 2014

The missing Turnstile record I needed was the one made to be sold at United Blood 2014 Festival. This one has the Rollins Band LP rip off cover with a slight alternative touch. They made it look like that cover has been spray painted with pink.
Weird enough this record is hand-numbered but does not mention the total of copies made. On the back side we find an ad for the upcoming full-length of Turnstile.

Turnstile "Pressure To Succeed" United Blood 2014


Need to be told that playing the waiting game was helpful, prices dropped since short after these were released, I got it for about a third of the early average second hand prices.

Something in me has changed since those times. I think it gets pretty useless collecting all of these. The only thing that keeps me going is that three years back I needed to have them and setted my goal. And once you have set that goal of getting it, you can't reverse the plan.
I mean, of what use is this cover? It has no meaning or adds no additional information about the band. The only useful thing is that now you know they played United Blood in 2014 but this is not that important. Or is it?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Terror Life & Death Demo

I had acquired the test pressing of the fist Terror demo, called "Life & Death", already years ago. I just never came by posting it before. This demo is being collected by quite a few people but the total amount pressed is rather high. It's a four track demo that had two pressings. The first press was made in June 2004 according to the stamp on the blank label.
As in fine Reaper Records tradition, the test press comes with an additional cover, this time they were inspired by Raw Deal. There were fifty copies made and were handed out to band and friends. The cover is printed on thick red paper and has the track list on the back.

Terror "Life & Death" demo test press
Now we come to the tricky part of this post. I made a collection picture in doubt whether this is complete or not. The trouble is that according to the discography page of the label there is supposed to be a gold vinyl copy with a regular cover. I doubt that this is true, in thirteen years I have never seen such a version. I did see several gold versions with the alternate cover. And there are a few of those for sale on Discogs also. So respectfully I think there is a mistake involved, as with a few other releases documented on that discography page.

I couldn't find a satisfying way of picturing these both with an informational value and with a correct aesthetic composition. So I will be typing the pressing info beneath:

First press:
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – test press - Raw Deal cover - 50
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - red - regular cover - 525
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - clear -
alternate cover, stamped dust sleeve - 367
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – gold - alternate cover, pre-order - 158

Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper – black - regular cover – 1050

Second Press: 
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - light blue/white mix - black and white cover
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - light blue/white mix - standard cover - 1460 
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - white - standard cover - 370
Terror "Life and death" (demo) - Reaper - white - Zero Tolerance cover - 250

Friday, August 18, 2017

Born From Pain Test Press

Another test pressing from the Reaper Records catalogue is the "Warfare" from Born From Pain. This 7 inch was a teaser for the full length "Survival" on Metal Blade more or less. It is actually the only release on Reaper Records of a European band, all the rest are American.

The test press sleeve has identical artwork of the cover but printed on green mat paper with the mentioning of 'testpress', so nothing that special. The centre label stamps tell us the date of manufacturing, which is interesting.  According the the label it's out of 15 copies made. The regular pressing is a 1000 copies on dark dirty green vinyl. No other colours or sleeves made.

Born From Pain "Warfare" test pressing

Born From Pain "Warfare" regular 7 inch

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mercy For None

"Mercy For None" is a compilation from the year 2008 released by Reaper Records. Featured upcoming bands like Alpha & Omega, Bad Seed, Naysayer and other bands like Brick, Absolute Madness and Unforgiven. It was pressed in the Fall of 2008, according to the test pressing that I acquired recently.

VA Mercy For None test pressing
According to Reaper Records' tradition there were other colours and versions made. With the coming of the test press I now have a complete collection of it. There were two colours for mob peeps like you and me (red and black) and there was a band exclusive colour (yellow vinyl, with a yellow poster insert). And finally a rare stamped version, which is actually rarer than the test pressing. So I took a photo of the complete collection...

VA Mercy For None complete collection
Glad to finally have it complete. There is a cool poster insert that comes with every version. One matrix etching says 'death to false hardcore'.

yellow poster front side

regular poster back side

Funny how back then this was pumping adrenaline through my veins as I was just getting into Reaper Records and now 9 years later I completed this collection with the test press and all. Feels like an achievement, now passing on to another...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

They Say That You Sold Out

One X More was a Belgian straight-edge band that existed at the end of the 90's. They played fast Youth Crew-inspired Hardcore. And released two records on Commitment Records. This one is called "They Say That You Sold Out" and was the second release, done in 1999. The title captures the situation of Hardcore in Belgium during that period. But would also be the aftermath in many years to come and still is to this very day. Let me explain why in a nutshell...

The first song, "It didn't last too long" is actually a snare at the '88 Hardcore scene from the USA who claimed they would be true till death. And the self-realisation, that if you say such things, you must at least do better yourself with your generation.
The last song "What it's really all about" is about the people past the breaking point, who don't care about the scene any more. And the confrontation of such people with people who are still active. And how that friction is perceived by the lyric writer.

As you can read, it's all about loyalty and commitment. That can realized or can be broken. This a very delicate theme in the local scene. And to not be loyal, means betrayal eventually.

Another insight this record gives us, is that people talk a lot. And that these 'forked tongues' can shape the image people have about other people for good or for worse.

One X More "The Say That You Sold Out" 7 inch

One X More second 7 inch on water melon coloured vinyl

So yeah, I perceive this as an important contribution to the rich legacy of the Belgian Hardcore scene...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Walls Will Fall

Terror's new record "The Walls Will Fall" isn't bad, had expected less of it. Especially the title track is refreshing and has more metal to it than the average Terror song. Terror is no longer released by Reaper Records but by Triple B Records. They have been on series of good Hardcore labels like Bridge Nine, Lockin' Out and Reaper Records but also on bigger labels like Century Media, Victory Records and Trustkill Records.

Typically of Terror fans is that they write them off after every release they do. But still they bring good songs that deliver, even after 15 years of existence. The beast that can not be slaughtered.

There are probably more colours in existence but I won't be chasing them.